Picture of the day !

Allan pretending to be the crime syndicate that is the Danish post office !

Still debating an all out war with the said "service" ! It's a hard decision to make , that of ultimate warfare against an established institution ! I have better things to do with my time ... Maybe building a robot or horrible mechanized doom device that could wage war and bring down ultimate pain upon these mail pirates , while I , on the other hand , could take care of my illustration deadlines or other work related things !!

I'll think about it a bit more !

Tomorrow ? Some of that tadooing thing !


Fresh out of the oven !

Also today : The brand spanking new Choker boards are out and ready to grab ! Fresh out of the container that brought them here !! I think they only made 100 of them and that a bunch where pre-reserved too !! So if ya want one to go to work with or to hang next to your Dio poster in your room , go check it out at the Choker shop !

Hope ya like it !

Later !

Doom struck !

... In dead ! You see ... The demon lord of everything ultimately heavy ( I.e. Metal , Grudge , Doom and Stoner ) Had left his instrument of ultimate doom bringing poorly guarded in the hands of his army of the undead ( everyone evil should have an army of undead )! A helpless unsuspecting soul fell on the unholy device and was instantly possessed by it's raw , unhindered , pure rock power and got consumed while bringing down rock doom around it !

Or just a sweet tat ! However ... 5 hrs , of which at least 1 spent in the ditch behind the knee , gave my customer of the day the right to the so coveted title of Trooper ! Awesome piece !! It's always hard to come up with something illustrating music ! But this one was a charm ! As soon as he told me "Heavy" I took the challenge to redefine the term !!

Colours should be appearing in July ! Keep an eye out for this one !



Month of June is now fully booked ! So next chance for booking is on the 25th of May for dates in July ! I also started to refuse new big pieces until October this year for cause of insane overbooking !!! So give me a few months to finish a few of these already started pieces if you want a big one ! I'll be happy to check out your projects in October when hopefully I'll have more space for ya ! However ... For all already started pieces and new one shots ( 6 hrs ) ... I'll be booking , as usual , every 25th for dates 2 months ahead !


Don't ask !

Well ... She fell and she can't get up !! However ... Bookings for June are almost finished ... About 2 dates left !! Hurry if ya want some !!

I'll be back at the shop tomorrow if ya wanted to come by for a chat , a coffee or just to say hi !

See ya !


Away ...

Farewell to the Alps ! Had a great time !! Once again almost missed my flight !! I'm having bad thought about this damn airport and it's never it's fault !! Vienna international is actually , however pretty old , a very good airport ! Unlike Heathrow ... Who's fault it always is cuz it's just the absolute worst ever airport !! I just always seem to be at the last minute when I have to take off from it !! You know when you're in a plane ... You've been sitting for a while and start wondering what's going on ... The pilot takes the mic and explains that they're waiting for one last person and if they don't show up in the next 5 minutes they're gonna have to find their bag in the luggage compartment and kick it out and that's gonna take an other 10 minutes !! And right when he finishes saying that ... Some dude runs in saying he's really sorry and everybody looks at him bad ! That was me yesterday ! And the last time I flew from Vienna ... Also me !! So sorry for everybody that was on my flight yesterday !! There was an accident on the highway ... It's not my fault !

Enough about flying ... I opened my calendar yesterday for June bookings and the e-mails are flying in !! Did you want a session in June ??


Graz E.S.R. team

The day's doodle is for my buddy Igl to keep in his sketchbook ! Started as a rough and went crazy ... The idea is ... Yeah ... Tram racing !! This one is of the all girl , Graz Extreme Strassenbahn Racing team ! Once again ... One shouldn't ask ! The theme of the week is definitely The Strassenbahn though !!

Tomorrow I'm off ! Back to the Kbh and back to my many projects !! Oh ! And I have a new one too !!

Laterz !

Strassenbahn luv !

I don't really know what it is about trams ... but I luv em !! So ... I've been drawing a lot of them lately ... And here's one that should make a perfect ghetto-sticker !!

Today more drawing ... Sadly , Igl did not master his fears ... And my yesterday dude never showed up ! So ... Since I can always appreciate a spontaneous day off or 10 ... It's all good and the time spent drawing is wonderful ! But I can't help finding it ironic that I'm about to open my calendar tomorrow for June bookings and will find it hard to get room for everyone !

