Zombies and carnies !!

From the office today ...

A well overdue session of super colour on the carny folk sleeve !! It had been a while !! Almost a year apparently ! Well here's the bottom half a few minutes from being done !!

No eyes !!! (For real this time !!)

In other news ... I now suspect the overly covered Swine Flu to be much more then a flu !! That's right ! I now posses unrefutable evidence that this is a full blown Zombie invasion !!!!!! That's right !! Grab your power tools and load your shotguns !! It came to me last night when surfing the random news wires I'm obsessed with checking ! And came across some disturbing facts that can only be explained by ... A zombie invasion !!! Check this out !!

First on April 27th : From Reuters

103 dead , would make it all the way to 107 before the end of the day !

Then yesterday night (29th of April ) : From the BBC

2 days later ... 9 dead !!

That's right , my friends !! The dead are coming back to life !!! Indisputable evidence right there !! Here's a free tip for you guys ... Use your head , remove theirs !!

More news tomorrow ... Also from the office of P P P P P P A A A I I I I N N N N N N .... !



Good day to all !

Poor piggy !! Nobody want's anything to do with him as of late !! However , I think the coverage of his story is as dangerous if not worst !!! Damn right !! Lately I've been trying not to catch the deadly flu directly from the news and they're obsessive coverage of it !!! I can feel a bit of a sour throat just from the daily feeds I get from the net !! I hate it when they do this !! The media just goes Virus crazy every so often !! They blow it completely out of proportions and then they start to get to me ... Ya know !? I however found a temporary relief from this "Media" flu and that is the tabloid front page spotting !! They're headlines are so preposterous that it kind of makes it all better !! Just spotted one today stating that 15 000 Danes would die soon from just one sneeze !!! I love these headlines ! But here I am ... Ranting away ... Giving it even more coverage !!! Enough ! Here's something way more interesting >>>>> It's an old picture taken from a Chinese communist party magazine from the 1950's ! On the opposite page was an article explaining how Chairman Mao was so good and always always won at Rock , Paper , Scissors !!

If you live on the northern hemisphere , enjoy the early days of Summer and I'll Plog ya right back tomorrow with news from the office of P A A A A I I I N N N N N n n n n n ... !

And for all my Dutch homies out there ... Have an awesome Queen's day !!! The real one this time !!!!


Silly device !!

Was just doodling this one at my breakfast place this morning and felt a bit old for a few seconds !! I was just drawing a chick holding a phone and thinking about what other crazy stupid stuff could happen on that little piece of sketchbook when a kid came over and asked me what that was that she was holding in her hand !! Well that's a phone , of course - I replied ! But the kid wouldn't have it !! That's not what a phone looks like !! That's just silly !! Why would a phone be so big and silly looking !!

So yeah ... Apart from arguing with kids , work work work is what I've been busy with !! And lots more of it to go too !! Almost done with the postcard business I last talked about !! I was initially thinking of having all of them be some of this year's new stuff but the truth is , I don't have so much new stuff that fits well on a postcard and have a lot of cool old pieces that never got printed out !! So .. It'll be a mix !! Mostly new but a few classics too ! I think I have about 12 ready and just have to pick the two weakest links and finish up the back !! The two big prints are almost done too !! A matter of hours now !! Most probably have it all done and sent over tomorrow !! All this made me think though ... Last time I got anything printed was a year ago !! Should print stuff more often !! Anywho ... I'll update you all tomorrow !

Until then ... Hang in there and Plog ya tomorrow , faithful Ploggers !!


Almost at the press !

For all those interested :

Update from the print house !!

Have chosen and managed to get two new prints almost ready for the press in the last few days ! Two new additions to your collection perhaps ! I'm not finished yet with them but almost there ! They should be sent over this week and available on the Electric Pick Ture Box next week !!

For those of you interested in such a thing , there will be 50 of each of the two prints , hand signed and numbered on super duper fancy , 350 mg , A3 , special paper I just discovered existed and of course , will never be reprinted again !! Not quite sure how much they'll go for yet but will post it all over when I get them !!

