Day seventh ... Day last !

Just finished my day at the office and that's great ! Am looking forward to slow down the tattooing pace back to normal ... Starting ... Now ! Today's piece is a collaboration I started a month ago with my buddy Jesse ! Jesse did the main characters and I took care of framing it all with a nifty background ! All day I lined and lined and then shaded around a bit too ... The poor guy was hoping for some colour but it'll have to wait till next session !! I promise ! This piece , once it's done , is gonna be a super killer one !! I wish , I really wish I could get to do some more collaborations !!! There's something awesome about letting go of certain parts of a piece and just trusting someone else with it !! Of course not anyone !! And after a few of these with Jesse ... I think we got a damn good thing going here !! Let me know what you think when it's done !!!

Also ... A close up of a damn sexy line !!! Now that's a pretty fine power line ... And I sadly don't get the excuse to do as much of these as I'd like !!! You can't just put one anywhere !! But this shoulder was crying for some power lining love and I just couldn't resist !!!

Funny thing that all these "old school" and "Japanese traditional" aficionado tattooists say a lot is that ... A one pass line is much harder to pull than a built up or power line !! And ... Well ... That's just not true !! I've always agreed with them ... Cuz it made sense ! I mean it is easier to hide a bad line by thickening it and you get a few strokes to pull it instead of just one chance ... But then I've had the pleasure of seeing some of the most awesome "traditional" tattooists try to build up their lines , a few times in the last 10 years and well ... Most of them can't do it !! Not only the artistic part of it ( where to thicken , where to thin ... Witch in my opinion is a complete art form by itself !!!! ) but just doubling a line seems to be really hard actually !! They all seem to squiggle like if it was so hard to fallow the first pass and lightly take it a millimeter off ... Or just plain old overworking them to try to get them straight !! So yeah ! This is my honest opinion ... I actually think it's much harder and takes a lot more knowhow and experience to build up your lines ( well that is ) and power line at the right place ... So yeah !! Taking a stand for all the "new school" and original art tattooartists out there who take shit for there "Easy" lines !!! I think one pass is a bit more stressful but way less technical , takes no initiative and is a lot easier to pull !

Opinion opinions ... Let me know what you think !!

Tomorrow ... I'm out a here ! Back to the Vesterbro ! Am treating myself to a nice day off with one of those 30 minute flights and some over sleeping !!

Later !


Day sixth ... The final fight !

Today's work ... Tried ... Really tried to finish two pieces on my buddy Nick today !! He could have done it and so could I have given it !! But time was limited , so we managed to finish ( all touch-ups included ) his "Battle of the end" 3/4 sleeve , started a while back ! But not the drunkward bound pirate pin-up on his leg ! Oh well ... Next time for sure !

The final battle has been played , the final card has been dealt ... DOOOOMM is upon you !

Tomorrow .... Day last of this tattoo marathon ... About time !


Day fifth ... The fallen king !

Had an other busy , yet sweet day today !! Work work work ... But getting loads of stuff done !! A nice thing happened this morning ... One of my customers from last month ( the mermaid on the sailor piece ) dropped by for some touch-ups today , before my official appointment ! And ... As picky as I can be ... This piece needed no touch-ups !! I mean none at all !!

Now ... I can proudly state that my stuff usually heals more than fine , but it's totally normal to get a little scab here and there or just to need a bit more contrast at some places ! But this piece had healed and looked exactly like I had done it a month ago ! Now that's cool ! In my busyness ... If you take what you do at heart that is ... That's like a very nice tap on the back !! So here it is ... I re-posted it just cuz I'm happy bout it ! This the healed version !

However later ... Finished the chess / death piece from a while ago !!! The king is in checkmate ! And don't try to cheat because death always wins !

Tomorrow ... Day 6th ... Two in one ! On who , you say ? Just some unsuspecting victim !


Day 4th ... Getaway at dawn !

I guess it does then !!

Here's my buddy Emil enjoying his new finished piece !! After 4 hours on his thigh ... Emil can now enjoy a 3rd finished piece from me !! Good job buddy ! We had started this one at the Stockholm show last year and where busy continuing other ongoing pieces before we found time to finish it ! An other one in the bank !

