To all the Plog followers ...

... Old friends , new friends , customers , fellow artists , sailors , princesses of this world & beyond ! From San Diego to Beijing , through Reykjavik , San Francisco , Copenhagen , Hon Kong , Djibouti and Paris and so many more places along the way ! A smashing sweet awesome party tonight and the very best for the year to come !!!

Here's a shot from BBQ saturdays on the Independent Pursuit on my last trip across the NAtlantic this last Summer ! Most probably what they'll be doing tonight !!

Take good care out there and see yall next year for more ploggings and other related doings !!


Sporty spice ...

So yeah ! Been back at this drawing thing I do since yesterday !! It had been way too long if ya ask me but hey , mucho work had to be done in the last two months before the move ! Lots of organizing and way too much tattooing !! If there is one thing I would never trade in the world , it has to be daily doodle time ( and Guinness oh and coffee too ... I like my smokes a lot too ... Ok there are a lot of things I wouldn't trade ... But doodle time is way way up there) !! So here I am ... Back behind the sketchbook ... Doodling away again !

Here's a doodle of the infamous international handball star : Irina Bandurevskaja from Estonia !!

Just a doodle !! It helps me to get back at doodle-work sometimes when I draw real people !! Or get inspired by Pictures , like yesterday's piece !

More more more to come ... Doodles and shots !!

Stay awesome !


The world around us ...

Today's headlines grabbed my attention in a special way !! Not just because I would instinctively always root for people who kick shit , fight the established power and/or defy the man's forced order , whatever the said forced order ! And am definitely not a mindless "democracy at any cost" supporter !! But the sheer violence of the day's protests , the dedication of those involved and the wonderful cause fought inspired me ! However violent , I can't help but find this struggle very inspiring !!

I've been following this story like others for a while now (since the last disputed Iranian elections in June) and today's protest's outcome was slightly expected however not on such scale !! Things look irreversible now ... It will only get worst in the streets of Teheran until some kind of concession comes through ! To see so many people from all over a country fighting for a single idea is beautiful ! Something the populations of the wealthier countries of the world have forgotten all about ! The head honchos of this old system must definitely be feeling the heat and that's a great thing ! The only thing that is unsure now is how long it will take and how many will have to die before the aging order in charge accepts it's fate and starts conceding !

To all my Iranian friends (strangers are just friends you haven't met) Whatever system you want to replace this one with , I wish you the very best and as soon as possible !! Top of the hat for inspiring the rest of the world !! And on a lesser note ... For starting me back up on the doodle board !

Stay up !

Less political postings in the days to come !! And more silly doodles too !!


Last time , in Copenhagen ...

... This is what happened !!

Here's my final last few days work , from the Conspiracy inc. Finally Plogged for your viewing pleasures (as promised) !! Had a hard time finding time to sit down and post these last few workings (as you might have noticed) but here's the said awaited post of the said day's doings all ready for ya ! Now ... Have a good look at these few pieces for they are my last ones in a while !! I'll be working in HK , of course , but have planned as little as possible in the general tattooing field !! A well deserved break , if ya ask me !

With no further delay >>>>> Copenhagen 2009 , the final round !

Final round on the green city !! Came out awesome !! Half is healed (like most of these pieces) and the other half fresh so yeah ... Not the best pictures but still ... I'm sure you get the idea !

Inspector Grey ... Another half sleeve finished for the folio !!

This one finalized too !!! Had a lot of fun with the mermaids hair !!!

And this here , the last piece ... A quick 3 hour one shot !! Super hero fight to the teeth !! Who will win this epic battle of good versus evil ?? The glorious Green Ranger or the ever so terrifying Cyber Skull ???

That's it for tats for a few weeks , ladies and gentlemen !! You've had way too much in the last few months to look at anyways !! Yep ! That's it ... You're being cutoff for a while !!!

Stay rockin' and enjoy what's left of the holidays !!!


I never want to grow up !!

Here's a little something for you to look at ...
... A quick post with a little something from last week's Wednesday's doings !!

Some bolts and screws on a young lady (this , the only shot manageable I'm afraid) and then this great reference to the musical master , mister Waits himself ! Enjoy the visuals ... More to come in the days to follow !!!

Hot legs on the Waits !!!

Stay fresh and I'll post ya right after the eating orgy which is also known as Christmas season in France !!

Rock !!

P.s. Also in the holiday news: Congrats again !!

It's about time: 4 - 0 :Over my dead body


Back home for Christmas !

Just just landed !!

Fresh off the slightly delayed flight and the usual welcoming 2 hour Paris traffic jam !

Finally the stress of packing , storing and overworking is starting to disappear ! I survived these insane last 2 months of madness and now a break just in time for the holidays !! I'll be hanging out here in Paris for the next few days until I hop my Hong Kong flight on the 4th ! Will finally have time to get back on my more regular posting schedule and also time to post last weeks doings !!! Some doodles should finally start showing up again too , for my plannings for the next two week = eating , sleeping and then the rest as free time !!

