Underpass !

Today's another big doodle on the wall day ! Yep !! Didn't get enough of it last week !! Should be finished tonight with this little section and have some sweet shots up on here by tomorrow !! After that ... Break for real !!!! No I mean it !! Back to the more reasonable sized doodles at the C.C.H.Q. !!

Stay sharp and more importantly , stay away from tumbling buildings !! Safety first people !!


MK cool !!

Quick drop !! Just flying by ... Another page from the sketchbook about the everyday Mong Kok life !!

Tomorrow ... More big doodles on walls !! Just a day's worth on a little corner that was originally planned for session one and forgotten about ! Then big doodle break for a week or so !

Stay cool and thanks so much for all the awesome lines you guys dropped !! It's always nice to read them comments !! You guys rock !

P.s. No projector ... Just walking back and forth a lot !
P.p.s. All in good time mister IGL , all in good time !!


Big done !!

Finally done !! Hurra !!
Spent 3 days on this damn wall ! I either overestimated my capabilities or underestimated that wall but thinking I could get this big doodle done in one day was very ... How do you say ? Dumb ! Anywho ... Just finished and am happy to say I kicked that wall's ass !! Showed it who was boss !! Done and done ! Well ... Part one of ... 8 !! Yeah ... I'm taking a break and will most likely space these walls out a bit more than I thought but ... Expect some more of this giant doodle action in the months to come cuz more needs getting done !!

Hope you like this 8 by almost 3 meter piece ... I know I do !!

Oh yeah and guys ... This wallpaper busyness is hella-awesome looking but had I known how much of a pain in the ass putting it up could be , I might not have dared (thanks buddy Rob) !! Don't try this at home , people !!!

Tomorrow ... ? Normal sized doodles !

Stay awesome and ... If you get a second ... Let me know what you think !!

P.s. Absolutely !! To see this live (which is much much nicer) ... Check out First Cup in TST (bottom end of Pratt ave)


In progress !

Paint paint paint the big big wall at the bar , is all I've been doing for the last few days !! Here's a picture of a marketplace down my hood that has absolutely nothing to do with that ... Just to keep your eyes busy , ya know ?!! For the geeks out there , however ( SENSIA 100 cross processed with me beloved CANON Eos-RG) ! But trust me when I say ... That this painting wall busyness I've been working on is the awesomest wall piece I have done so far and you can't wait to see it !!! True story !!! Went all out on this first part of the bar !! Yep ... Wallpaper and fancy paints and all !! Should (I hope) be done tonight so start expecting a shot or 10 tomorrow (maybe) !!

Stay colourful !!


Down the road ...

More shots from the HK !!

Here's roll number two ! Taken just down the road ... On the East side of Nathan road around the general Jordan/Tsim Sha Tsui area !! Just so you know !!

SENSIA 200 / Canon Eos-RG >>>>>>

And yes ! That is indeed the official Dr. Seuss residence in Hong Kong !!

Tomorrow ... I start reclaiming space in a bar !! Have still no idea what I will paint all over that space yet but should come up with something sweet ... No doubt no doubt !! I'll , of course , be taking some shots of the first walls as soon as I'm done for the day tomorrow night !! So expect some cool giant doodles to be Plogged tomorrow or the next day !!



Business rabbit ... in 3D !

Time is money !

Just a bit more Hong Kong reclamation !

Me Hood in green !

Good day good day to all !!

Just kinda noticed that there weren't much shots of my hood posted up on the Plog since I've been here ! A few quick ones from all around but not much from outside my door !! Not just to represent but I've had a bunch of friends and Plog lovers from all over asking me what it looked like , to live here in Mong Kok , Hong Kong ! So ... From the rolls I just got back from my new developing wizard ... Here's a few shots from one of the said rolls !! A better look at where I be hanging , and living ! For your viewing pleasures >>> More shots to come but for now >>>>>

Here's a selection from a SENSIA 400 (slide/cross processed) with my baby , the CANON-Eos RG !

Very green indeed !! The 400 Sensia does that when it gets all cross processed and stuff ! I'll be posting a few more from around the Kowloon side asap too ! A SENSIA 200 and 100 to come !! Laced , obviously , with random doodles and diverse acts of related doodlings too !!

Hope ya like !!

P.s. New reclamation to come ... Stay fresh >>>


Never sleeps ...

Just a quick line to tell yall I just came back from my new homie's , the local film developing wizard and I think we're gonna be friends cuz he just gave me a stack of super wonderful shots !!!

I'll be sorting through them tonight and post a few tomorrow ! This time ... I've even managed to track the actual films I used so expect extra precise facts about them too !!!

Until then ...


Adventures of a rice cooker !

Faan Tong Sin Saang's making new friends everywhere he goes !! Just an all around awesome dude if ya ask me !!

As usual , don't ask ... I just draw these things !!

Awesome (I hope) shots to come on Saturday !! You gots to stay put for those ... Until then , doodles all over , most probably !!

Keep it real !!


紅燈 !!

From the hearth of Hong Kong , a very good day to all you Plog followers of the interwebs !!

Today ... You get a special tat-action treat ! That's right , it's been a while ... I know !!

Straight over from Australia land (the country not the movie) , my mate Luke came down (or up actually) to get the second side of his lower half done !!! For reference purposes , check this out if you don't remember the first side ... A drunken stroll through the A'dam's red light , done last year when I was last over ... Down under !!

For your tat-savy viewing pleasures ... With no further delay ... Check this part of the famous Dutch red light , in action , live from Hong Kong !!

