Yellow Cake !!

And done !!

I know it gets really hot in there but safety must not be sacrificed for comfort !! Clear guidelines have been previously discussed !! This is definitely not acceptable behaviour !!

Well ... This one's done ! However , while finishing this purty new piece ... I decided to start a sister piece !! That's right ... 2 ! Now ... I have a bit of a schedule on this little fission project of mine with the Gallery group show on the 9th and all ! But I think I can make it !! Let's see how that goes !!! Until then , off to the frame wizard !!!

Hope ya like !

Stay safe out there and remember , safety first !!!


Sleepy tide...

After a long day of running around ... Hit by the sleepy tide !!
Was trying to make a big photo post for you guys for today's blog action but I'm afraid I'm falling asleep quite rapidly !!

True story !!

So ... If you don't mind , I'm just gonna go and crash and I'll Plog ya tomorrow when I'm a bit more awake !!



Atomkraft !

Few seconds here ... Few seconds there !!

Could have this one done in a few hours but ... Too much to do and not enough time to do it in !! Got to run again !! But will for sure have this done by tomorrow ! Then off to the frame wizard for a delightful finish !! Wonder what I'm gonna frame this one with ??

Off to the Office (the spy one) for some team building/briefing !! Wish me luck !! The last thing I need right now is another foreign assignment ! Got enough shit to work on at home for a while !!!

Keep an eye out on the Plog in the next few days !!! Got deadlines running out on a bunch of pieces so ... A bunch of illustration work should show up here very soon !! It better !!!!!!

Stay fresh !


Autumn falling ...

The day's doings >>>>

From the office of ... D O O M !!! Worked all day (3 hours) on this good old sleeve today !! You know ... The 4 and a half season's one !! We decided today was the day for the armpit to get done !! So yeah !! 3 hours in there was enough , however , buddy aced it just right ! A few beers and a few Advils go a long way !! With no further delay ... Here's what Autumn looks like ... In case you was wondering !!

A bit bloody and as usual , half healed half fresh ! But still you get the basic idea !!

Wow ... That was a long work week !! Now a well deserved ... You guessed it ! Time to hit the pub's bar with the back of my head until whoever working there understands to pour some magic stout in me !!!

Life's simple pleasures !! Until tomorrow ... Stay cool out there !!!

The Process ...

Making of !

Been on this one (and a bunch of other ones too) for the last few hours now ! Won't finish it tonight but I think I'll have the patience to get back on it asap ! Should be a sweet one ! And will most likely end up at the new G G Gallery ! Will scan it for your viewing pleasures , as soon as I got it all done and looking just right !!

Tomorrow's an office day !! That's right ... But not just any kind of office day ... Nope ... It's international DOOM day at the conspiracy ! Drop by for a coffee , for a chat or just to be heavy with the rest of the cool kids !!!

To all of ya in Londontown for the weekend ... Have a good time out there and remember not to rub your fresh new tattoo on everyone else in the crowd !!

Laaterz !


Doom Friday !!

That's right , ladies and gentlemen ... This Friday , at the Conspiracy , will be international doom day !!!

From 2 till late ... All the Grudge , doom , stoner metal you can handle ... All day long !!!

Make sure you don't miss such an epic event and don't forget your balls at home !! It'll be heavy !

See ya then !

Entrails of the beast !

By popular demand ...

The heart of the Independent Pursuit !

Noire Seas

Monotone from the North Atlantic ...

... Here's a selection of 120mm (Ilford weirdo 400 B&W/with the Diana F+) and of my oh so beloved Neopan 35mm (Fuji 1600 B&W/with the Canon) shot on my last tour of the high sea !! This photo-Plog , for your viewing pleasure >>>>>>> Enjoy !

Black and white delight !!

More doodles tomorrow !! As I lay drawing ... (Great name for a hardcore band ... No? )


Words of wisdom ...

There was a young girl called Ann Hauser
Who swore that no man could ever surprise her.
But Pabst took a chance,
Found a Schlitz in her pants,
and now she is sadder Budweiser !

True story !!

Just writing at the pub tonight ... Yes , like the writers used to do back in the day !! My laptop and a few pints of stout makes me write when all else fails !!

More tomorrow ... With some pictures or something to look at , at the very least , I promise !

Good night out there !


It happens !

A big long day of ... Well ... Not much !

