Mad taddoo mate !!

Right on !!

The mad monkey of the day !

Did this one in 3 and a half hours today !! And the colours are awesome !!! Or rather Owesome !! This angry ape is out for a vengeance !! Don't know who stole his stash of bananas or what else could have happened to him and who did what but this simian gorilla is on a vendetta !! Beware out there !! That gun looks like it might hurt !!

Tomorrow some more and then again !! Mad taddoing for the next 5 days so ... If you're one of those people ... You know ... The kind that like that kind of stuff !! Well then ... Stay tuned for more !!

Plog ya later , groundhog huggers !!


Unknown said...

That´s some cool stuff

Jesse Smith said...

Nice one Nick!!

Anonymous said...

Hey ! Told you not to slap the monkey !... No seriously it looks super... Again.