Kultur Klæsh

Dammit !! Had forgotten all about the stores that close at 5 and the ones that close all together cuz they're on vacation for two weeks and the banks that don't take money and don't have ATMs and the restaurants that only do takeout and the stores that don't have what you want and wont order it for you cuz it's too much trouble !! Don't get me wrong ... I'm still happy to be here , just that it's gonna take some getting use to ! Got quite comfortable with the Hong Kong ways over the last half year and had completely forgotten all about the Copenhagentownian ways !

Tomorrow ? Maybe some Alternate parallel universe special under cover super secret tattooing ... Just maybe ! But don't tell anyone ... It's secret !


Alternate visions

Just landed in this Alternate parallel universe which just so happens to looks a lot like Copenhagen !!

More Ploggables asap !!
Stay fresh !



On my way out tomorrow morning ! Off to a parallel universe for a few days ! I will be able to Plog and answer non work related e-mails but since I'll be in a parallel universe , I will be impossible to find !!
I'll be back in our known universe , more specifically at the Conspiracy inc. in Copenhagentown Denmarkia on the 2nd of August at the crack of 2 (pm) !! If you so happened to be dropping by that area at that time and had an extra double espresso (black/black) with you ... Please don't hesitate to drop by and say hi !!

More posts as soon as I arrive to this parallel dimension , until then ... Stay awesome !!

P.s. I hope you all did your tattoo viewing push-ups ... Cuz it looks like I'll be hella busy as soon as I get back !!

Good & bad news ...

Well ... The bad news is ... (it's always better when you tell the bad news first) ... That I completely missed , for the first time in the last 3 years , the ever so wonderful best show on Earth ... The San Diego Comicon ! Don't laugh !! It makes me very sad ... I've been going for the last few times and I just couldn't make it this weekend ! And as anyone who ever made it there would tell you , it's the best show on Earth (for those of you who like cool stuff that is) I find myself very sad missing out on my yearly geek-o-thon convention !!

The good news however , is that I also missed this year's love parade !! Not that I ever went or would ever go to such an event (Ever !!) but the inevitable fact that I wasn't there this year in particular is even more good news for me !!

On these words of wisdom ... Good night and I'll hopefully have something a bit more entertaining to Plog about tomorrow !!


How it all works!

Yep yep ! Back to the countryside already !

Was just a short spontaneous visit , however I seemed to have missed a few hangout opportunities ... I'll be back , fo sho !
Now , and for the next few days ... Some last "nature" time before I leave once again ! I have , as it turns out , spent just about a month here in this hostile , unpredictable , "natural" environment ! And I have studied it very carefully ! Paying attention to every detail unfolding before me and learning about these mysterious "natural" ways ! And I have understood ! True story !! I now understand how it all works ! You guessed it ... Here's a new factual facts post to enlighten you all , this time about the "nature" !! Here's how , I now understand , a tree actually grows ! Unfolding before you the actual true workings of this "nature" thing !!!

OAK A56 -
From Section 2B:

True story ! Yep ... Trust me on this one ... I'm surrounded by these "trees" and I know what I'm talking about !

Stay informed and Plog ya right back !!!
P.s. Top picture with no Photoshop ... Magic hour before a storm -Was actually even a bit more yellowy orange than that "live" !


Paris for a few days ...

... Just trying to re acquaint myself with the civilized world ! Wouldn't want to come back to Copenhagen and be all uncivilized and stuff !! After just about a month in the boonies ... One needs to reach out to his fellow humans and learn to embrace coexistence ! That or be very miserable !! I just learnt there was 6.8 Billion of us now !! Granted my numbers (6 billion) where a little old (Quit school rather young) but still !! I didn't think it was going that quick !! So 7 soon then ?! Probably exponential too ! We already barely have enough resources as it is to not maintain our way of life !! "Not" because I'm thinking of everyone here !!

Anyways , so yeah ... Few days in town ! Back to the countryside tomorrow but for a few days only ! After that , I will disappear in a parallel universe, nowhere to be found (specially for anything related to tattooing) only to reappear , back behind my beloved Conspiracy desk in Copenhagentown on Monday the second of August !

Oh and don't worry ! They do have internet in the parallel universe I'll be going to so you can expect the regular Ploggings !! No worries !


More flashbacks ...

Another page from the sketchbook ... Forgotten behind ! This one from way back in January , when I had just moved over to Hong Kong !!

