Beware of the ROBOTRON !!

Indeed ... Here's the day's wonderful one shot zzzzapppings !
A quick trip to what the future holds for us ... Adjusted jumpsuit clad space cadets defending our towering space cities from deadly, uncompromising doom machines !! Can't wait !

Red/Black >>>>

Done and done ... almost 6 hours later >>>>

Who will defeat who ?? Who will survive this epic strife of man versus machine ??

Sometimes ... Only sometimes and only if you're not a Zorgon wizard, some questions just don't have an answer !!

Stay sharp !


Time limit

Been busy ...

Here's the day's work for ya !
A long awaited new session on the Hollywood road to fame rock sleeve !!
Here's the day's work !

More next Monday !!

And finally ... Number 5 of the top 5 !!

Yeah yeah ... I know but there's only so much room in a top 5 (5) ! There are a few I just have to give honourable mentions to !!

More news tomorrow !
Safety first !



Ladies and gentlemen ... The news of the day!

I have just finally received my transfer papers from SitCen (super secret spy H.Q.) ! And have been successfully officially transfered to the Far East ! Yep ... Mhm !

I'll be leaving Europe on the last week of January (2011) to settle down more permanently in Hong Kong . I had figured all this out earlier this year , while living there but needed to go trough the proper channels before posting it and making it all official and stuff ! So now you know !

1- The Conspiracy inc. will absolutely stay my beloved tattoo home ! I will absolutely be back in Copenhagen every year for a few months at a time and that's where you'll find me tat-working when in Europe !

2- There is now an Asian waiting list ! Anyone from wherever in the world can apply for it and it only has a handful of names on it so still pretty open !

3- The European waiting list will stay the same and I'm confident I can keep taking names off of it within the same timeline ! It is however approximately 3 years long none the less and I have already stopped taking new names for it a few months ago ! So as usual ... Any "one shot" piece can jump in line and get a spot quicker but anything bigger than that can't apply in Europe anymore ! I really try to do my best here and appreciate the interest so so much but the truth is ... I only have so much time for everyone !! I do plan on reopening it but not before it gets much thinner (a few years) !

4- Same (slightly modified) tattoo submission rules apply for both the European and Asian waiting lists !

5- The EPTB will keep on running ! The "Merch" is just gonna get way cheaper for you guys !

If you have any questions about anything ... pick@electricpick.com


That winter chick

Today's tattooings ... Plogged for you today !!

The day's session was dedicated to almost finishing an classic sleeve ! One from 2008 ! One more round to go early next month and this 4 seasons sleeve will be done and done !!!

Here's what it all looked like at the end of the day >>>>>

Cold fox !!

In the day's news >>>>

For all of you photo geeks out there who are in Cologne right now ... Have a great weekend !!

For all of you tattoo geeks out there who happen to be in London at the moment ... Have a great weekend !!

For all of you Plog geeks out there who just happen to be at home checking the interwebs tonight ... Check this out >>>>
Number 4 on my personal top 5 most bestest forever and ever bestest movie car chases of the universe ... I give you ... A more contemporary one however still a classic !!!

Sadly though ... I'm sorry to say that the very good Blues Brothers car chase , however much an awesome chase indeed , is sadly not in my top 5 ! It definitely gets honourable mentions though !

Keep your eyes on the road and Plog ya right back tomorrow with more of that tattoo action !


Space Skank Continuum

And nothing but !

This here , last Monday's session was a finishing session indeed ! It's great to start stuff ... Just also really great to finish some once in a while !! An end to a piece started last year and a cover-up at it too ! We re-nipped and added and finished this sweet space half sleeve and it looks damn good let me tell ya !! Now now ... Don't get all excited ... I still don't do cover-ups ! This piece here was a trick cover-up !! But I'm still really happy of how it all turned out ! Check out PART 1 from way back and then PART 2 before I left for China !

Here's what it all looked like Monday night >>>>> Ultimate space robot controlling evil space chick bent on destruction from beyond !!

Awesome-o !!!! Another one in the bank !

And now ... The moment you've been waiting all day for ... The day's awesomeness ... Number 3 in my personal top 5 most forever bestest ever car chases of the cinema and beyond !!

The Seven-ups chase >>>>

ROCK !!!


