My Cabxiboat... 182-187

Oh yeah!

It's R R Red Box Wednesday!!!!

I don't want to stress you guys but... This is the before-last one!!! Yeah... I know! This season has to end at some point and well... That's next Wednesday!!! Yeah! Sorry!

But hey it's not over yet!!!! Here's This week's extraordinary 6 new pages for your Red Box weekly session!!!

The guys were finally back together and just reunited with Goodluck... Let's see what happens this week...

PAGE 182
PAGE 183


PAGE 185

PAGE 186-187

EPIC!!!!! That Mongkoko place is crazy!! And who's that Cabxiboat driver dude anyways??? Anyways... Stay tuned for next wednesday's final episode of the season!! I guess... I guess you could call it the season finale!!!

Ok... You know where to go... No need for me to explain this again tonight!!

Stay awesome and as usual... Don't be shy!! Let me know what ya think!!!


News from the Front!!!

So like yeah...
I have news for ya about a bunch of stuff, it's true...

Firstly... The RED BOX!!!!!

Thank you so much to the 100 people who pre-ordered the Red Box!!! We sold out about a week ago but wanted to make sure all copies were paid for before we announced it!! Your VIP copies will be extra special, I can promise you that!!! It means so much to me that you guys jumped on this awesomeness from the start!!!! I'll always remember your e-mail addresses for other free-bees and such!!!

Thank you so much for the support!!! You guys rock!!!

You will all get a mail from me when we get the books just to confirm who the books are for and stuff and stuff!!!!

ETA: another 2 to 3 weeks!!!! Add a week to that for me to doodle these sweet copies and at the latest we will ship all of these early December to make sure you get them under your tree in time!!!

Truly can't thank you enough!!!!!!!!!!

Secondly... My FEB-EURO-TAT-2013-TOUR!!!!


Solid jam-packed, to be precise!
Thanks for everyone who made this process quick and efficient!!!

Also thanks to the folks from Denmark who expected me to come over and could come down to Berlin... To the rest of ya, up there, I'll be back around the end of the year fosho!


Stay real!


That Tattoo thing you do...

Firstly... A lost and found piece!!

Had completely forgotten about this last session on buddy Nic!! I've been forgetting to bring my camera to my few last tattoo sessions a lot and just thought I had showed everything I had... Was wrong! So here's a lost piece... That I found... Next session on this half body piece soon I think... Have no idea when!! 

Have a look!

Secondly... Some awaited tattoo tour dates...

There have been a few drastic changes in the timeline indeed! Due to two conflicting forces... One of these being Hong Kong immigration laws requiring me not to leave the SAR for more than 3 months at a time and the other being an new epic adventure starting right after my last Euro dates... So I've had no choice but to squeeze and squeeze and shorten everything... But hey... I'm still coming so... That's always that!


(few spots at the Cape Town convention and guesting at Cape Electric right after)


(top secret spy shit...)


(3 spots BOOKED)


(4 spots)


(2 spots)


(4 spots)


Nothin'... Zero! Totally gipped this time around!
For many reasons it had become very difficult (read, too difficult) to organize an acceptable place to work with these dates and to tell you the truth I just couldn't be bothered since Berlin is so close and for so cheap too... I do plan on going back up there but not this time around... Sorry!


(top secret spy shit...)

30 /04/13-

So yeah... All of these are open and ready to book... Now! Let me know!!


Ok gotta run but I'm answering all my e-mails almost everyday lately so... You shouldn't have to wait too much for an answer!!

Oh and I've updated the "Calendar" tab too...


There goes the neighbourhood...

Miss Jiāng Shī's moving in...

...(As previously partially seen on Instagram)! Feels awesome to be able to doodle non-Red Box pieces again!!! This piece just painted itself yesterday, like a dream... I'm surprised it went so well from first draft to finish for a piece that size too (A3+ 28x46cm)!!! Expect a bunch more of these to pour out of me in the weeks to come!!

Will most probably slightly digitally manipulate this and make a sweet print out of this new favourite soon!!

And yeah... Everything's for sale! If you need the original, let me know! 


