Red is beautiful !

More of Paris but this time in shades of red !! Behold , the magic of the red negative film !!

Last roll from my last Paris trip and what a magical one !! It was my first time ever with the red negative film and didn't know exactly what to expect from it !! Am very impressed !! It seems to not always react the same though ... Some times everything in the frame is almost pure red and some other times just random saturated colours !! Oh well ... A wonderful film full of potential none the less !! So here it is ... The second film in the series and the last from Paris !! And , just to make sure you know , absolutely no Photoshop was used here , ladies and gentlemen ... The power of 35mm !!!!

CANON EOS + Red negative (100) + PARIS

Isn't it veird !!! I think I'm in love with this weird red negative film !! Thank you Lomo !!

More of these soon !!

P.p.p.s. I really don't wanna annoy anyone with this don't drink and drive warning frenzy I've gotten into in the last few days , however , if I had to add one last one ... It would be to highly recommend to people not to drink and drive when you're a English soldier in Germany and you happen to be driving a heavy tank home !!! You might run into another parked tank and cause a lot of problems !! That's it !! That was the last one !! I promise !!!!!

Take care out there and expect more Plog-action very soon !!


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I can see why you lave that film