... Is that Sammy flugen's back in town !!!

No official sightings just yet ... But he's bound to show up in a dark alley some time soon !! And for all you NAmerican kids out there ... Happy halloween ! Now back to work !



3 A3s ... Some of the most popular pieces from last year ... Really love the paper and printing quality on these ones !! Drop by the shop and have a look if you're ever in the hood ... Or e-shop them through the ELECTRIC PICK TURE BOX which will be open from the first of April 09 !!
All 3 for :300dkk - 40 Euros/32 Pounds/63 U.s.
A pop :120dkk - 16 Euros/13 pounds/25 U.s.


Birds in the city:
Pink factory:
Strategic air command:

Enquire at: pick@electricpick.com



The office ... Where most of my stuff comes from !! I have a way better set up at home with the bestest room and supplies but for some reason I can't get anything done there ... So the office is where it happens most of the time !!

And this one I've been working on for a few days now . Still not finished ... Will end up being YIN TS'ANG'S new single cover ... Am waiting for some fancy Chinese fonts to wrap it up !

Hip hop has to be the hardest thing to work with for illustration ! Aight ... Back to work now !



This session done 2 or 3 days ago ... For Mr. Tomy Vegas ... Thought I'd put some tattoo stuff in here . Love the washed out yellow against purple !! Never used purple before the last months ... Never liked it but I guess I'm starting to apreciate it more and more ! Let's see how long it lasts ... Now back to work !



Two pages straight out of the sketchbook ... The poison fairy from a few days ago and a shrimp noodle ride from early this last summer ... Don't ask , just felt like posting those two ... I like the colours on that last one !! Should post some comics soon !! Now back to work !



Just did this one a few days ago ... It's a classic I guess ... Kinda like it ! I started sketching a few weeks ago with those red pencils all tattooartist use ... And I leave the sketch lines when I paint over ... It kinda comes out in some spots and I love that effect !
Still don't know how to finish this one though ... There's like 10cm extra on top that's empty which would make it perfect for a frame I've been waiting forever to use ... Let's see what happens tomorrow ! Now back to work ...


Welcome to the ELECTRIC PLOG !!

This is new for me ... This Blog thing ! It looked like fun so ... Decided to give it a chance ! I think I'll use this to post stuff I'm working on , stuff that I wont put on my site or just random news and pictures and stupid stuff ... Already I can think of a million things I could have used this space for in the last few years !!! So hopefully this should be interesting !! Let's see how it grows ! Hope you like it !