Good on ya , mate !

Mission accomplished ... The speech was delivered in a suit in front of about 200 people as promised !! Was pretty damn nervous and hot ( Nothing like being in an all black suit and tie and stuff when the mercury popped a +45c ) But after the 20th guy came to hug me in the bathroom afterwards to tell me how he'd loved my speech ... I started to calm down and maybe start accepting that I did ok !! So that's what happened yesterday ! What followed was about 12 pints of Guinness 6 Heinekens and a few shots and dry ounces of the ever so wonderful Makers mark magical bourbon ...

'twas an all around truly awesome party , guys !! Congrats to both of ya and glad yall liked the speech ! The very least of the worst and the very bestest of the better to ya !

Went in without the flash and came up with a few pretty blurry but really nice shots !! Here's one of my favourites !!

Will start the Tat-crunching on Monday and might have some doodles to Plog very soon too !! So stay tuned for that ! And am also slowly making my way through the e-mails from the 25th !! You guys are insane !!! I mean , I'm flattered but ... 78 e-mail requests is insane !!! Everyone should get an answer at the latest by tonight !! And ... Thank you all very much !! All your e-mails are super cool !! So ... Thanks a lot for the huge awesome feedback !!!

You guys rock !!


+45c !

for real !!! And that's not cool anymore !! You hear me , crazy weather !!?? It's not funny anymore !!!!!!

So here I am , in the land of Summer and wondering if "Down under" doesn't actually mean hell !! This weather is something pretty intense !! I mean , I personally am not a big fan of sunny weather and all other related Summery things to start with so this apocalyptic heat is a bit of a discomfort to say the least ! I don't wanna rant about this too much but if any of you have ever experienced a week of + 42 and up , you come to realize that that's it !!! That's global warming , that's what we're all gonna die from !!!!! The greater Melbourne area city hall should really consider investing in some more ozone layer !!!!

In other non-ranting news ... Today's my best friend's big day ! Gonna have to make a speech ... In a suit and stuff !!! That's right , should be interesting ! I'll try to get someone to take a shot or two of that .... For the PLog , should be funny , I know a few people back home who might be wondering what I might look like when dressed up in a non-hobo way , but also cuz I think my darling's interested in that kind of stuff ! Let's see what happens !

Will start scratching in a few days so keep an eye on this here Plog for some Aussie-tat-garoo-action !! And might even have some time to sketch a bit too !!

And now if you don't mind ... I got a speech to go and right !! Take care out there and enjoy your Winter !! No ... really !!!


HHHaaaaattttt !! HHaaaaT stuff !

Landed safe and sound after a long ride !
A long ride indeed ! Have had much longer in the past but for some reason this one was harder !! Never the less , still in one piece !! Word of advice though , if you guys ever go to Australia one of these days ... Try to get a direct flight to where you're going in the said country with no changes once in there !!! The Australian administration is one of the few that are part of the axis of security-crazy border-paranoid countries ( U.s., U.k., North Korea ) !!! The endless queues for immigration punctuated with extra security searches ! Random officers will come and ask you why and what you're planning to do in Australia while you're queueing ( very comfortable ) ! Then there's quarantine ( where they confiscated my favourite "Super hottt chinese peanuts" that I love so ) with scanners and pat-searches and throw in an extra security search for the final !! All together 2 hours worth ... So barely made my connecting flight ... But made it in none the less !!

Forgive me these rantings ... I'll spare you the one about the weather !! I'll just say this ... +43c !!!!! Not cool !!

Everything is nice once you're in ( the country , past customs and indoors with air conditioning ) ! Nice to be back and can't wait for the weather to calm the fck down !!! ( Kaaam daaan ya kaaaant )

If I don't melt to bits ... I'll be posting ya later , from the land of Summer !!!!


Farewell farewell !

That's it that's all for me !! I'm sadly outta here already and on my way out tomorrow !! Once again I didn't have enough time here but I'll be back again , and again , and again ... ! Farewell magical Hong Kong and see ya next year !

Now off to even further !! Next stop ... Melbourne ! Where more needs be done !! Catch yall on the other side !!

To infinity and beyond !!


Holy cow !

To all my homies on this side of the world !! From Beijing to Hong Kong through Shanghai , Seoul and Pusan ! A very happy new year !

First cup ... And 2nd ... And 3rd ...

The day's doodles , were this time , done on a wall !! Here's what I proudly leave behind at my HK breakfast place !!

About 8 hours worth ! Including breakfast and drying time between layers ! Yes ... That's how I spend some of my vacation days !! Oh and guys ! ( past and future wall owners who might end up with some of my doodles on them ) what is it with black walls guys ?? Anyways , pretty happy for a 2 marker , black and white wall paint job ! Hope they like it too !

Now that's pure love , straight from Hong Kong !!

Enjoy the doodles and Plog ya later , coffee gulpers !!

Mao-mazing !!

... That's right ladies and gentlemen !! And I promise you nothing less !!

A sweet piece indeed !! The first finished this year and my Hong Kong done deed for 09 !! None other than the terrifying , the unstoppable , the ultimate doom bringing and chaos imposing contraption !! ... I give you Mecha-Mao-Zilla !!! A nice piece for the folio !!! Beware of his Mini-Mao-Missles and his fire breathing ways !!! The Mecha-Mao-Zilla hasn't met his capitalist match yet !!!

