Just trying new stuff ...

Been having fun with this page for a few evenings now ... Don't pay attention to the story ! It's just about trying to fill up and colour with the computer instead of by hand ! I'm not used to it and not sure I would trade it for a full hand painted page but maybe mixing squares might be nice !!

Arrrr ...

This one I just finished 2 days ago ! Should be in the next NTM zine ... Been doing more of these black and white with one colour backgrounds lately ... Kinda like those old illustrations inside men's magazines in the 40's and 50's ... For some reason they were all in black and white ( I guess cause it was cheaper to print ) and one colour ... Red used to be the thing back then and more often in the back ground only ...

Back to tattooing tomorrow ... A full day of touch-ups ... But Friday I'm doing an other session on the Tv kid !! I'll be posting some of those pics for sure ! It's an awesome piece !!

Later !


And all this time...

... I thought I only had 4 readers to this blog !! It turns out I have at least 5 !! Sweet !

Also just got the news that this issue ( Feb 08 ) of ITA ( International Tattoo Art zine ) is now out on zine-stands ... Check it out I have a thing in it ! I can't see it till we get it up here ! It says " EURO SMASH - The art of electric pick whatever " on it and ... Well ... I have no idea what that means ... Please let me know if you do !! ... Hope it's a good one !! Not too edited and rearranged a bit !! It was written 2 years ago !

Also , today I spent the whole day in Malmø ... Was great ! Should do that more often !

Tomorrow pictures !


Done !

Check out the new stuff ... Just finished the update !!


Web zombie ...

Been working on the new update for my site for the last 5 hours ... It looks sweet but wont be completely finished till tomorrow morning ... So when I said Friday night I actually meant Saturday evening ... Off to bed !



Happy thanksgiving for all yall U.S. kids ... And for all my friends in the States and Canada ... Make sure you get enough Guinness and smokes for tomorrow cuz tomorrow's your Buy Nothing Day !

Mine, for some reason ( international ) is on Saturday ... Don't really know why it's not the same day but yeah ! So sorry but am not selling ya any T-shirts tomorrow !

Laterz !


A long day ...

Tattooed all day today ... Kinda bumed about not being able to paint for the last two days but after tomorrow two more days are waiting for nothing but that ! A pirate themed illustration for NTMzine ... And an add for my buddy in GBG's super pub !! Should be a nice picture too ... And then ... Only maybe... Some comics ... Heh ! 
This is a page from my sketchbook that I really like ... Done in Rotterdam this year ... Just felt like having a picture today ! 

Nothing to declare

Well... Been writing all day ... Stuff and stuff ... Extremely boring ! Had to transfer some of my stuff on paper to the computer and well there's only one way to do that ! So I had been delaying it for ever but if I wanna keep my Friday deadline with the site update I had to do it sooner or later ... So basically no pictures or drawings today .

However ! The brand spanking new Tank girl comic from master Ashley Wood just hit the shelves ( at least here it just did ) and it is absolutely super !!!! Also , if you're in KBH you should go check out this cool gallery/workshop I found a week ago !! Its really nice and they have great stuff to show ! rumkammerat


In the city ...

Music city sleeve I've been working on for a while now ... Today was the 5th session and 3 hours and a half on the shoulder was quite enough for him ! It's still a bit bloody but damn that's gonna look good when it's healed !! Super colours !! I love making full skies ... Bright colours in the sky makes any piece look so much more intense ! Having lots of fun with the buildings too ... Two days of painting and comics ahead ! Always looking forward to that !!

Oh ! And I think friday night is web update night for me ... Just feels like a good day !


All that Voodoo ...

An old favourite piece showed up today ... Did 3 and a half hours on it and got it looking damn good ! To bad he couldn't go for more ... I could almost see the light at the end of the tunnel !! I say 2 to 3 hours left and it'll be good to go ! That green is awesome !! An other colour I don't use ... Except for glowing radiation ish lights and such ... I wonder why we associate that green with radiation ?? Anywho ... That's what I been up to today !!

Tomorrow .... Comics !

Oldies ...

Just found these two in a pile from last year ... They're kinda cool !! They could have become T-shirts but never made the cut !! Maybe I'll use them for something else someday ...