P.s. All the tattoo news and dates and stuff for my next Euro tour tomorrow promise promise!!!!!!


A GRAAV MISTAKE... 178-181

Well hello there...

It's Red Box Wednesday again!!!

Had a crazy crazy week this last week!!! Barely had time to eat or sleep! But I made the impossible deadline! And the book is getting sorted as we speak!!! This last weekend was probably one of my lamest birthdays ever but being part of this book printing madness (8am till 1am the next day) was probably one of my longest standing dreams coming through!!! So all is good... Hell of a way to spend a birthday but an awesome thing to be part of! And I couldn't cancel and move back the printing... It would have had to be moved a few days, delaying every other step and pushing back the release date by just enough time to stress me the fuck out with Christmas shipping madness! So yeah... It's all good now!

Here's your Red Box wednesday session... 1 of 3 left ladies and gentlemen... 1 of 3... Don't miss them!

Oliver and Pat had just gotten re-united...

PAGE 178

PAGE 179

PAGE 180

PAGE 181

Well that was weird... I didn't expect Goodluck to come outta there, that's for sure!! Huh! Well... Looks like the party just moved to Mongkoko!!

Go HERE to check out the whole thing from the start!!

Stay tuned for more Red Box awesomeness in the next few Wednesdays as this first season nears the end!!!!!! Don't miss it!!!!!

Gotta run... Again... But it's really nice not to have that much to do for a few days!!!
More tats soon!!!

And Euro tat tour news tomorrow!!!!

Ok ciao!


Herpes infected, Down syndrome, aids eater... 172-177


              What a week! Running around, all over town... Finishing impossible deadlines... All worth it though... All worth it!

              Check out this week's incredible episode of the Red Box!!! 6 pages for you this week and the beginning of chapter 9... Yes... That's this season's final chapter!!! Don't miss any of these last few Wednesdays... They'll be crucial!!! 

              I can't believe it's been a year already!! Wow!

              So where were we... ? Oh yes... Penelope Purpleton was going to war... And now it looks like we're back with Oliver in Mongkoko!!! Enjoy!

PAGE 172-173

PAGE 174

PAGE 175

PAGE 176

PAGE 177

Oh finally! Finally some good news!!! So glad to see this duo reunited and in one piece again!!!

Good stuff...

Goooood stuff...

Ok got to run... You know where to go to check this out from the beginning... (HERE)

And just incase you never heard about all this madness becoming a solid object in about month's time... HERE's all the info!!!

Got to run...

You rock!!!!


Last Call...

What up???

So yeah about these Red Box fancy VIP pre-ordered copies...

92 GONE... 8 LEFT

Just saying...

Get on that if you're into awesomeness!!

Got to run...

Stay tuned for tomorrow's Red Box Wednesday!!


I'm coming for you... 167-171


More Red Box Wednesdayness!!!

5 new and exciting pages for you this week... Now there's not that much text this week so it'll be a pretty brief Red Box session but I managed some pretty epic double pages for you none the less... And some pretty mysterious developments in there too... So yeah... 

Where were we??? Oh yeah, Penelope Purpleton and her army of dapper gentlemen Purpletons were getting ready for war....


PAGE 167

PAGE 168-169

PAGE 170-171

OOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooo snappP! Mind blown!!! So they live in blimps it's official!! And I'm pretty sure that's an areal view of Mongkoko down there but like what truly boggles my mind here is... WHY DOES PENELOPE PURPLETON HAVE A TATTOO OF THE RED BOX ON HER BACK??????

Mind blown again!!

This is epic, ladies and gentlemen!!!!


And also happens to be... The last pages of chapter 8! Next week the last and final chapter of this season of the epic saga of awesomeness that is the Red Box starts... Don't get in trouble... Don't miss it!!!!

As always... Go HERE to check the whole thing from the beginning!!!

And in case you didn't know... Go HERE to see what's all the chatting on the interwebs about with this Red Box getting published and all!!

And here's the final pre-order count for today.... Out of 100 VIP fancy special edition copies of the Red Box coming out in November...

80 GONE/ 20 LEFT

Got to run!!!



So yeah...


