Yes… This project is moving forward rather quickly!!! Or maybe it just seems that way since I have so much to do in so little time… Regardless!! This wonderful epic project is happening!!

Here's some new news for ya!

-Pre-Orders of the RED BOX season 1 will be available from the first of October!!!!

-It is the same awesome book except I'll be hand signing/numbering and also doodling them!

-They are the same price as the other copies ( 450 HKD / 36-UK/ 45-EU/ 58-US + shipping)

-There will only be 100 of these pre-ordered fancy shmancy copies available!!

-To order one of these bad boys, send an e-mail to: info@clandestinerepublic.com they'll take care of it all!!! Just let them know you want to pre-order a RED BOX, give them the e-mail address you want the Paypal invoice sent to and they should get back to you within 24 hours with the full quote (including shipping) as a Paypal invoice!! Once you paid-up… You'll get an e-receipt from them too! And finally, these VIP copies will be the first copies to ship out as soon as they get the books from  the printers so around mid November!!! 

-I guess you can always just order through me too… Whatever tickles your fancy!!!

if you have any other questions,
you can go check them out: CLANDESTINE REPUBLIC
ask them anything: info@clandestinerepublic.com
or me: pick@electricpick.com

And finally… Not to be all emo and all… But I never had a chance to take a few seconds to write about all this! Always too busy!! But I guess I just had to say that, this is by far, the awesomest project I've ever done, like ever! 240 pages of artwork and so much time and so much art in this epic project!!! It is definitely my heart and soul right now, that's for sure!!! I hope you liked the web version for the last year and if you did, you will absolutely love this book!!! I've spared nothing in making this project… It's all I can give in one year in one fat awesome brick of a book!!! So yeah… If you like what I do, like the RED BOX comic, like that I post pretty regularly on this here fine Plog… Give this awesomeness a chance!!! I promise you'll love every bit of it!!

Also I don't know if I mentioned this before but in the extra pages of this book there is a section dedicated to other different absolutely awesome artists painting their own interpretations of certain scenes of the story… Seriously, that alone might be worth the book!!!!

Ok that's it for me for now!!

Stay awesome out there!

P.s. Web-Red Box continues till early November...

Tat stuff & stuff...

Ladies and Gentlemen… And here's a bit more tattoo news of the day for ya!!

I'm adding stuff to the calendar right away… I seem to have some new tattoo developments you might be interested in…

OCTOBER/NOVEMBER/DECEMBER            HONG KONG                        

I am extremely limited for tattoo time and pretty much all booked up for most of November and all of December but have added a few available dates for the end of October here in Hong Kong. So if interested… Hit me up now (asap) before I book those too!!



Will be trippin' to Cape Town, South Africa, just in time for that convention of theirs (last weekend of January)… Am booking a booth as we speak with some buddies and well, I just thought some of you might be interested (my first convention in 5 years)!! I'll have to come up with a stupid yet interesting system for any work done at the convention and therefore won't book anything ahead but I will be sticking around town for a few weeks after the show and am booking those few available spots ahead!

So if you might be interested in getting something done by me down there… Let me know!!

I have about 8 spots to fill and am opening them now!

Send me a mail with what, where on your body and roughly how big (one shots only, I'm afraid but that can be as big as ya want… I guess max 8 hours… That's like a "half sleeve" without the armpit… Roughly…).

Get your Paypal ready for a deposit and… Wait… I got to figure out how much per hour first!!! Ok I'll have to ask and so gimme a day before I have a quote for the 2 hours deposits…

ok yeah… After that (mid February) I will be going back up to Europe for more workings… There will be Copenhagen dates but also other towns too… Right now am thinking of maybe: UK… Poland… Holland… Just got to plan this a bit better before I book!!!

Ok that's the tattoo news of the day!!

Stay fresh!



A reputable scotch collection... 155-161

It's Red Box Wednesday again!!!!

            Hurra!!! So yeah... I managed an awesome 7 pages this week for ya!! Hope you like them... A bunch more of this mysterious Penelope Purpleton and her mysterious organization! How intriguing!!

Where were we?? Oh yes... Mr. Constantine had just brought to miss Penny P. some interesting news about a certain top secret development... Ok enjoy and let me know what you think!!!!

PAGE 155

PAGE 156-157

PAGE 158

PAGE 159

PAGE 160

PAGE 161

Bossy McBosserton... Well she's definitely the one wearing the pants in that house!!! 

So much more Red Box awesomeness next week too... Don't miss it!!!

As usual... Go HERE to read the whole epic saga from the beginning and or also there (HERE) to shop for pages!!!

And finally... Just in case you haven't heard the big news.... CHECK THIS OUT!!!

