Before October is over ...

... Here's the best scan I could manage of that last sketchbook piece >>>

Panties saving the day !!

Laterz !

Weekly roundup !

Behold ... All the week's tat-action work ... All in one post ! Unbelievable !! I know ! Hang on to something and get started already !!

More colour was done on the Nansensgade Half sleeve last Thursday ! Never managed to get a decent shot so ... All ya get is this close up of the street !! More on this one in just about a month !!

Dirty olive greens love pink !!! They do they do !!


Next in line ... Last Friday was background colour time on this little one !! All the background got managed in the very minimum 2 hours I impose my good clients for a session !! What a relief !

Pink delight ! Next and final session on this sweet one in just about a month too !!


And finally , today's tat-a-rama-action at the office , the March of the Tripods ... Invaders reap havoc on our unsuspecting world !! No one would have believed ... How will this all end !!! Find out in December for this half sleeve's final round !!!

RUN !!!!

Tomorrow ??? .... Finally some quality doodle time ! Check back for some painted pretty princesses and doodled dirty dolls !! If you're into that sort of thing , that is !!

+For all the Denmarkians out there ... A very happy hang over day !
+For all the NAmericans out there ... A specially spooky halloween !

Stay street !


More flyings !

All in a day's work !

I have no idea how but I'll try to scan this one for you guys when I get a second !

Tomorrow's a day at the office ... Let's see what I come up with then !


Flying birds !

Finally some sketchbook action !!

It had been a while ... A while indeed !

It's very nice of her homie to give her a lift to the other side of town , but sometimes ... He just goes way too fast !!

More soon ! Just wanted to post this one quick before you people started to think that I had maybe forgotten how to doodle !

Stay fresh !!

P.s. Knitting is the new baking !! All the cool chicks are doing it !! More illustrated proof of this phenomenon soon !!

Half Trooper !

Almost forgot all about this one !! And since I've been under-Plogging lately ... Thought you might not mind if I double Plogged today !

Last Saturday was a day at the office ... The office of pain !!

Homie's getting soft ! Came down from "Denmark" (Jylandland) and got his forearm started ! Was supposed to be a "one shot" but then again ... Sometimes it doesn't go as planned ! No panic No panic !!! We'll just finish it next time , broseph !! But yeah ... After tattoos of hot skanks and evil evil skulls ... Homie's getting soft ! This the new one and right smack on the forearm !! Hope his folks like this one ! Here's what it all looks like >>>>> It's been a while since I started a new one so ... I'll explain :

Red for me .... Black for him !

3 and a half hours work later ...

Think we decided on the girl having a red dress !! Makes sense to me !

I really tried everything to not have a little girl there but rather some hot Heidi skank chick ... Ya know !? But Nooooooo ... He just wouldn't listen !! So here ya have it !

More tomorrow !!

Happy Plogiversary !!

That's right , ladies and gentlemen ... Last Sunday was this here Plog's 2 year Plogiversary !!

An old unfinished sketch got cleaned up for the occasion !!

It's not easy playing the trumpet in space !!

Started doodling again today ! It had been a while ! So much to do and way to much to tattoo !! But it looks like I'm back at the desk and started to push them out again !! Hurra !

More stuff very soon ... As I am , you should know , fully aware of the Plog-delays of the last few days !!

However , also in the week's news >>>>> Make sure you check the new shop's homie , the new coconspirator , the Eckel man's own very own blog !! It was in the Conspiracy inc.'s work contract you know !! Yep ... At the bottom ... Next to the accidents non-responsibility claim !! Ya wanna work with us , you gotta get your self one of them blogs ! True story !! It took a while to get him started but now ... watch out !!! He's addicted !! Check it out and let him know what you think !!! Really beautiful stuff he comes up with !!!

Stay safe and happy Plogiversary !!!


Honk Kong calling

News of the day >>>>>

Readers of this fine Plog , it's now official , I am moving to the far east , to the great island lands of Hong Kong ! True story !

Now now ... Wait a minute , let me explain >>>

Leaving for 6 months ! Been in serious need of a Scandinavian break for a while now and all this settling down thing that might comfort some , definitely doesn't satisfy me ! At least still not yet ! So much to see ... So much out there ! Have been here "steady" in Copenhagen for 3 years now and that's the longest I've been anywhere ! Started to itch ... So yeah ... I had been dreaming of one day leaving for the fair shores of China for a while ... And as much as I will dearly miss my dear Copenhagen friends ... Now is the time !!

Before you get all excited , here are the facts:

I'm only leaving for 6 months so it's not the end of the world !! Just need a good geographic break ! I will indeed come back to Denmark after this little break ! Will in no way give up my tattoo home of the Conspiracy inc. ! The waiting list for all non started pieces stays the same and will start contacting people for new spots as soon as I plan my return in early July 2010 ! Also , all unfinished pieces will be finished before I leave !! I have more than enough time to finish existing pieces and even fit in a few "one shots" before I'm out ! I will still have a portfolio at the Conspiracy and you can still apply for the waiting list while I'm gone ! So yes I am coming back and 6 months is long enough for me and not that long till I'm back !

