Café sketching !

Café sketching is very good for ya !! For all the artists out there , this is one single thing which is gonna get ya productive ! Being in a public environment yet have your own bubble , visual breaks just by looking up , coffee , and good people (where applicable) , is without a doubt , one of the best tricks out there to get you moving on your sketchbook and produce stuff you wouldn't usually do !! I do it a lot when I travel but doing it at "home" is as nice !! Words of wisdom , right there !!! It also happens to be what I've been doing for the last few days , at my hood's rockin' spot !! Here's some of the day's doodles !!!!

Also in the day's doings >>>> My porn pusher found me some little marvels .... To paint on , of course ! Pervs ... All pervs !! The deal with the cool chick store I last talked about is still rollin' ! Just a few usual delays , but still in the works !! And finally ... Last day of chilling >>>> Back at the office tomorrow for a two week/hella-booked/crazy tat-a-thon ! So if you happen to be one of those people who like that tattoo thing , stay tuned for lots of it !!!

Later , nudie zine huggers !

Passe-partout !

Another one out the door !

Mmmmm... Cloudhugging !!

With secretly added weather machine ! To make the clouds , obviously !! Or else this piece would make no sense whatsoever and be ridiculous !! If you have clouds ... They have to come from somewhere !!! Anyways .... Looks good all framed up and fancy !!

In other news >>>> Mmmmm ... Some more of the finer things in life !!!

Breakfast of champions !! Damn right there's an egg in my burger !

Take care and plog ya tomorrow !! And for all you Roskildians ... Have fun !!!


Sunday ...

Am getting used to this chilling out with friends and accomplishing absolutely nothing productive thing ! Won't last but up to now it's been nice for the last few days ... I'll eventually go crazy and start thinking of everything I could be doing , instead of this Guinness , coffee , ice cream , cake and Guinness and hanging out with friends all over town , thing !!

More stuff and stuff tomorrow as I get back into production mode !!

Until then ... Love the cake !


Cake lovin'

Cake , is , very lovable ... Wouldn't you say ?

Day's doodle !!

Second day in a row of doing ... Well ... Not much ! Kinda nice ! A bit of zero-production days before the storm !! A good storm , of course but still a storm of a trip ! The first in a new season of super trips !! Lots of firsts on this trip , let's say ! Starting on the 13th of July and up until the 8th of September ... Make sure to keep an eye on the Plog once in a while ! Lots of one-shot tattoo-action , doodles of all sorts , crazy adventures (Secret stuff ... no no , I won't say anymore) and just cool shots of anything I'll be able to take a shot of !! Should be a sweet trip !

Also in the news of the day >>>>> Lucky Mr. Jason Stephan scored one of these from Mr. Jesse Smith for his birthday , a few weeks ago !!! K K Ka-ching !! These two , must have , undeniably ... Awesome good taste , wouldn't you agree !! Happy Birthday Mr. Stephan !!

More tomorrow ... Until then >>> ROCK !!


Chez Wookiee !

Today's tattoo adventures happened at ... Chez Wookiee ! The best coffee in town !!!
Here's what happened ... Harbour Jon came back for some harbour colour !! Bluegrey all over , he said !! Who am I to say no !? So bluegrey all over he got !! It's not the best picture of this super half sleeve but it'll do for now ! You know the routine ... Half healed / half fresh is bad for the camera ! But I'm sure you can figure this one out !!!

Final session in October !!! Until then ... You'll have to look at this shot !

Bluegrey !!

Tomorrow ... ? Some doodles perhaps !! Have been organizing this next big trip for a while now and for some reason it's hella-complicated this time around !! Lots of little parts to this one with stuff I've never done before !! But I think I got most of it covered by now ... I think !? This one's gonna be a blast !! But am still always scared of forgetting something !! And among many many other reasons , that's when my buddy Jesse comes in handy !! He has a magic bag with everything in it !! It's true !! You don't believe me ? You'll see ! And like yeah ... EVERYTHING !!! Best travel buddy ever !!

Until then ... I'll be bracing myself for a month or two of Michael mania and over coverage of his life and how he invented everything and was the greatest ever !! A few long months , if ya ask me !! That's when it comes in handy to not have a TV !!

Later skaters and stay bad !!


Robot of the day !

At the office today ...

