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As promised ... Officially online at midnight tonight (HK time) ... Here's all you'll need to know about the brand spanking new , minty fresh HONG KONG BLACKOUT ! My buddy's new and awesome tattoo studio , right over here in HK ! Where , from now on , I'll be hurting ya when I'm back on this side of the world ... When away from my tattoo home in Copenhagen !!

Check it out ... Become a beloved follower ... And let them know what you think ! The BLACKOUT blog , like every other blog , is a work in progress so expect it to evolve and fill up with lots of awesomeness !! These two cats are full of artistic surprises in many mediums so keep an eye out for what's going on on this side of the world !!

More stuffs coming up ....


From within !!

A little break from the tattooing there guys !! You're gonna start to get use to it already ! Besides , I'm still trying to avoid a routine here ! But worry not !! More pieces on the way next week coming all the way from Australia , Europe and South Africa !!! The world is shrinking everyday !!

For now , however ... A few shots from my last clandestine operation from last month ! Yep ... Pictures again !! Just to get you guys back up to speed on the said happenings and well cuz I took a lot of shots on that trip !!

From the heart of the Lao Capital , me and my undercover team were dug in and waiting for our mark (mister X) to make a move !! Constant surveillance while staying in the darkest of shadows was in order !! We had trailed him all the way from Hong Kong up to here , In the thick humid outskirts of civilization itself ! His next move was either back out for urban cover or , what my team and I feared , even deeper in , further into the unknown !

We got the sign early on that morning and after days of AC hugging and endless waiting we were back on the move ! Destination ... Unknown !! We would eventually end up in the thick and deadly triple canopy jungle banks of the mighty Mekong river , further up north in the country ! But that's for another roll of film , I'm afraid !!

Here's a few shots I managed while on our rushed exit of Vientiane in the morning !! This time with my all time favourite NEOPAN 1600 and of course ... Still very much wide angled !!
Part 1...

Part 2...

Part 3...

In a not so related mater , however ... If you ever find yourself in Mong Kok one of these days , remember to never cut-off Robo Joe !!

More soon !!


The Time Piece !!

M m more tat-action for yall !!! That's right , nothing's too good for you !!!

Here's today's post , yesterday's work !!
Tattoo number two after a long break and a wonderful new piece done at the new tat-a-matic action reaction minty fresh tattooings master shop here in Hong Kong* !! Buddy Ian came all the way from Guam Guam (sorry , I just love saying it) Guam GUAM !! Mr. Ian managed a 7 hour ride on the wrong side of the needle , scoring a TROOPER title and going to bed knowing he could have made it to SUPER TROOPER !!! Piece in question did not get completely completed , however almost and looking fantastic if you ask me !!! More colours next time around (still need some skin tones and super brights for the clock) !! Here it is .... The day's tadooings ... The Mistress of time >>>>>

As usual like back in the day ... Red for me / Black for buddy Ian ...... From GUAM !!

7 hours later ...

So purty and after a life time in black and grey his first colour piece too , none the less !!!

Good job mate !!! Looking forward to finishing this soon !!

In other news ... Here are a few answers to lately frequently asked questions :

-Q: When , Oh when will your damn book be done already ?
-A: Less than a month's work left on it ... I swear !!! After that's done , a few months wait for my spot in the queue till print date in November if not earlier !! True story !! It's coming out this year and it's beyond awesome !! You will all understand why it took so long to make when you see this masterpiece of ultimate bookness !!

-Q: What has happened to all the Icelandic people ? We haven't heard from them since that volcano blew !! Should we go check on them to see if they're alright ??
-A: They're doing awesome actually !! They had the hindsight of temporarily moving all their ICE-SAVE archived files right where that volcano erupted while the rest of Europe was busy being trapped in a no fly zone !! Having no more proof of this international banking clusterfuck , they're home free and denying it ever happened !!! They're doing great !!