Also in that run , I have decided to get a super batch of fancy shmancy postcards done !! That's right ... Fancy ones !! Nothing's too good for you and me ! There might be as much as 10 different ones and will probably all come together for not so fancy of a price !! Keep an eye over here or on the E+P+T+B in the coming days and you'll find out for your self what and when !!! No no no ... Won't tell ya anymore !!! I just won't ... ok ok !! I'll say just this !

Take care out there , stay safe and don't catch the flu !!!

More mega Plog action tomorrow !

My friends rock !!

They do in deed !

Today my coconspirators , Allan and Malle came back from they're last far East expedition and it's damn good to have them back !! Shop's been pretty empty for a month and it's just not the same without them ! And as happy I am to have them back and am not generally one to expect or be too excited about materialness (no ... It's true ... !!) I must blog about this particular awesomeness !!!

These two crazies , as the tradition goes , brought back with them a bag filled with wonders and goodies from the Orient ! That's right !! However , not just any goodies !! Hang on to your hats and get ready to be hella-jealous !!! Knowing much too well about my disturbing obsession with anything related to mister Rockin' JellyBean (Master of all life anywhere in the universe and ultimate ruler of all things awesome) , these two accomplices have managed to exceed any expectations I could have ever had in the "RJB related goodies" department !!! Behold my collection ... Here's what my Japanese Christmas looks like this year !!!

Now I have to get them a pony from my next trip !!

Welcome back guys !!



No-shows suck !!

More later ...

Politics and Plastic green !

Animals on parade ...

Animal riot in colour !! More colour that is !! We went all crazy with plastic colours and then some browns ! Why not , right !! Here's the day's worth in 3D pinks greens and brown !! We will actually dull down some of the greens on a later session for ... They actually ended up a bit too bright ! We'll wait and see how it all looks when it's healed but yeah !

A new sleeve gets started tomorrow so ... Lots of lines on the menu !

Later gators !


Title !

Right back at the office today !

The day's worth , after a few hours of blending and patching between older pieces today !! Hard , as usual , to take shots of half finished pieces but still managed these close ups !!

More soon + a few more days of tattooing this week !!

Laters Ploggers !


Strange days ...

Not much to declare today !!

Sketched a lot throughout the day but I'm afraid most of what came out became a tad bit too personal to post ... You see , I try not to get too personal here with feelings and crap ! Maybe it's just me but I have a hard time when seeing other people publicize their too personal feelings !!

I've had to deal with some heavy crap lately and well without going into any details ... One of the only things I happened to stumble upon today that managed to cheer me up and make me feel better about it all is this !!!! Ingenious I tell ya !! I think ... That this is ... With absolutely no doubt ... The best movie ever !!! That's right !! Or at least in my top 5 with Dr. Strangelove and Planet of the apes to name but a few of the fifty something movies in my top five !!! No kidding !!

More soon !!


Strato-distort !

From down under to way up above !!

Some shots for you today !! Thought you might have had enough of Hong Kong for a while so skipped a few rolls and decided to post these shots of Melbourne instead !! Didn't trip around much , last time I was down there ! Ended up working most of the time but still managed to get a few digital and then these here 2 films done ! A regular Kodak 200 colour negative and a 200 slide/cross processed later ... Both in the Lomo-fisheye !! Shots are from Chapel street , it's beautiful trams and a few on my way out again !! Here we go ... And if it's any consolation to the one's of you who'd rather see other things posted then my weirdo pictures ... This is probably the last Photo-post in a while !! However , more will eventually come that's for sure !!!!

Lomo-fisheye + Kodak 200N / Some slide 200 + Chapel street >>>>>>

On me way out again !!
Flight over the bush fires !! (Not the ones in Iraq)

And finally back to my little factory ... 'twas back to Winter , back then !!

More stuff later later !! Now ... Back to work !



Nothing is simple !