The Force

G'day g'day to all !

Today I give you ... The certificate ! A "Jedi Knight" certificate none the less !
I drew this up a few weeks ago but didn't want to post it till the Jedi in question actually received it ! Now that the reception has been successfully accomplished ... Here's what you get (apart from an almost finished full "Half sleeve") when you last an inhumanly long time at a session with me ! An official certificate officially certifying it ! Congrats Jedi Luke !!!

Good times !!

Also in the day's news >>>>>>

-Firstly- Tattoo and calendar organizational updated rules to come asap !! Just can't find time to write all this down but am pretty sure I'll manage to find time tomorrow night - most probably !!

-Secondly- To all my Swedish friends and customers out there ... A sad day I must say !! I most regretfully and sincerely offer you my deepest and most serious and definitely most sincere condolences ! I mean it !! What happened last Sunday is a disgrace to all educated and well meaning people of Sweden and Europe ! I'm very sad , stunned but most importantly angry to realize that the tumor which is populist nationalist xenophobia which has taken hold of most European national institutions has infected the institution which governs your wonderful country as well ! I did not think this possible in Sweden !!! Did not see it coming at all ! If there is one place in our European Union that I could always depend on to give lessons of tolerance and more educated reasoning to the rest of us ... It has always been Sweden ! 20 seats is a hell of a lot of hate in one parliament ! A sad day indeed !

I hear your pain ! I of course still love you and will be there for you always !!
I have no fear that you will inevitably one day come to terms and manage to get rid of this horrible cancer !!

Get well soon !!

-And finally- ... Your classic car chase of the day !! Enjoy the raw awesome awesomeness !!

Yesterday's tattooings tomorrow !


On with the show !!

A few more hours on the mad kitchen sleeve !!

Here's what last Friday's session ended up looking like >>>>

More on this culinary explosion in about a month !

Work work work ... Tattoos , and doodles ... But also some super secret spy work coming up ! Being back in Europe means being way too close to H.Q. for my personal comfort which sadly means spy duties are starting to pile up ! Stay tuned for some inevitable covert clandestine international missions possibly coming near you in the very near future !

Evil never rests !


In the Blue ...

Yep ... Been pretty damn busy down here !

As usual , I guess ... Work work work ... It's ok though , that is pretty much all I wanna do these days anyways ! So bring it on !!

Here's Ninja Kristine's first "multi hour" and "colour" piece ever , done yesterday ! And yes ... She's a real life Ninja for real !
Flowers in blue was the theme so ... Flowers in blue is what she got ! You know the drill >>>

Red/Black !

5 and a half hours later !

Almost done ... Well , roughly 2 hours left on this piece ! Check this flower blueness come together in about a month and then for some more of the same but different on the other arm !!

Beautiful blues !!

Also in the tattoo news of the week >>>>

-Hang on to your pants and run under a door frame or a table cuz buddy Eckel is on fire !!!! The G-Eckel , the vegan Jedi , the homie with the mix master power and the power to b b blog has been power blogging his days away like never before and he even has pictures and all !! Nothing's too good for us ! Go check it out !

-New tattoo rules should come together in the days to come as soon as I get a second to write them down !!

-And finally ... Some super secret spy news soon too !

Stay cool !



... True story !


Bloot !

Sometimes ... For unexplainable reasons ... It's just really really hard to take a picture of these pieces !!! I mean ... The light's the same ... The camera's the same ... It just works or it doesn't ! Here's the absolute best shot I could get of today's tattoo session ! It's too bad cuz today's tattoo session deserved a hell of a better picture than this ! Oh well ! Next time !

We done and done did all of the scout crew + zombies on this epic example of being at a bad place at a bad time ! Next session in just over a month ... I get to do the zombie goat lord and finish finish the whole piece ! I better get good shots then !!

Here are some better shots of the last session !

More awesome soon !!!!!
Saty awesome !


Bigger than the sound

Today's tattoo session >>>

An old classic officially finished !! This here "Animals strike back" sleeve was started back in 08 and finally ... After much wait ... Done and done ! Touch ups and extra contrast here and there all day ! Here's what it all looked like at the end of the day ! Now there are a lot of fresh spots next to healed spots so , forgive the not perfect pictures but you get the idea !!!