Not much to Plog about nowadays ... Doodling a bit but mostly just chilling in France with the family and preparing for my Scandinavian return ! Soon enough I tell ya , soon enough I'll be back in Copenhagentown , settled in a bit better and able to dive right back in and start painting again !! Oh yeah ... And do some of that tattoo stuff I do too !! I don't think I'll be posting finished tattoos on the blog anymore though ! Just the "in progress" ones from now on ! For the finished pieces , you'll have to go on the site I'm afraid !! Apart from that ... I'm well overbooked again with a lot of awesome new projects (Lots of illustration projects but loads of new awesome tattoo projects as well) ... You'll see ... All in good time !

A few Paris shots tomorrow perhaps ? Who knows ??


Dreams of Vientiane ...

Absolutely !

Looking back at the sketchbook lately , I realized there was a few pages left behind ! Pages with doodles I had almost finished but left for later to finish finish and just never got the time to go back to !! Here's one of my favourite pages from Vientiane , doodled on my last trip over to Lao , back in April ! Just a few lines were missing so ... I just finished them ! I love this one ... Pretty much almost exactly that street corner ! I never usually draw in front of anything but rather look at it real good and then doodle it later ! Makes it pretty impossible to make an exact scene but pretty damn close ! It's a great visual memory exercise and anyways , the reason I draw is not to reproduce what I see but how I see it ! Hope you like !

Rock !


HTML zombie ...

Still in the boonies !

The day's update ...

Been webbing all day ! True story ! Been awesome ... No not really but well needed ! I've started a long overdue web-site redux of Electricpick.com ! Big clean up . Haven't started filling it up with the new stuff yet but just getting rid of all that older material took long enough ! It feel's fresher already !! New calendar , new news , new links are up ... Just waiting for my web dude to update my addresses and it'll be ready to load up with tones of new stuff at anytime !

Then ... I guess I didn't have enough HTMLing for one day ... So I decided now was as good a time as any to redux the Electric Pick Ture Box as well ! Yep ! Fresh new look and a giant clean up ! So it's now just about ready to receive all the new projects I have in store for the next few months !! Let me know what you think ! There's nothing to really browse or anything but it does look much better !!

And last update of the day ... About this book business , questions have been asked !

The book's title (yes like on the cover a few posts bellow) is: ELECTRIC PICK TURE BOOK 05/06 The sad but true end of sammy flügen and other tales from beyond! Yes , I like long titles !! It'll be a 264 page brick of absolutely awesome paper ! First run will be soft covers with a limited edition (100) , hand signed , hand numbered and hand doodled hard cover version too ! Gomineko press is the publisher of this chunk of awesome and all this will be available first on Gomineko's web-site and Amazon , followed by a bunch of deals with diverse distributors all over the world ! So you might also find it at your local book store too ! Oh and I'll have some too ... And lastly I still have no idea of how much this brick will cost once for sale !! Anything else ? Oh yeah , it's going to the printers in November (Gotta wait my turn) and will be available just in time for Christmas . I'll update you all when I get news of the process !

Booyah !

Plog ya right back tomorrow ! Now if you don't mind ... I'll just close my overworked computer for a while !!
Stay awesome !


Tank parade !

Today is , indeed tank parade day for us people !

Happy tank parade day !!

And now for some news from the front >>>>>

1-I Have , officially finally , found some accommodating accommodation on the rainy island kingdom of Denmarkia ! Not without stressing for two months , if I might add !! I really hope the recession makes it to Scandinavia by the time I have to do this flat hunting busyness again ! Shitty little flats in shitty little hoods going for thousands of Euros a month with a 5 month deposit upfront , disappearing in a few hours , is not cool !! You guys need to be hurting a little more in this time of global economic hurt ! Not cool I tell ya !! It however means that the plan is going according to plan ... No tattoo appointment will be pushed back and the calendar stays as is !! Good news for all you traveling homies !

2-Exact dates and calendar for the next few months will be posted asap !! And also some more facts on this book busyness too (i.e. when and how) !!

3-I just saw the Cove ... I'm sad now !

Plog ya right back tomorrow !
Stay housed !



Ladies and gentlemen ... In today's Plog-post , a book cover preview and answers to a few very pertinent questions asked as of late !!

Here's a sneak peek at what will most likely be the cover of my super awesome book !! I'm 99 percent sure about it all except for alignment and if that remote thing should be there at all ! I'll keep playing with it (and the back part of the cover) until I have to send it all to the printers in a few months !! Have a look !! Let me know what you think !!

Yeah ... I like messy !

