From Poland with love !

Last Friday's doings !!

This young lady came all the way from the land of fancy delicious doughnuts and evil twins to get this sweet piece done and that's awesome !!! After 5 hours of staring in the face of tattoo pain without blinking , missy here finally threw in the towel just when I was starting to think she might be a robot !! You know , the kind that can't feel pain !! Worry no longer dearest Plog readers !! My last Friday's customer was a human but a tough one in deed ! Next and last session of this super piece this Summer !!! Here's the day's result !!

Was pretty happy to finish the girl at the bottom !! I generally like it when at least a bit of a piece is done ! The way I see it ... It'll be easier for the new owner to show and explain to their friends how it's gonna look when it's all done and pretty and stuff !! Maybe it's all just in my head !

Can't wait to fill in the evil , evil , scary , nightmarishly dreadful horror monsters hiding behind that tree this Summer !!

Until then ... Stay safe my new Polish friends , farewell and thanks for all the cake !!

To all the other Plog followers out there , until the next post ... Good night and godspeed !!

EP ----- OUT !


Julia Seizure said...

love it. i'm doing a pink donut tattoo today! must be something in the air....

Anonymous said...

hahaha.. it's all coz i was tired and there was no expression on my face. next time comming for longer then 3 days, you'll see how do i really look like when it sores.. i could shout as well :P

tanks mister!!!
and ammo :D

Anonymous said...

pretty sweet piece, 5 hrs jeez