From the burbs to downtown !

Yesterday's lining duties , behold !!
This rock'n sleeve just got started yesterday and for a few hours we scratched and lined the day away !! This hollywood boulevard-ish scene is looking good already !! I can't explain how much I love these constructivist endless backgrounds !! And what better way to end them then with a skyscraping city !! This whole scene will most likely end up being at night time which will make all the neons and city light pop out like magic !! Stay tuned for more of this in a few months !!

In other news >>>> My latest strife with the Danish Post Office might come to an end soon !! I'll wait till it's official to accept my victory but it looks like I may have won this last battle in the greater war I have been waging against my arch-nemesis , the Danish post office !!!

Today's work might be a big/one shot !! We'll try to make it in one go but it might be a big one too ... That means a late night of working for me but also ... A nice shot for tonight !! So ... Plog ya later with most probably a nice new finished piece !!

Have a happy flower and chocolate industry lobbyist victory day and plog ya later on the flip side !!!

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Jesse Smith said...

The super sickness!! I love the way you covered up the corner of that moon. And what's this I hear about you joining the dark side?? I don't know if I can handle them all by myself! I need you homie!!!