It's just like the future !

Behold , Plog followers and fancy/weird photography lovers !!

Here is the first of many posts devoted to my Honk Kong 35mm magic !! This is a selection from the first roll ... Yes ! A red negative film that I apparently had decided to combine with my trusted Lomo-fisheye contraption action !! So here ya go ... A few fancy shots and a teaser of what's to come in the Plog's near future !!

LOMO-Fisheye + RED Negative (100) + HONG KONG

It's like the future !!! Interesting shots for sure !! No masterpieces here but very interesting shots in deed !! Next rolls are pure magic I tell ya !! Maybe I'll have a bit of time to post tomorrow !! Until then ...

... Stay safe , out there and remember ... Arcane Life Force Mysteria !!

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