This giant machine of destruction dropped by for a final shot of colour and extra blending !! You'll have to wait a few months for me to be able to take the final shots of this demolition machine !! For now ... You get the flashy bits and the weird angle shots ! It'll have to do ! Robot-man's anger unleashed !!!

RRAAaaaaa ....

Also in the news of the day >>>>>>

-Today's Allan's birthday (that guy I work with at the shop) Happy birthday buddy !!!

-SPECTRE's main operatives are starting their Summer vacation months next week so much less spy work for me !!!

-"CHE" Is a super movie !! 2 thumbs up from the Electric Plog !!

Keep rockin' and stay safe out there !! A storm is a comin' on the rainy island kingdom tonight !!


Crack birds !

Welcome to now !

Ran , shipped stuff , payed bills and managed to doodle a bit too , today !!


Once again , lots was started and not much finished ... Many abandoned sketches that will most probably never be finished ! Forgotten in a big pile (really big pile) of abandoned sketches ! Sketches that could have been but never will be !!! Ahhh ... True story ! However , a few made it till an acceptable and reasonable end ! Here's one of them ... Another page in the sketchbook !

Crack bird !!

More tomorrow !! Until then , don't talk to crack birds !! It's bad for you !



Off we go ...

A long day of running around town and taking care of business ! Ya know !? Boring stuff ! However not very interesting ... Much was accomplished !

I promise a more interesting blog for tomorrow with doodles and such !


Weather devices ...

... They're pretty cool ! At least I seem to think so !!

Ok ... It's late now ! Plog ya tomorrow , with more doodles and cool shots !

Stay real again !


Manufactured doom !!

As promised ... Friday's day at the office !!

Brown Vs Bluegrey !? Bluegrey wins (Yes , I've just decided you could write it that way ! Blue + grey = Bluegrey ! It's official !! That's how smart I am ... Invent new words like all the time ! Rock !!) So yeah ! Bluegrey it was ! Background colour (Murky sky) will end-up red or at least red-ish ! So should all give a sweet colour punch , once it's all done ! Next session in Rotterdam in September ! Keep an eye then ... This is gonna be a super piece !!

Pipe heaven !!

In other news ... Just sent a few CD's with a bunch of pictures all around the world (The tattoo magazine world) so might see some in a quality publication near you ! Thought it had been a while !

Tomorrow , I promise a good shot of the last "Lost princesses" piece all framed and perty !!!

Now ? ... Doodle time !

Stay real !

Weekend stuff !!

Just a bit of a quick post to say I haven't had time to post !!!

Been a busy weekend ! But will find a few minutes tomorrow night to let yall know what happened on Friday's day at the shop !!

In the mean time ... Happy birthday , Yellow pants !! My last piece is getting framed as we speak and I can't wait to see it !!! And finally ... Congratulations , South Africa !!

Post ya tomorrow with some pictures too !

Rock !


Raspberry might !

At the office today ...

Final round with this mermaid leg !! We finished it up in about 1 and a half hour and the shots look pretty good for a half healed half fresh piece !! Some final pictures in a few months , when I get back from my next adventures !!!

Oh and thanks a lot for all the love the new piece has been getting (The illustration bellow) !! I think I love it lots too !!! It's always hard to say at the beginning ... But I think I really love this one !! Hope the NAmericans will like it as much !! I'll post a picture of it all framed up as soon as I can right before I pack it and send it to the new world !!! Me and my framing wizard have been bending the rules of framing time and framing space a bit and are convinced of a perfect way to make this pretty bunch of lost astronaut princesses look even better !!!

Time will tell !

Tomorrow ?? Miles of pipes get some colour action !



So perty !!

Almost had a heart attack !! Had given 2 weeks worth of days off to work on it and only managed to get started on it at the very last chance !!! Waisted so much paper in the last two weeks !! Nothing was good enough ! But like a good friend says ... It doesn't matter if ya had a month or an hour to get it done ... You would have only managed at the last minute !! Pressure power ?? Steam cooker ??

Now comes the race against time to get it framed and shipped before Saturday !! Let's see how that goes !

This what you're getting , Adam ! Hope ya like it !

Tomorrow ? Some underwater -mermaid-magic tattoo action ! Maybe if she falls asleep , I'll finally get to tattoo stars all over her face !!!!



Nothing to declare !

(true story)

Been hard at work all day (few last days actually) on that piece for that US show thing ... Not gone well this week either , but tomorrow's the last day I got for it and I think I got something !! I'll be posting it tomorrow night ! Got to have it done by then !!! So if I don't post anything tomorrow ... It means I'm in trouble !!!!