But talking shirts... I just made a deal with a good buddy of mine and found a way to get my merch on the web without all the "paypal & friends" hassles and stuff and stuff ! So I'm saying ... On the first of March the Electric Pupermarket is going online !! That's some good news !! At least for me ... This stuff was starting to irritate me ! So look forward to lots of new crap to buy in March !! Now back to work !


THE ROOM ... 2

Well... Not much comics got finished today !! I , however , found a new gallery that might be cool pretty close by , finished a few pages from the "INTRODUCTION" comic , came up with a super amazing comic/art book idea , discovered how the taser slinging RCMP in Vancouver handles people at airports who get edgy after having to wait 10 hours in a waiting room after their first ever flight ( of 13 hours ) and ask them for help in polish ...

I also discovered that working at home and living in my hood is awesome !! Something I haven't really ever done ... Always working at the shop , 7 days a week from 2 to 2 ! I'm afraid it's gonna get much harder to catch me there randomly from now on ! And here's one of the last pages from the INTRO ...

Oh ! And the picture/painting of the girl with the pink dog ended up in a frame at the DOODLETOWN gallery ... Everything looks damn good in a frame ! Go see it if you're ever in Vesterbro !



Just barricaded myself at home for two days to get some comics done !!! Got myself 2 days worth of guinness cans and smokes and stapled my ass in my super painting room that I never use !! So ... Was supposed to do some new comics or finish some from the "To be finished tomorrow" pile ... ( some stuff in there is from 04 ) ... Anywho ... Sketched a lot but didn't come up with much comic finishing ! Did these two though ... Just having fun painting on pictures I took and printed out on almost good enough paper to paint lately ... Came out alright ... Don't really know if I like them or not ... They're fun to do though ... So let's see what comes out of "the room" tomorrow !!



Something I did for a Halloween themed book , a month or so ago... Didn't know if I should stick it on my web-site or not but I kinda like it ... I still don't know where it'll end up ?

The next update on the site should be soon ... Keep an eye out !



Been working on this one for a week now ! Hope they like it !!!!! Cuz I'm not touching it anymore ! That's it ! No more ! Voila ! But tomorrow I'm back on the "Intro" comic and have like 2 pages left to Psd so ... Should be done !! Off to bed now !


Sad angels and happy robots ...

Been super busy these last few days !!! Working on Yin ts'angs new album cover and trying not to have a stroke from their stupid deadlines !!! Also comics are getting done too , tattooing and other related doings aswell ... So yeah ! In a few days I should have a bunch of new stuff to post here and on my site too ... Workin on the Press part of my site and that should be done this week too ... So before I go back to work check this one I was working on today ...

A classic but a nice one ... As for the happy robot ... Coming soon ... Just a day or two left and the INTRO comic I've been working on should be done ... See ya ... Back to work !




This the last batch of shirts I got done for the Stockholm show 07... There's a one screen cool print on the back too ( white ) ... Come by the shop and check em out , or e-shop your self one through Paypal ( to: pick@electricpick.com ) !

And as usual I'll never reprint them ... See ya !


Enquire at: pick@electricpick.com



Tattoo wise I've been getting a few of these mails lately ... I get them once in a while but lately just a few in a row ... Mails that ask me where I got a certain motif or if this or that tattoo is a reproduction or just people asking me if I do free-hand work sometimes ! Fair questions since I never advertise it and questions that I always answer individually ... But this last mail was just to much for my ego so I decided to make it more public !! So yes ! All the work I do when I tattoo is free-hand and all original from my head stuff ( following general ideas from customers of course )... Haven't touched a stencil since 1998 and have never and never plan to do any reproduction work ! So like I said ... No gloating here !! My ego just had to publicly set the record straight ...

This is what I was working on today ... Stopped 5 minutes into it to take a shot of the free-hand and scratches mess ... And let him go 6 and a half hours of lines later !! Good job trooper Brian !!

... Back to work !



That's right ! It's that time of year again !! The first of November = the international no gnome day and I wish yall a good one ! In other news the box of my last batch of super T-shirts is emptying rather quickly these last few days so ... If you wanted one drop by the shop soon !

And this one I did today ... It's Lauritz the robot ( lower left ) crossing the busy streets of wherever it is he lives ... Comical comic coming verry soon !!!!

Now back to work !