Ok back to work... Don't be shy and let me know what you think about all this and stay safe out there!!!



!!!!! RED BOX NEWS !!!!! Read all about it...

RB1 - REDBOX season 1 -

It's official, ladies and gentlemen, I'm quite proud to have the pleasure to announce that the wonderful RED BOX saga will be printed!!!

Of course I had figured this out a while back (hence the 3 last months of almost only Red Box doodlings) but it's now for real real official!!

What started as a silly blog project became kind of my obsession… Ask anyone I've met in the last year and they'll tell you all I can talk about is that damn Red Box! 

It'll get published by these here fine publishers of fine books, CLANDESTINE REPUBLIC LTD. (one of my other jobs) and while we're working out all the technical details of this awesome project of awesomeness, I can already state these few factual facts for you to expect...

You're looking at a serious brick of about 21 cm x 21 cm of between 240 and 250 pages (the first season's actual comic is just under 200 pages and the rest will be extra awesomeness).

full colour (obviously) and this edition will be hardcover only.

most probably limited to about a 1000 copies.

A few amazing artists will be collaborating on some of the extra pages too.

And finally we're looking at pricing it between 400 and 450 HKD*… So some seriously reasonable shit here!!!!

Right now we're looking at possibly having it out just in time for Christmas and some extra awesome pre-order VIP deals for very soon but I'll update you guys as soon as I have some more super awesome RB news in the next few days! Be prepared for some seriously out of this world awesomeness!!!!

*400-450 HKD is today roughly just about: 40-45 EU / 32-36 UK / 51-58 US   

Ok that's it for today… Back to work!



Alice on shrooms...


Enough said...

Session two in a few months!!

Also in the news... Make sure you drop by this little corner of the World Wide Webs on Monday if you like awesomeness... Yup!

Stay awesome!


Annihilatedness... 150-154

Oh yeah...

Welcome to yet another delicious Red Box Wednesday!!! This week I have 5 sexy pages for you! Not only the incredible continuation of chapter 8 of this epic first season of the Red Box but also miss Penelope Purpleton's visual debut in this amazing saga!!!! She'll be around for a few more wednesdays but today you get a first glimpse at this new graphic adventure and very successful experiment of mine... Hope you like it!!

With no further delay... Here's you super weekly session... High in the sky...

PAGE 150-151

PAGE 152

PAGE 153

PAGE 154

Holy poop snacks!!! This chick seems a bit off and most likely dangerous!!!! What's all this "Purpleton" business anyways... Who are these guys????

Find a lot more out next week for an extra big Red Box Wednesday!!!!

As usual.... Go check the whole story from the beginning HERE!

And go shop for Red Box pages as prints there too (HERE)!

More ploggings in the days to come... And as usual... Don't be shy and let me know what you think about all this RB business!

Also in the next few days, expect some super awesome RED BOX news!!!!

Stay safe!!


Teddy Pumpkins

So yeah... Here's another sweet banger!!

Done this one a few months ago but had forgotten my camera so couldn't get a shot till today! So this is what the Teddy Pumpkins and miss Nicky finished and all healed up piece now looks like!!

More sweet bangers tomorrow!!! Fosho!

Stay awesome!!!!


Hop hop hopping about...

Here's my last few days ago's day's doings...

Nothing is scarier than a Chinese vampire... Well a clown maybe but since you will never ever see a clown on this blog or any other part of the interwebs even related to the key words "Electric Pick" then we can jump straight to the Chinese vampire!!!

If you don't know what I'm talking about... Download one of these 80s classics for an evening of absolute fear and terror!!!!

Here's what it looked like when we was done! Excuse the bat wing scratches at the bottom there... Part of a previous yet unfinished project!

beware... The 殭屍!!!!

Woaaaah!!! Scary shit yo! Make friends with a Taoist monk just in case you think you might need some help against these guys some time soon!!

Safety first!

Ok got to run!

More bangers tomorrow!!!


** Really??


Lost and then found...

So like yeah...

... I found this and I wasn't even looking for it! Beats the hell out of looking for something you can't find!!

So like I was in Denmark about a month ago and I did this there... One of the last ones out there!

Behold the queen of the underworld... With her bouncer doorman/taking care of dirty business goon and her trusted guard dog at her bar (she owns a few in that dodgy alley in the chinatown but that's her main one)... Yup!!! 

Watch out... Don't know if that corset's gonna hold much longer!!!

Snap! Yeah! More on this on my next scandi-visit!!

More tat-ploggings tomorrow... Hell yeah! Been too long and I have a few for ya!!!

Ok got to run!
Take it easy!