So there ya have it ... News of the day !

Please direct all hate mail to : Pick@electricpick.com

For all questions and/or concerns about unfinished pieces : pick@electricpick.com

For all requests to go have a few pints before I leave : pick@electricpick.com

For all other maters : pick@electricpick.com

More news soon !!


Pixie cake !

G'day g'day !

Today was a tattoo day at the office , however , the day's work was impossible to take a picture of !! Impossible I tell ya ! So you'll just have to imagine a cool tattoo here >>>>>

Beautiful !!

In other news , however ... Here's my birthday present to myself this year ! I got this little marvel in San Diego , a few months ago at the Comicon and just got it back from the frame wizard yesterday !! Found this sweet sweet frame at his shop , behind a pile and it was just screaming "I WAS BORN TO FRAME THIS PIECE" So ... Yeah ... Who was I to dispute this desire !!!

Magical !!!! Am now not only a fan of the said Mr. Wood but also an official collector !! Will have to wear a bow tie from now on ! Don't laugh when you see me !

More exciting news ... Maybe tomorrow ... Maybe tonight ! Until then ... Stay cool !


- 31 -

No worries mates ... All is good in Nick world !!

Thoughts have cleared and the pondering time is over (at least the unhealthy too much thinking part) !! Thanks for all your kind words , but you should know ... It wasn't that bad , ya know ! Just a bit under the weather for the last week or so !! Have , yet again , been confronted with the indisputable fact that I am still no master in the art of understanding the complexity of human relations , have yet to find a comfortable and acceptable scenario for my "natural" "human" need to geographically settle Vs my , as imposing need to do anything but , have yet to have found any true answer on the complex relationship I so inevitably share with time itself and finally have still not found a way to control the weather ... True story , however , all is good and feels much better today ! Should be perfectly fine till my next birthday , perhaps !

Here's the week's grand master plan ...

3 tattoo days this week so keep an eye open !

Doodles should slowly start to pop up soon again !

News tomorrow !!

P.s. A good friend of mine (big bird) once told me , that the best way to find out things ... Is to ask questions !! He also told me , that services could be exchanged for money ... No ... Wait , that was another bird !



Aaaa ... Prrrt !

Behold >>> My latest masterpiece !

This pretty much what it looks like in my head right now !!

Have had some serious stuff to figure out lately ! It's good once in a while to analyse where you're at and where it's taking ya and shit !! Re-brief the master plan ... Ya know !? Don't know if it's a case of Winter blues/confusion ... A bad case of it's my birthday tomorrow and time flies or maybe I just need some change ?? But yeah ! Apart from some tattoo action ... Haven't had it in me to doodle much lately ! I've chosen Wednesday as a deadline to have my shit figured out and my mind set ! So the last week of forced time out has been good and I should be back on track in the days to come !!

And now ... A good night is in order ! Am off to the pub where a few mates are waiting and after closing time , the Wii comes out and gets hooked up to the projector and the Guinness flows !!! Sounds like a party to me !!! I'll take a few shots of this interactive night for tomorrow's post !

Be well !


Ratz !

More more and more tattoo action !!

Today's session was with the music lab half sleeve !! Colour was in order and after 3 hours we pretty much almost finished the outer part of the piece !! Musical monsters being tortured for sound !! There's no other way , really !! Trust me ! I wish we could just play an instrument and that the sound it makes would be enough !! I really would ! But sadly ... This is how it truly works ! A sad reminder of mankind's cruelty !! Here's what that all looked like when we got done with the day's session >>>>>>

Marvelous !!!

And yes ... I went a little "liner crazy" with the reflections on the lab dudes glass suit thing and the jars in the back too ! Pretty sweet , if ya ask me !! Anywho ... A good session left in the armpit and then ... I guess a few touch-ups here and there and we're done done !!

Rock !!

Tomorrow ... ? Nothing ! Enough of this tattoo madness ! I'm taking a few days off if ya don't mind !!

Laters skaters !


In the court of the carrot king !

Today's delicious eatable diorama of the time when the carrot king had a chat with some rabbits !! Uncomfortable situation , if ya ask me !! But enough about the wonderful cake we got at the shop today and more about what we did !!

Today was time to squeeze in some sweet colour in that girl's workshop/room sleeve piece and that's just what happened !! 3 and a half hours of just that !! Oh and yeah ... We went with red !! Here's what it looks like now !!!

She should go out and play instead of staying in , if ya ask me !! Not too healthy to spend full days indoors like that !!

More tat-a-rockin' action tomorrow !! True story !!