Laters !


Skank-onaut !

And to finally end this catching-up action that's been going on lately ...

... Here's the final installment of last weeks business !! [part fünf] ... aka Saturday at the office !

Now now ... Don't get all excited !! You should be warned !! I don't do cover-ups anymore !! I did way to many of them for about 9 years and gave up !! So damn depressing !! You can never do your best work !! You always have to concede to the piece that was there before and it never ends up being an awesome piece !! Just ... Way better than before ! And well ... If I tattoo it's not to help people ! But to make cool looking pieces ! The less concessions in the way , the better the piece ! So after my millionth cover-up , I decided to stop ! Laser's way street now-a-days anyways !!

However , I was fooled !!!! By my memory , my infallible memory ... Failed me ! I forgot it was a cover-up when I booked it last year through e-mails ! Showed up and reminded me ... Ouch !! Came from far too !! Damn ! Well , you know what they say - Rules exist only because people break them !! So ... He got lucky ! And after drawing and hurting my head on this doodle for a while , we managed a cool result !!! Here it is in 3D !!

Red & Black (You know the drill)

And in lines and black ...

NICE indeed !!! Been a while since I did a space-skank !!!! Looking fine ! Wait wait wait till you see the colour on this one !!

Quote of the day:"Oh nice , Nick ! I finally have a space skank on my arm !" Rock !

Keep it real out there and expect some illustration soon !! Enough of this tattoo thing !

Laters !!


NOW - Get busy !

Yesterday's news today [part quattro] ... (Friday at the shop)

2 more tat-related businesses in the house , last Friday ! First , straight down from Oslo , the cannibal horror island piece , aka the dreadful end to the many adventures of Bib and Klein (Just came up with those names !! I know they rock) ! Once again ... Not the best shots ever !! Half healed and half fresh + We had done all of the black last time so we covered it all with some crazy colours on this last session >>> Therefore , the black looks grounded and the piece way too colourful !! So keep an eye out on this island piece in the months to come for shots of this colour all healed and the black back out again !!! Here's a bunch of close-ups I managed for your eyes to see !!

Rock !!

Number 2 >>>>> A long awaited final photo shoot of the very anticipated robo-lab/skank-nurse wonder sleeve : Wookiee's pride !!! With no further delay ... Another sleeve in the bank ! Behold !

Marvelous !!! Pure AAAaaawesome !

More later while I try to get done with this catching up thing !! Till then ...

... ROCK !


C C Catching up !

Right on right on ... This never ending week just finally ended about 10 minutes ago !! Now ... The time to have a pint and contemplate the week's done deeds !!

Yesterday's news today [part tres] ... ! (More like Thursday's news actually , but who's counting ?)

So with no further delay ... Here we go ! This last Thursday's tat-action-reaction was good and plenty (sorry ... Have been listening to all of the Beastie Boys albums on shuffle all week ... Might be a few of their lines popping up randomly) ! First things first , these two pieces dropped by for some touch-up action ! Forgive the not so great shots , tattoos that are half fresh and half healed are hard to shoot !! Here's part one of the said day ! Boooya !

Birds is a happy !!

Squid should be too !

A few hours worth ... A tad bit here and a tad bit there !! Before you know it ... You're all good to go ! Nice ! ... NEXT !

Number two >>>>> Damsel in distress indeed ! 3 hours worth for the fancy shmancy dress and the said chick ! Have a look at this ever brightening piece !! Happy that part got done , it was starting to itch !

She's gonna have a hard time getting out of that mess !!!

What's another word for pirate treasure ?? Why I think it booty ... Booty ... B b booty

Stay tuned for some double Plog action tomorrow with more of those t t tattoos ... Lots to catch up ! Now , however , I believe it's time to get ill !

Rock !


Yesterday's news today [part deux] ! ... (Well more like last Wednesday's news actually)

Ok ok ok ... Let's get this show on the road already !!!

Got myself 5 posts worth of tattoos and news all saved up and no time to post them in !! Been quite crazy hectic lately and ... Yes ... I have had no other choice but to bend space and time itself to be able to Plog a bit tonight !! So ... Am truly sorry if your TV blew up or your memories have been partially erased by the enormous electromagnetic field unleashed by the said procedure , I just really had to blog !! I'll try not to do it too often !!!