Also to be noted >>>> I would like to say a big thank you to all my Tat-customers who , in the last two months , have bent backwards with work schedules to make it work with my difficult agenda , robbed banks to find the funds needed in such short notice and/or have understood and accepted to wait a few more months till Summer to get their pieces finished !!!

You guys Rock !!

And to all the Plog followers of the world ... A very merry Christmas ! Hope you all get super expensive gifts this year !!!

Plog ya later !!


Still running ...

... Yep !!

You guys are gonna have to give me a few more days before you can see my last Copenhagen works ! Just been so damn hectic ! Am out to Paris tomorrow and the stuff to do just keeps taking longer and getting more complicated !!

Patience , dear Plog followers !! As soon as I catch a second to sit down and relax ... I'll be Plogging !


Excuses , excuses ...

Anytime now ... Anytime I promise !! I should find time to post my last week's worth of Copenhagen office day's doings anytime now !!! It's been so so hard to find time lately !! But yeah ... Just a quick post to tell ya good people out there that I'm almost out of the busy times and into the not so busy , usual Plogging schedule times !!

In other news ... I , sadly , was right !! A big fat , expensive , super polluting week of nothing has come out of this COP15 !! I like how they say that it's a "good start" !! It's not a good start ! A "recognition" of a situation is probably one of the weakest terms in the international political vocabulary for "Nothing" ! And it's not a start !! The start was in Rio in 1992 , 17 years ago !! Even way before Kyoto ! So ... Maybe when Washington , Brussels and Beijing are flooded might we stop "recognizing" and start "doing" ! Oh well ... By that time we'll probably be better off just moving to Mars !

I hear Mars is beautiful this time of year !!

Enough gloom and more fancy pictures tonight or at the very worst , tomorrow morning !! ... Promise !!

Stay cool !


Front line !

Good thing about having COP15 in town:

-Well ... Copenhagen actually feels like a real city ! You go downtown or take the train or metro and there are people from all over the world and that's awesome ! Makes you realize how non-multicultural and internationally isolated Copenhagen usually is !

Bad thing about having COP15 in town:

-The orwellianization of Copenhagen is a bit freaky and uncomfortable !! Maybe it's just me and my reflex antipathy towards forced authority but having to show ID cuz you chose the wrong side of the street to walk through is something that annoys me ! With the helicopters hovering at all times , the blast walls and security perimeters set up around the city and of course the thousands of cops scattered all over town ! Makes me want to read 1984 again !

However , the real deal is happening on the other side of the ramparts ! Beyond the lines of mentally overwhelmed and freaked out robocops and beyond the improvised army of protesters from around the world (most of which , I find to be , rarely truly informed about what they're here for) ! All we can do is screen the news attentively to find out what's actually happening inside this climate fortress these "important deciders" have made for themselves ! The main words echoing out so far are -"painful fiasco !" But only at the end of the week will we truly know all the details of why and how we either failed ourselves silly or actually figured some kind of deal out that we might actually think of honouring !

I personally am not expecting anything remotely intelligent to come out of this impressively impossible climate deal making mission the UN has set for us ! I think , just like the Nigerian delegation has been saying as soon as they stepped off the plane a week ago (and this is from an official and absolutely reliable spy source), and I quote "Why do we have to negotiate this ?? Does the stomach negotiate with the liver every time the body is eating ??? "

But hell ! I would really really love to be very wrong !!!

Let's see what happens on Saturday ! Until then ... Awesome tat-pictures of the day and of tomorrow's day's doings >>>> Tomorrow night !

Don't be cynical !!


Straight Line Assembly !

Ok ok ok ... Stop screaming !! I know I haven't been the most punctual Plogger lately !! I know I know !! But it's pretty damn hard for me to find time , ya know , like ! 10 more days of insane burnout intense busy action to go ... then I'm free for a while !! So yeah ... Forgive my late posting schedule and have a seat !! It's time for the past week's review and well ... If you like that tattoo thing ... You might like this post !!

First of all , Tuesday ! The lovely miss Trine came down for a blitzkrieg visit from Ålborgtown (Jyllandland , Denmarkia) just for me to take a few shots of this super half !!! Thank you so much for dropping by missy !!!! Here it is all healed up and downtown for your viewing pleasures >>>>>

Second in line ... Thursday's doings ... The music monster lab !! All touched up with additional inner arm organ monster ! >>>>>

Forgot to take the marker shots ... Happens !!

Next ... Tripods attack all touched up and good to go !! Part one of Friday's doings !! Behold , puny humans !!! >>>>>

Part two of the same said Friday ... The injustice ministry ... In action !!! All touched up and well ... For some reason , this one was really hard to take a good shot of so ... This is all you get !! Hope I get good shots of it this Summer when I'm back !!!

Saturday's action , Also part of this grand master post ... The Red Baron ... All touched up and almost just as hard to take a good shot of !! I hate it when I can't take a good shot of these pieces !! Specially when I won't be able to see it all healed and pretty for another 6 months ! Oh well ... Inner arm looks good on these shots though ! With marker too this time !! >>>>>

VRRRrrrrrrooooommmm !! Yep !