Is it a bird ... ?

From the office , today ...

Today was a Red Baron day ! We done it all ! Apart from a final touch-up session in about a month or so ... We done it all !! In about 2 and a half hours , none the less !! Been getting faster and faster lately and well ... With the bills I have , it's not a good thing ! But worry not , fateful customers ... It is actually impossible for me to purposefully go slower ! So ... I'll have to book in some more people soon ! Probably on the next 25th when I open December and January for new spots !! Anyways ... Getting sidetracked here !! Here's the Red Baron in action >>>>>>

Forgive the bloody shot , you know how it works !! Better pictures after the touch-up session !!

More tattoo action tomorrow !!


Book making action !!

Some old stuff from 06 !!

As the title clearly illustrates ... I've been busy most of the last few day with some book making busyness !! Page after page ... Still not done but going well !! I hope you like this brick when it comes out cuz I sure would have put a lot of time in it !!!

More book making to be done asap ... Which means , no time to doodle ! However , old stuff is always nice too once in a while ! Here are a few bits and pieces I found in the oldies box while laying-out some sweet pages yesterday !!

Tomorrow's an office day so stay tuned for some of that "in depth" colour action work I do !!

Stay rockin' -Stay fresh !


!! WOTW !!

Indeed !! no one would have believed ...

Last Saturday was none other than War Of The Worlds marathon day !! That's right !! Finished work and ran back to the WOTW festival of madness !! The festivities had been planned a while back and everything was ready !!! I was gonna make a mega post about it but looks like my fellow WOTW fanatics have already mucho-covered the event ! So ... Here are a few of my own shots of the tripod burgers of doom event !! That's right ... Tripod burgers indeed ! What other kind of a meal would you have between all this WOTW madness !? So ... Here's how it went ... First off - War of the Worlds the musical by Jeff Wayne "live" (78) >>> Followed by the Tripod burger attack >>> Then the first WOTW movie (53) and finally the last Steven Spielberg version of the said classic (05) !! For a full unhindered coverage of the event check out Yellow Pant's post , the shop post and Allan's post is pretty rad too !!!

Making of .....
Burger-rama goodness !!

"Bows and arrows against the lightning -
-They haven't seen the heat-ray yet !!

More madness in the days to come ... OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOhm ... You bet !!!



Today's workings >>>>

Inspector Grey came back and almost almost got all done !! Next time , I promise ! Once again ... Was pretty hard to take a good shot of today's session so ... All you get to see today is this little close-up ! Too bad ! Can't get it all , all the time ! Final shot on inspector Grey and his mysterious adventures in mid December !!

Now if you don't mind ... Today's a special day !!! Let it be known >>>> Today is the official War Of The Worlds marathon day and well ... I had to work so I missed the first part of the day but I won't miss the second part !! Got to go ! Def. don't wanna be late for WOTW marathon night part two !!!

Pictures to come ... WOTW Marathon night is quite the treat !!!

Until then ... Stay away from tripods !!!!!!

No hair in my soup !

And then some ...

Last night ended up being a blast !! If you weren't there ... T's cuz you were square !! The gallery part was pretty sweet , hadn't done that sort of stuff in a while so I must admit ... I was a bit outta practice !! Either that or way to sober !! Either way , a situation most of the crew decided to focus on and remedy immediately !! Off to the pub we went and had a blast ! Thanks to all my homies and homettes who showed up !!

Am all cultured up now !


Lone Star !

From the Copenhagen bureau >>>>>>

First of all ... I'd like to start by congratulating my main man , the Brobama , for his Nobel prize of the day ! Not quite sure if it is really well justified but I'm happy he got it ! Good on ya !

Today was one of those days !! Not a bad one , just one of those !! Started off perfect , then ran to the shop for nothing !! A "no-show" isn't the end of the world ... I kinda like the day off but knowing about all the good folks waiting in line patiently for their turn ... Makes me a bit bitter , ya know ? Anywho ... Off to the gallery now !! Remember ... If you is in the hood tonight or anytime this month , come and check it out "live" !!

And for all yall who can't make it , I'll take a few shots for ya tonight and post them here tomorrow !!

Tomorrow is (I hope) a tat-action day >>>>> So keep an eye peeled for more of inspector Grey and his unbelievable adventures !! Until then .......... Here's an astronaut princess !

Happy culturings !!


Fancy pants !

MMMmmmm ... Curry for breakfast !

Today was a "run all over town" day with an almost perfect start !! Also , you should know , I've had a lot of awesome new gigs lately !! Gots to let ya know about a few of these !! Haven't officially found out how I will get all this done in good time but I think I'll be taking them all on !! Sounds like the end of the year is gonna be a busy one !! But first ... You'll be glad to know that the Yellow Cake baker sisters have made it to the gallery , all in good time !!!

Close one but hey ... Looking quite good !!!

