Last day !

Don't be like these two ! Don't be afraid of the future !!

The future is in a few hours (CET.) !! True story ! And ya shouldn't be afraid !! It's gonna be alright ! Hope ya had a great year , last year and I wish ya all a super party tonight !! If you didn't get all the super fancy presents you wanted for christmas ... Tonight's the perfect opportunity to get shit faced and forget about it !!

See ya in the future !!


A sweet day at the office ...

... 'tis what happened !!

This picture taken this morning from the shop !! True story ... Loosely based on facts ... Or was it , based on loose facts ? Anywho ... It's mostly true !! But worry not !! This martian destruction machine , this ultimate conquering contraption from worlds far beyond our human comprehension was just lost and in no way looking to destroy the earth and/or bring ultimate havoc on humanity !! Just lost ... And now it found a spot on my shelves of awesomeness at the shop !

So now that that's been explained ... Here's what I did today >>>>>>

4 and a half hours of colour on this space Buddha for a second visit ! Should be almost done after the next sitting ! More of this Buddha-mania in March ! Stay tuned for bright colours !!

Then ... Also in the day's news !! Finally got my books from master James Jean today ! The post office was all confused about the package and honestly thought I wasn't gonna be able to get them , again ( second time ) !! But in the confusion , I managed to take what was rightfully mine and not pay the post office's criminal , illegal ransom money they usually demand for all parcels they handle because that's what mail-mafias do !! True story !!

So two new , absolutely wonderful books from master JJ , for my collection of wonders !! And then ... When you thought it was over ... I got Allan and Malle's christmas presents !! Crazy shit from the future !!!! A gigantic automated alien fighting machine and a destructo also full-action automatic roboto !!!! Here's my sweet Monday collection of christmas goodness !!!!!!!

Rock !

Until later , fact believers !!


Saint-Germain/Vesterbro express !

Just landed back right behind my desk at the H.Q. and am now admiring the task at hand for the next two weeks !! Glad to be back to the factory cuz more work needs be done now ! However , me who hates christmas and all related holiday things , I must admit that this has been a super nice holiday trip !!

Hope all of you had a very nice one this year !!! And if you didn't ... Then next wednesday night'll be the best time to get hammered and forget about it !

Off to answer a bazillion mails now ! Later home slices !


Paris Paris !

A bit more ...

A must of a shot , really !!

Hope yall had a very merry christmas this year and loads of very expensive gifts and stuff !!

Will reply to all who have written me in the last few days as soon as I get my hands on some good old internet connection action !! Should be tomorrow night ... When I get right back to my little rainy island !!

Until then ... Stay classy !


Et si c'était vrai ...

The day's shots !!

Walked around and took lots of shots today !! A red negative in the Canon and a Neopan 1600 in the Lomo !! Gonna be interesting to find out what that looks like , to say the least !! So here's a few digital "post card" shots for ya ! More tomorrow !!

And now if you don't mind ... 5 hours and a half of eating awaits me ! And that's what we do best over here !

Later , freedom friers


Pirates at laaaaarrrrge !

Here's today's doings !

RRRRrrraaaa !

Commando Jesper came in for some 5 hours of colour today and made it one session away from being done with this sweet piece !! Stay tuned for more of this as soon as I get back from my next few trips !! The bloody shark was a must !! Had to get a close up of that one !!!

Now off to pack for a few days worth ... Next Plog'll be from the capital !! Take care out there and ... If you didn't have time to buy me a gift for christmas ... It's ok !! I understand ! Just make sure you don't forget for next year !

Later , plog eaters !


From one to the next ...

... City that is !

If there's one thing I'd have a hard time stopping , it'd be moving around ! You get addicted to it and it becomes , very quickly one of the things you have to do on a regular basis or else you go insane !! Been planing my next trip all day ( visa application requirements , hotels and flights and crap and crap ... ) And am looking forward to this little next one ! Not a long one ... A bit of a rush one too ... But still a nice way out !

If any of ya are interested in getting some work done in HK or Melbourne ... Let me know !

HK Work dates : 22/23/24 Jan 09 @ Starcrossed
MELBOURNE Work dates : 2/3/4/5 Feb 09 @ Chapel street

But first ... Let's get ready for next week's Paris trip ! Some hang out + family time in the capital will be appreciated !



Chicken flu ...

Nothing to declare ...
Been busy drawing and painting all day and have finished absolutely nothing ! So ... All you get today is what I was doodling in my sketchbook while waiting for my breakfast this morning !! Hopefully something will get finished tomorrow !!

Until then ... Thanks to all the people who have written me to ask about and buy some of the Originals I've got for sale at the moment !! Nice to see the interest !! You guys rock !


The magic box ...

Changing galleries ... I f you see something on the Plog that you think would look good taped to your fridge or framed above the fireplace ...

