The day's ploggables y'all >>>>

A few days of all day doodle action have been very welcomed so far! A few more to go and it feels great! I like to think that one day, perhaps, I'd be able to just do that! Out of everything I do… Just painting all day has to be by far my favorite thing to do and the one thing I could never give up! In fact I'd give up everything else if I could just doodle all day forever!!! True story! But gladly for you… I'm not there yet! And talking about being not there yet… Still have a few spots in December in wonderful Hong Kong!! Cuz if no one wants these few extra days they're gonna turn into doodle days really quick!!

Apart from that… I'm meeting a new and possibly awesome printer man tomorrow, maybe even the new EPHK printing master wizard, who knows? I have a lot of things to talk to him about but if I know one good way to put a probable future printing wizard to the test, it's to get something printed!!! That's right and I'm not pulling any punches either!! Just in time for christmas… I'm making a batch of prints for ya! Now check this out… This is a bit of a test! I won't settle for anything short of pure awesomeness when it comes to the finished product but I've decided to change the way I do prints! And it's been so long too! So I'll blog more about it tomorrow but expect a sweet set of awesome yet very affordable (true story) beautiful prints! They will be super limited and hand signed and numbered and stuff and stuff as usual and a bigger format too! A2! But like I said… Tomorrow I explain and give all the details!!

And in other news of the day… Here is a bit of awesomeness from the northern viking desolate barren lands of Denmarkia!!



More tomorrow!
Stay shiny!


On the other hemisphere

Hope you is all doing good out there! Just spent a first whole day of doodling in a very very way too long time and it feels awesome! 3 more to go! Been working on a bunch of awesome new stuff too! Yep! Should have a few new pieces finished by the end of the week and a new project you guys might like too!!! I hope! Just in time for Christmas!! Ok back to work!

More ploggables tomorrow!

>350!! Rock!!!



I'm always late… It's a way of life, you know!

Here's yesterday's promised post! Finished a while ago but never posted! The only shots I got are some of these half healed/half fresh ones and won't get better ones now that Mr. Hermod is back home in the Norways! But you get the idea!!

More ploggables tomorrow! Yeah yeah I promise!! For sure like!

Stay vigilant!!!
Here are a few awesome tips from my awesome Aussie connection for when the time comes!!! Awesomeness I tell ya!


The Mong Kok Fu Bus!

When in a hurry...

One last 3 minute session on this old classic you might not have seen yet and we is done done! Got to run already but stay tuned for more tomorrow!! Wh/wh tomorrow?? Yep you bet!

Take it light out there! And... Keep it street!


Golden parachute news...

It's been rough let me tell ya…

Yep yep! Really feeling the pinch nowadays! Let's just say it's been pretty rough indeed! Super bummed I had to cancel my NAmerican trip and then Christmas altogether and then a week in London too… Hopefully all these extra, non expected administration costs that have crippled me so have all not been in vain… One can only hope!!

Copenhagen dates remain unchanged and the Earth would have to crack in two or the dead would have to rise again for me not to make it over (and even still! Cuz like I have a perfect step by step plan of exactly what to do in such unfortunate circumstances! And so should you!!) So if you're one of these Euro-booked, don't sweat it! I've even added an extra week with extra room for extra bookings (Till the 6th now).

Apart from these financial hardships and other bummers, having to cancel all these awesome plans abroad means I'll be home in Hong Kong for a bit longer!! And since this was not previously planned… I find my self with a big fat (phat) empty month!! Hint hint! Anybody want anything in December?? Let me know soon cuz I'd love to start some new stuff for a change and all the continuation work might fill up this calendar quicker than slower!

Also just finished the big update on the EPTB! Go check it out if you have nothing better to do!

And expect some of that Tat-posting you long for as soon as tomorrow! Yep! You bet!!

Hope you guys are doing good out there!
Hang on to something stable and try not to pick-up smoking in these next few crucial weeks of Christmas buying frenzy and capitalistic stress madness!!!

