True story !

Between two book layout pages ... Decided to just doodle on this one and ended up finishing it ! Hah !

One more in the sketchbook !!

Now back to book making !!


Nop ! Was wrong !!

Thought I was gonna start and finish a one shot today but was all wrong !! Ended up making a sweet background for one of my older pieces ! Pictures would have looked weird with some 2 year old tattoo and a brand new bloody background so will have to wait till it's all healed up !! So no tattoos for you today ! ... Sorry !

However , a few cool pieces ahead starting from Monday !! If I'm right about what I think I'll be doing , this time !!

Until then ... Book making busyness !! I've been working on the China 05 chapter for the last week and it looks damn good let me tell ya !! Makes me miss China a lot and however much fun it is to make this book ... It's kind of weird to see all this old stuff again ! Here's an old shot I took of the Forbidden city entrance on Tiananmen square back in 05 !

Post ya later ... Blog surfers !


An other page !

An old one but still wanted to put it up today anyway !!

From the sketchbook that is ! The square one ... Mhm ! Monstros in action ... Watch out !!

All this stuff is pretty random and should not be questioned !! No really ! I couldn't explain it !!

In other news ... This book making business is quite the full time thing !! Damn ! Slowly but surely , this mega book is getting done and it is looking very good indeed !! I might post a sneak peek in the days to come !!

Post ya tomorrow ... I'll be working all day on a new piece that I might even try to finish !! I love one shots ! Tat-ya latter !


HK 3K !

'tis today's tat-action !!

Once again this very promising sleeve came over for just over 4 hours of colour today !! Looking good ! These are some not too good pictures of it but had to post something about this piece today !! A giant future city sleeve !! Blade runners would be jealous !!!

Yes !! You can't see them on this picture but there are a few flying cars in there !! What would a future-city be without them anyway !? Will be working on this one again in March !! Keep an eye out if ya like these crazy liner coloured city backgrounds I do from time to time !!

However , also in the news today !!

-Came up with a super master plan for a super duper special edition super ultra limited edition secret stuff and stuff that will be on the ELECTRIC PUPERMARKET soon ... Very soon !! More details about this before the said "soon" !!

-One of the super masters of tattooing , def. up there in the very exclusive top 3 , guru of the "West Canadian Scene" , none else than Mr.Steve Moore has finally updated his web site !! ( well ... Maybe it's been a while but just noticed it last night ! ) It's very hard to navigate and very unpractical but worth every second of it !! A lot of new super masterpieces to be found !! Enjoy !

-And last but not least >>>>> The rules of engagement for future tattoo appointments with me are changing !! ( This does not concern people who have already started pieces !!! Old system still applies for all pieces in continuation ! ) This is for all new submissions starting from January 1st ! I'm currently working on a text to be posted all over that will explain the new , simpler rules , so ... More about this soon !!! I've just had to change the system ! Overwhelming demand + wanting to accommodate everyone + always making the best work I can = lots of stress and no time for anything else like eating and sleeping ! The new system should be way simpler too !!!

Until the next post ... May the colours be with you !!



The day's tat-doing !!

Don't do much of that stuff anymore ( Simple Classics Design/New-school thing ... ) But I guess once in a while ... It's ok ! Here's a good example of the genre !! Couldn't really squeeze in a bunch of naked chicks or a crazy , 5 layer city backdrop or even some retarded impossible mechanical contraption ... So just took the few lines I had and had fun on this for about 4 hours ! Will try to push it a bit farther with the colours ! And yes ! Absolutely ... No rip but def. very influenced by one of the masters of the genre , who's stuff I noticed , it kind of looked like while drawing it on this morning ! Out of nowhere !! ( I swear !! ) Homie Craig Driscoll ! ... Check it out live !

A week full of new pieces I gots ! So stay tuned if you like sleeves covered in mindless lines !!

Now back to work !! This book thing is quite the full time job !! Too bad I already have a dozen of those full time jobs !

Later , Liners and linettes !


Neopan pan !!

Yes ! None other than my most bestest favouritest film ever !!

Got this last film developed and had forgotten that there were still some Vienna shots in it !! Which answers an other question I previously had ( Where are my 35 mm shots from my last NAmerican trip !? ) = There are none !!

Oh well ... Here's a few of my shots from that film !!

35mm Canon/EOS + Neopan 1600 !

Much more pictures to come ... Just received about a gazillion new awesome weird films to experiment with + a few sweet trips ahead !!

Tomorrow ? ....... Spy school !

Plog ya later , Hofburgers !


Red to green ?

