Lorte vejr !

... Is some of what we've been having up here lately !

But that happens sometimes and ... Well ... It's noting to write home about ! However , I'll tell ya what is !!!! This here Plog-post is ! Cuz two !! Not one but two tattoo pieces were done finished yesterday ! That's right ... And if you've been following this Plog for a while , you'll soon realize that this is not something that happens that often !! So here it is ... Yesterday's day's tat-doings !!

First >>>>> We done finished this piece in just about 4 and a half hours ! The lines had been done a while back , before I left for my last trip ! We're gonna wait a bit to see it settle and in about a month , come back for some touch-ups if needed !! Here it is ... The LUNA heart !!

Magic colours !!!

And then >>>>> Ninja Thomas dropped by to get in front of my trusted photo-machine for the final and ultimate step towards the super final completion of his sleeve !!! Started in 2007 and after a few long breaks , we finally managed to finish , touch-up and just yesterday , take the final shots of this piece !!! Beware , the forest ninjas are mightier than they look !!

Bravo !!

Magic colours and all !! These sleeves take so long ( with or without breaks ) that I often wonder if it's worth it to start such pieces !! But when they finally get done ! It looks so damn good !!

Enjoy the tat-a-thon and stay tuned for some crazy picture posts tomorrow !! That's right !! The hundred rolls of analog love have been brought back home !!!

P.s. As it was recently brought to my attention ... In reference to my last post's final words ... It is also not recommended to drink and drive if you're a satellite driver !! Or you run the risk of bumping into another drunk driving satellite !!



Anonymous said...

Crazy tattoo!Nice!

Jesse Smith said...

That sleeve is rediculous! Well done Pick!

nic said...


Anonymous said...

off the richter!!

Unknown said...

The sleeve is amazing.....

igl said...

arckchhh, my heart stops working.
seeehr schön !!!