-Q: How far can a monkey sling his own shit ?
-A: Depending on the results of an easy equation completed by multiplying the arm length of the said monkey with the wind velocity and dividing that result by the actual fecal mass , most studies agree on an average of 10 meters !

-Q: *When oh when can we all know more about this mystery new awesome tattoo shop in Hong Kong already ???
-A: All in good time !! Am hours away from finishing a blog for the said shop with all the information one might need about it !! Gimme a day or two and all will be answered !! I got your backs ... Don't ever doubt it

G O O O W W W A A A A A M M !!


Minty freshness !!

Now now ... I know a lot of you out there have been waiting for this moment for the last few months , wondering if it would come at all ... But here it is !! One of these tadoings I've been known to do ... Way back then ... Way back when !!! I haven't quit just yet , let it be known !!!

Now , just so you understand the factual facts of this 4 month tattoolessness ... I had , in deed , planned a wonderful few months break from the said trade when I first moved to Hong Kong in January !!! After a way too heavy load back in Denmark , I was looking forward to forget what tattooing someone was like for at least 2 months !! However , another plan was also in the works ... To help my good Hong Kong buddy "Rodeo Rob" to open his very own tat-a-matic action reaction tattooings master shop , here in beautiful HK ! That obviously ended up taking a bit longer than expected and ended up getting me more like a 4 month break in the end !!! Don't get me wrong I love breaks and could have kept this break busyness going for another 4 months ! But now ... The said spot , finally ready for operations and personally already bearing a local waiting list ... It was finally time , after all , to get back into it !!!!

Here's what the first day (yesterday) ended up looking like !!!! I don't know if you remember the drill so just to refresh your Plog memory .... Here we go !!
Surfing Space Skank in 3D !

Up left , Red for me / Black for buddy Allen !
Down here , 4 hours worth of lines and black rib action >>>>>>

Having never stopped tattooing for that long in the last 13 years , I did think I would have a hard time getting back into it ... But no ! Jumped right in ... Just like riding a rocket ship !!

4 hours is sadly not enough , even on the ribs , to get the TROOPER title (rules are rules) but I would , however , like to give honourable mentions to Mr. Allen here , who not only lasted 4 hours on his ribs without squinting , but also just happened to come on the first day wearing a shirt of the exact same Pantone as the walls ... A colour we picked thinking none else could ever pick !!

And to finish this post of the day's work !
For all the Tattoo doing Plog followers out there ... After being overloaded with work (back in Denmark) , blindly following an endless working routine with no end ... I can't express how important taking long breaks is !!! There's nothing like a few months break to get you back into it , to make you want to try new things , to resource yourself !!! I strongly recommend this to everyone out there who's been following any kind of routine of tattoo work for too long !!! As much as a routine can be comforting to some it is also blinding !! I personally now plan on taking a few months off of tattooing every year ! I owe it to myself , my quality of work and all my tattoo victims !!!

Words of wisdom ... Stay fresh ! More to come .


From Vientiane with love ...

Today's a photo-Ploggable day , yes it is !!!

Now I usually try not to put too many shots from one same roll up on here at once !! But this time I just couldn't resist so ... Bear with me for a few shots !!! This is one of the many rolls shot out in Vientiane on my last adventure mission in Lao , a few weeks ago !! I absolutely love this film and not posting all of the shots from this roll was hard enough !! Here's the day's post >>>> From Vientiane with a beautiful Kodak ELITECHROME/cross processed and of course ... Wide angled , just for you !!!!

More stuff , news and awesomeness to come !!!

ROCK !!!


The Wizard's tower !

Too busy to Plog !!!

Big news in the days to come !! Specially for those of you out there who happen to miss my tattooings !!

Zorgon built this mighty wizard tower , no doubt !!


Noodled !

Once again ... Don't ask ! I just draw these !! To each their own , right ?!! Who am I to judge !! But I'll tell ya this ... This one's not part of my sketchbook so it's an extra piece for the G G Gallery ! Got a few more coming ... Some more noodled than others !

More stuffs tomorrow !