From the rooftops of the Kingdom ...

In Scandinavia (on top of Europe) there's an island that's part of the rainy Kingdom of Denmark , on it is the city of Copenhagen ! In that city there's a street called Vesterbrogade and on that street there's a little factory hidden in the courtyard of other buildings ! And all the way up that little factory there's a factory attic and in that attic there is my Central Command Head Quarters where I plan my many international spy missions and also draw ! Just thought you'd like to know ! And this young lady right down here has absolutely nothing to do with any of that except of course that that's where I just drew her !!

She's a fallen all over !! She just bought too much stuff on the ELECTRIC PICK TURE BOX !!!

The later which will open in a few hours !! Go check it out when you get a second and let me know what you think !! It's not perfect but I'll fix it up as I go along !! Will be posting new originals from this year in the weeks to come !!

Also >>>>> By popular demand !! Here's a bit of a snack ! A sandwich and a cupcake and shit loads of espresso for the damsels in the bellow post !!! It's true ... They kinda look malnourished !! But you know ... This star growing business is a full time job and obviously leaves very little time for things like ... Eating ! Still ... Here's a little something for their next break !

Yumm !

Now off to the other blog to make it all pretty and stuff !! Should be all done in about an hour or so ! In the mean time , for all my Dutch homies out there ... Hope ya had a very happy Queen's day in many different shades of orange !!


Bucket full of shiny !

Forgive my absence of the last few days ! All work and no play makes Nick a boy with no time to blog !!

One of today's doodles ! That's where all the stars come from , it's true !! They grow them in jars and then spread them around !! For sure ! What did you say ?? Gigantic burning balls of gas that are millions of light-years away ?? That's just silly nonsense talk !! No no ... This is how it goes ! Trust me ... I know !

Been real busy as usual with the book and some doodles but thought ... 3 days without a post is simply unthinkable ! So here's a little something for your eyes to look at while I work the night away ! Might be some sweet stuff to post about tomorrow perhaps perhaps ! In the mean time stay cool out there and keep it Strasse !!


An other day at the office !

Tat- Tat- Tatted the day away !!

Today's buddy came right down from Oslo on the train (that's like a million hours) and got some sweet sweet colour on his horror Island BBQ half !! All day we both wondered how these two were gonna make it out of this one alive !! And I'm quite sorry to say ... We haven't the faintest idea !! I truly think this is it !! The end of their many adventures !! However , the piece itself has a few more sessions to go !! 2 I think ! If my Norwegian friend can pull more sessions like the one he did today ... One and a half session should be more than enough to finish this one !! What's that you ask ? How long did he last ? Did he manage to make it to the so wonderful and dreamed about title of Trooper ?? He did !! Good job , mate ! A new name makes it to the club !! Here it is ... In magna supra colour !! Cuz nothing's too good for you !!

Blub bluubl bloob ... (sound of the cauldron) !!

Stay tuned for more adventures tomorrow as I get right back on my book making business and will eventually need a brake at some point in the day and most probably doodle something and post it later !!!



Book making business !!

Is what I've been up to ...

Been crazy book making for the last few days and it is looking very very nice , let me tell ya !! So far I can say that it's looking like it'll be a 300 page brick filled with loads of awesomeness and then some !!!! Not exaggerating !!!! I never exaggerate !!

Back at the skin grinding den tomorrow for some island adventure colour !!

Now back to work !!! This book isn't gonna layout itself !

Later !



More shots from HK , here we go !!
Once again an other roll unfolds !! The magic of film continues in this post ... More of the shots from my last Hong Kong trip !! Slide + Canon + red light + market streets , behold !!

Hope you like !! A few films left in the weeks to come and a lot of work to show too !! Been working on the book all day so nothing much else to show for today but some sweet shots !! Might have a doodle or two for tomorrow !!

Also just posted my schedule of attendance at the Conspiracy for next month right over here ! Check it out !! And for all pieces already started , I will also be starting to book May and June tomorrow !! If anybody out there needs an extra session , be sure to let me know !!

Now back to work if you don't mind !! I gots me a book to layout !

Later !


Turquoise delight ...

From last Saturday's session at the office ...

Been running a few days behind with the Plog-a-posts lately ... Lots of workings to be done and very little time to show it all !! However , thought you might wanna see this last one so with no further delay ... Here's Saturday's tat-a-magic-session's result !! Miss lou came back for some sweet colours on here scissor mermaid !! We went crazy with some turquoise underwater madness and it looks damn good let me tell ya !! A last shot at this in May and it'll be all done !! Here it is for your eye's delight !!

Don't try this at home though !! Swimming with scissors is just like running with them !! It should be avoided !!

More tonight !!



Grudge Sludge goo !

You were asking me , the other day .... What do I get for 7 hours worth of lines ?

