Scot man's land

Operational update ->

I seem to have arrived to where I appear to have left for ...

Hallowhat ??



Too much to do ... Not enough time to do it all in !!

Been running around a lot, with always something next on the list to run too, in the last week and well ... The last few days have been very productive !! London is great but I really have to remember not to overbook my traveling schedules like this ! Specially in this town ... So much going on, so much to go and see !! I miss big cities so much !

So yeah ! Busy busy ... My Super secret covert spy schedule has been, on the other hand not too stressful since I've been down here in Londontown and that's allowed me to do much more other awesome stuff ! Homie home delivery tattooing, Art-geek drawing parties, lots of analog picture taking (no really a lot), not enough hanging out with homies but still a bit and well ... Work related or not, if there's one thing us super covert spy men of shadows and mystery like to do, that's to go and check out what's new out there ... What's the latest gadgets and new spy related devices to come out and make our dangerous lives easier ... Or just way more awesome ! And being in London and all ... Paying a visit to the good people at the world famous SPYMASTER shop is simply an absolute must !

It is of course, understandably not permitted to take pictures inside this little shrine but here's a quick outside shot so you know what it looks like (above)... Next time you're in London and in need of 360 HD camera glasses, CB and cellphone wave jammers/interceptors/recorders , GPS tracking magnetized coin sized devices that send you a signal of their location (within 1 meter anywhere on Earth) directly on any mobile device or even just shark repellant spray pens ... You'll know where to go !

Good times !

>>>> Also in the news of the last few days ....

Mix master Craig aka Tiger heart aaka the African Gweilo, was lucky enough to win a home delivery session yesterday !!
This is how far we managed to get after hours of non stop/no break tattooing (never get tattooed by me while there's a documentary about zombies on TV !!!) ... Not the best pictures (half healed/half fresh deal) but it's been a while since you've seen this one and it's starting to come together >>>>>

Awesome !!! Pipe heaven !

More news shortly as the train I happen to be sitting in is about to get to where I appear to be going ! Fact !


Home delivery >>>

Yesterday's London doings >>>>

Check what I did on mister Newman yesterday ! A new classic !! We'll eventually wrap it around the whole leg but after 8 hours of work till very late last night , I'm happy we managed to finish this part completely ... Therefore making it a "one-shot" ! A pretty big one too ! Half a leg !! Check out what happens when zombies come to town and cheerleaders decide to fight back !!!

Red/Black >>>

8 hours later >>>

Awesome job mister Ben !!

More London doings in the days to come !!!
Stay ready !



Having geek sketch parties with artists I highly respect is definitely something I ought to do more often !!

Great doodle night , mister Newman ... Let's do it again sometime soon !

More unexpected awesomeness tomorrow night !!



>>> Operational update >>>

To all whom this may concern (anyone interested in doodling and drinking that is):

The wonderfully talented Mr. Ben Newman and myself are having an open, spontaneous, get together pub sketch-a-thon tonight and anyone interested by such an event should just come on down and join !! All you need is ... A sketchbook and your very own beer money !

More precise location updates later in the day as we find out for ourselves, for this is all very spontaneous , you know ! However up to now, I can tell you this:


More updated more precise info:

BARON Street

Be there or be square !!

How to find me:

How to find Ben:

Stay sharp
Stay focused
Stay street !

Updates on this post later today !


All is good in the English Kingdom's capital tonight!!

Been on the move quite a lot lately and it's nice to be able to put my bags down for a few days and check out the town . This town has a hell of a lot of stuff to check out too . My list of musts will have to be halved if I want it to be realistic at all . And I also do have quite a lot of work related stuffs to do while around here as well . Let's see what I can manage ...

First pub to hit !!

Also in the last week's news >>>>

-I finally managed to find a good spot for some interwebs connection action so I'll finally have time to start answering the incredible load of e-mails that have accumulated in my inbox !! Thanks for your patience (that's for the patient ones, not the newbies who send the same e-mail everyday until I answer them !!!!! Hell of a way to try to squeeze yourself into a closed waiting list !!!!) Sorry ... Had to vent that !