... Enquire directly at: pick@electricpick.com !!

Rat-attack !

Animals came back to get some combat colour today !! Here's 4 hours worth !!

Mighty nice if ya ask me !! More of this sweet sleeve tat-action colour madness in February ! Stay tuned ... If you're one of these people who like the idea that animals will , one day , take over the world and inflict their unmerciful vengeance upon us all !! For all the others ... Bon appétit !

Tonight's the night ... The original's night !! I swear it !

Keep an eye open in the direction of your hamster's cage tonight !


Up up in the tree ...

Good day !

Here we are ... An other day at the office ! And this came out of my full day's work behind my desk at the office of Blood , sweat and tears !! Behold !!!! 5 hours worth of lines ! I think it's perhaps a first actually !! A one session complete line-up of a sleeve !! Not too many really thick and built up lines but a lot of them ... Not too shabby ! Good for him , right ? Well ... Would have loved to do some shading wile we were at it but I'm afraid my customer would have rather spent a weekend in Guantanamo then get one more minute of tattooing !!! Waterboarding included ! I asked him !! So ... On these fine words of wisdom ... Here it is ... The big tree !! Don't ask too many questions ! He gave me a white card on ideas and well ... You get fish stuck in a tree when you give me free reign on your tattoo !! Let that be a lesson to all of you out there , who dare !!

Here's some random close-ups too ... Hard to see the whole thing in full frame !!

More of this in March ... You just wait till you see what colours I'll be coming up with for this one !

ALSO >>>>> Just figured out all the originals for sale ( pretty much the whole Conspiracy collection + a few more ) just in time to be too late for christmas !! But some times you get your presents after christmas and it's ok too !! Right ? Anyways ... Will be posting them all tonight or tomorrow ! They will all be on sale with a bit of a christmas discount for one month ! From when I manage to post them till the same date in January !

Now ... If you don't mind ... My pub spot is waiting for me ! tata !


... But still they come !!!

I'm starting to think that most of my customers are Nihilists or that some kind of apocalyptic wave of vision of destruction , doom and all out horror has taken the world over !! One totally realistic scenes of humanity's dramatic end after the other !! My my ... Maybe it's just Winter too ! But hey don't get me wrong ... I love it !! I feed on this madness !! Here's today's dramatic , totally possible and realistically horrible scene of man's ultimate end !!

More of this one in March !! These Tripod/ships are awesome !! They were the first i drew this morning for this and the best too !! Love em !

Now back home after an other day at the office to try to finally make up my mind about these originals for sale !!

Later tripodsters !


An instant classic !!

Ladies and gentlemen ... The Atomic-bot !!

An instant classic if ya ask me ! Today's dramatic scene of horror and terrifying terror and stuff !! A true story too ! 3 hours and a half of lines and black later ... And the giant machine man is half complete !! One more good session of colours in March and this mega mecha madness should be done !! Most probably gonna be a monochrome piece too ! Been trying to squeeze one of them lately and I think I finally found a courageous contender for it !! Should be a rock'n one !! Check it out in March !!

Here's a close up of what's really happening here !! Just so you understand the sheer terror and drama involved in this scene !!

Still trying to figure out what original should be for sale and what other one should stay in the pile !! Gimme a day or two and I'll have a list for you !

In the mean time ... Here's a bit of advice : If ever one should happen to be followed by a giant robot ! One should run away , of course , however , not in the direction in which the said robot is going !


The giant peach ...

Here's yesterday's tat-action for ya !

Something I don't do too often ( No lines in the background !! I never really do that ! ) But it was a lot of fun and looks absolutely great !! Smashing , some might even say !! 4 and a half hours worth of colour !! Good job skipper ! Had some fun with the little town too !! More of this in January !

Also in the news >>>> Am currently going through originals that I'll be posting in the next few days that I will put up for sale ... Really have too many of them and well ... It's christmas and all !! So if having one of my originals up on your living room wall above the roman marble fireplace , next to the stuffed albino lion's head from last year's safari hunt , is something you might have been considering ... Keep an eye on this here Plog for the next few posts !!

Now back to book making !!


Angels and monkeys !

As promised ( just a tad bit late as usual ) ...

Last Friday's session !! Shaky legs got some more sweet sweet colours !! The angels are getting filled in and are looking good ! Hair , wings and that wavy banner drape like device thing ... Next time ! There isn't much left after that !! Just managed to get you a quick full view shot but the others were quite glary to say the least so ... One of them and a few close-ups for today !!

Secondly !!
The animals strike back ....... Again !

This time to finish the lines !! We managed to get all of them down today and that's a good think too !! Next time in February ... The colour ! Wonder what we're gonna go for on this one !