Well here's yesterday's work at the office !! A full 7 hours worth of crazy factory pipes (I love pipes !!) and industrial mess madness galore !! And yes !! You guessed it right ! 7 hours is one more hour than 6 and that means my yesterday's customer made it well into the ranks of the few ... The elite ... The ones who have gained the ever so desired title of "Trooper" !! Good job buddy ! Here's what it all looks like right now ! Doom from industrialization !! Beware ...

More of this future masterpiece in May ... With some colours this time !! So keep an eye out here to see what I have in mind for this piece !

Also in the news >>>> The ELECTRIC PICK TURE BOX will officially open on the first of April !! It's pretty much finished except for a few little things I can't seem to find time to do so ... First of April it is !

Also also in the news >>>> I will start booking the next U.S. trip dates on the 25th of May !! You're always welcomed to enquire about it at anytime through : pick@electricpick.com ! And a last thing about this trip ... It will probably be my last one to NAmerica for a few years !! So let me know if interested in a spot this Summer !!

And finally ... Also also also in the news today >>>> It's Spring today ! So Happy Spring to all !


Midnight Plogging !

From the middle of the night , good day to all !!

First of all , please forgive my severe lack of constant Plogging of the last few days !! Have been hella-busy lately and have had a hard time finding time for anything other than work and a bit of sleep !! However , I happen to have lots to plog about so ... Here we go !!

For those of you interested ... Yesterday's tattoo day's doings are as follows !!

Had two pieces to touch-up and get all finished and stuff !! First one in was this little planet piece I did a few months ago ! Needed a bit of a re-nip in the darker areas and that's what we did !! Now keep in mind that these are far from being the final pictures ... Just something to show for the Plog !! Cuz it'll look way better when it's all healed with no glare and crap !!

The second one was none other than the ever so famous ROBOTO !! And yes , absolutely !!! Roboto got completely finished yesterday !! As usual ... Impossible to take a good shot of but all finished , none the less !! So keep an eye out for these two in about a month when I finally get the full pretty shots I need for the folio !! In the mean time ... An other close up !

From the middle of the night , sleep tight and farewell for now ! I'll be Plogging ya sooner than you think !!


E-P / J-S >>> U.S. 09 !

Is what it's all about today !!

After years of debate and chopping and adding and starting again from scratch over and over , the dates of this year's Electric Pick and Jesse Smith's U.S. trip have finally been approved by both parties !! Hurra !

Here's what it's gonna look like !!

10th till 12th of July - MIAMI , FL - Tattoolapalooza convention
14th till 16th of July - COCOA , FL - Guesting at King St. Tattoo
19th & 20th of July - RICHMOND , VA - Guesting at the Ghostprint gallery
22nd till 26th of July - SAN DIEGO , CA - Me and Jesse will be rock'n out at the ever so awesome SD-Comicon !!
27th till 30th of July - SAN DIEGO , CA - Guesting at Five Two Tattoo
2nd till 5th of August - LOS ANGELES , CA - Mostly hanging out but a possible guest spot too
10th till 12th of August - SAN FRANCISCO , CA - Guest spot for sure , just don't know where yet !!

I am not yet booking anything yet for that trip ! However if you happen to be in any of these areas and interested ... Then write down the 25th of May on your calendar cuz that's when I'll start booking them dates !!

Check out my buddy's blog here and check with him to book with him !!

Tomorrow , some tat-a-thon magic will happen again !! Stay tuned and stay cool !!

P.s. A very happy international hangover day to all !!


Happy many shades of green day !

And a pint o Guinness to all !!
Been mucho busy lately with the Electric-Pick-Ture-Box and it should all be done very soon now !! I'm thinking tomorrow !!! The book is slowly progressing too and the illustration ... Well ... That kinda took the side for a few days !! Back on it tomorrow !! However , now if you don't mind ... I got a date with a pint or 4 ! Post ya tomorrow if I can remember how !!

A very happy St-Patties in very many shades of green to everyone !!


From there to here !

More pictures !!!

Still from the capital of awesome ... A few more shots ! Hah !! And you thought it was all over and you'd never have to look at another pictures I took of Hong Kong again !!

Guess you were wrong !! Here's another 35 mm Red negative / long exposure experiment at the temple street Night Market !! Some of these are from the future , I'm sure of it !!! CANON + RED negative + TEMPLE STREET NIGHT MARKET

Magical !!! Absolutely magical !! A few more rolls , spread out in the posts to come ... Be sure of it !

Worked all day on the Electric Pick Ture Box and am about half way there !! So that means you'll most probably all find out what it is in the next two days !! Hurra !!

Also ... Been thinking lately ... I've been selling a bunch of prints and originals lately !! And thought ... If you're one of these nice people who have done such a good deed and acquired one of my prints or original piece ... Send me a shot when you get it framed and all pretty !! Would love to post them here !! And it'd also be nice to see where they end up !

Thought it would be cool !! Wanna know what else is cool ?? A pint o Guinness is !! So long and Plog ya later , the pub calls me !


That sweet bluegreygreenyellowredpinkpurple that I love so !!

