From the Melbourne bureau !

Today on Chapel street , this is what happened !!

First I finished some doodles that were bugging me lately while eating breakfast at my bestest breakfast spot in the hood ( the Yellow Bird) !! Some of these were leftovers from Hong Kong's sketching sessions ! Got a few more of those to work on in my sketchbook but always have new stuff to doodle so some of them get left behind ... Unfinished and colourless !! Here's one of them !! Nothing much but now I like it better !! Then , sssssip ... One more double espresso and off to the shop (Chapel street tattoos) to hurt my good buddy Chicken !! That's right , hurt !! Poor Chicken here got himself way over his ... Shoulders !! Here's the not yet finished piece !! A sweet one in deed but will have to wait a bit for the colour !!! Sorry buddy ... Did my fastest but good job taking it that long , mate !!! However , I must warn all other "neck hopefuls" ... You guys are gonna have to bribe me real good if you want a neck piece from me !! They're a pain in the "..." for me too and I think this was my last one !!

AAAaaaaarrrrgghh !!! A hottie she is !!

And finally ... Here's one of those rare and truly spontaneous moments caught on film !!
Thanks heaps , mate and remember !! Tomorrow's the party night !! Meet ya down in St Kilda !!

More , more and more tomorrow !!!

For all of you out there , who have been asking when oh when will I ever be back behind my desk at the Conspiracy office in the island kingdom of Copenhagen ... 8 days left !! Bring the coffee !!

4 for you , my darling !

Later , plog-aroos and Plog-oalas !


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looks great love those lines and neks may be a pain but look great