Off to the movies in a minute ! Yep ! You guessed it !! Am going for District 9 again ! This time with Allanski and Yellow pants !! I really tried to not hype it up too much for those two but ... I think I failed !! Oh well !! I know I'll enjoy it !

All day today , I pretty much did some local coffee shop hang-out and then tried to scribble something on a corner of my factory desk ! Yep ! Hopefully ... Tomorrow will be a tad bit more productive ! They say you need days like that ! I just can't stand the productive stagnation !! I guess I'm just crazy ! That's ok though ! I'm fine with it ! No really !

Tomorrow ... Some super spook briefing at station A ! I mist a few while on the road and well the regular update podcasts and direct news feeds are never as good as the official thing (it's the coffee) ! And then ... Maybe a bit of writing at my new favourite bar (Number 3 on the list) !! I'll take a few shots for ya !!

Have a sweet weekend , you guys !!!


Pimpin' the chicken !

Friday at the office !!

Another oldie dropped by today ! And between a few delicious home made chocolate muffins , we re-nipped and continued this 2007 classic !! More colours , more better and all over ! We were going for the gold and were gonna finish it today , but fate had other plans , unfortunately ! We finish it next time buddy ... No problemo !

Here's what it all looked like at the end of a day's work >>>>

Magic radioactive voodoo magic green indeed !!

Tomorrow's a no work day , so I'll be busy working all day right back behind my book making office at the factory !! Might even start some of that painting action for the new G G Gallery !!

Plog ya tomorrow with some new Electric-Padventures ! Until then ... Stay safe out there !!


In a day's work !

Everybody showed up today !!

And that's just perfect !! Today's tattoo day was all about some touch-ups on a piece done in 06 at the Boston convention ! Ended-up re-nipping the whole thing in about an hour and a half so ... Yeah ... Not the biggest work day ever !! However , I got to see an old favourite of yours again and all healed-up wonderfully ! Stuff that comes back many years later and still looks the same as when you did it is absolutely wonderful !! It's like a nice "good work" tap on the back ! And then ... Another all healed up perfectly piece dropped by for some pictures !!! So ... With no more introduction ... Here's all of it in 3D super live vision for your viewing delights !!!

Forgive the not very good shot of the freshly touched-up lion there ... You know how it is !!

More tattoo action at the office tomorrow !!



The day's session for your viewing pleasures !!

We started the colour today and gave it about 4 hours worth !! These colours are a blast !! Dirty brown-orange-peach framed by some purply shadows is fuckin' rockin' !! So yeah ! More on this one in November ! More tat-magic tomorrow , as I continue this triple date week !!

And starting Saturday ... Right back at the factory , right back on the book + loads of new big paintings to do for the new gallery !! Got to try to impress them a bit ! It's actually nice to have someone make you work and push ya to produce !!

Until then ... Stay fresh Plog-buddies !

Funt Cart !

Early morning edition !!

She fallen and she can't get up !

That's right !! It's the crack of 2 and here's a quick post with some interesting news !!!

Have just started work on a bunch of new bigger pieces and the kick in the butt needed to get started on these pieces comes from the fact that I might (Might) start working with a gallery again ! They found me actually and well , there's nothing like a gallery hunting you down to work with them to push your drive and make ya work !!! So ... Good for me ! And good for everybody out there who likes to see my fancy doodles !! Just had to share !

More about that and other adventures in the weeks to come !! Until then ... Today's a tat day ... So post ya later tonight with some of that tat-action I like to indulge in , once in a while ! You bet !!


San Francisconation >>>>

Behold , ladies and gentlemen Plog readers of the known universe ... I had previously warned ya ... It was only a matter of time !!! Grab on to something steady and don't let go till the fat lady sings !!!

Here's an analog orgy of 35mm Photographic heaviness !! A selection from 4 different rolls , 10 different days , 5 different hoods , 1 Canon , 1 city (Yes , the one in the title !) Just thought I'd mix them all up and give it all at once ... So ... Hope you guys can tell which ones are cross-processed slide films and which ones are normal negatives (In this case - Provia 160 from Kodak) ... Here we go go ... San Francisco co >>>>>

Glorious !!

More stuff tomorrow !!! Oh ! And some pretty sweet big news too !!! Stay tuned for that and some more random Plog action and don't forget to keep it hella-real out there !!

Rock !