This tattoo marathon is getting a little intense !! Am quite lazy usually and not used to tattooing all day , every day , for 8 days straight !

Tomorrow ... Day fifth ... The king will fall ....


MAY ...

Just opened my booking dates for May and the e-mails are coming quick ! So let me know soon if May is a month you always wanted to get tattooed by me in !

See ya !

Still snowing ...

Day third ... The greenhouse

4 hours of colour for miss Marie ! Not being hungover is a good way to last longer and ... Well ... As much as tattooing is always a pain ... It makes it not as bad !!
The garden is growing and a lot of pink was used today ... One other session like this one and it should be very close to being done !!

Also ... For some unexplainable reason ... It just won't stop snowing over here ! In a weird way ... As if a mad professor had decided to inflict weather doom upon the town thanks to his evil weather controlling machine !! There's just no other explanation , really !

Tomorrow ... Day number 4 ... The great escape !


Day second ... Double wamo !

Got up real early , got my coffee , jumped on the tram and got to work at 12 ! Got my shit ready and just tattooed all day ! Today's great accomplishments , "double wamo" indeed , are the finishing of not one but two long lasting favourites of mine ! Now ... In my busyness ... Or at least in my busyness of the busyness ... You more often start stuff than you finish it !! Lot's of these pieces take a long time to get done and for some reason ... More people come to see me for rather larger then smaller pieces !! So when you get to finish one , it's always a good day !! But two ... Now that happens , to me , only once a year , or not even actually ! So am pretty damn happy about that !!

First ... Miss Marika's galactic strife is finally all pinked in and purpled out ...

War in space against invasions of space commies from Mars war machines is not an easy thing ... But somebody's got to do it !!

Is our world safe from these cruel monsters ? And if so ... For how long ??

And finally ... A long time favourite ... Erik's amazon island kidnapping !! Needed a bit of touch-up's ... So some parts look funny cuz they just got retouched or boosted ... But am very happy to see this one and be able to say it's done !! T'was started over 2 years ago !! Captain-BBQ !

Tomorrow ... Day 3 ... Gardening and sticky shoulders !

Day first ... No nudity !

So ... I'm really appreciating all these spontaneous sleeves , I've been getting at the moment !! Meet the customer and find out an hour before you do it what you have to do !!! Gets your head working ! Working good ! If doing the best and pushing anything to the best you can do , is what you're looking to do , that is !! You start by scrambling for ideas ... Keeping the ones you like and then pushing those always a bit more !! Trying not to stick with the too comfortable ones !! And all that in a few minutes ... You have to make a composition for a sleeve on the spot ... While the contender watches and dreams for the best ! I love what I do so it's not a stressful thing at all ... But it def. gets your head working !! These pieces are most often also the best ones !! Used to think the opposite ... But with time , learned to trust my spontaneous thought !!

Keep an eye on this one ... Not a theme I usually indulge in ... but a damn fun one to make ! Will be a good one to see grow !! And should go pretty fast too ! Mr.shaky legs stood 6 hours none the less !! Good job trooper ! For that and for mentioning , to me , from the start , that you didn't want to much nudity ! I hope 20 naked chicks on your arm is not too much ! Cheers !

Tomorrow ... Day second ... Logically !


Gbg ...

... Is cold in Winter ! Not much else to say today !! Have enjoyed a sweet day of doing nothing !! Been a long time since I had one of these !! I mean nothing !!! I haven't had a day to do nothing in at least more then a year !!! So yeah ... Thought all day about everything I could have been doing to get ahead ... Unescapable !

Tomorrow , I start my tattoo marathon !!

Good night !


To infinity and beyond !

I believe I speak for a few of us kids who grew up inspired by Science Fiction , of any sort , if I say that I think it sucks that such master dreamers as Mr.A.C.Clarke can just die one day ... If anybody should live forever , it should be the people who dedicated there lives to finding inventive and almost plausible ways to do it!!

