Rib snow and again !

And that's what that is !!

Today's piece is the last one made in Aussieland !! Final work for this vacation and a good 3 hours work ! We did all of the background today and yes !! That's snow !! Had never tattooed snow before and am quite happy of the way it turned out !! Sounds silly but having to plan all these snow chunks ahead makes it a bit challenging !! Still easier than rain , I bet !! That should be my new challenge ... A piece with a rainy scene !! Until then ... Check this one out !!

We had started with all the lines in Copenhagen and now continued it here in Melbourne ... Next session might be in California this Summer or in Hong Kong next Winter !!

So yep ! I'm outta here ! One last night of drinking and watching drunk kids fight and I'm outta here in the morning !! Might have time for a Plog tomorrow though ! Let's see what happens then !!!

And remember all of you out there !!!! Look both ways before you cross the train tracks !!


Jesse Smith said...

Well done Nick! That background rox!

Martin said...

Really awesome piece! Can't wait to see how it turns out!

Anonymous said...

yea that is great excellent b=ground