Magenta for me (forgot my markers at home) and black for buddy Luke !!

And the (almost) finished product ... 6 hours later !!

That's right !! This homie's got the hots for this particular young lady !! Chocolates and flowers ... Nothing's too good for his impossible love !! A sucker ? An idiot ? Or maybe just a hopeless romantic ??

Stay rockin' !! More to come ! However , might wait a bit for some more sweet tats ... Official start up is not before February !! More doodles and shots , however , will be delivered !!

P.s. Good job trooper Luke !! First of the year and a trooper at it too !! Nothing less than a sweet meal of human brains to celebrate , let me tell ya !!!


Noodles on the Go Go ...

... Indeed !! Gots to love your noodles !!!

Finally got some done last night !! More to come !!


Yau Ma Tei !

D D Dragonings !!

Busy busy !!!! Lots of hanging out but also ... Working is starting to creep up too !! Can't seem to finish any doodles since I've been here but have been starting lots and lots ! So , it's only really a matter of time before they all start showing up here !! I'll most probably have some good stuff for the Gallery to show back in the KBH soon too !!

Among other projects and apart from book making , doodles and picture taking ... A whole bar is about to get all EPed up and that is gonna look hella-sweet , let me tell ya !!

And finally ... For the tat-mad Plog followers out there ... This week should give your eyes a little something to chew on too !

Stay awesome !!

P.s. China says hi !


On the other side !

Just a quick shot from the other side of the harbour ... The Hong Kong side of Hong Kong !!

Today was a picture day ... But stay tuned for some doodles , doodles and lots more doodles to come this way !! Been drawing some sweet stuff at my new C.C.H.Q. lately and you might just happen to like them doodles !

Also in the news >>>>>
Yes ! It's true !! The Megabot piece on page 68 of the latest issue of Tattoo Energy (#62) that has the rather skillfully uniformed line "unknown artist" under it is indeed one of mine !! Always super sucks when that happens !! Makes you not want to send these zines any pictures at all !! Thanks , however , to my super spy network for spotting it so quickly and keeping me in the know !

Until the next post ... Homies and homettes , Stay fresh out there ... More Plogging from the fair shores of China very soon !!


Midnight stroll ...

Victoria harbour's still there !

Just checking !


Panda Parts !!

Just a doodle ... Of the everyday life here in Hong Kong !!

Just love these delivery trucks !! You might see lots more of them doodled here !!

Today's a picture day ... So expect some sweet shots before the end of the week !!



Noodle Rabbit ... In 3D !

Just a bit of reclamation !

P.s. Yes ! My new best buddy is a rice cooker ! His official name is "Faan Tong Sin Saang" which you all must obviously know means : Mr. Rice bucket in Cantonese !

More soon !


Mong kok way !

A few random shots from the hood ...

Sorry about the unploggingness of the last few days but there's just so much to do !!! So so happy to be back here ! To just walk around and hang out with friends all day !!!
But fear not , people of the internets !!!! Drawings have started to appear steadily in the last few days !! In the sketchbook but also on some of the awesomest paper I have ever found !! True story !! Got me a little truck load of the best illustration board available !! Beautiful stuff , let me tell ya !! And since I also got my scanner with me this time ... You won't have to settle for shitty "on the road" pictures of doodles !! No no ... Nothing's too good for you , faithful Plog buddies ! You'll just have to give me time to hook it all up and start scanning the last few days first !! But who knows ... Maybe tomorrow !?

Lovin' it !

Oh ! And before I forget .... Here's my new best friend/flat mate !

Awesome dude to have around !!!

Take it light and keep an eye out on some real pictures and doodles to come !!! Many secret master plans coming through !!!


Tchim Saa Tchuey ...

... Just practicing my Cantonese !! Seems as a visual one , that phonetics is the way to go !

Day 2 and got almost all of my local hood figured out ! Tomorrow ... The blocks across Nathan road ! Until then ... Here's the day's doings ... First page in the new Sketchbook ... Book number 9 ! Who knows what wonderful doodles this book will one day hold !?! I can say this though ... Lots and lots of doodling juices flowing !!! Stay tuned for some of that intense doodle action to come !!

Now ... ? Foods and Guinni* with homie Rob !!

*Yes , that's the official plural for Guinness ... Trust me on this one !


New Home !

South view - live from Mong Kok !

I realize that this kind of environment might not be for everyone , but boy oh boy is it ever for me !! I woke up this morning with the biggest smile in the world !!

After a long day of eventless flying yesterday I finally made it back in one piece in wonderful , magical Hong Kong and am pretty damn happy to be here , let me tell ya !

Stay tuned for some awesome China Plog action to come !!

Stay Rockin'


Out again ...

I'm outta here ... Wish me luck !


20 ... 10 !

Welcome to the future !!

Here's where I've been hanging for the last few days !!

Up to now ... All looks the same ! But this is only an uninformed guess as it's barely been a few days after all ! There's no telling what to expect ... The future is some serious business !! A slide in the dimensional gates that secure the safety of our respectful worlds , the mass rise of the dead , hunting us down , hungry for our brains or maybe even an inevitable pending attack from intergalactic armies from beyond , determined to take over our little blue planet at any cost !!! All can be expected and nothing should be left out ! Stay sharp , expect anything and keep an eye out !!

Until the future reveals it's morbid apocalyptic catastrophic self to the human race and puts our global survival in serious jeopardy ... I wish you all the very best for 2010 !!

Happy new year !!