Rest in peace Mr.Clarke ! And thanks for all the awesome ideas !!

100th !

Freshly landed !! Went to bed at 4:30 last night and woke up at 9 to catch my flight this morning ... Arrived in Gbg and got picked up by my No1 homie up here who also happens to be the owner of the famous pub : The Rover ( Gbg's beer aficionado Pub ) ... A few welcome pints later ... And I'm drunk before 4 pm ! Now ... As much as I love these 30 minute , read a few pages of your news paper after takeoff and it's time to land , flights ( how can you not !! ) , I'm completely busted right now and it can't be because of a half hour flight ! Was it the early binge ? The lack of sleep or just getting older !? Basically trying to find excuses to why I'm going to bed at 9 pm tonight !

However ... In a much more interesting line of events !! Mr.Niels got some fresh new colours on his spaghetti highway arm yesterday !!

Next session , we go crazy with the sky !! I think ... A super deep turquoise will do the trick !!

Lots of tattoo picture posts this week ... Starting my tattoo marathon on Sunday !!

Good night !

Happy 5th anniversary !

On this special day ... I find ironic to see and hear things like Angela Merkel's speech , last week in Israel , for remembering and forgiving past horrors we humans are able to commit ! Speeches of shame and guilt for our violent past ... Such speeches usually involve a lot of beautiful words and a few brilliant speechwriters and most often end in words which ask for forgiveness of our past and how we used to be so brutal and how we've changed so much ... How we have learned , civilized and distanced ourselves from our barbaric past , with time ... How we are different now ! The same went , a few days ago , for the speeches pronounced at the 40th anniversary of the My lai massacres perpetrated during the Vietnam war ! Such horrors that we are asked to come to terms with and with only good reason to do so , and only excuse being time ! It was the past ... We don't do this anymore ... Therefor we can move on now !

Well let's just stop not assimilating the daily headlines or just not thinking of what's going on now ... At least once a year !

Forgive my grim anti Iraq war post ... Just checked out the Reuters Iraq war anniversary piece and just felt like writing my part instead of just babbling about it to my roommate !


In the city ...

Here are today's two finished pieces I've been working on , after-hours , for a while now ... Real happy about them both ! Love the browns and dirty old pink tones ! Just finished both of them a minute ago and am looking forward to see how good they look in the frames I have ready for them ! Everything looks better in a frame !! And like a good friend of mine once said "The frame is like the pimp ! The piece is nice as is but the frame has to make it look better and sell it !" These two will be at the Doodletown gallery tomorrow morning ! And it's about time I got something new there !!

Tomorrow's my last working day at the shop until I come back from GBG on the 31st of March ... I will be opening ( as usual ) my calendar for bookings ( in May ) on the 25th , next week ! But through E-mails only ! So if you wanted to drop by for a consultation for a new piece ... You should drop by on Monday the 31st but still E-mail me for a spot on the 25th !!! It took me 3 days to book April solid , last time , so if you want a spot ... Write to me on the 25th !!!

Later !


Roboto gets a fresh coat of paint !

Is what happened today ! For 5 and some hours , giant robot , got all it's lines done and a fresh new paint job !! Of which I'm pretty proud of ! Still tempting the purple I used to never use and up to now it always turns up being an awesome finish ! Purple + oranges or yellows are always magical ! I always try to avoid any primary colour match ... So I dirty one or more of the colours I use so that they hint more then scream that colour ! Anywho ... Pretty happy about todays power session !

Tomorrow I paint paint paint !!

Now I go to bed ! Good night !


2 cm above sea level !

Just like christmas should be ( the wet Scandinavian version that is ) except this is spring !!

When all this wet gooey crap finishes to melt ... My little island and the rest of Denmark along with other flat countries like Holland should be submerged completely ... Damn it ... We didn't see it coming !! Sucks to be us right now !

Farewell my elevated friends !!

And the ground opened ...

... Today's piece ! This sleeve has two more shots to go and is gonna look damn nice on my web-site ! Imagine the king ( the elvis one ) coming out of his grave for one last show !! This one should be done in May or June ! Let me know what you think then !

