Mais qu'est ce que c'est merveilleux !!

A true story in deed !!

Just got all of my masterpiece photography developed and they are a looking sweet , let me tell ya !!!!! So to not post a 3 day long post of never ending pictures , however awesome !! I'll do it like last time and go one at a time ! So first off ... To start this photo-post season ! Roll number one >>>>> PARIS for christmas !! Me and my darling went out for a day and ... Well ... I always bring a few cameras wherever I go so .... Here's a sample of the first film in line !! the first results !

LOMO-Fisheye + Neopan 1600 + PARIS >>>>>

More , more , more to come in the following days !! Including some super crazy shots !! However , if you happen to be someone who loads photography , cannot stand the mere sight of a picture ... Worry not !! These photo posts will be laced with the usual Tattoo/Illustration Plog-action as they come !!

Hope ya like !!

And last but not least , to add a last chapter in my don't drink and drive finishing lines of the last few days !! It was also pointed out to me very recently that as much as a nuclear submarine and/or a satellite ... You should , as well , be cautious to not drink and drive if you happen to be driving a country !! That's right , a nation !! For you might run right into another drunk driving country !!

On these fine words , I bid you farewell till the next post ! A+ les super Blogeurs !!


Anonymous said...

Drop in into Moscow, here many beautiful personnel will be.
I use on-line translator!

Anonymous said...

elite lomography sire. David Byrne is very proud, good day to you sir.

Unknown said...

Me like......