Our man in Hong Kong ...

The bird market ...

(As in for your bird cage not for your frying pan)

Here's the day's sketchbook page !! Nothing to hide in the black corner up there ... Just built it up to have one of my shots from the said bird market fit right in and just haven't found which picture to put up yet ! So ... You get a big black square in the mean time !! Yep !

However , in other news !! Finally got the awaited call !! Re activation is official and my services as an international man of mystery are , yet again requested !! I'm shipping out tomorrow at the crack of 10 !! Don't think this assignment should drag on much longer than a week but I truly have no idea how long I'll be out for ! And more importantly ... I just don't know how much internetness I'll be able to get !! But fear not , beloved Plog followers , I will do my outmost to update on a regular basis ! Yep !! Absolutely !!

This sounds like a big one too ... Never been out on the field in Asia !! Let's see how it all goes !

Wish me luck !


More fishing ...

...This time , however , at the MK secret fish market (as in for your frying pan , not for your fish tank) ! Here's a delicious selection from my last PROVIA 400X/cross processed and yes of course ... W I D E ... get used to it ... I think it might take a while before I get sick of this 17/35 wonder !! Here's what today's photo Plog is a looking like >>>>>>

Can you name that fish ??

Still waiting for some spy-confirmation of my next possible spy-assignment so stay spy-tuned for more spy-news !! Until then ... I'll be doodling this night away !!

Stay fresh !


The Journalist

Yes ! I absolutely love drawing noodles ! everywhere !! It's the new coffees !!

More super covert spy news tomorrow !! Waiting for confirmation , you see ! I think I've been re activated ! After 3 wonderful months off I believe I might be recalled for a super secret covert spy shadow operation in the days to come ! More on that as soon as I find out more myself !! Until then ... Random shots and random doodles !! Random stuff is great !


The High Castle

More Ploggings + Super secret spy news tonight ...


The Dam !!

-Damn you grenade boy !!!!

Ladies and gentlemen !! Today a bit of history revived and plogged before your eyes !! You see ... I've been working a lot on "the Book" lately and well that means I haven't really had time for doodles and such doodling activities ! So ... Nothing new finished to Plog for the day I'm afraid ! I however , ran into this classic while opening files for said book making ! A real life photo realistic technically exact reproduction of real life events a few years back !! Back , way back when we , at the Conspiracy , used to tattoo during the day and be part of an elite super awesome commando secret strike force at night ! True story ... mhm , Yep !

Here's what it all looked like back in the day !

Tomorrow ... More super secret spy awesome , almost unbelievable yet very true stories plogged for you !!

Stay covert !


ZZZzzzzzaaAAP !!

Gulp ! Note to self ... Watch what you write !!

Doodles tomorrow , most likely !!


Click !

Don't ask ... As usual ... I just draw these doodles !! But hey , who am I to judge !? Some people like to pretend they are elf wizards with mighty magical powers on Sundays , some other people like to drag race their pimped up pick-up trucks on the main , drunk at night , others even like to throw acid on crowded street from the top of buildings ! So yeah ... She just likes to take pictures without any panties !! Everybody needs a hobby !

Catch yall later !! My bed is screaming my name !


Under the road ...

Still working ! Yep ... Mhm !

Maybe tomorrow's a doodle day !? Maybe that's not such a bad idea !! Let's see what happens then !


Shop shopping ...

Still hard at work !! Book making and location hunting !! It's a dirty job but someone's got to do it !!

More tomorrow !


Deep-fried salad !

The day's doodle page !!

Bird hangout !

More birds to come , I think !! The flying animals , I meant , of course !


Shazaam !

You guys rock !!

Thank you all so much for the awesomest , heartwarming crazy fast feedback with these last 4 originals ! Under 30 hours is way less time than I expected !!

For more originals , you're always welcomed to check out my resident stock at the Gallery !

And as always ... More more more Plogables on the way !

Take care out there !


364 practice days not in vain !

Tonight's the night !! Have an awesome craic out there !


-A DAY IN MONG KOK- series of 4 !!

Good day to all !!