Tomorrow ... More flying peaches ! Until then ... Beware of your pet !


Frostbite !

Here's one !!

Last Tuesday's tat-action ! I know , I know I told ya I had a few for you ... And it is , in deed a true story !! However most of them , I just found out , are still stuck in my camera , way way back at the shop ! So ... You'll have to wait a bit longer for em !

This one however , is an old classic we re-nipped on Mr.Bowen ... One of my new Australian friends ! We'll be continuing this one in Melbourne in Febuary with some cold , blizzardy ( most likely my magical Blue-Grey ) background colours ! Keep an eye out if ya like wintery tattoos with scarf-wearing grim reapers and the whole "last match" kinda theme thing !!

So ... More of these late tattoo posts in the days to come !

Take care out there and hope you survive this year's Winter season ! Unless you live in Australia ... Then have a nice Summer day at the beach !


Last call !

Just found out that I happen to not have that many of these prints left for sale after all !! Counted them , split them up in kits and sent a few ( 20 3-piece kits ) to the PUPERMARKET ! The rest is here with me ( about 30 of each ) at the shop or at the ELECTRIC PICK TURE BOX but all and all I have about 50 of each left for sale so ... Yep , Last call ... Cuz if these fine prints were something you might have been interested in ... Now's the time ! Check a check a check it out !

In other news ... I've been super busy with this book magic busyness and I'm a little late on my tattoo posts !! Tomorrow might be a good day to catch up on that and maybe even doodle a bit ! So keep an eye out here for tomorrow's post , if ya like these tattooings !

Later , print surfers !


Wawza !

Holy moly !!!!! RJB madness !!!

Check it out !!!!


Zombified !

In the realm of the zombie queen !! R A A A A a a a a ...
Yesterdays doings in deed ! Filled this half sleeve up in 3 hours ... We already had the sky done and a bit of that sweet sweet dirty olive green in the doom mistress's face but all else in 3 hours ! Yes , as you can tell , I'm pretty impressed on how fast that was !! But more importantly ... This piece is turning out quite nice !!!

Hope you like !

Now .... Sushi awaits me and if I don't eat it all there might be some left for the rest of you and , well , that's a risk I'm not willing to take ! That's right , the only thing better than sushi is everyone else's sushi !

Later , raw fish munchers !


Tattoo R.O.E. !!

Hello everyone and welcome to December !

Now I've thought about this for a while and might have mentioned it before but for many organization , practical and stress reasons have decided to change the way I book my appointments ! I finally managed to put something together ! So , here are posted below , the new Rules on how to apply for a tattoo spot ! This new system will start on the first of January !

Rules Of Engagement

My work is very personal to me and is , in every way , very unique from the conception to the execution to the finishing touches . I also , most often work on larger pieces that require a lot of time to be completed ! But also , more importantly , because the main focus of my work is on the quality rather than the quantity , I have a limited amount of openings for pieces ! I've tried to do my best to accommodate everyone but the demand in the last few years has been a bit overwhelming ! I've therefore had to narrow down and carefully choose the pieces I accept in order to do my best possible work on these pieces but also just to stay mentally healthy !

So from now on , I've decided to cary a waiting list to simplify and organize my system ! Here are the new rules on how to apply for the waiting list , with your submission ! Thank you for being patient and understanding !

To make a submission for a new piece and get a spot on my waiting list please E-mail me including :

A general theme and idea
The size imagined and placement on your body

Every single E-mail will be answered (might take up to a week) with a confirmation of whether or not I have accepted your submission and your name is now on the waiting list or not ! Don't be offended if I choose not to take on your submission because it doesn't fit the kind of work I do , because it doesn't fit the schedule you ask for or just because I am overworked ! This is a one man operation and like I said earlier , it is obsessed with quality not quantity ! If , however you do make it on the waiting list , then as soon as an opening is possible I will E-mail you back with dates to start !

Waiting list Europe (Copenhagen) is closed ! It's approx. 3 years long already and that's just way too long to wait ! I'm thinking of opening it again in a few years when this list gets much thinner !

Waiting list Asia (Hong Kong) is open ! I have a bunch of names already but nothing to stress about so write me and I'll let you know how soon I can fit you in ! A few months at the most !

All work is free hand and all art work for your piece will be done directly on you , on the first appointment !

All pieces require a deposit (once official appointments to start the piece are confirmed and dates are approved) Deposit amount depends on the size of the piece ! The amount of the deposit , also being the last few hours of work on the piece !

Price is per Hour ...

All these new rules apply only for appointments in Copenhagen and Hong Kong ! For bookings and hourly rates while I'm traveling , please enquire directly by E-mail when the traveling dates are posted !


Thanks you for understanding and working with these rules , I truly appreciate it ! This new system will let me spend more time on your pieces and less on organizing my work months !