I'll be landing back home tomorrow and will be enjoying some "no travel time for two months" at home with my coconspirators !! Looking forward !

Later !


Over rendering ...

... Is nice from time to time !! Well this piece is only , over rendered , to me , because I've been sketching for over a week and not really finishing anything !! Also cuz I would have painted the background if I were at home with all my paints and stuff ... But that would have probably made it look totally different ! Just wanted to try some colour outlines and ended up with this a day later ! I like it ! I think I do !! It's hard to say cuz I just finished it and it might take a while before I can give an honest opinion of it but ... I think I'll end up liking it !

I also don't really know what she's looking for , at the bottom of the ocean , but it sure requires a cool contraption !!

Later !

Factory for Bernie !

Indeed a fan of that original painting ... ( 2006 one I did in Mtl about the pink cat factory ) Bernie got her wish and now has her very own pink cat factory with quality control officer included !! Should be all , olive green and of course ... Lots of pink ! Had lots of fun for 2 and a half hours , yesterday , lining this one ! Colours should start to appear when we hook up again at the Evian convention in October !

Only a few days left and I'll be back "Home" for some quality Conspiracy inc. time !! Looking forward !

Tomorrow ? ... Will Igl master his fears and many nightmares and be able to get back on the wrong end of my evil machine !? Only time can tell !!

Later !


King of the mountain ...

Still more pictures ... Still more walking !! Not really to visit ... But just to hang ! A shot of the Graz hauptplatz , above and one of these random tram rail shots that I seem to enjoy lately ! The last one is a 45 second long shot at 2 in the morning , from my buddy's flat , in the darkest of the night ! Love how it turned out ... I don't know where these colours come from cuz all I could see was pitch black !! Will be experimenting with this back in KBH ! Also found a sweet shop with some sweet cool books too !! Finally was able to put my hands on some Belio zines !!!!!! Check em out ! This is awesome stuff - edited in Spain ! Also got me a few Clutter zines and some of these dumb toys we never seem to have enough of at the shop !!

But apart from some money spreading ... Got to draw lots and do some long needed calendar arranging work ! So ... Sorry , but if you haven't gotten a reply to your last mail in the last few days ... It's not cuz I hate you ! But just cuz I'm trying to untangle a mail mess !!! So soon !!

Later ...

Day's doodles !!

Here are a few selected doodles from the last few days ... Been over-rendering other ones that I'll post once finished !!! Oh... And a comic too ...

On this first one ... These dudes are up to no good I tell ya ! ... Don't really know what they're up to but they look shifty ! And on this second one ... Don't know ... Seems like her schlüssel is broken and it looks like it sucks !!

Tomorrow ? ... Most probably time for some tat-zaping !

From the bottom of the Austrian Alps ... Gute Nacht und schlaf schön !


Graz ...

... Is where I'm at since yesterday !

Nice to see this little part of the world again too !! After my 2 hour little mountain train ride through the alps ... Through tunnels and mountain passes ... I made it to this sweet little place ! Hidden away from the rest of the world ... Or at least it seems that way ! Nice place to hang with old friends and ... Well ... Draw ! A few shots from the ride ... Was really hard to get some decent ones so ... This is what you get today ! I'll post some of the dirty doodles I've been working on today , tomorrow !

Tomorrow ? ... No idea !

Later !


Mein Geliebter Käserkrainer ...

... Indeed one of the many things I missed around here !! Here's a few of today's shots ...

Walked about again today ... Found some spots I didn't know about and got to draw a bit too !! Tomorrow , I'm off for a week to go see my buddy Igl in Graz !! Should be fun times ! A bit of tattooing awayts me there too ... So if you were wondering when I was gonna post some tattoos again ... Shortly , is your answer !

Also did a few pages from the sketchbook and here's one of them ... Buddy , here , is getting some heat from his girlfriend !! Don't ask me why . I just draw them !

Tomorrow ... 2 hours of train south/west and another pack of smokes almost entirely smoked in public places !

P.s.They have awesome coffee in Vienna !! I mean , I'm a real coffee snob and everywhere I go , here , it's better than the last place I just came from and that rocks !! However ... Makes me wonder how all these damn Starbucks can survive !! Is there that many Americans still traveling !? Take a chance !! Go to the shady looking , no name place ! It'll make your day !