Let the animal riot begin !!

And finally ... Dear "Deer Anonymous" . I understand your point but I however , am of the contrary opinion and believe that rules , whatever they may be for or against , exist solely because people break them !

Stay sharp !



Today's doodle !

Was supposed to tattoo today ... Yep ! But the guy never showed up ... True story ! Oh well ... So I did this instead ! Well ... I totally doodled a bunch more stuff but that's the only one I kinda finished ! So that's what ya get today ! Two homies ... Just chilling !!

Thanks a lot for all the awesome feedback on the last piece !!!! Glad ya like it as much as I do ! She'll probably get framed up and put up on the EPTB in a week or so !

Until then ... Stay cool !


Spirit of the forest

Another A3 fresh out of the EP oven of shapes and colours !! I think I really like this one too ! Let me know what yall think about this last piece !!

Until then ... I decided I liked the gold background Mong Kok chick (the one with legs up to her neck) and was gonna leave her just the way she was ! So expect some new framed up goodness on my wall (and on the EPTB) very soon !! And maybe some from Hong Kong too ! Most of what I managed to doodle back then ended up being sketchbook pages but I do have a few unsold loose doodles left ... They deserve to be framed too I think !!

In other news >>>

- The Vampire chick has arrived safely to her new home in the Netherlands !! Pictures soon !

-And nope ! Ladies and gentlemen , this rotary business is not for me !! They work absolutely great and definitely have the torque needed (and more) but I miss the speed ! The "quicker comer backer" in Nick lingo ! And since you can't really adjust them ... I'm still on the lookout for a second machine I'm afraid ! Don't let this stop you though ! They are fantastic machines and should be appreciated by most tattoo artists !

-And absolutely , dear Anonymous they sure are !

Do what you do the way you like to do it and never let the MAN tell ya any different !



Today's 2 hour tattoo action session was administered in classic "new school" indeed ! And a hand at it too ! Don't do much of these ! Thought it would be much harder to get the ink in there but it just went in like a charm !!

Some of the most important things in life ... Coffee and doodles ! Love the way it turned out !!



Year of the noodle

Yesterday's 3D tiger tattoo !
After writing to me back in February about a quick doodle seen on the Plog , Buddy Duncan finally made it back down to Copenhagentown from London for a second E-Piece !! Same same but different !!

Who doesn't like a noodle eating 3D tiger ?? I'm afraid I , once again forgot to take the Red/Black marker shots ... But you get the idea !

More to come soon soon !


Edge of sanity

Troubles with materialism much ?

Well this little guys seems to but he's still managing his delicate balancing act ... So far ... So good !! From the city to the country or vice versa , the stuff he accumulates , caries around does make it harder with time !!

Here's how it all started ...
Red and Black >>>

And a few hours later in the ever so wonderful and glorious new bluegrey aka the orange & purple !

Brilliant !

Stay safe out there and if you're not happy with something ... Change it !


Pick pick pickalooooooo

A new friend !

Been wanting to get me one of these rotaries for a very long time now !! Finally just did ! Mr. Shagbuilt just dropped by the shop and I just couldn't resist ! Me and buddy Eckel went shopping ! So yeah ... This is kind of a big deal for me cuz well ... The last time I bought machines was in 1999 ! 2 Micky Sharpz (the one's from way back then) since then , one of them blew up a few years ago "Kablamo" and I've been using just one machine for the last few years ! It's been working quite well for me , however , one does get annoyed with changing set ups all the time and constantly answering to other tattoo artists astonishment "Yep ... Just one" ! So yeah ... A new friend has come about ! Let's see how we all get along first ... I'll most likely Plog about it again in about a month or so !

Also in the news >>>>>>>

-New tattoo rules coming soon ! Trying to make it easier for you and for me and to adapt it to my current calendar's realities ! Stay tuned for that if at all interested ! Should have something written down for yall in the next few days !

-A few more (smaller sized) new originals should pop up on the EPTB in a week or so !!

-Printable Merch projects are officially in the works ! Keep an eye out for them !!

Stay fresh !

Pick pick pickalooooooooo ...


The Queen has arrived ...

... And is gone already !
But what a beaut !

More later !