Dirty doodles ...

Not much drawings got finished but lots got started yesterday ! Here's yesterday's dirty darling !

Another one of these paint on a picture/screened pieces ... Once again the original painting looks better but for some strange reason I really enjoy painting these !

Tomorrow ... More drawing !!


Tattoos, tattoos, tattoos ...

... And then some ... All I've been doing lately !! Starting to have a hard time with the no-drawing time thing !! So ... Tomorrow is my self-declared-emergency-drawing-day !! And there's nothing, anybody, can do about it !!

However ... Quite happy about this one !! The return of the spies !! They have been missed ... And they're back with a vengeance !! This one , fresh out of the Conspiracy oven ... Is the commie panda interceptor ! Watch out capitalist-spy-planes ... Collect them all !

And yeah ... I know ... I'm a bit late on the site update but for my defence ... There's just so much new stuff to put in there !! Keep an eye out ... Should be ready some time soon !!



Today's piece ...

Been tattooing lots lately ... Paying the bills ... Trying to find time to draw some for me and coming projects but haven't found much ! Maybe next week ...
Here's today's hottie ! Quite happy about this one !! I love one shots ...

Tomorrow I spend the day on the other side of the bridge ...


Robots and bunnies ...

Hurra !! Got my box of crap from HK today !! Had to pay commercial duty tax and stuff and stuff on a box I sent to myself ... But they thought it was way to much crap to have for one's self , therefor , I most probably had some commercial intent with the contents of the said package ... so ... "Pay up sucker" they said in postal language ... And I did !

But in other news ... The new YRB magazine ( Art issue ) just came out of the printers and is good to grab !! In it , you will find , a full double page spread I did for them ( that looks pretty good I might add ) ! If , for some strange reason , you don't live in Manhattan ... Check it out on their site ... Scroll down the little art scroll thingy and you should find it ! Let me know what you think !

Also ... Just opened GBG ! So anyone interested , let me know ... From the 23rd of March till the 30th ! This time we book with me and I have 7 spots available and they should all be taken in a few days so ... Talk to me !

See ya !


Nothing to declare ...

... Still delaying the time to start all this new work ! Doodle doodle ... Nothing much got accomplished today !! But here's a problem I don't have ...

Safety first !!

A mondo update on the site should be done by the end of the week and a bunch of new stuff for the Doodletown gallery too ... Including a collaboration wall painting in about 2 weeks , with mister Basco5 , for some show thing ... More details soon ! If , however you happen to be in the Doodletown gallery's general area anytime soon ... Should absolutely drop by !! The WORKING CLASS HERO show by jakob tolstrup , is absolutely super !!

True story !


Back in grey ...

I missed my beautiful , grey sky rainy island !!

Back at work and as soon as I started accepting incoming messages and admitting I was back , literally a million awesome projects fell out of the sky right onto my desk !! So ... I is gonna be busy for the next few months !!!! Awesome stuff !!! Will keep yall posted ... New shirts ... Paintings ... group shows ... A bus ... Illustration gigs ... and super web updates coming up in the next few weeks !!

Here's one of my last shots of HK the beautiful ( 56th floor of the IFC ) and another monkey ( to be continued ) !!!

I'm gonna miss HK ... But it's damn good to be back "home" !


Made it back !

After a 12 hour ride to Shlondon Sheathrow and an 8 hour wait for my next connection to KBH , after my original one got canceled ( For cause of crash ) ... Good excuse ! ... I finally made it back !

Will officially start again on Monday ... Until then I'll be fighting against the Danish Nazi-customs office to get my toy box back from their dirty suspicious tax and duty collection hands ... I paid extra for a quick delivery and got it in perfect time ( Good job HK post ! ) But I had forgotten that for security reasons it must be held for ransom for months by duty starved Danish ass-customs !

Wish me luck again !!

See ya !


That's it for me ...