+Am pretty stoked about having a piece (a new one) at the "Fear of the dark" show at the Hope Gallery opening in early December !! More on that soon soon !!

+Have just been asked to cooperate on a special edition comic book project thing which has gotten me all excited and stuff !! True story !! More on this just as soon soon !

+An EPK article to be published soon in a few sweet zines is being written as we speak !!!

More invites to shows and zine stuff to be confirmed very soon too and finally ... If you happen to be in the greater general Copenhagen area on Friday night ... Drop by the G G Gallery and have a peek at the Yellow Cake sisters "live" !!!

ROCK !!!

God's tears !

Yesterday was a doodle day ...
... Boy was I ever wrong !!

Got woken up and told otherwise !! I don't do that very often (Booking a friend for a tat-session on an odd day and then not writing it down anywhere) but it has been known to happen ... Just like yesterday , for example !! So ... Hurried to the shop and tat tat tatted the day away !!! My homie Emil from the GBG got a few more hours on his robo pirate leg from way way waaayyyy back !! Here's what that looked like at the end of the day !!

Explosive purple Vs orange/yellow !! Mad combo !!

Good stuff good stuff !! Afterwards ... A session of pints of god's tears was in order !! Yes , the mighty man weeps stout indeed !!

Good one Craig !!

More in a sec >>>>>>>


Winterings !

Just ran through these a second ago and well ... With the Wintery weather we've just started to get here , these last few days , I thought these kind of shots would be well needed !

A few random 35mm shots from a few months ago , back in L.A. !

I'm not out of shots yet ! No no .... Still have a few left to post , eventually , from this last trip ! However , am already starting to plan the next few trips !! Nothing is for sure yet but what I've been looking at lately is :

-Christmas back home in Paris / Def. not working !
-from mid January till early March in wonderful Hong Kong / Yes ... A bit of working but not too much !

More and more precise dates to come ! Until then ... The next two days are doodle days so ... Keep an eye out for some of that !


Jolly good , Well done !

Today was a doodle day !! A good one !

First , the second Yellow Cake sister got done !! So ... The painting part of the painting is done !! That's good cuz I could be early for my deadline ! However , now comes the time to pimp these two radioactive siblings and get them all framed and nice looking and stuff ! That could take a few days and bring me right back into my usual time spot ... A bit behind schedule !! Let's hope not ! So yeah ! Have a look ! Let me know what yall think : Poop - So so - Sweet - rockin' - or totally hella-AAAaaawesome !

Radioactive delight ! Playing with enriched plutonium looks like a dirty job but hey , I guess it's not gonna play with itself !

And then ... And then ... I started a whole lot of other doodles !! True story ... I hope my editor's not reading this post cuz I'm supposed to be book making , not doodling !! Oh well ... I'll post some more in the day's to come but here's one !

mmm ... Girls on bikes !

Later skaters !! Now it's time for some Spaghetti !! That's right ! I've been dreaming of pasta lately so ... I'm off to indulge !!

Ciao !


Oprama !!

Dinner of champions !

1: Yes , that's all for me ! 2: Absolutely , there is indeed an egg in my burger !! Anything less would be uncivilized !

Yes yes !! I know !! Been busy with the no-Plog lately !! Much has happened since !! Life stuff , spy stuff , stuff stuff !!! More about that soon !! Until then , to catch up and make it all burger ... Sorry ... I meant better ! To make it all better !! Here's the last few days blog-action ... For your Plogging delight !!!

Thursday at the shop >>>>>
We done did (Almost) finished the peach-small town-br'er rabbit-Cardinal nest sleeve ! mm hm ... Yep ! We got not much left ... Making the next session not only a quick touch-up one but also the absolute final one !!!! Here are a few random not too good shots of some of what we done did on Thursday !

Last shot in a month !!

Friday at the shop (that's like today) >>>>

This sweet harbour scene from a few months back came down for the day and ......... Are you ready ? .... Also got finished ! K K Kaching !! We finished the crab lord of the underworlds , random stuff all over that had been left for last and retouched here and there ! Once again ... Not the best shots ever but still good enough for you folks to have a look at and get the basic idea !!

Same same ... Good pictures of this piece in a month !

Fantabulous !! Wait ... Wait ... Don't go yet ! Got a tad bit more left >>>>>

Am gonna be part of a few shows before the end of the year and that's rockin' !! I think I'll manage (by the skin of my teeth) to keep my deadline on this next one with the new gallery !! Check out the last pic at the bottom of this here post for a glance at the Yellow Cake sister number 2 in progress !!

And last but far from being least , check out the Blogey Kong , the Honkey Blong aka the blog of Kong asap !! You'll never guess what happened ! My homie from the far west , the Konger himself has updated his blog ... After years of wait ! A new post from the man himself !! Go check it out !!

Happy Octobers , to all yall out there !!