Here goes Wednesday's workings !!! A new piece was started ... Kinda like if Shanghai or HK had a little Denmarktown !! A stretch of the famous Nansensgade street with a sky reaching megapolis as a backdrop !! And yes ... A couple of spies in the city too !!! Here ya go !

More on this one in September when we get to start some colour action !!! Def. most of it will be dirty-olive-green with some Pink here and there !! Kinda like the pink cat factory !!!

Keep an eye out !!

Also in Wednesday's news >>>>>>

Behold the magnitude and total awesomeness !!

Now , the Conspiracy is finally complete and fully Barista functional !!! Have already started measuring for a tube line from the Barista to my station in the back for direct infusions ! Saves time !

More more more soon !! (Promise) Don't wanna give it all up at once but also in a hurry to catch up , so might be more than one Plog a day in the days to come !!

Oh ! And since everybody seems to like these pieces so much ... Here's another one !



AAAaaaaa !

AAA aaaa ...

Found the wire but No time to Plog !!!! AAAaaaaa !
Mad crazy hectic last few days indeed !!

Will bend space and time it self tonight if I have to !! Have about 4 tattoo posts waiting to get plogged !!

Later , patient Ploggers !!



Yesterday's news today [part one] ! ... (Kinda)

Must apologise for the no-plogging , but the last few days have been pretty hectic days indeed !!

Finally found a few seconds to post and just realised I forgot my Usb line for my digital camera at home !! Damn this technology shmecnology !! I can fill an entire backpack with wires and adapters and chargers and all other related wire mad devices needed to use my crap !! I've most probably ranted about this before , I'm sorry , but damn ... I would pay good money for some sort of universal adapter charger thing !!!! Would be great !

I'll post yesterday's tat-shots (a new half sleeve was started) later tonight !!

In the mean time , however , I'll update you on a few things and answer a few more things !!

1: The "Porn pieces" I've been doing for the last few days aren't really for sale ! I appreciate the luv they've been getting but they'd be pretty hard to sale ! The girls , them selves are painted on the originals and pretty fragile and the backgrounds are Photoshopped scanned textures ! I will , however , most probably include a few of them in a postcard batch as soon as I can get the whole batch of postcards together (September) !!

2: Mediums I use for the said pieces is the same as I use for any other piece ... Anything I can get my hands on !! I must admit , however , they're much harder to work on than even the newspaper pieces ! The paper they're printed on is , apart from being 50 years old , very thin and weirdo-glossy !!

3: I'm almost done with a most probable super deal with a local Copenhagen cool chick store !! Will be selling a bit of my crap there but more importantly will (if the deal works out) be working with them on some cool new chick stuff for the store and therefore for the EPTB too !! So for all the cool girls out there that might be interested in such things ... Keep an eye on this Plog around next week for more super exciting news about this !!

Much more super rock'n news , shots and tats tonight , after this day at the office which I suspect of wanting to be a very long one !!!

Plog ya in a bit !



Red cruiser

Good day to all !

Well ... Today I drew lots , so that's good ! Doodles mainly , once again ! I don't know why I have a hard time with this particular deadline (the Us show one) ? I'll figure it out eventually , I'm sure ! But for some strange reason ... Nothing's good enough ! Oh well , maybe tomorrow !

However , in today's news , I bought about a pound of porn !!

... (Silence) ...

Now you're most probably thinking -Nick !? Why are you telling us this ? A tad bit too much information , don't you think ??
But hold your horses there for a second !! What I mean is ... I got my hands on a pound of awesome "Collector" old school (60's -70's) men's magazines !! So "Very soft" stuff indeed and a definite culture clash !! Anywho ... The main purpose of having these is obviously , to draw on them , perverts !! Have a look !

Rock !!

I love mixing pictures and drawings !! Always have !! Should do a window soon !!!! It's been forever since I've done one of those !!

Ok ! Might post some more later !! Until then keep rock'n !


(It's later now) Here's another one .....

Ok ... Ciao !


Coper mad ...

From the C.C.H.Q. today ...

This little astronaut princess is lost , I believe !!

This and many many other doodles were started today ! Nothing useful like that piece I actually have to do ... But lots none the less ! Been into shiny paint lately ! The dry brush around her and that middle part of her astronaut princess suit thing are painted with coper paint ! The scanner doesn't obviously pick it up so imagine it to be very shiny ! Electric Klimt , indeed !