Keep it real !


At the center of the Empire ...

Behold ... The magnificent Wiener Staatsoper ! Operas are always the nicest buildings in a city ! Went every Monday ( cheap standing places night ) back when I lived here ... ! But enough about opera ... I can here the "geek" comments already ! To make it better , I later went to buy some sweet local comics ... Wait ... That doesn't really make it better !! I'm busted ... Branded for life !

But in other news ... Had another crazy day of walking , taking pictures , about 100 coffees while smoking indoors in diverse public places and this time drawing a bunch too ! Filled up a few pages from the sketchbook with some local scenery ( or at least , the way I remembered it when I got back to the hotel ) and some dirty doodles too ( cuz I guess that's what I do !)... Here's a few pages I just shot a minute ago !

Top one from the temporary H.Q. ... This first one of the Vienna airport ... The ladies in red from Austrian air ... I guess I have a bit of a flight attendant fetish ! This second one from a piece of one of the many huge castles that you find pretty much at every street corner ! Last one ... Just some dirty doodles ... Yeah ! I don't know if that's her hand or someone else's ... Don't ask !

Tomorrow ... Most probably more ... It's damn good to finaly have a few days in a row with just drawing , coffee , pictures and then a pint of Guinness or two as a master plan !

Auf Wiedersehen !



The number 2 most beautiful city in the whole wide world ! Second only to Paris !! Nice to be back here ... It's been a while since I was last around !! But nothing has changed that much since I lived here in 98/99 ! Every corner , every street has a 100 awesome shots to give and 100 terraces to take a break and have a coffee or two ... or three !! I , however , sadly realize that my German sucks more than I thought ! I have a few days to practice !!

Here are a few of today's shots ... More to come !

Tomorrow ... Big photo and drawing day !! That's why I'm here after all !

Laters skaters !


Back on the road ...

Tomorrow Vienna for a few days , then down to Graz for a week ! Stay tuned for more adventures ...

Laters skaters !


Squid a lot !

This the day's doing ! Coloured it all in just about 3 and a half hour ! A little blue here a little blue there ! Very efficient !! + Two new sleeves today ! Starting to think about stopping with the new appointments until Fall or Winter ... There's just a bit to much sessions and not that many days to give out every month !! Will see about that ... In the mean time , watch where you swim ... I just learned that more people die every year from Jellyfish related issues than shark related ones ! Huh ! An other interesting fact is that Heinz ketchup has 57 different varieties of tomatoes in a bottle !

Enough with the science facts ... Tomorrow ... Off !! And Monday I fly out again !

Later !

Red shadow ...

... Why not !

Yesterday's doings !! A real intense electric blue is gonna come and complement the light on this one and make it explode !!! Had some fun on this one yesterday !! While having an all day chat about girls and art !

Later , my buddy Choker-Stefan came down from his countryside town to the big city to hang out and have official meetings of officialness with me !!! After all the biz talk concluded , the percentages agreed upon the technicalities understood ... We shook on it , drank all night , picked up the numbers from Jen and officially concluded that the E-Pupermarket is good to go !!! All I need now is stuff to sell .... But rags are being printed as we speak !!! So rest assured ... The time is soon !! And the crap for purchase will be awesome !!! Had to stop my part of the production cuz I'm on my way to Austria on Monday ... But as soon as I'm back ! It's a go ! Ok ok ... Enough T-shirt talk ...

See ya on the flip side !


Carny birdie ...

Did a few hours on this carny sleeve today ! Started the colour but as usual ... The pictures where impossible to take so ... This is all you get today ! Bird boy and friends hanging out back the trailers ! I was gonna go all blue-grey on this background at first ! But buddy convinced me he really liked one of my paintings which is pretty much all dirty green and pink ... And well ... I went along with it ! And am pretty happy about it too !! Looks damn good ! More pictures next session !!

Ironic ... I never make carny/freak show pieces ! And by a pure coincidence ... Just finished the final episode of Carnival last night ! ... Shitty ending !

Later !


No robots ...

Sometimes ... No busty space cadet or evil doom robot is ok ... Not to often , but once in a while ... It's ok !