I'm out of here !! Back in KBH in a few hours .... 15 to be precise ... Oooh ... I dread long flights !!! Got all the crap to fit in my bag and am ready to start rolling ... Mentally accepting the return to Scandinavian winter and to the hectic amount of work that awaits me .... So wish me good luck for my transfer at London Heathrow and see ya laters !

HK rocks !!!!! By far one of the very best places on our little planet ! Come here if you ever get a chance !! You'll be amazed !! I'll be back soon myself , for sure !

PT-0 !


PT-1 ...

Drawings were done today !! Nice one's too !!
Preparing to leave and getting the last little things done !! but most importantly ... Trying to fit all the new awesome crap I got, back into my bag !!! Wish me luck and here's a picture of where I wouldn't want to live ...

PT-1 !!!!! That's right !!!!


By night ...

A lot of sketching and doodling got done today ... More to be posted soon !! But in the mean time ... Here's a few shots from the harbour at night ...

Got a lot of cool projects for as soon as I get back "home" and am not planning any trips outside Europe at least till next Fall !! So keep your eyes open if you're interested in ... Stuff & stuff !!

Tonight I'm off to the Night market again ... Awesome place , really !! Laterz !

PT-3 !!!!!! Shazzaam !!


Still higher ...

... The little climbing tram took me !
Here are today's pics ... Went all the way up the Hong Kong peak in the climbing tram ( 45 degree angle ) today . Got a few good pics of the foggy harbour and the downtown quarters and took a double deck'n bus ride down hill ( 80 km/h - Two way/one lane-55 degree angle ) and apart from the few times I feared for my life ... Had a pretty nice picture day ... 2 Gb of numeric and 7-36 shots of film ! Yah ! I know it sounds a bit much but when I got off the buss , down the hill ... I landed in the awesomest ultra shanty super ghetto part of town and went and got lost for like 5 hrs in all the dirty little alleys and stuff and stuff !! You'll understand when I post them after I get them developed back in KBH !!! So here are two shots from above ...

And from within ...

And here's my homie, the HK cabby !

Tomorrow , I ship myself a 10k box of toys and other related awesome crap !!

PT-4 !!!!! I'm almost on my way !


Sketchings ...

Damn right ... Here's a shot from last night's cab ride home to my lovely sketchy hotel ...

And here's a few pieces from the sketchbook ...

Forgive the kinda ghetto pictures but no scanner is to be found around here so it'll have to do for now !! First one's one of the last pages I did at some coffee shop around Kowloon's TST ... The second one I did in SKorea after the train ride ... I kinda remembered seeing something like that out the window and sketched it as soon as I got out of the train ... And the last one is from a few days ago ... They have these garbage eater boats all over the Hong Kong harbour !! True story !

More to come ... Tonight , I take the long ferry ride back to Hong Kong island at night !! Should have some nice pictures for tomorrow !!

PT-5 !!!!!! Project longing !


Safe again !!

Back to civilization !! Mmmm... The fresh air of the city ! One of this morning's smoggy harbour shots ...
And here's yesterday's , 3 hour , Chihuahua !! Made in HK number two ... One more to go and that should start the 2008 section quite well on the site !!

Tomorrow some sketches , I promise !!! Starting to have a few now ... Might as well show some !!!

PT-6 !!!! ( Yeah ! I know ... Less than a week !!!! )

Expedition style !

Here's a few shots from Wednesday's expedition to Lantau island , the big Bubba and some nature stuff ... Indiana Jones is a fairy !! That cable car ride was awesome and the bus ride down hill reminded me only of the lovely unpaved 90 degree angle Icelandic mountain passes ! But too much nature , unlike other stuff is like just too much ... So thanks to the Ma Wan No1 , I made it back safely to a more reasonable controlled environment ...

I know !! Where are all the spaghetti highways and 50 floor apartment towers !!


Also ...

I just opened my calendar for bookings ... Starting from the 11th of February all is open till end of March ! Jump on them cuz I've been getting a lot of requests !!

See ya !

Out and about ...

... In the coolest city in the world !!
More awesome shifty shanty alleys and hi-tech contraptions !! Got so many pictures now , I think my computer is getting full !! Here's a few from yesterday's day out in Kowloon ...