-My spy schedule while I'm on this super covert mission , does allow me extra time which I have (a long time ago) already booked up with too much stuff !! But basically , you can expect some sweet illustration work and yes , a bit of Tattoo action as well , in the days to come !! True story .

-And finally ... Was too busy being stuck in horrible internet land to go on and on about this awesome event but apparently the Hope gallery's "Peep show" art show opening was a success and my 4 pieces made it (Almost intact) just in time (barely) ! If you happen to have made it to the opening > Awesome !! If not however , the show's still running for a bit longer !! Go check it out !!

More Ploggables asap !


The G-Express

Aka Dublin - London the long way !!

Farewell Ireland !

Ireland is absolutely wonderful !! Go there some day !

And here's a quick operational update for you folks !! Just so you know I'm still out there !!

Expect more Ploggable London adventures in the days to come !
Maybe even a bit of tattin' ... Who knows !?

Now if you'll excuse me ... I have an important appointment to get to !


This be the Source like, Paddy !

October 20th 2010.

Words fail me ...
A tear rolls down ... Followed by a smile like !

More visual Ploggings of some crazy adventures from the holy lands to come !!



Quick mission update >>>

Here's where I be at on this glorious hangover day !!

Thanks to everyone for all the birthday texts and comments !!!!
Awesome to have a lot of friends ! You guys rock !

More visual Ploggings to come from the heart of the Irish republic ... And also ... From ... the SOURCE !!!
Stay dry !


! 32 !

... Indeed!

More ploggables tomorrow !

It's really hard to focus in a town where your faviouritest drink ever tastes way better, is available at every street corner and for half the price of a pack of smokes!
Wish me luck !


Foggy mornings

12 rolls of film , a lot of fish and chips and an astounding amount of Guinness later, I'm on the move again ...

This time ... Destination the source !

Catch ya on arrival !


Situational update

All ... And I mean all, is well, over on this side of the world !!

Random and spontaneous encounters of long lost friends in wonderful towns where the Guinness flows as naturally as any river !
Galway and it's region are fantastic in many ways !

More updates very soon !

Now back to "work" !!



Operation code name "Drekar" -part one- is a success !
I have successfully made my way to Galway, Ireland completely undetected !

Note to self ... Next time , avoid at all costs spy missions that make you travel during local holidays !!!

Plog ya right back tomorrow with some more situational updates and much more bester pictures !!


Down bellow ...

Yesterday's tattin'

Part two of the Rapunzel sleeve and first session of colour !! Here's what we managed to get done yesterday >>>

More in about a month !!

In other news ...

I'm afraid I just got the call from SitCen and am inevitably back on my way out tomorrow morning !! I have no idea how long I'll be gone exactly and where this will end up taking me either ! I will also only get briefed on arrival at "station D" so I'll Plog what I can when I find out myself ! But one thing is for sure , the super secret clandestine spy Operation , code named "Drekar" is in full effect and as usual ... The free world can sleep easy tonight and blindly depend on my super spy services !! Fosho !!

For now ... Destination Ibernia !

Wish me luck !


in the Blue 2

More blueness ...

Yesterday's session was dedicated to finishing part one of the blue project ! And that's just what we did !!

Plogings of today's session , tomorrow !

Until then , I got to run again !!
Always in a hurry lately ... More always needs to be done !!
Lots is happening these days and I gots to stay on top of shit !

Stay awesome !!



ok ok ok ... Here I am !

Managed to squeeze in a few seconds to P P Plog !
Here's yesterday's tat-zzzzaaappin' action !! This mechanic man is a one man party army !! If you're into the non-stop , mix master action reaction , spin machine party mode ... This animal is your best friend !!!

Check it out !
Red/Black >>>>

And all finished and stuff >>>>

Sweet tunes !
More tat action posted tomorrow ! Fosho !