Yesterday's doings ... From 9 to 5 ( Pm to Am , that is ) With a few breaks to talk about which super hero was better than which other included !! We managed to finish this and bring Mr.Ross ( the new owner of the said Mao-marvel ) to his very last breath of tattoo-tolerance !! I also decided to give him the honourable and so sougth-after title of ... Trooper !!! For outstanding behaviour in the face of ultimate tattoo-pain !!!! Not the first one to get this wonderful title in China but none the less ... A proud new member of the club !!

Good job Ross !


Mong kok day out !

An other day in the magical "fragrant harbour" ( HK's official translation ) Here's a day's worth of pictures from hanging out in the global shopping mecca that is Mong Kok ( quarter ) ! It all happened a few days ago but thought one or two pictures should go up here when I last looked at them ... One or two pictures turned out to be a dozen so ... Here's a whole bunch of shots from that sweet day out !! I also realize that I can never resist and my lens always kind of tips up to the building facades and messy signs ! I absolutely love these dirty messy walls !! And the taller the better !! Hope ya like these shots too !!

Causeway bay >>>>> Sham Shui Po !

Market time !!
This shot was one of the quick "on the run" shots I just take without really looking ... Just stretch the arm , point and shoot ! And the colours are absolutely awesome !! Love this one a lot !!
This here is the magic of any Chinese city !! Gold I tell ya !!
This here is what one might find on a random floor of any random building off any random street !!! Plasticky things of all shape , size and colour imaginable !!!! I know , right !! There isin't enough shelf space in the world for all the crap I need to have !!!!!

From the heart of the ultimate city and till the next post , enjoy the day and stay classy out there , Plogboys and Ploggirls !

EP - Out !


Running in HK #2 !!

Some more smoggy harbour shots from yesterday ( taken at 1pm ) !! Been thick lately but even the smog doesn't seem to make me love this place less !! Or even make my new buddy "the Fish Nugget" any less happy ! It's been good times up to now over here and apart from missing my darling very much , I have nothing to complain about !!! This city is still a magical place !!! More photos to prove it in the days to come !

Here's a shot from Miss Julia's leg that we almost managed to finish !!! What can go wrong with pink ?? Nothing , that's right !! A few hours more next year to finish this crazy commie monkey mayhem !!!!

And here's a shot of what happens at the end of the day !! Yes indeed !!! My second ever most favourite bar in the world !!!!

Take care out there my Plog reading buddies and yes ... The Guinness is wonderful everywhere !!

Running in HK #1 !!

Sorry for the Plog break , missed a few days but have been crazy busy lately ! Running around and stuff !! Here I am ... Back at the office of bloggingness with loads to blog !! Since last time I've had a super photo day and am bringing back about a dozen films to get developed !! So it might take a while before you can see them however you should expect nothing less than pure masterpieces !!!! True story !

Here are a few digital shots from a smoggy night in town for your very own viewing pleasure !!

More more and much more to come !! Oh and some tattoo stuff very soon too !!

Hong Kong rocks !!


From the Hong Kong bureau !

First of all !! I'd like to wish a Happy Obama day to all of my NAmerican friends out there ... A very good Obama day to all yall !

But now for something completely different ...
Here's the morning's doodle !!

I guess I've been inspired by the Temple street night market spirit ! Been doodling a few of these lately and think I might just make a really big one as soon as I'm back at the H.Q. !! But right now ... Some tattoo action !! Will try to finish this next one this time ( started it last time I was over in HK ) and post it asap !

Also been busy checking stuff and stuff and I think you guys can start expecting a bunch of prints , shirts and decks very soon ... If you're into that sort of stuff , that is ! Been having some sweet ideas lately !!! But more about this soon ... In the mean time , with a few full picture taking days and a bunch of tattoo action in the days to come , stay tuned for more true plogadventures of me in the Asias to come !



And then ...

... Noodle mecha-madness !

Here's a few shots from the sketchbooks I just managed to take for ya !! Been doodling a bit every day now and got a few more to finish in the next few days so ... More to come !! Been pretty busy lately and getting busier too !!! I love it but I'm also trying to keep this a vacation ! Huh ... See the dilemma ! Anyways , had a short day today but have lots of pictures to come in the next few days so stay tuned for more Plogable adventures of me in Hong Kong !!

But before I run away and try to get a few awesome shots of Mong Kok during magic hour ( official term /time of day when the light hits just right ) ! There is news in the blog world my friends !! Mhm ... That's right ! Something improbable has happened !!! Mr. Jesse Smith has updated his blog !!!!! That's right !!! Most of you probably didn't even know he had one so ... Check it out , drop him a comment and let him know to keep it up !!!

This last one is me at my breakfast place the other day with some of my HK homies !! The other ones are just loosely based on loose facts !!

Take care , fateful readers and look right when in doubt !!


A night at the market ...

The temple street night market , that is ! Here it is ... The night out on film ... For your viewing pleasure ! Ended up aiming higher than the actual market with my camera ... But I just can't resist these beautiful buildings !! Who could !?

First shot >>> On the way there ... All others in Jordan and Yau Ma Tei !

Tonight ? I think I owe YZ and Dong Dong from Beijing a sushi night !! A running sushi night !! And then ... A trip out in the boonies , if all goes as planned !!

Am also gonna start working soon !! Got 3 or 4 pieces lined up and a bunch of cool sketches to post ! Also got 2 wall submissions and I was thinking I might just have enough time to do one of them ! Hah ! That could be nice ! Let's see what other surprises Hong Kong holds for me in the next week !

Later , raw blog on a stick readers !