Hello from Namibia!!

Still alive and doing great ! My mighty steed has docked here for the day (Walvis bay, Namibia) and I just happen to stumble on an internet hut on my expedition down here! decided it was hight time for a new post! Ya know… To let you all know I haven't forgotten about you!

All is good except, as you might have guessed… We is late! About a week late! I'll spare you the details of what a real Atlantic winter storm looks like for now but bad weather and slow dockland crews got us real late indeed! No troubles for me… But just so you know… Won't be getting to Cape Town until the 3rd! So a few more days of no net for me - A few more days of no Plog for you, I'm afraid!!

Stay fresh out there and wish me luck some more ... These next few days are supposed to be some real stormy ones!!

Captain Nick >>>> Out!


The long way part 2

That's it that's all folks! I'm outta here!
The MV Grey Fox has docked and will be loading/unloading all night! I'll be boarding in the early hours of the morning and hopefully, if nothing delays us anymore, we'll be sailing away tomorrow night! Like I said before, I'll be out of reach from the world wide webs until (approx.) the 26th when I dock in Cape Town!

Until then ... Follow me "live" right HERE!

Here's the main master plan...
Part 2.1 >>>

Part 2.2 >>>

Take good care of civilization while I'm gone and wish me luck with the pirates, the mermaids and the sea zombies...




Ladies and gentlemen, I am still in Antwerp, still waiting for my ride out of Europe! Here is, as previously promised, a quick operational operation update post for your understanding pleasures, with more details of my adventures to come!
So my contact gladly showed up and the operation "Heart of Darkness" is a go... Here's the deal:

My route, the long way, to Hong Kong will take me through Africa. A new continent I have dreamed of discovering for a long long time now! And I will be sailing there as well. I'm about to embark (any day now) on the valiant "MV Grey Fox", a container liner en route to Durban,South Africa from Hamburg making a stop in Antwerp. I will sail with her all the way down to Cape Town. The approximate date of Departure from Antwerp is Monday morning the 7th of February! And the approximate date of arrival in Cape Town is the 26th of February. I will, once again, I'm very sorry to have to admit, undoubtably be internet-less for the whole of the trip (20 days). I will however, post one last time before I embark with some cool links to help you follow me on this trip while I'm deprived of my Plogging privileges! I wish I had known about such tracking sites for my last trip across the Atlantic!! But this time you'll be able to see where I'm at, pretty exactly and updated a few times a day!

So here you have it! For part 2 of operation Heart of Darkness (yes I just got the book and will be reading it again on board). Part 3, 4 and 5 should be equally as interesting but let's concentrate on one thing at a time here!!

My ride,

More needs be done before I sail away but I will find a few minutes for a quick post just before I leave!!



A very happy new year of the 3D rabbit to everyone!! The very best and nothing less!!
This should be a pretty awesome year, indeed!!

More operational operation news of my current operational operation tomorrow! Until then... Stay awesome!!

E-pick >>> Out!


The long way part 1

Hello from Antwerp!

A long day it's been!
Been on the move since last night. After a night stop in Amsterdam I'm finally in Antwerp. The de-brief went well and the mission I'm about to embark on should be very interesting to say the least. I can't say too much about it just yet but it does involve a new continent for me, that's for sure!

So for now... A few days of chilling until my contact shows up! Shouldn't be too bad! Antwerp is a pretty sweet town to get stuck in actually! More news tomorrow! Until then ... Here's the successful route so far>>>

It's really nice to be on the road again... I really like being nowhere it's true! There's nothing quite like it! But I do already miss my Dansk friends! Stay fresh out there and don't change!! I'll be back soon enough!

P.s. here are a few answers ...

-No UncleJoh, scratch lines aren't stupid! Don't listen to them they tell lies and manipulate the medias!!! Scratch lines are good!!

-Dear Mister Mephisto, acquiring the Mix Master title is a complicated thing indeed and no, one can not actually bestow it on himself! Many things come into consideration and many details come into play! For one to acquire the said Mix Master title is a great honour and the elimination process as tough as it gets! Very few have managed to make it there actually! If I look at the Wiki page under the said title, I can only find 3 individuals! How many can you find?

-And finally... For those who wonder ... This year's new year will be on the 3rd, on Thursday!