And then .... Today ... This is what I did !!

Hawaii Morten came back for more colour today ! Didn't last as long as he usually does but , sometimes , you just have days like that , it's ok Morten ! We'll catch up next time !! 2 hours of colour later ... This is all I could take a picture of cuz of the glare !

This island beach party's about to get an uninvited guest !! Watch out !!!!!

More on this super piece in February !

In the mean time ! Stay colourful out there !!

Slide Vs C-41

More more and more Analogue love !! Can't get enough 35mm love ! I've always been a fan and just won't stop !! Sad to see it's becoming harder to get good films and more expensive to get it developed at good labs and just all around , more of a cult thing ! But I've been taking lots of pictures before the digital revolution ... Back when it was just "taking pictures" and will most probably stop only when no more film is to be found !! Here's film number 2 from this week ! An other slide film experiment ! This time with a real camera ! Here it is !!

35mm Canon/EOS + Provia 100 F !

Lausanne CH : Downtown/up on the roof tops

Copenhagen : Train/airport

These last ones were taken very early in the morning after taking my homie Jesse back to the airport ! It was a bit of a grey sky but still pretty nice with the slide saturation and very long exposure times !! Absolutely love em !



The sweet fairy !

Usually hang's out next to the barista !

Here's one of my finished pieces for today ... Keep an eye out for this sweetie !! For dose of you who like sugar in their coffee , that is !

Many more drawings and paintings to go ... But thought I'd scan this one in , since I just finished it and might not get to finish any more tonight !

Now back to work !

Lomoluv !

Yes indeed ... None other than the analogue marvel of ... Yesterday's technology !! That's right !

Here are a few shots I just got a few hours ago !!! Absolute wonderful ! Film number one :

Lomo-Fisheye + Velvia 100 !

More more and more films later tonight !!

Post ya later , analogue huggers !


Fast book landing !!

That's right !!

Just received the Fast Book back from the States and in it ... My buddy Jesse's new page !! Here it is ! Check it out !! The mission bay robotic bird !!

Next page ... Half and half ! Stay tuned for more Fast Book pages very soon !! Cuz ... Now it's my turn ! Hah !

Also ... Since the last post ... I finished what I had to do at the shop , did a little tap dancing routine with Allan and ran back home to start , nothing less than a dozen new pieces !! True story !! Haven't really finished any of them yet but still managed to finish some "Side doodles" ! Here's one of them and an other started painting bellow !

I have no idea what the background will be on this last one , yet . Let me know if you have any ideas !

Tomorrow ? I guess I'll try to finish some of the other pieces I've started today !! But only after I go and get 3 new , freshly developed films ! Aaah !! The never ending analogue excitement !!

Later , under pressure cookers !

Under the bridge !

Here's yesterday's work ...

A first session and an all around first tattoo for this fella ! Just about 4 and a half hours of lines and a bit of black later ...

Also in the news ... Am on my way now to get my last pictures developed ( yes ! Real film still exists ... And it rocks ! ) So ... A picture post or two should be happening in the next few days !!

Also ... Just received the fast book again from my homie Jesse !!! Will scan and post Jesse's new page tonight !!

And finally ... My coconspirator Mr.Uncle just got a fresh batch of new shirts for your wearing pleasure !! Check out a teaser !!

Post ya later , T-shirt munchers !!


Basket bunnies !

Hey there ! Been a few days !! I know .. I know .. Been busy with stuff and stuff ! But here I am !!

Bunny dumbness 'tis !! Today's action packed piece is none other than the super duper bunny cart race ( level 1 ) ... These poor suckers aren't liking this one bit !!! Collect all the carrots to get to level 2 !! Wish em luck !!

Few hours of colour on this today !! Had a ball with the sky !! yep yep !!

Tomorrow ... A new piece !! With some devil girls and stuff !! Been a while !

So stay classy out there , post ya later and remember ... Safety first !!


Size does mater !

Latest news update >>>>>>>

Giganta has settled in Alphapolis !! Locals worried !

Another late night doodle ! I like to doodle these once in a while !! I've always liked the mix of illustration and photos ( I.e. Check out the Projects/Mix part of my web-site ) !! But one thing I haven't done in a while is these "window" pieces !! I miss them ... Am gonna have to make one soon !!

Oh ! Pizza has just arrived ! Back to work !! Number two , today is none other than Mr. Roboto !! Might even finish it tonight ! Wish him luck and I'll try to get some shots of it to post later !

So long and post ya later !


