Elvis-o-rama !

In the court of the undead king of Rock'n roll !!
Monday's doings , behold !!

Here's what I finished last Monday !! The Elvis/zombie sleeve ! Now , once again this sleeve has proven to be hard to take a good picture of and given that this was the touch-ups session it was even harder to get a decent shot of it all !! However , I've managed to get a few good close-ups for your very own viewing pleasure !! I'll be able to get my final shots when it all heals-up in about a month ! Here ya go >>>>> Elvis's final show !!

Tomorrow ... Lots more to post and some time to post it in !!!

Until then , remember to brush your teeth before you go to bed !! Or else your gums will bleed and your teeth will fall out and you'll choke on them while you're still soundly asleep !!

Good night !


igl said...

she-bob-a-hula,... i can´t beleve that; elvis is still alive as an undead zombie,... huach, joy !!!

Anonymous said...

So THAT is what the gravestone was for! Loved that piece when you posted it before, always wondered "why" it was.

This is an amazing tattoo, as is everything you do, big fan.