More doodles tomorrow , as I try again to get something done for that show ! The deadline is coming at me and all I can manage is to destroy acres of perfectly good forest (Waste of paper) !! Wish me luck with that and I'll plog ya with the step by step process tomorrow !

Oh ! Almost forgot ...

As previously promised ... My comparison of a referendum on the rules of a monarchy !! A.k.a. Medieval space travel !!

Take care out there ... And once again , if you happen to be one of them very cool and awesome peeps who have ever bought one of my prints or one of my originals recently or a while back ... Send me a picture of it framed up in it's new natural environment !!! Would be nice to post them up on the plog ! pick@electricpick.com

You rock !

Laters !

P.s. Absolutely , dear Anonymous ... Everything that's not in my sketchbook is for sale and that sub is not in my sketchbook so it can be yours ... Not cuz I love money and stuff but rather cuz I'm always broke ! pick@electricpick.com


This beautiful dream I have !

Thought all week about what and how I was gonna write today's politico-plog ! Truth is I came up with a lot of good stuff but all of it always ended up being like 3 pages long and well ... I won't do that to ya ! Just not how I roll ! Can you imagine 3 pages of text without a picture !?!? Not cool !

So I'll keep it brief , spare you all what I think about these here elections we're all getting this week (EU peeps) ! But I'll say this ... Please vote constructively !!! Whether you go right , you go left or you go green ! Whether you wanna centralize or liberalize , please vote constructively ! Whether you think it's all going in the right or wrong direction , vote constructively !!! Voting for someone who wants out is essentially voting for someone who will work against a process organized to represent us all and fix the many needs we all have !! I'm obviously a Europhile or Euro-lover or Euro-fanatic or whatever the therm is now ... I won't tell you how I think this beautiful union is one of the best things ever produced on this continent and far beyond and how well ... As difficult as we all are , it is democratic ! So please vote ... Please vote constructively to make it what you think it should be !

Also in the political news today ... Something much more amusing , to me at least !! There's a referendum up here in the rainy island kingdom (Denmarkia) ! Yep ! And people are gonna vote about maybe changing some of the rules about the Monarchy between the blue blooded boys Vs the blue blooded girls !! Which , I apologize in advance , I cannot stop comparing to wanting to make a spaceship out of wood !! I know it's a silly analogy but I can't help it !! Cuz , I'm sure we could manage it with today's technology , however , it be much easier if we just used more contemporary materials like metal and fancy shmansy plastics and whatever it is they build space shuttles with !

I'll draw it !

Next week starts tomorrow , I think !? I've always had a hard time with the office calendar ! But lots of doodles and holy molly , lots of tattooing too !!!

Stay safe and ... Show your colours !


Yesterday's pizza ...

... Was today's doings !

First news of the day ... The space bear (the one with the ray gun) dropped by today for some touch-ups ! We did about 5 minutes worth of it , wrapped it up and then I completely forgot to take a picture !! Silly me ! Now now ... He'll be back when it's all healed and not so bloody for a final shot !!! Until then ... You'll just have to trust me !

Second news of the day ... Niels dropped by for an other shot on the "consumer madness" sleeve !! It apparently had been quite a while (or so he presumes) since I had given him a spot in my calendar ... But I refuse to believe it ! Even if it's true !! We were gonna finish the whole thing today but ... Niels had other plans ! We managed to get that spot , under your arm , all done and finished though !!! A P P Pizza !! That's right ! Yesterday's or maybe even a while before that ... It looks a bit green !

Beautiful colours , that's for sure !!!!! More on this sweet sleeve when I get back from my next NAmerican adventures !!!!

Also in the news >>>>> The official count of people who have totally burnt their tattoo beyond recognition (before the said piece has been completely finished) in the space of a few weeks of Summer is now 3 ! Nothing hurts my tattoo-feelings quite like it so ... Stay away from the sun or stay away from me till you turn white again and we survey the damage !!!!

Stay safe and tomorrow , I get to start on that piece for that art show somewhere in the States !! More on that tomorrow + some more politics .... I gots to !!!

Rock !


20 years ago , today !