I miss you!
Yeah! All of you!!



I'm very sorry to have to announce that I have no other choice but to cancel my NAmerican trip!

I'm truly sorry and have tried everything not too cancel but I really have no other choice than to push back this trip until next year! I wish I could say it's because of a very important international spy mission or such mysterious doings but the truth is, I just can't afford it! Even though I was happily surprised of the number of e-mails from people interested in getting some work done Stateside, when came time to drop some deposits I had to fight for months and still haven't even secured half of them! I can't give you guys a hard time, I truly know how hard it's been financially in NAmerica in the last few years! All my friends tell me about it and I do read the news! But yeah, After an impressive amount of unexpected hefty bills at home and the prospect of a very grim American working calendar, I can't even get the flights! I really have no other choice!

I hope you can all forgive me and give me a bit more time, till next year to save up and take that risk of going to America and not working as much as I'd want to!

Anyone personally concerned by this calendar change has received a personal e-mail!

Terribly sorry!

All Euro-dates remain unchanged and I will resume answering those mails in the days to come!

Write to me if you have any questions: pick@electricpick.com



Just a break! A break of raw awesomeness!!!
Enjoy the flight while I prepare my next post!

Earth | Time Lapse View from Space, Fly Over | NASA, ISS from Michael K├Ânig on Vimeo.

More soon... Fly safely!




No, I have not been kidnapped by government agents bent on doing everything they can to hide the truth about a possible zombie outbreak! Not yet at least! I've just been running around taking care of so many interesting things!!! Awesome things are happening these days! Not only just in the ever growing world of projects I'm entrapped in but also some big big things! The same big things that have kept me from freely Plogging for the last 7 months! Big news is on the way… I can smell it! I'll just cross my fingers and hope it's good!! As soon as I know for sure how this oh so mysterious operation that has lasted 7 months is going… You can be sure to know the very same day!!!

But apart from all these vague and secretive happenings… Here's some more interesting news…

-Still haven't found time to fix up the new EPTB but am actively working on working on it as soon as I can!! There are a few more pieces for sale and most of the stuff from this year got framed and therefore just a bit more expensive! But only just a bit… This is China after all!! Absolutely beautiful handmade craftsmanship for the price of a Copenhagen coffee!

I should manage to update it all by the weekend!

-I haven't had a second to myself and have had no choice but to skim through and answer only the most urgent e-mails in like almost a month! So be patient!! It is now my first web-priority (after this Plog) to go back and continue to answer every single e-mail!! Also should start finishing up the Copenhagen bookings at the same time!! So just a few more days here guys!!! I really appreciate your patience!!

-Am expecting to have a few days at the end of the month to sit down and unload all the shots I never got the post on the ANCOM! A big bunch of awesome shots from my adventures all over the world!!!

More regular postings in the days to come!!!!

Until then… Stay awesome!


The Armistice

93 years ago today.



Incredibly mysterious update:

Casiokids - Det Haster! from Kristoffer Borgli on Vimeo.

More tomorrow!


Shiny Diver

Why not!?

An incredibly mysterious update tomorrow!!! Yep... Mhm!



… Is what she's thinking about!!

More in the days to come!
Don't expect any of it to make any sense really!!


Mandy Mohawk Vs the Law

Mandy Mohawk doesn't care about the constitution or the bill of law
Mandy Mohawk doesn't care about the governor or the reach of the sherif's hand

Mandy Mohawk only cares about her forest and its fauna
and no one hunts on Mandy Mohawk's land.

Yeah yeah… I know!! I thought I was done with these "Indian" chicks too… But this one just came out of nowhere!! So I guess I wasn't done just yet!

It's really nice to be painting again after way too long!!! Nothing like it!

I've reopened the EPTB yesterday but give me a few more days to update the new "framed" shots and put in some new stuff in there too!!

More tomorrow!!!!