Oh! And here's a shot from yesterday's toy-scapade ...

Embrace the fact that you probably live in a city where you can enjoy more than a square meter per person !
Laterz ...

PT-8 !!!!! Yeah !


Robot spiders ...

... And assault rifles at the toy fair !!
The toy fair actually blew !! All corporate big company suites and tie kind of lame ass toy fair ... So we busted their system ( Electric Pick toy design company inc. ) to get in and then just wanted to leave !! So to bring the group morale up ... We all went to the huge toy malls ( 2 of them each with about 4 or 5 floors of tons off mini shops filled with pure toy madness ) ... You can't really understand this until you see it !! But enough about toys ... Here's a monkey !!

First of the year and made in HK !!! I like this one !!!!

PT-9 !!!!!


All the way up ...

... And then just a bit higher !

From 5 second-50 floor elevator rides to double decker trams and Octopus cards that work and half kilometer high buildings ( 498 m ) and 6 floor malls full of the most obscure toys and comics !! ... I'm still having the best time ever !!! This place is still on top of the awesome list !! Here's a few shots from yesterday ...

Oh ! And Monday is ........ TOY FAIR day !!!!! Yah ! I know !!! A toy fair in HK , to me , is like what it must be like discovering a secret banana-split city under your bed , to a fat kid !!!!

Off to see a DP show ( David and Pete ! ( Stoner metal )) ...

I miss my Pistolina ! ... PT-11


Double deck'n trams ...

Got my whole routine figured out !! Got my Octopus pass , found out my favourite ferry ride to the Kowloon side of town , my newspaper lady and my morning coffee homie ! I will give my official verdict in two weeks , when I leave , but up to now ... I must say ... For the award of most bestest awesomest city in the world ( that I know of ) ... Hong Kong is looking good and effortlessly working it's way up there !!!

Here's a few shots from the Temple street night market from last night .... Awesomest pile of most awesomest crap for sale I have ever seen !!!!!!!! Will spend every extra penny I have left after this trip there !!

In other news... I finally got to check out my mondo 12 page piece in the last issue of ITA ... Truth is , it was written two years ago but I'm pretty damn happy about it !! Also just got the news that my SkinDeep piece will be out in the April issue ( on sale in February for some reason ) !! That will be my most up to date one ( picture wise and the article was writen only a few months ago ) ... Pretty happy about that too !!

I'm off to the mondo comic book shop !

Laterz ...

PT-12 !!!



... The beautiful !!!

Holy moly !!! This place is awesome !! Only 24 hours and I'm sold ( Let's see if that lasts ) but a full day of walking around , 2 gigs of pictures and just the sweetest scenery ever !!!!!!! I could only dream of a place like this !! Movies and comics make it overwhelming but when you see it with your own eyes ... Well ... It's as overwhelming ! A perfect mix of extreme shanty ghetto ( Beijing style ) and super high-tech ( super space station from the future style ) !! More pictures soon of the dark alleys and shady corners of this urban delight !!!!!!! Here's a few shots from the Kowloon side after the ferry ride !

And this is the vew from my new temporary HQ ...

Enjoy your space !! I'm off to the Temple street night market now ...

PT-13 !!!!!


SKorea >>>> HK and a countdown !

Farewell Korea ... Tomorrow I leave for HK and I had a great time here !! It was a bit surreal at times ... A lot of firsts ... Like seeing two friends get married , tasting the local culture in a way I couldn't have by myself and most importantly realizing I have to come down here more often ... The real Asia is a good place to hang !!!

A few nice pictures and a bit of drawings got done today ... I'll upload it all in a few days when I get settled in in Hong Kong ! Also ... Just so you know , I had planed a last update for 2007 on the web-site and ... Well ... I forgot most of it back home in KBH so ... It'll have to wait for when I get back !

Enjoy the first day of the year and please ... Don't make any resolutions this time !

PT-Going on 14 !!

08 ...

Happy new year y'all !!