And finally ... Today's Sunday doings >>> A truck for a lady !! The one shot of the week !!! Check it out >>>>>

ROCK !!!

Now ... Sleep !!!
Good night yall and post ya as soon as I find time again !!! Stay real !


Focus !

Organizing !!! Packing boxes = No fun !!!

No time for doodles anytime soon , I'm afraid !! Two last weeks of tattooing however , so stay posted for some of that in the next few days ! Moving out and storing crap around is enough of a pain as it is but being a spy and all ... It just makes it so much more complicated !! Emptying the safe house and erasing all traces of my being there is a long and elaborate task , let me tell ya !! Luckily for me the "company" is taking care of most of the shipping and storage for most of the super secret and "delicate" equipment and such spy devices !!

However , now if you don't mind ... I got a long night of booby trap disarming ahead of me !! So back to work !! I'll Plog ya later , homies of the interwebs >>>>> stay wikked !



More more more !!

As you might have noticed ... I've been kinda super mad busy tattooing loads lately !! Finishing as much as I can before I'm out for the next 6 months !! And well ... Very sadly , got no time for anything else !!! So the daily doodle ideas keep piling up in my head and it's getting pretty full up there !! Whenever I finally make it out of work , I got boxes to pack at home and shit to arrange all over town !! Been pretty mad hectic and the only thing keeping me going is ... Well ... That I got 2 weeks left !!

However , despite the overworking stress and no time off situation , one good thing about all this is the tattoo finishing madness !!! Couldn't pull it off for much longer in normal circumstances but (In this specific case) the ends justify the means !!! Here's the rest of the week's doings !!! Hadn't had much time to Plog after Roboto on thursday ... So here's the rest of the week >>>>>

Friday ... Missy Van came down from Bordeaux (France) to continue this 07 sleeve ! >>>>
Saturday ... Mix master Craig came down from Londontown (yeah the one in England) for a doom sleeve continuation action ! >>>> Picture up top !

Sunday ... Double action from Ålborg (Denmarkia) the G-homies got themselves some double sweet finished pieces action ! Flower gangster from last month and the infamous Voodoo half from ... A while back !!! >>>>

Oh and buddy John came down for a few all healed up shots of the evil harbour crab monster half !! >>>>

Ultra productiveness is not really in my nature , however , I did manage to find time to breath a bit this week ! Been an ok week after all actually !! Too much time at the shop but still found time to hang with the pub crew , see miss Sophie one last time before I leave , Late night karaoke with miss Nora , chocolate party with miss Irina , learn the basics of Irish dancing with miss Ailish , get totaled with Commando Mich and Mix master Craig !! Might try to draw it all if I get a second !! Can't wait to see my tab at the end of the month !!!

More more more next week !!! Now however , packing is on the agenda right now !! So ... Back to work !

Stay gangster !!


Touch-up machine !

What a day ... Triple tattoo action at the shop today !! Touch-up time times 3 !! All of which got finished finished !! That's right ... The finished forever kind of finished !

Most were not really shootable sadly ... However , hang on to something steady and count to three cuz after 6 months of nagging ... I finally got none other than Mister ROBOTO to drop by for his 1 minute touch-up session and a well overdue photo marathon !!! Behold , Plog lovers ... The machine on a mission of the year !! Done and done ... I give you Roboto >>>>>>

Yeah I know I know , sometimes too many pictures is too much but I can't help it !!! I want ya to see it in every possible angle !!! Deal with it !

ROCK !! Now ... If you don't mind , a few pints are in order and then a few boxes are waiting to get stuffed !! Take care out there and I'll Plog ya right back from the office of BLOOD tomorrow !

Stay mechanized !


Dawn of the ...

... Day ?

"For one to see the light of day
One must wake up before the day is over"
-Ancestral viking proverb.

!! Quick news update of the latest happenings on the world wide webs for your internet pleasures !!

First of all , The man himself , Mister New school man , the mix master Driscoll in person has decided to join the wonderful blog community ! True story indeed !!! Go check a check a check it out for your self and be sure to let him know to keep them posts coming !!! Can't wait to see some of the latest and up to date crazy mad FiveTwo action , me self !!!

And secondly ... Check this here mechanized visual collection of genius and awesomeness none the less !!! Robots for all !!

Right back at the tat-desk tomorrow for some more hectic overbooked tat-finishness !!!

P.s. Yeah ! I know ... I can't stop !! That's how smart I am ... I keep inventing new words every day !!


Days of darkness ...

Just a random sketchbook page !! To keep your eyes busy for a second or two !!

So yeah , busy busy here ! Too much tats , too late nights of deadline catching up and all the free time spent organizing my retreat !! All of which , done in the darkness of the Scandinavian winter days ! But all for the right cause !! I can't wait to see what I come up with in HK !! My work (Illustration to tattooing) is very influenced by my environment and mixing that with all the time in the world to produce it should be a hell of a good mix !!! 3 weeks left !

Stay cool and maybe some shots tomorrow !!!