Sneakers in bed?

What can I say... ?

Some people wear their sneakers in bed and that's totally ok! Who are we to judge!! Sometimes the same people like radishes! Really really like radishes and that's ok too!! Whatever floats your boat! I do wonder where all these sneakers are coming from lately though... Could they be the new heels?? Nooooo ... Just a phase, I hope!! But it looks like more sneakers might be coming this way before the designer heels come back... Who are we to judge?!

More exciting news in the days to come!!!

Stay different!


Love from Japan!!

Express, eat it your self, shrine of diabetes delivery!!!


Yellow sneakers!

Finally a few hours to doodle!! Here's the night's spontaneous doodle for your viewing pleasures! It had been so long since I had the time to doodle! I was about to call it quits for the day, make it back early and catch up on some serious sleeping action but then out of nowhere I decided to stick around, get the paint and the markers out and start sketching! Had no idea what I was going to sketch until she appeared... First draft! And out of nowhere this one came out and got all finished up in one go! Yellow sneakers are pretty cool actually! No 5 inch heals today, sorry... Just yellow sneakers! Oh! And only the most practical way to eat your noodles ever while listening to some sweet tunes with friends!

Hope you like!!

In other not so related yet pretty cool news...

... I just finally got my very own copy of this wonderful "Color Tattoo Art" book and am very impressed to say the least! A very big proportion of the book is full of amazing work from some awesome artists! Even if a bunch of people who I thought had to be in this mega colour book weren't, I did discover a bunch of new ones! If you're still into that tattoo thing and happen to like the colourful stuff... Get this heavy chunk of mega bookness, you'll like it!

Kudos for an awesome job miss Marisa!!


Macau Hustlin'

One of Triad Chad's many enterprises...

On a side note however, I got some pretty cool things coming this way!!!!
Keep an eye out here in the days to come!!

More tomorrow!


Mega colour!

Midnight snack...

Just back from a quick trip to Macau... More about that and the folly of man next time! For now however, Check this out!!!


A black hole of anti-information!

Yes it's true! This here fine Plog has been a mysterious source of "anti-information" lately! Even though "disinformation" aka "Counter intelligence" is the basis of my super spy work and like an innate reflex for me*! Yep... mhm! I do apologize for this unfortunate situation and would like to assure you all that it's not all for nothing and that as soon as I can, I will gladly resume "normal real postings"! Big important things have been in the process of happening in my super spy career since I got back to the HK in April, mysterious happenings that prevent me from being to open! so bear with me here for a while longer and as soon as I can I'll be back behind the Plog desk like never before! True that!

*Here's a quick example of skillful and perfectly mastered disinformation for you so you can see what I mean. In this reenactment, Bill will be the super spy performing the counter intelligence and John a foreign agent in search of vital information:

John: Robert has a black cat and it likes to play!
Bill: Shrimp mittens, sad cowboy, Red rover, ear of a pigeon in the summer wind.

John: What? That makes no sense whatsoever! Did you hear what I just said about the cat?
Bill: Shrimp mittens, sad cowboy, Red rover, ear of a pigeon in the summer wind.

John: Are you just randomly saying things that make no sense? Why are you saying these things? Why are you doing this?
Bill: Shrimp mittens, sad cowboy, Red rover, ear of a pigeon in the summer wind.

John: Are you stupid?
Bill: Shrimp mittens, sad cowboy, Red rover, ear of a pigeon in the summer wind.

John: Ok I get it... You're just suddenly retarded! I have no idea what else to tell you, I don't even know why I hang out with you.
Bill: Shrimp mittens, sad cowboy, Red rover, ear of a pigeon in the summer wind.

John: Ar-tard!

-And there you have it! A brilliant textbook example of skillful and well applied disinformation! I could get in trouble for giving away official agency techniques so I'll stop with this example! But beware, out there, you could be the victim of an enemy agent at anytime, performing these very mysterious and confusing disinformation techniques without you even ever knowing about it!

Stay vigilant !


Wantmore Christmas is driving!

3 new terribly exciting and exotic African adventure posts on the ANALOG COMMANDO! Check a check a check it out!

More tomorrow... Yep! You bet!


Walk a mile in my Sneaker-boots!

Miss Maki, the Mix Master Wok-maestro at work!

Quick news and doodle update for all you image depraved Plog followers out there!! The world is still in motion, never tiring to turn around and bring new possibilities, new ideas and more new good times! My super secret spy work is still keeping me busy most of the time but bear with me while I promise to make it all up to you with an avalanche of awesomeness as soon as I get some extra time!! Until then, if you live in Japan and/or have access to such quality publications as TATTOO BURST, keep an eye open for what I can only imagine to be a sweet interview of moi coming in the next issue, I believe (with pro. photographer shots and all ... Nothing's too good, that's right!))... I'm looking forward to have the said zine in my hands to stare endlessly at the characters wondering what they all say!!

Stay Klassy!



... Not on purpose, mind you!

I have not forgotten about you, given up on this here Plog and/or been kidnapped by spies from an enemy regime just yet! Terribly sorry for this long e-break but as you might have guessed... Just been crazy busy down here! Had some friends visit and am in the middle of a few super top secret and incredibly mysterious operations that require all my special man of mystery attention! I've got a bit more time now so I'll be able to catch up with some doodles until my spy work clears up! Until then, here are a few news items you might be interested in:

-1: Few new sketches for sale will be posted by the end of next week on the ELECTRIC PICK TURE BOX! Go check them out! I've had a few questions about the originals I last posted and yes more are coming but it might take me a while before I have time and a good enough set-up to start painting big again so A4 is what's up right now!!

-2: The ANALOG COMMANDO is expected to get a whole lot more African Adventure posts in the days to come indeed!!!

-3: The wonderful and packed with very awesome work COLOR TATTOO ART book from Reuss Publishing is out!!!! Go get one!!!!! No really! There are a hundred tattoo books out there and most if not all of them are pretty 50/50 on the actual quality of the work inside! It's true... You know it is!! Don't say it's not!! This book here however seems to be well above the norm when it comes to quality content!!! Just looking at the preview I discovered a few new people out there! So if you like the Colour ways... Check this book out!!!

-4: Water boarding is out, Nyan cat is in: Guantanamo Detention Camp C.O.


More More More tomorrow!!



22 consecutive years of denial and counting...

The sad reality of the violent and murderous repression of people by their own governments has never been so relevant!

Tomorrow in Hong Kong, the only place in China where you don't get arrested for remembering, we remember how despicable this government has been and those it remorselessly took with it 22 years ago in Tiananmen square!

If you're in Hong Kong tomorrow night, make it to Victoria park and be counted, same as last year and all the years before! Remind them this will not just go away! Remind them we hold them responsible!

For a people to be able to turn the page on such a dark and disgraceful moment in their history, the responsible parties must be held accountable. One day inevitably they will, for no one can escape the truth!


Doodlespot !

All is good in the magical land of Hong Kong! My bestest friends are in town aaaaall the way from the Denmarkia and we be chilling it, Hong Kong style like it's 2009!! Lots of walking and lots of pictures and lots of coffee!

If I were camping right now I'd be a pretty happy camper! But apart from that... Sorry to say I don't have much else to declare! I'll take a few seconds to make a special post tonight or tomorrow! Until then... Lines of Doom for you!

Stay fresh!