Now don't get me wrong ... I really love China and am in no way a blind advocate of democracy ! Like the saying goes , I truly believe that "Democracy is the worst form of government , except for all the others!" I do believe , however , in responsible governments ! Weather it be an elected president , a king or a party chairman , a people's administration works for these people and should act accordingly ! What happened all over China in Spring of 89 was a movement for change led by the students but supported by the people of China from all walks of life and from all over the country and the way it was stopped by the then Chinese administration is a crime of the most ruthless kind ! The people responsible for it , Deng Xiaoping , his army of supporting golden age generals and politicians , all the people between this governing body and the guns that fired on the students who supported this ruthless action should be remembered as the one's responsible and should be remembered as such for a very long time ! However still , anybody who acted or directed in the disinformation campaign that followed and is still very alive today should also be held accountable ! There is nothing worst than not knowing and the lies that followed were almost as destructive as the acts that were perpetrated all over China on that day in June ! Still today the disinformation campaign continues ! The last , very scary comments on the subject , from HK Governor Donald Tsang prove this disturbing fact ! China will never be able to come to terms and turn the page on this disturbing fact of it's history until it can know what really happened !

When a peoples administration choses to kill it's own citizens by the hundreds to shut them up ... However much time passes and whether dead or alive , the people responsible must one day face the blame !

BBC's timeline ...
IHT ...
NSArchive ...
Wiki ...
Youtube ...

Enough grim for today ! More doodles later tonight !


In the workshop !

Welcome to all !

Today's doings , among other things , include some tat-action tat-making ... A new piece was started today and here it is ! You see ... This little girl would rather stay in her room and make her own contraptions than go outside and play !! She makes her own toys !! This is her room/workshop and a few of her latest creations !! Whatever you do , don't bother her when she's at work !

First some red & black ! You know the routine ... Red for me / black for her !

Then just about 4 hours of scratches , lines and a bit of black !!

The light's pretty sweet ! Love to do environments without cheating the light too much !!! Wait till you see the colour on this one ! It'll be a little masterpiece !!

Until then , drop by again tomorrow if you're bored ... A new piece might get started too !!

I'll spare ya the day's politics but I doubt you'll be so lucky tomorrow !!!!

Laters !


You-boatics !

Another one ... Can't help it !

A new addition to my current submarine thing ! This one , however , I've dissected for your understanding pleasure ! I just really love making these silly "fake-technical" drawings of anything , really ! And I don't really know if it was just my books when I was a kid or if everyone had them but there used to be these books with technical illustrations about how things work and stuff ! They would show the insides of things , how it all worked and looked inside ! And all of them had this consensus , it seems , to have the edges of the parts that were cut through , painted red ! Is it just me ?? Do you remember these ?? Do they still make them ?? Anywho ... Here's my version of a super technical , full of factual facts , inside look on the very real insides of the HMS VALIANT (S33) ! Wonder why they actually didn't give one that name ?? Vanguard , Victorious , Vigilant , Vengeance ?? I wouldn't personally want to be serving in a nuclear ballistic missile submarine called "Vengeance" ... Kinda grim ! Ok ok ok --- Enough geekness !

Just the day's doodle ! Nothing worth writing home about ! However , this is an English ship so ... The sailor up in front is drinking tee , indeed ! Incase you was wondering !!

No time for silly doodles tomorrow !!! Cuz tomorrow's all about tattoos ! A new one gets started and then maybe a bit of politics too ! Oh and same same for the next few days ... Tattoos and politics ! Not to get you to sleep or anything but this week is hella-political !!

So ... Back to work for me ! Plog ya tomorrow and until then ... A big welcome to the asperatus !


Mission accomplished !!

Forgive my Plog absence ... Just made it back ... All in one piece !

Operation "choke on Snus" was a complete success !! The Swedes and the rest of the free world can sleep soundly again tonight ! The anonymous minions were neutralised and the illegal snus plantations burnt to the ground ! however , Dr. Hårtlycka , the SPECTRE mastermind of the said evil snus growing operation has managed to escape ... Once again ! So keep an eye out !! Evil never ever sleeps !! Not even for a power nap !

Also in the news >>>>> Lots to look forward to this month , indeed ! Got lots to paint and draw , lots to tattoo with a few new pieces in the next few weeks , a book to continue and a few paintings going in shows that I should get started like yesterday !! So once again ... More more more in the days to come !!!

Oh ! And I almost forgot ... Here's something I found in my newspaper today , thought you might like !!

Roboto rules !!!

Plog ya again tomorrow with some more of the day's doings !!!

Rock !