The day's doings !! First a sunflower one shot ... I love one shots ! This one was a lot of fun actually !! Then , the final touch-ups on the owl real estate magnate ! I guess money does grow in trees !! Now the pictures came out all wrong since half of it was healed and the rest fresh ... So all I can show is the bird condos and some tree money !! You can check out a previous unfinished version on my web-site in Projects/co-op ! Started this one with Allan a while back ... One of these spontaneous collaborations ! Oh and it's a cover-up too !

Day off tomorrow ... So lots of work awaits me !!

Later !


Sharing is caring !

Looks like these dudes need attention !!
Here's another one of the sketches I got done while in Gbg a week ago ! Got nothing else to show cuz I've been working on amazing awesome killer T-shirts again all day and I won't show anything till they come out !! So yeah ! Old , last week stuff , for you today !

Oh and this one I love !! Inspired by a true historical fact .... No ... Not really !

Tomorrow ... Back at the butcher shop ! 2 for one Happy-Mondays !


The final frontier !

The implacable Captain Simian Smith gets a background today !

My trooper customer of the day , after his flight from London , sat for 4 hours .... Good you say ... But does he really deserve the ultimate and so coveted title !? Well ... 4 hours is nice but the fact that I spent them all in his ditch and around his elbow and yes ... The grinding of the funny bone !! So yeah ! Got him self a space sky with fancy planet for his ultimate fight to the death with the machine men of doom !! Can't wait to brag about this one when it's done !!

Happy to post this one today since last time the pictures didn't turn out great ... And well ... I luv this piece !

Later !


Blue ...

Here's the day's worth ! A few hours on this one from a while back ! Some customers , sometimes , unwillingly make you realize how important it is to get along personally at least on some sort of level with them ! I mean ... When you ( the tattooer ) have to spend so much time and energy on some dudes piece and give out so much of yourself to make that piece awesome and original ... You got to have some sort of common ! My work is very personal !! So when I put it in someone for life ... It's just gotta be someone , I , at the very least , connect with on some level !! When I find out later during the project that it isn't the case ... It sucks ! That's also an other of the many advantages illustration has on tattooing !

On an other note ! I got some fancy shots from a photographer today !! I don't want to brag but ... We get people at the shop at least once a week who want to take pictures for a zine or a school project of some sort ! Seems that people still think tattoos are cool ! And well sometimes we say "sure go ahead" and sometimes we say "no" ... Don't really know how that decision process works but that's how it is ! Today I said "Sure go right ahead" And well ... Just got a mail back with some of the shots and they absolutely rock ! Never had such good shots taken of me !

Thank you lots miss Hanne H !

I'm off to T-shirt making land now ! Later !


Organization is key !

Damn right it is !! Been making lists all day !! Lists of the shit I have to do by yesterday ! But much more interestingly ... T-shirts are going super sweet !!!! Soon !! A dream come true !! Should be a few of them at the same time for the opening of the Pupermarket !! Can't wait ! Hope you like em !!

Also just received the latest edition of " Nordic Tattoo Mag " to find out that I own the pin-up section !! Nice ... !

Two more days of tattooing stuff ... And then more T-shirt crap ! Sounds like a plan !!

Laterz !


Been working hard for the last few days on some sweet ( dirty ) T-shirts for the E-Pupermarket !! And stuff is starting to look good !! Still nowhere near as much finished stuff as I should have by now ... But still something !! Won't show them till the whole first series is done ... But here's a teaser !

Also dropped by the gallery earlier today ! Just to say hi ... And learned that the two city pieces I had just brought in before my last week trip , are already gone ! Hurra for me !! But now I got to fill up my space again !!! Not complaining !!

Tomorrow ... I'm back at the office of sweat , blood and tears !!



Spontaneous day off ...

My first customer never showed up today ... And my second was , incredibly enough after a month and a half since the last session , not healed enough !! It looked good ... Just not ready to get some more !! So yeah ! After a full week in Gbg ... I find it a bit too easy to be back ! It's all good ... I like day's off ! Tomorrow ... I get two more !

So ... Finally time for some illustration ... Enough of this tattooing fad !!

Later !

P.s. Play a joke on someone today ! I'm too tired to do it !