From Poland with love !

Last Friday's doings !!

This young lady came all the way from the land of fancy delicious doughnuts and evil twins to get this sweet piece done and that's awesome !!! After 5 hours of staring in the face of tattoo pain without blinking , missy here finally threw in the towel just when I was starting to think she might be a robot !! You know , the kind that can't feel pain !! Worry no longer dearest Plog readers !! My last Friday's customer was a human but a tough one in deed ! Next and last session of this super piece this Summer !!! Here's the day's result !!

Was pretty happy to finish the girl at the bottom !! I generally like it when at least a bit of a piece is done ! The way I see it ... It'll be easier for the new owner to show and explain to their friends how it's gonna look when it's all done and pretty and stuff !! Maybe it's all just in my head !

Can't wait to fill in the evil , evil , scary , nightmarishly dreadful horror monsters hiding behind that tree this Summer !!

Until then ... Stay safe my new Polish friends , farewell and thanks for all the cake !!

To all the other Plog followers out there , until the next post ... Good night and godspeed !!

EP ----- OUT !


Snow tears !

More and more winter pieces nowadays , wouldn't you say !? Here's today's snow shoulder !!

A blast for me ... A few tears for Mr. 4 seasons !! 4 and a bit hours of liner and shader and then liner again and again , all on the sweet part of the body known as the shoulder to some ... But also as Lucifer's anvil to others !! But well worth it if you ask me !!! Wait till tomorrow to ask him though ! More and more background without lines too !! Having a ball with that as well !! That tree is like magic ! I love how it came out !! And then ... Just went crazy with the snowflakes !! See ! See , Jesse !! I can do it without outlines too , just like you said !!

More tat-a-rama action tomorrow !!

Stay tuned for more and wear a scarf if you go out , you'll catch a cold if you don't !! Except of course if you happen to live in Australia !! Then have a nice Summer day in St-Kilda !!

Later !



The day's worth !

This young lady sure loves her cloud !!

Started this one a few months ago and never really finished it ! Until today ... Was just doodling on some other pieces and found this one , lost and forgotten , under a pile ! Gave her an hour or two and finished her up !

Hope ya like !

Also from the news room today >>>>> If these few posts are not enough for ya ... Then check out my new posts and what else is new at the shop !!

Stay fresh !

From Vesterbro with fog !

Here's the last film I shot before I left for Hong Kong , right after christmas !! Was really excited to see how this one would come out !!! Was a very foggy night and had a 400 B&W film to spare !! All these shots are over 4 seconds exposure and with the fog was expecting some crazy results ! It so happens that this film turned out not so crazy after all , however , still a few sweet shots !! You tell me !

CANON EOS + Neopan (400) + VESTERBRO (that's my hood)

Next photo-thon from the magical super land of Hong Kong !!! Hang on to your pants cuz there are some truly awesome shots in that pile !!!

Rock !


Elvis-o-rama !

In the court of the undead king of Rock'n roll !!
Monday's doings , behold !!

Here's what I finished last Monday !! The Elvis/zombie sleeve ! Now , once again this sleeve has proven to be hard to take a good picture of and given that this was the touch-ups session it was even harder to get a decent shot of it all !! However , I've managed to get a few good close-ups for your very own viewing pleasure !! I'll be able to get my final shots when it all heals-up in about a month ! Here ya go >>>>> Elvis's final show !!

Tomorrow ... Lots more to post and some time to post it in !!!

Until then , remember to brush your teeth before you go to bed !! Or else your gums will bleed and your teeth will fall out and you'll choke on them while you're still soundly asleep !!

Good night !


From the middle of the night !

Much to Plog ... Not enough time to Plog about it !!

With all the stuff I'm working on these days and all the extra work from my other job (the spy one) , I can't seem to find time to post it all !! But be patient , my Plog friends !! I should get around to blog some multi posts some time in this week to come !! So this is a post about no posts !!!

Also in the news >>>>> A bunch of you have ordered stuff (personalized prints and originals and other crap) from me directly and I have not forgotten you !!! Just waiting for a free hour sometime this week to run to the post office !! So it will all be taken care of this week !!

Plog ya later , Plog brothers and sisters !!


Red is beautiful !

More of Paris but this time in shades of red !! Behold , the magic of the red negative film !!

Last roll from my last Paris trip and what a magical one !! It was my first time ever with the red negative film and didn't know exactly what to expect from it !! Am very impressed !! It seems to not always react the same though ... Some times everything in the frame is almost pure red and some other times just random saturated colours !! Oh well ... A wonderful film full of potential none the less !! So here it is ... The second film in the series and the last from Paris !! And , just to make sure you know , absolutely no Photoshop was used here , ladies and gentlemen ... The power of 35mm !!!!

CANON EOS + Red negative (100) + PARIS

Isn't it veird !!! I think I'm in love with this weird red negative film !! Thank you Lomo !!

More of these soon !!

P.p.p.s. I really don't wanna annoy anyone with this don't drink and drive warning frenzy I've gotten into in the last few days , however , if I had to add one last one ... It would be to highly recommend to people not to drink and drive when you're a English soldier in Germany and you happen to be driving a heavy tank home !!! You might run into another parked tank and cause a lot of problems !! That's it !! That was the last one !! I promise !!!!!

Take care out there and expect more Plog-action very soon !!



Tautological ellipsis !

(... Act like you know !!)