Doom struck !

Here's one of yesterday's pieces ! Been drawing , not as much as I was hoping , but still like a mad man !! It'll get back to normal soon !! Got two beauties on the way for the gallery that should be done in the next few days ... Also getting ready for my 8 day , GBG tattoo marathon next week !! A few new ones will get started and a few old ones should get finished !

Laterz !


Punk Rockette ...

Here's the day's darling ! Almost finished that one ... Been waiting for it to come back since the lines and black was done , a while ago ! Posted two shots just cuz I like that hand so much !!

Tomorrow ... Spy Thomas finally gets his cover-up finished !! Hah ! After that ... There's no telling how many more spies he won't be able to resist getting done !!

Let me know which spy should be next :

Bat / Communications expert
Rhino / Support

Laterz !


Fast Booking ...

20 leagues bellow see level !! Finally back in drawing time land ! Here's today's special !! Is actually also page 3 of the Fast book I started with my friend Jesse ... Keep an eye out on my site in Projects/Fast book to see some older pages and some next ones !

Was supposed to finish some sweet pieces for the Gallery today ... But not just yet done ! This weekend perhaps !

Laterz !!


Ebola crack monkeys ...

Almost finished this sleeve tonight !!!!! Was like one hour left on it but the poor buddy was sick so we cut him off easy ! Too bad though ... Next time t'will be done ! Been working on it for about a year and a few months now ! Will be a very nice addition to the portfolio ! But for now ... All you can see is this little dude about 3 cm high ! Giving out orders somewhere in the back ground of this massive hell robot invasion !! He just got touched up so he looks kind of funny but ... Just liked the idea of posting him today !

The Mechanized Doom fleet has landed !!!!!!!

Now back to work !!


Busty Broads and Busted Bots !

Just about had the worst weekend since like my last birthday in October ... Actually no ... This one was worst !! Trying not to make this blog personal but just had to vent this out ! Done ! Was however happy to get to have some super friends over from Philly for the weekend and that was sweet !!

Back on track with lots a stuff going on ! The merch site is actually done but have nothing to put on it yet so ... A few weeks left before the official opening of the Electric Pupermarket !! Been working hard with my buddies at Choker and it looks like it's gonna pay off ! The bling bling boards I just finished for them should be on sale very soon too !

And finally ... Wednesday is going to be the first full drawing day in way to long !!!!! Will be more than happy to lock myself in from the rest of the world and staple myself to my drawing table !!!

May the force be with you !



Busy busy busy ...


Firebird ...

Tis today's session pic ! A giant mechanical phoenix takes off !! Wait till ya see the robots who built it down bellow ... For the next session !

To much tattooing ... To much to draw ... No time to draw it in !!!! Getting a bit frustrating !!! I should manage a magic trick or two to find time soon !! But I guess in the mean time ... You guy's are stuck with tattoo posts !!

Oh ! And obviously ... My whole Merch thing won't be ready till April after all !! Sorry ! Will be worth it when it is all up and running though !!!! Can't wait !

Later !


March rabbit and snow !

Just finished a 4 and a half hour rib session !! Once in a while you get one of these customers that says it hurts but just stays there without moving or complaining for as long as it takes ! That sounds great ... But ... It's kind of insulting for the rest of us who actually feel pain !! Hah !

Here's a little part of this new sweet piece ! More later !! Been doing a lot of lines lately ... That means a lot of new pieces are getting started ... That means a lot of new stuff to show in the coming months !

Also ... Today I saw snow for the first time in two years ! It should all melt before I finish this sentence but ... Thought it was worth mentioning since ... We don't see much of it nowadays !

Back to work !


Merch madness ...

Just posted a mini Merch blog on my Myspace and am pretty happy about the response !! Check it out and let me know !! Got a few prints and a T-shirt out there ! Will be posting an original for sale once every so often there too !!

Also ... The Electric Pupermarket is pretty much almost done !!!! Can't wait to fill it up !!

Laterz !!