Dearest Plog followers of the interwebs , I have concocted for you a little special this time ! Here's a series of 4 originals I just got done ! They should be sent to the gallery back in Denmarkia but I've decided to put them on sale , here on the Plog (and on the Electric Pick Ture Box too) for 2 weeks ! 14 days to catch them before they leave for the old world !!

So here's how it goes !
There's 4 of them , size A4 and they're going for 50€ a pop + shipping ! You have till the 31st of March !!

Number 1 > Sold ! And off to the Netherlands !
Number 2 > Sold ! And off to Norway !
Number 3 > Sold ! And off to French Guyana !
Number 4 > Sold ! And off all the way to ... Hong Kong !

More Plogables coming up !

P.s. 50€ = about ... 46 UK / 69 US / 75 AU / 530 HK / 375 DK / 5 000 000 000 078 Zimbabwe


EX-O !

Experimental / Organized !

Just another random sketchbook page to keep yall occupied ! Sometimes , sometimes ... I just do random stuff and it comes out looking weird but I like it still ... Not sure yet but kinda like it I think ! It's all good though ... Another page in the sketchbook is nice !

Stay tuned !!

Been on the roll with some sweet stuff lately ...... Coming right up !!


Green not Blue ...

'tis a photo Plog today indeed !

This time ladies and gentlemen ... Yes ! More Hong Kongness !! However , with my brand new baby this time !! My new 17/35 2.8 !!!!! For all of you non photo geeks out there , that's a very wide angle lens with a very nice F stop (aperture) !! Have wanted one of these for many many years now , dreamt about it at night and had severe pains whenever I'd see lenses anywhere ! And well , honestly , only in Hong Kong can I afford such a bad boy !!! So here it is ... The first roll with my new wide angle and this time with a cross processed PROVIA 100F !! From Victoria harbour to Kowloon city and the two last one's from my flat again !!

Green power !

A few very interesting things to come in the week ahead !! Stay tuned for that and some doodle action reaction !!!!



Pocky town !!

Pocky's a snack ! Perverts !!

Did it ! Done and done !! And I will call this one ... 2A !! That's right ! It was either that or "the hand of gogo" ... Go figure ! Anyways , did manage to line it all in a few hours and get some good shots of this 3 by 3 (that's meters) action scene ! In all honesty though , I'm afraid to say , that this sweet piece of wall painting didn't even actually need most if not any of the lines , today doodled !! But it's hard to control this need I have for the constant outlining of everything !!

I love it and do indeed think this new piece is one of my bestest ever forever walls !! With no further delay ... Here's the next best thing to seeing it in person >>>>>

Minibus racing through the MK !!!

Yall let me know what you think if you get a sec !! Always nice to hear !

No idea what's going on tomorrow !! None whatsoever ! Let's see what's what when's when !!

Rock !


Not just quite yet !

Painted the day away today but I guess I did , once again , overestimate my wall painting capabilities !! Well , pretty much done with all the painting part ! Just have about an hour or two of lining left ! So yeah ... You guys are gonna have to wait one more day to see this one !! But let me tell you this ... It is , by far , my bestest wall ever ever forever !!! No doubt !!! Am really proud of this one !!! Can't wait to get your opinion about this one !!

Until tomorrow night ! Here's a sneak preview !!

The hand of ... I dono ?? Who's hand is it ! Ohhhh ... How exciting !!



Pretty in magenta ...

Today's a photo Ploggable day ! That's right ! Still doodling my sketchbook on a regular basis but had to cut it short today cuz well ... Today was indeed , as I had previously believed , a giant doodle day ! Was back at the First Cup coffee shop all day today , layering white and sticking up ... Yes ! More of that sweet looking / major pain in the ass to put up , wallpaper stuff !! Is gonna look sweet , once again , let me tell ya ! Maybe I'm being over optimistic again , but I seriously think I'll be done with this part (2A) of this redecorating project tomorrow night ! So ... Shots of another bar wall tomorrow , shots of a day out in Sheung Wan (Island side of town) with the Canon and a VELVIA 100F/Cross processed , today ! Check it out >>>>>

More rolls to come ... Between finishing doodles ... Big walls ... 3D rabbit surface reclamations ... A contest ... And eventually some Merch figuring !! Oh yeah ! And some tattooing soon too !!

Stay fresh , stay focussed , stay awesome !!!

Plog ya tomorrow !