This is what happened at the office of pain today >>>>>> Hearts collide !!

This sleeve came back after a long break for some more power-colour today and that's what we did for 4 hours ! More in April with some crazy thorns and some funny little dudes that most likely will turn out pink !! Stay tuned !!

And now my dear friends ... Please excuse me but it so happens that a few pints of the good stuff await me at me pub !!

Plog ya tomorrow whit some more analogue photo action !!


Mais qu'est ce que c'est merveilleux !!

A true story in deed !!

Just got all of my masterpiece photography developed and they are a looking sweet , let me tell ya !!!!! So to not post a 3 day long post of never ending pictures , however awesome !! I'll do it like last time and go one at a time ! So first off ... To start this photo-post season ! Roll number one >>>>> PARIS for christmas !! Me and my darling went out for a day and ... Well ... I always bring a few cameras wherever I go so .... Here's a sample of the first film in line !! the first results !

LOMO-Fisheye + Neopan 1600 + PARIS >>>>>

More , more , more to come in the following days !! Including some super crazy shots !! However , if you happen to be someone who loads photography , cannot stand the mere sight of a picture ... Worry not !! These photo posts will be laced with the usual Tattoo/Illustration Plog-action as they come !!

Hope ya like !!

And last but not least , to add a last chapter in my don't drink and drive finishing lines of the last few days !! It was also pointed out to me very recently that as much as a nuclear submarine and/or a satellite ... You should , as well , be cautious to not drink and drive if you happen to be driving a country !! That's right , a nation !! For you might run right into another drunk driving country !!

On these fine words , I bid you farewell till the next post ! A+ les super Blogeurs !!


Lorte vejr !

... Is some of what we've been having up here lately !

But that happens sometimes and ... Well ... It's noting to write home about ! However , I'll tell ya what is !!!! This here Plog-post is ! Cuz two !! Not one but two tattoo pieces were done finished yesterday ! That's right ... And if you've been following this Plog for a while , you'll soon realize that this is not something that happens that often !! So here it is ... Yesterday's day's tat-doings !!

First >>>>> We done finished this piece in just about 4 and a half hours ! The lines had been done a while back , before I left for my last trip ! We're gonna wait a bit to see it settle and in about a month , come back for some touch-ups if needed !! Here it is ... The LUNA heart !!

Magic colours !!!

And then >>>>> Ninja Thomas dropped by to get in front of my trusted photo-machine for the final and ultimate step towards the super final completion of his sleeve !!! Started in 2007 and after a few long breaks , we finally managed to finish , touch-up and just yesterday , take the final shots of this piece !!! Beware , the forest ninjas are mightier than they look !!

Bravo !!

Magic colours and all !! These sleeves take so long ( with or without breaks ) that I often wonder if it's worth it to start such pieces !! But when they finally get done ! It looks so damn good !!

Enjoy the tat-a-thon and stay tuned for some crazy picture posts tomorrow !! That's right !! The hundred rolls of analog love have been brought back home !!!

P.s. As it was recently brought to my attention ... In reference to my last post's final words ... It is also not recommended to drink and drive if you're a satellite driver !! Or you run the risk of bumping into another drunk driving satellite !!



Clash of the titans !

Kablamo !!

Well ... Not much happened today ! I guess that's ok ! I can tell ya one thing though ... Went to drop off my hundreds of films of masterpiece photography to my developing wizard and just from looking at the canisters for a few minutes , we both agreed they were gonna be magical pictures !! 2 films from Paris , 2 from Copenhagen and about a hundred from my last Hong Kong/Melbourne trip !! Wednesday's the day I go and get them ... Might have to borough a car to bring them home ! Anyways ... Stay tuned for lots of Analogue-magic in the day's to come !! Here's a doodle from today ... Just played a bit with it with some Psd action and thought I'd post it tonight !

The cloud rider !! Kinda messed up the pixelling but ... Too lazy to go back and do it again ... It's just a doodle !

Tomorrow ? ... Some colours on a half sleeve !!

Plog ya later , good night and in the mean time ... Remember to not drink and drive !! Specially if your ride home is a nuclear submarine !! You might hit another , drunk driving nuclear submarine !!


From Geneva with love !

The garden of Eden ...

For just over 4 hours , that's what I did today ! Today's victim , straight from the land of chocolate and bank accounts , lasted all he could and it's all good , mate !! Sometimes , a half sleeve is not something you can do in one sit and that's ok !! More this Summer !!

So ... As you can see ... Stars and moon not by me ! We decided (he did) to re-nip the moon and make it fit ! No problem ! However that means that it's a night scene and lots of black to go !! I love black !! Always put a lot of it and like most "traditional tattooers" and "single pass liners" I also believe that most of the time (not always) the more black the better the piece ages ! However , I cover my black with my colour so ... When a piece like this is not done and half coloured it looks weird where we haven't done the colour yet , compared to where we have !! So ... This piece will change a bit before it's all done but here's a shot ... For your viewing pleasure , of what we managed so far !!

That blue is a popp'n and that golden skin tone is a beautiful !! Will bring that up again soon !! Anyone out there want a golden chick tattoo ??

Stay safe out there and remember , boys and girls , a well balanced breakfast is important before you go get tattooed !!

Tomorrow >>>>> My other job (the international high espionage super spy counter intelligence one) call's me again !! Wish me luck !!

Later !