Until then ... Here's the news of the day >>>>

-If you happen to be living in and/or around New Haven , go check this sweet show out !! I just sent 4 brand new , never before seen sweet peep action pieces State side a few hours ago !!! Too bad I can't be there "live" , once again but you should definitely go check it out if you can !

Plog yall later ... Got to run !


On the run ...

Lots to blog ...

... No time at all to blog it in !

Bear with me !
Plog plog ploggables very soon !!


Rough timings !

Today's postings ... Yesterday's doings !

Friday's session (as previewed on the Conspiracy blog) was the final final end end of the classic 4 (and a half) seasons sleeve !! True story ! Started in 2008 ... Finished yesterday ! Here's a bit of a preview for your eyes to enjoy ! The thing is ... This is a great example of a piece that is half healed and half fresh , touch-ups were done here and there and well ... The whole thing was pretty impossible to shoot ! So here's a quick look at the said piece but expect the final final shots to be taken in about a month ! The shots with less glare and blood and stuff !!

Sweet !!!

In other family blog news >>>>

-You guys totally have to go and check out the new and improved Conspiracy blog !!! Our very own shop Zorgon-web-wizard managed to outdo herself again and bring our humble little shop blog to the next level !!! Check a check a check it out !

-Mix master Eckel ... The blog posting wizard extraordinaire has yet again updated his blog with more sweet super shots !!!! Nothing's too good for us ! Check it out !!

-You happen to be into video action ? You don't hold it responsible in any way for the murder of the radio star ?? Check out the Uncle's video orgy galore pretty much on a regular posting basis !!! Some real sweet one's in there !!

Stay connected !!!
Got to run !


It's the little things in life ...

This time in gold !!

Have a feeling you might see a lot more of this guy in the coming weeks !!

News of the last few days >>>

I've recently been lucky enough to get invited to be part of a magical group show down over in the States ! So I've been painting away the nights and spare hours between sleeping and tattooing , successfully producing a little collection of sweet pieces ! I however , sadly , can't really show these pieces until the show is a go so ... You'll just have to trust me on that one and either wait a bit to see them here or just go to the show to check them out live !!

More about this great show soon soon , until then ... Enjoy the little things !


Autumn cleaning

The day's workings ...

Vacuuming the bad !! All of it !
This long awaited session was short , perhaps but sweet , none the less ! Here's what it looked like a few hours ago !

More in about a month !

Just got to finish a bunch of last minute details for some sweet sweet painting action for some sweet sweet shows coming up !! More on that later !

Stay fresh !!


Sub-Tronic projector man !

... Aka, Mister Projector !

I have a weird feeling this guy might start slowly replacing the 3D rabbits ! Which is great timing cuz this here Copenhagentown is in grave need of some E-Pick reclamation !!

Back at tattoo work tomorrow ! Will post the done deed of the day and extra tattoo news later too !
Stay happy !


Uzi Loui and the Free Earth Resistance Force!!

-Never blindly accept other peoples rules !

-Always keep a critical mind and an independent opinion !

-And if all dialog fails , by all means resist !!

That's what happened to Uzi Loui , here ! He used to sell fax machines around the corner but since the invaders came ... Unlike the majority of people who just accepted and blindly followed the new world order , Uzi Loui couldn't fold !! So he started the Earth Resistance and dedicated his life to fighting the new 3 legged MAN !


Almost done ...

Check for this one again in a month or two ! We'll be finishing the Crew and touching-up the older outside of the Half-sleeve!!

Stay independent !
Never fold !!


Gone and again !

Welcome to October !

Yesterday's day's work ...
From the one side of town to the other ... All in blue ! (star not by me)


And done done !! One-shots can be awesome that way !

And now ... A very weird and painfully slow week is finally over ! I will disappear for a few days and hope for the best for the weeks to come !!

More tattoo action posted tomorrow !