So like... Don't know if you heard but I got this book coming out soon (RB-1) and it's pretty much the awesomest epicest thing I've ever had the pleasure of doing (no joke... Serious face)!

And well it's coming out in mid November and I've spammed most of you for the last week about Pre-ordering a VIP copy (100 copies available) before they run out completely!!! 

These VIP copies will be the same exact book except I will personally (no robots or clones) be hand numbering, signing and doodling in each of them (100 max)!

So now you know, in case you didn't! This post is to remind you or inform you of this but more importantly it's actually to thank the 72 people who decided to commit to this project and pre-order one of these bad boys!!!

I can't thank you guys enough for the support! I will never forget your e-mail addresses! It makes all this work (one year + the last two months in FFW) worth it just to see people are interested!! You guys rock!!! Expect goodies in the future!!!!

Now here's a doodle I did of "Emma" for the book.... Just so you have something to look at!

So if this is all new information to you... CHECK THIS OUT

However, if this is not... Than here's a bit of a factual sneak peek for you... 

Here's the full and complete list of absolutely awesome collaborators that will be gracing some of the extra pages of this epic mega book:

Uncle Allan
Jesse Smith
Ben Newman
Tom Haubrick
Honkey Kong

Yeah... You read it well... And looking at these awesome pieces I can tell ya that alone is worh the book!!!

Start drooling!!

More soon for my spamming you has not yet ended!!!!

You rock!!

Here's the pre-order VIP count so far:

72 GONE / 28 LEFT

P.s. On a personal note... !! VIVA CHÁVEZ !!



Yeah you bet!!!

First, here's a random doodle for you to have something to look at!

Now let's get down to business... 

I have some more information about my next tattoo destinations and even though not all these dates are exact, they will all happen and if you're interested... You should know about it!


Ok so I still have a few spots left for the end of October and a few in early January here in Hong Kong.
November/December are fully booked.

I will be leaving Hong Kong at the end of January only to return around June so if you want anything from me before June next year, NOW is the time to write to me about it!

I will also bring up my prices here at home in Hong Kong for when I start booking again in June 2013 (new pieces only, of course). I'm not sure about all the details about all that just yet but I have just become way too quick in the last few years and it's time for me to adapt.

Let me know soon if interested: pick@electricpick.com


Will be attending the Cape Town convention on the 25/26/27 of January.
I am not booking anything in advance for this gig... I'll just see how it goes on the spot.
However I will be sticking around town for the following 3 weeks and will be working.
Those spots (8) are open for booking now.

Let me know if interested in some SA tattoo action: pick@electricpick.com


I am also starting to plan my next EURO tour.
Now I don't yet have the exact dates but I do have the places and amount of spots available. So while I figure out the order of this trip and my friend's shops available room and such and such... I just wanted to give you a head's up so you have time to plan!!

So not booking just yet but soon:

most probably 4 spots available

most probably 10 spots available

most probably 5 spots available

most probably 5 spots available

You can write to me to express interest in these dates but I can't book anyone yet since I don't know the order of all this!!!


Ok that's it for today... Got to run!!
Let me know if you have any questions!! 


Appropriately Shiny... 162-166

Hello hello!!!!

 Terribly sorry about the no-blogging going on these days but there is just no way I can find time... So you'll have to give me another week or two before I can continue blogging normally... There's just not enough time in a day!!!

However... As you all know!! The RED BOX can't be stopped!!! So here are your weekly wednesday Red Box 5 pages of awesomeness!!! Enjoy!

Where were we... ? Oh yes... The slightly deranged yet very assertive Penelope Purpleton was about to change into something more adequate...

PAGE 162-163

PAGE 164

PAGE 165

PAGE 166

Wow!!! There's like a whole army of these dudes!!! This is gonna get pretty serious pretty soon!!

Join all these crazies again next week for m m more RED BOX awesomeness!!!

Go HERE to check the whole thing from the beginning!!!

And just incase you hadn't heard... The RED BOX is now available for Pre-Order!!!!!! Check it out and don't miss this awesomeness!!!

About 30 gone... 70 to go in just two days!!!!


(more spam about this soon enough)

Ok got to run!

Catch ya later!!!!