Incoming news >>>>>>

>>>>> From the news desk , this morning !!
Once again , humanity is in peril !! Call in sick tomorrow and stay indoors !! This monstro isn't about to be stopped !!

Good luck !


From the Copenhagen bureau ...

Well ... If ya like these tattoo things that I do ... Here's a good post for ya !

On this remembrance day 2008 , I bring you first ... A new finished piece ( well two of them but I count them as one ) ! All done and finished up yesterday in about an hour !! Good on ya mate !

Then , on the very same day ... Niels dropped by to finally get his matching turquoise retarded crazy sky done ! I'd been making him wait ( almost a year ) and just couldn't push it any longer ( this session being the last one before the touch-ups ) so ... He got his sky !! Turquoise !! Not green !! Turquoise !!

And finally !! Today's workings ... Just done finished this sweet little masterpiece of pure heavy and ultimate doomness !!!
R a a a a a a r g h h ! ! So heavy !!!

Well ! That's it for these last two tattoo days and that's enough for now too ! Need some time to draw now ! Tomorrow it is ! Some more illustration needs be done and no one else is gonna do it if I don't ! ( well yeah ... A lot of others will do it but ... I wanna do it too ! )

So ... Post ya later , Plog chewers !


Flying dolls !

Just another sketchbook page !!

Are they pants , boots or her own legs ? Nobody knows !!

Been looking at flights and hotels for my next trips this christmas and ... It's looking good !! All excited again !! I think traveling is one of the rare things I could never learn to live without !! Here's the line-up for this winter !!

Paris for christmas ! Just chilling out , family style !!
Beijing - 15/01/09 till ...
Hong Kong - 20/01/09 till ...
Melbourne - 28/01/09 till ...
Taipei - 06/02/09 till I come back to Copenhagen on the 20/02/09 !

For you tattoo lovers ... Will be working in Beijing / Hong Kong and Melbourne with a slight possibility of also working in Taiwan !! However not booking anything yet ! Keep an eye on the Plog or enquire at pick@electricpick.com if interested !!

More sick tat-action tomorrow !!


Movie stars and mermaid stories !!

Ladies and gentlemen ...

Just had my buddy Jesse over for the last few weeks but still managed to sketch and fill up a few of the new sketchbook pages whenever I had a minute , now and then !! Am a bit late on starting back on the book but I just need to draw a bit before I start again so ... Will be more illustration in the next few days !! Here's some random pages from the new sketchbook !! Don't ask ... It's all very random stuff !!

This new sketchbook is going well !! First of all it's square and second , I decided to just fill up all the spreads with random doodles until the pages are filled ... So should be looking good when it's done !! I'll post full page spreads when I finish some !!

Later , sketchbook eaters !!



From the bottom of my heart , congratulations to all my American friends and their new President on this historic day ! However , even though I truly believe that the new President elect , Obama is the best possible candidate and the most well meaning person for the job , I wish him the very best of luck and cross my fingers for him , for he just inherited one of the very worst and hardest jobs in the world in the worst possible times !

Good luck and let's see what you can do !!


Day off ...

Mhm ... That's right ! After all the work is done ... A bit of a break is always nice !! Nothing like a little rest to admire one's accomplished task !

Also in the news on this delicious day off >>>> After many hours of nagging ( spread over the last few years ) , my friend Jesse finally managed to convince me to update my Myspace space ... So if you're a regular here ... Nothing new for you ! But apparently updating stuff on your Myspace space once every 2 years is not enough !! Let it be known !


In the green house !

Yesterday's piece ...

Well ! This is one of these pieces that's really hard to take a shot of !! Tried a few times on the last few sessions and never managed !! Same story today ... However am gonna post it anyways cuz it's a pretty sweet half sleeve !! So ... Ladies and gentlemen ... Please forgive the half shiny dark bad pictures !! I also tried to blacken some previous ( not by me ) work ... So no ! Missy , here , doesn't have a hole in her arm !

More good pictures in a few months when it's all healed up and looking good !!

And finally today's work ... To end this tat-a-thon of madness ... We done finished "El Presidente" !! That's right !! Today's work is a new finished piece ... The very popular "El Presidente" in full colour with background !! Rock !

Tomorrow ... A very well accepted day off !! Will try to use as many minutes as possible of it updating some long overdue web related stuff and maybe even some drawing !!

+Very few shirts ( show your colours 1 & 2 ) left at the shop !! Hurry if you're in to that sort of stuff !!
++Back on book making duty at the end of this week !! Will probably post a page or two then !!
+++New super prints on the works ... BIG !!

So long , astro-ploggers !