Welcome to all !!

The day's tat-doings , behold !!
Today ... The Br'er rabbit and giant flying peach sleeve (you know , the one with the village in the country with almost no lines in the back) ... Yep ? Ok ... Yeah the one with the blue mountains ... Ok ! Anyways ... Today was time to start the bottom half and just that we did !! 5 hours of fancy tat-action magic and there we go ! A nice addition to the already sweet piece ! Mum and Pop cardinal and kids hanging out ... Just chilling !! Here are the shots I managed of the day's session !!

I had been thinking about packing the back back with yellow on this piece forever !! And am so damn happy I did !! It's a bit bloody right now but that yellow in the back is pure "Lightning yellow" (Eternal) and is gonna be hella-bright when it all heals up !! I'm slowly getting more and more into yellow ! Used to only rarely use it or at least only to mix ! But have been thinking more and more with pure yellow lately ! Oh well ... Who knows what the future holds ?? Maybe even some green perhaps ??

Also in the news today >>>>> My dear customer of the day , freshly on his way back from the land of the rising sun (Japan) decided to bring me back a sweet sweet robot (a toy) for my ever growing , ever so damn wonderful shelf collections at the shop !!! Hurra ! Pictures in the days to come !!!

Take care out there and don't eat your hand !! It won't grow back !


Late night at the office ...

From the Conspiracy headquarters , downtown Copenhagen , here's the day's report !

First off , I'd like to say that just as I predicted it last night ... Not one but two pieces were finished tonight !! Of course ... Of course , when I say "finished" I mean "finished" !! Not finished-finished !! These two pieces still have to come back for a few minutes of touch-ups and then some real nice pictures and stuff !! But still , two pieces in the bank !! Booya ! With no further delay ... Piece number one ... Zombie queen Vs last survivor !!!

Not much touch-ups to go but still like to come back on every piece for that extra little magic touch !! So ... Keep an eye on this one to show up here again all done and pretty ! We've set a virtual appointment for touch-ups 28 days later !

Segundo (that means secondly in Spanish) ... Wookiee dropped by for his final round !!!

Same same as always ... A full sleeve which is half fresh and half healed is extremely hard to take a good picture of !! So you won't see much today ! However , I've decided to post a little shot anyways ... Just so you have something to look at !!

Touch-ups on this masterpiece-sleeve in about a month !! So ... Full , all around shots of it then too !!

More of the stuff I've been painting last week shold start to show up soon and the unveiling of the ELECTRIC+PICK+TURE+BOX should be done by next week too !! What is this box thing he's talking about , one might ask ??? Secret ! I love secrets !!

Post ya on the other side ... And if you happen to be one of those outdoorsy kind of "active" nature people ! Make sure you don't end up hiking your way through a mine field on one of your "outdoorsy active nature" days !!

Later !


Cult attack !

Psychedelic-retro-35mm exploitation-strike in 3D !!

In deed !!

Been busy all day painting and doodling and nothing is really finished yet !! Sucks ... mhm Ya ... I know . However , Here's a little something that might become something !! Just so you have something to look at , ya know ? A little bit of eye candy !!

Tomorrow , I'll be right back at my post in the torture chamber of the catacombs of the Conspiracy inc !! And not one but two wonderful pieces will be dropping by ... And not one but both of these magical super pieces might get finished !!! Hah ! What d'ya say to that !?

Sleep tight tonight and 3D dreams to all !!

Sabre attack !

From my little desk at Central Command HQ ...

... Many things where sketched and painted on today !! Nothing finished as I had previously thought but then , for sure tomorrow I'll have something to show !! This one here's just a mindless doodle !! I don't know if buddy's being kicked or shoe-loved but one thing is for sure ... He's a bit shy about it all !

News of the day >>>>> I unfortunately have to announce that I have had to cancel my next Rotterdam trip !! Due to queen's day , I found myself short of willing customers ! I can't blame them , a day of grinding with Nick or 2 days of Dutch-party-action !! An understandable choice knowing I was willing to postpone the trip till right after the Summer anyways ! So , as sad as canceling a trip is , I'll be posting the new dates of that trip as soon as I get 'em !! But it should be right after the Summer ... A few weeks after I land back from my U.S. trip in August ! So in the mean time .... More painting , drawing , tattooing , taking pictures and working on the book !!!

Plog ya later !!


Morning at night !

And finally ... The last part of this 35 mm frenzy ...

4.3 will be shots taken at night back in Central , and slowly going up hill !! These shots have some crazy shades to them !! Low ISO mixed with long exposure at night is awesome and unbeatable !!


Superb !! But ok ok ok ... I'll give you guys a bit of a photo break for the next few days !! Some painting and illustration should get done soon !! And am back , hard at work , on my master-book too with maybe a few pages to post !!! Some other projects should be coming to an end soon too so yeah ... A few things to Plog about in the days to come that isn't related to photography !!

Take care out there and use those cameras !!!