>>> 08...

Busan in the morning ! Where I woke up at 7 this morning ... Finished the 3 day, cultural ultra-session around a super Korean BBQ and happy people ! After an intensive SK-101 tour, I'm back on schedule with 2 days left in Korea .

A day out on the town tomorrow should give me some nice shots and some quality sketching time was planned too !!!

Have a great party tonight and wherever you are ... A super 08 !

See ya next year !



Raw squid and pizza !

... And many other things that can only be described by "Interesting" when locals stare at you smiling and waiting for you to say you love it !!

After a wedding , what better than to get kidnapped and taken to pious ancient buddhist temples and 5 star hotels !!! Funny trip , Beautiful sights and most challenging of all ... Coffee can still barely be found !!! Here's my best picture of the proof , safe keep and remembrance of the ancient civilizations that precede ours in this beautiful part of the world ...

And here's my last of the day , tonight , after getting back to "Bussan" ... The outstanding proof of today's civilization !

Honestly not much time to draw at all since I've landed but lot's of awesome ideas to spit out !!! Let's see if tomorrow I can find an hour or two to get some lines on paper before I explode of things to draw and therefor am never able to draw them ( having exploded ) !!

PT-Going on 16 !!!!!


Ahh ... The country life ...

The fresh air and calm of nature at it's best...

Walked around in this countryside today ! Got a few shots but no cookie stories ... And it's slowly becoming an emergency to find some half decent coffee !!!! I mean anything ... It's been 3 days and the closest I got to coffee was a canned ice coffee from a robot in the street !!!! This is not funny anymore !!!! But the good thing is ... As soon as I can get me a coffee , I'll be able to drink it and have a smoke at the same time anywhere !!! mmmm.... Smoking in public spaces is a rare treat nowadays !

Robots, robots everywhere !! This is robot land !!!!



Seoul >>> Changwon ...

Got up real early ( jet lag ), Walked and metroed my way to the Seoul Central station ( which is HUGE ), took me a 5 hour train ride to Changwon and took a bunch of good shots on the way !! Not much nature but lots of super shanty sites ( I love it !! ). It's been 2 days now and I'm still the only whitey in sight ... I never really get used to that ... Although it's good for the head to be the visible minority once in a while !!

Here's a few shots from the train ride ... All the pics are raw/straight out of the box so forgive the ghetto dirty train windows and weird focuses ... In order top one leaving Seoul >>> bottom one arriving in Changwon !

Ahh ... The country side ... Changwon is supposedly a small country town ... That last picture shows what I was not expecting for a little country town site !! After the train ride, I was once again betrayed by the comparison of size on the map I remembered and the real city ... And after walking for an hour had to requisition the nicely offered ride from a flower delivery guy ( in exchange for COOKIES ... ) who saved me from an other hour of walking ! No joke ... Cookies !

So next time your in need in SKorea ... Make sure you got some chocolate chip cookies ... Or take a cab !!

PT-Going on 19 ...



Just landed in Seoul this morning after a mondo ride !! Don't ever change flights in China, by the way !!! If you ever have the choice to transfer somewhere else ... Do it !!

But I'm happy to be back here !!! I love it here in the real Asia !! It's weird being the only whitey in the hood but it's nice to get lost !! My first time in Korea and up to now I like it !!! Tomorrow I cross the country on a train ! Should get some nice pictures !

Hope you all had a good christmas ! Mine got delayed untill the 18th of January so I have to wait a bit more ! But it'll be a sweet one I believe !

Oh and this is my breakfast for tomorrow morning !!!! Yum !! The delights of exotic cuisine !!!!!
Off to bed ... Laterz !

PT-20 ( for me )


That's it for me ...

... I'm out of here ... Gone ... Off to the east tomorrow morning and will be back in time for cake day and some sweet Pistolina Time in 22 days ! In the meantime ... Have a super good christmas , all of ya ! And hope you all got what you wanted this year ! Take care and stay classy !



New book !

Finally came up with something ... After two days ... Here's the first page of my new sketchbook !

Don't ask ... Just one of these random thoughts ... More to come !



Huh huhh ... 2

Woke up to this Normandy countryside yesterday morning ...

I'd rather consider suicide than live here permanently but once or twice a year is actually pretty nice ! More exotic pictures next week !



Huh huhh ...

Spent the day on the back of my dad's bike going around Paris ... Took a few shots, had a few coffees and dodged a bunch of bad drivers ... Or maybe we were the bad driver ?

But I'm sorry to say, Paris, is still by far number one in my list of most beautiful cities in the world !! I'll never get sick of coming here and there's always a shot to take !

Tomorrow the countryside ... More time to draw !



Back on the road ...

... It had been a while ... At least since Iceland in July !

Got the good old bag ready and left at the ungodly hours of the morning ... Just landed in Paris this morning and realized it had been a year since I been here !! Too long ... Paris is awesome in christmas time !

Should have time to paint in the next few days !! Can't wait to see what comes out in the new sketchbook !



Tell me everything ...

Kind of in a rush to get everything done before my little trip and just pretty much finished the Rover add ... I like it just like that and it had been a while since I did one of them window mix pieces ... Picture from downtown GBG ... How appropriate ! Hope they like it !! Got to be the best add for a pub !! As the famous wise man once said " Alcohol , the cause and solution to all problems " ...


Where it's at 2.0

Two tattoos to go and I'm done for this year ... Trying to get everything done and to do a last update of the year on the site ! Should be done this weekend ! A bunch of new tattoos should be on it !!

Also ... Here's where all the work comes from , since I moved illustration/painting and comic production from the shop to the house !! And this picture was taken a few weeks ago right after I had cleaned up so ... Imagine it now with a hundred piles ! No kidding I should clean up soon ...

Here's one of my working secrets + addictions ... Without which I could most possibly not be painting night and day !!! SOMA FM / secret agent ...

Enjoy !


Under the giant christmas tree ...

Been crazy busy !!! ( as usual ) Except this time my deadlines all have to get finished before I leave 0n the 19th ! So between tattoos , illustrations and running around trying to get all my shit ready ... Not much time for comics ! Here's one of my last deadlines ... It's fresh out of the oven and scanned as is ... So some text and a bit of Psd is still needed but thought I'd show this one raw ... It's for my buddy's sweet pub in GBG or should I say ... The ... Pub in GBG !


True story

T'is what I been working on today ... Almost finished it !! Maybe next time with the background ... Mmmm ... Al Capona's special import blend !! That's what I'm going straight to do right now ... See ya !


Tennis socks ...

Pulled this one off today ! Love it !! Haven't been that excited about a tattoo for a while ... Just love one shots !! And just got into it ... Don't ask ... I mean there's no chicks no robots no mechanics nothing ! Go figure ...


Tit chat ...

Am having a lot of fun with these painting/photo pieces !! But I think the raw first original ones are by far the nicest !!

Here's today's piece ... Got up at 8 ... Got my passport ... Ran around town to get all kinds of crap done ... Bought all my plane tickets ... And fooled around with this !!

Nice ! But the originals are better ! Oh well ....

I know I know...

... It's been a while !! I've been crazy busy these last few days !! Apparently my article in this issue of ITA is pretty cool ! I don't have it yet but friends are talking ... And this is what I've been farting around with for the last few hours instead of going to sleep to get up at an ungodly hour tomorrow to go get my branspank'n new passport to go to HK in a few weeks ! Where , by the way , I just hooked up with a sweet shop to go and hurt the locals !!! Super happy about that ! More details soon !!

Laters ...