Last time , on the Electric Plog ...

There was a trivia question !! And the obvious answer is : Yesterday !! Here's how it went !!

First of all it was touch-up time for the Luna heart ... Did about 20 minutes worth of just that and here's what it looked like , all ready and good to go !!

Wonderful colours !! I like to go back and touch-up every piece I do , wether it needs it or not !! You can always add a bit of contrast here and there and just make the whole piece a bit nicer with just a few extra minutes !!

Second in line ... The ray gun wielding , honey sipping bear (with official edition Space Captain holster belt) got started and finished !! I love love love one shots !!! A few good hours of work and a finished piece for the folio !!

And finally ... To finish this long day of work ... The obvious pint to make it all better !

There you go ! If you had guessed it and sent it my way ... You could have won ... Nothing ! Maybe next time I'll make it more official with prizes and stuff !!

Take care out there and try to be good !! And if you really can't , then be good at it !! Laters skaters !


11 years !!

... Of tattooing , that is !

Forgive me this note of nostalgia for a second ... Just thought about it today ! Don't really know the date but know that it was in April of 98 ! Hah ... What do ya know !!! After being told time and time again by so many of the "old schoolers" wherever I'd end up working , during so many years , that people wouldn't be interested in getting tattoos that weren't a reproduction ... That were only my doodles and no one else's designs !! Guess they were wrong !! Am still around ... Me and my silly doodles ! More more more to come too !!

Check this one out !

The day's robo-drama !!! We coloured at it for about 4 hours today and almost finished it !! Mister Robot here got some sweet golden shades of ... Golden ! And then we went crazy and gave him a super dramatic , intense , radioactive green sky !! Booya ! A short session left in June and this one's a done deal !! Hah ! Got a few ok shots ... A bit of glare but still pretty good shots >>>>>>

Robot's gone mad , I tell ya !!

More tat-action madness tomorrow !!! Stay tuned for that ... But also for the answer of this week's trivia question !!!

Q: What does a heart , an armed bear and a half dozen pints of Guinness have in common ??

Later , Plog-huggers !


Fussy part !

(Act like you know !!)

Well this little guy's not having too good of a day but that happens some time and there's nothing you can do about it !

Had a crazy day running all over town today ! Managed to make it in time at the post office too !! So all of you who have ordered stuff last week from the Electric Pick Ture Box should get their goodies in the following days !! And that goes for you too buddy Chicken !! Damn right !! Was about time , I know !!

Also made it in time for the Central Command Head Quarter upgrade store (for spies only) cuz you see ... I've decided to invest a bit and upgrade my own Central Command Head Quarters lately ! Pictures when the upgrade is complete !! My only last dilemma being , periscope or no periscope !? You see my predicament !? They're awesome however take so much room !! Oh well ...

And finally ... One little bit of advice !! If you happen to be on vacation in Thailand at the moment and happen to be in Bangkok , don't wear a yellow shirt !!!!! Or a red one for that matter ! On these fine words of wisdom I bid you farewell for today and I'll be posting yall again soon enough !



Horizons !!

Who would have thought !?

Just a quick post to explain that I've had a lot of e-mails about submissions for pieces for my next U.S. trip lately !! First I'd like to say that you are , indeed , more than welcomed to enquire at anytime for any kind of questions you might have !! However , when it comes to actual booking , I will be starting to take dates for appointments on the 25th of May only !!! Also , I will only be booking one-shots !! I've had a lot of requests for sleeves and other huge pieces and I am in no way starting anything that I can't finish on this trip !!! I probably won't be back to the States for an other few years and a sleeve or a half sleeve is the kind of project that requires a few sessions and am intending to leave no piece behind !!! Hope you understand !!!

For any enquiry: pick@electricpick.com
For the dates: Check this post !

In other news >>>> I've decided to make a few sets of new prints in the weeks to come !! I've got a few in mind however might not have enough dough to get them all done so will have to start slow !! However , I can tell you this much so far ... The Cloudhugger will most probably be first ! More on that next week !!