And now for the answers part of this post ... Here are a few :

1-(to Mister Monster Sid) : I use pencils less and less nowadays except when I'm traveling ... Much easier to carry around and set up than a full acrylics kit !! These are most of all Prismacolors ... Check them out !!

2-(to Mister Nic) : Worry not , my good friend !! I miss it a lot and will be back there soon enough !!

3-(to Miss Mathilde) : Come on down ... You're always welcomed !!

4-(to Mister Igl) : Well no buddy ! Crewing a Zorgon interceptor/hunter-destroyer tripod is a lot of work my friend !! No time to play ! Lots must be conquered and/or destroyed !!

5-(to Mister B. Newman) : A very good question indeed ! But yes , you're absolutely right , it just so happens that these machines of ultimate destruction are almost all entirely crewed by Female Zorgon warriors , how very intuitive of you ! As for what they look like ... I can only imagine >>>

Stay focused !!
And to all my compatriots out there ... A tous , une merveilleuse fête nationale !!

Plog ya right back tomorrow for my annual tank parade post !


Bows and arrows against the Zorgon !!

Dear Plog followers ... A factual fact post for you today !

In the last few weeks , I have received an overwhelming amount of e-mails asking me "Nick ! Nick !! What does the inside of the head of a Zorgon interceptor/hunter-destroyer tripod look like ??" I had previously sent people to search the no doubt huge database of information the internet must have on this very popular subject ! However , after searching myself for the said information , have surprisingly found very little data ! So here it is ... By popular demand and for your visual education !! The answers to all your questions regarding the insides of a Zorgon interceptor/hunter-destroyer tripod's head ... For your viewing pleasures !

If you have any other questions , please don't hesitate to ask ... I'm always happy to enlighten !

Stay informed and Plog ya tomorrow with some sweet book action sneak peeking !



So yeah ! Change is always good ! Right ? ... Not sure ... Let's see if I get used to this GREEN or not !! Until then here's a shot I just got from super miss Jo-Tam , homegirl and talented young graphic designer/photographer from Hong Kong ! I very rarely have shots of me ... And when I do , I rarely post them ... oh well ! Here's me at the secret cafe in Mong Kok about 3 months ago !

Maybe some doodles tomorrow ... Maybe some factual facts about this FINISHED book ? Who knows ??



True story !

Still playing around with one or two details on the cover but the rest is done done and done !

Booyah !

More about that and about other extraordinary adventures tomorrow !


Dirty cat ...

Just a quick post between two book pages ! Just wanted to post this up ! My version of the Gomineko (my very patient publisher) dirty cat logo for my book !

"Dirty ? What's dirty about it ?" One might ask . Well ... what do you think this cat's using his X-ray goggles for ? Hah !

Plog ya soon soon !! Until then ... Back to work !


Dreams of Bangkok ...

Indeed !

Had to take a bit of a book making break today ! Will most likely be done with that tomorrow but just had to have a bit of a doodle day !! It's been more than a month since I last had a doodle day and that's just not right ! I usually draw every day ! So the ideas keep accumulating and accumulating and for my own sanity ... I just had to get some of that doodle steam out !

For some reason I've been thinking of my last trip to Thailand lately ! Not that it was that incredible (Macau and Lao (part of the same trip) where way more impressive for me) but something about the colours ! Thailand is special because of it's colours ! Kind of like a beginners course to India ... I can only imagine ! Crazy bold colours everywhere ! Yep ... Been thinking of India too lately ! Oh well ...

As for today ... Some dreams of Thailand , will have to do ! Happy doodle viewing ! I think I like this one !!

Plog ya right back tomorrow with most probably the last book making post !!!! Can't wait !

Stay colourful !



I figured it out !

Silly me ! No parallel dimension busyness but rather simply the countryside ... Normandy , to be precise ! Who could have thought ?

Been taking advantage of the indisputable fact that I am completely and utterly cut off from all form of civilization to ... Well ... Do not much ! Taking it easy ! Bit of a short break !! Apart of course from entire days spent behind my trusted computer , finishing up this ... Yep , this book , Nothing much else to worry about is very nice ! So yeah ... I'll be doing this for a bit longer so ... I'm sorry to say there most probably won't be anything crazy rad awesome to Plog about till I'm done with this hermit thing ! Worry not however , only taking a break , getting ready to jump back in soon enough ! As soon as I get back to Copenhagen ... Expect a lot of awesome Ploggables and mad adventures !! Much , much is planned for the other half of this great year ! Hope I can fit it all in !!

Stay awesome , enjoy the weather if it's nice where you're at and you can expect a "It's done !!" book post any day now !!