Moonshadow... 144-149

Hey hi there!

I'm terribly sorry but it seems I've been sucking at this regular blogging thing lately... No need to repeat myself... It's just been hard to find the time!! This month is just crazy with all this Red Box business... But I still managed just enough time for your weekly session (after such a good record it would be hard to justify a Red Box-less Wednesday)! 

Behold!!!! Chapter 7 ended last week (Oliver landing in Mongkoko) and today starts the unbelievable and terribly mysterious chapter 8... And to start this new chapter, I thought a good solid 6 pages would be nice... So much yet to talk about and well... Chapter 8 is the before last chapter of this season so... No time to waste!!!

Here's your weekly dose!! Enjoy and as usual... Don't be shy and let me know what you think!!! 

PAGE 144-145

PAGE 146

PAGE 147

PAGE 148

PAGE 149

OOOooooooooooo snapp! What a week... What a week!!! So that Mossman dude from the jungle was working for these guys all along??? What exactly does "High above" mean??? I wonder who these freaks are?

More mysteries and hopefully more answers next week!!! Don't miss it!!

HERE <--- Check the whole epic saga from the start!!

HERE <--- (same link) Shop for pages as prints!!!

Ok ok got to run but I do promise promise more postings in the days to come... Promise!!

Stay real!!


When people care...

It's just so amazing when people care!!

The majority of citizens of most western democracies have a tendency to become quite complacent with their democratic duties... It's very impressive, refreshing and quite inspiring to see so many people care here in Hong Kong!!

This is us a while ago...

This protest is about stopping the local government (HK) from implementing an education shift with a new "nationalist identity" program (China)! And well... Hong Kongers just won't have it! Sadly we don't have democracy here but if these protests continue (been a week now)... It's happened before... Public pressure might force our unelected government to change or cancel this new scary law!!!

The few people who have managed to get a glance at this new school program have had nothing but scary things to say about it!

It's just awesome to see so many people care... About their education, about their identity and about sticking it to the man!!!! 

Ok got to run...

More non-politico-ploggables asap!!!

P.s. I have been working on an epic one for the American elections lately but not ready just yet!!!

::: > EDIT < :::

We won!!! After massive protest in July, a week of occupying the government HQ, hunger strikes and threats of education strikes... Our non-elected government backed off! Now the new Pro-China national and moral education curriculum will not be mandatory!! 

Stickin' it to the MAN!!!

Check it HERE!


MONGKOKO 140-143

Oooooooooo snappPP - Here comes the Red Box again!!

Welcome back to Red Box Wednesdays for this very special Wednesday!!! 

Today I have 4 awesome and mind blowing pages for you... The last pages of chapter 7... And personally a very important piece of the Red Box puzzle!!! So check this crazy shit out and let me know what you think!!!

Last time on the Red Box... Oliver was ejected in a rather ungentlemanly fashion and sent to the Incoming Migrants Provisional Approval Settlement Sector...

PAGE 140-141

PAGE 142

PAGE 143

Sweet Jebus!!!! A giant whole entire mega spontaneously built city as a waiting room??? This whole thing is crazy!!! My mind is definitely blown, let me tell ya! How will Oliver ever make it to the real City??? Where in the world is Pat??? At least that Leo dude sounds like a nice guy!

Drop by next wednesday for more awesome and mind blowing pages... The first of chapter 8!!!!

As usual...

HERE is where you can check the whole epic saga from the beginning and where you can go shop for pages too!! Each page is super fancy Giclée printed 100 times, hand signed and numbered!!  

A few extra factual facts...

aka The Incoming Migrants Provisional Approval Settlement Sector: 

Is a cross between Mong Kok, one of Hong Kong's districts (my hood)...

and Makoko. Lagos, Nigeria's infamous floating slum 
(one of my top 5 dream destinations for a few years now)...

Makoko aka the Venice of Africa was razed (sunk?) 
by local authorities lately but it should be back up and running 
before Christmas!!

Ok enough facts... Got to run!!!
Plog ya soon!!!!


Penny P.

Hey what-up!? 

Been like crazy insane busy so like... Don't have much to show... Or even the time to upload shots from my camera... So like... Gimme a bit more time for some tat-a-magig tat action up here but until then... Here's a quick sneak peek at what I'm currently spending 25 hours a day on... (the Red Box)...

Penny P. aka Penelope Purpleton aka Eliot Suicide shot, doodled and Red Box-ified!! 

More as soon as I find time!!! Promise promise!!

But before I leave I will say this... Next Wednesday's Red Box session will be awesome!!!! Start doing your mind blowing push-ups!!!

Ok got to run!!!