Rock on and Plog ya later !!

NAnimation !!

Just a little something I fell on and thought I had to share !!! This guy's awesome !!! Did some layout all day so nothing of my own to show ... Till tomorrow that is !!

Ok ... Back to work now !!

P.S. You guys ROCK again !!!


Followers ??

Thanks guys !!!

It's always nice to see people adding themselves up on there !! To you and to all the other people out there who check this here little Plog once in a while ... Thanks a lot !! It's pretty nice to see that people are interested in what ya do !!

You guys rock !!

Ok... Gotta go back to work now ... More tomorrow !


House on the hill !

G'day g'day !!

Today , at the office of blood , tears and ink ! Some more sweet colour got done on this sleeve right here !! We done did pretty much most of the forearm today in about 3 hours and it doesn't look like there's many more sessions to go before it's all done and pretty ! Next session in a few month ! Until then ... Here's a pretty good shot of it !

A perfect place to hide when the zombies come out tonight , if ya ask me !!

Back at the C.C.H.Q. tomorrow for some more book making , a tad bit of illustration perhaps and maybe even some pictures !! Who knows ??

Take care out there , don't eat too much chocolate and have a good Friday !! ( Get it ? Good Friday !! ... Ok ok ... Lame )



The day we lost the Earth !!

... A tad bit dramatic , don't you think ?

Yet nowhere near as dramatic as this situation right here !! The first and second wing of the Martian Expeditionary Squadron have landed and are racking havoc in our cities and there's nothing we can do about it !!!!!!! Furthermore , it looks like more and more of them keep coming !! What will we do ?? Hide underground perhaps ??

Today's apocalyptic scene of the ultimate end of mankind's rule of the planet Earth ... In colour !! We had done the lines last time ... One more shot in June and we should be pretty close to the end on this super half sleeve !! This sky is mad on fire , let me tell ya !

Happy Easter to all , to whom it may concern ! To all the other atheist kids out there ... Happy chocolate industry day !!

And remember ... We're being watched with envious eyes !!!


Pages ...

Book making ... All I'm doing these days !! You guys must be sick of hearing me rant about it by now !! I don't really rant about it ... It just takes all of my time and it gets hard to get anything else done !! But deep inside , I love it ! Kinda actually what I want to do with my life !! True story ! Just make as many cool books as humanly possible before I die !! Let's see how that goes !

Until then , I've been promising to let you have a look at a few random pages for a long time now !! Well today's the day !! Nothing crazy , I like keeping most of it a secret ! However I've managed to find a few I could show !!

None of these are finished ! None have text yet and none have the little sketches I wanna stick all over them yet ! But still something to look at !! They're all spreads and from random chapters !

Might be a while before I post more of these !!

And for those interested I'm about half done (I think) ! I got 148 pages of a 300 page chunk done !! Keep an eye out for more news soon !! I should be making lots of progress in the weeks to come (Hopefully) for I've dedicated the next 8 weeks to book work only !!

Really hope you guys like this book when it's ready , cuz I sure will !!




It had been a while !!

So I thought ... Let's post some more sweet analogue shots I took last time I was in Hong Kong !!! Let's just say I took a lot and it's a great thing to post when you have nothing else to show cuz you've been busy laying out a book all day !! This time , shots I took with my trusted Neopan 1600 !! The film of all films !! My favourite black and white 35mm film in the whole wide world !! So here it is ... A selection from yet another HK roll !!

My trusted Canon + Neopan 1600 + Mong kok at night !

Rock !!!!! I don't shoot as much black and white as I used to and I think I should !! Something magical about it all !!

Something new and interesting if you like my pictures ... I'll be 120ing soon !! For all you non-photo geeks out there ... That means bigger square pictures !!

Hope all is fine and dandy wherever you're at and post ya tomorrow with maybe a bit of illustration for a change !!

From the middle of the Copenhagen night ... Farewell and sleep tight !