From top to bottom !!

Some more of that tattoo thing !!!

Another one in the bank !! Ka-ching !!!

Yesterday's tat-doings indeed !! My homie came down from the GBG yesterday for a final wrap up on his angel "no nudity" sleeve !! And that's exactly what happened ! One last round for the inside of the arm as soon as I get back , this Summer !! But all else is done , done and done !! Looks good !! This sleeve was one of those pieces who just changed every time we had a session and it just grew and grew , always changing ! finally ... Looks damn perfect ! Good job , buddy !!!

Hope you got other tattoo plans buddy , always nice to have you over !

NO tattooing tomorrow !!!!!!!!! I think I'll just never get outta bed ... Just skip the day altogether if it's all the same to ya ! Sounds pretty damn cool to me right now !! Some doodles perhaps , in the few days to come ... Between two boxes !

And hey ! Congrats again buddy !!!


Soft ...

Here's the day's tattings !!

Dirty greens and pink >>> Always a rockin' match !!

A few hours today ... And a few more in a few weeks and this one'll be all done and wrapped up and ready to rock'n roll or whatever else it is it wants to be ready to do ... Yep !! 2 more days at the office , next on the list !! 2 sleeves ... Maybe even a finished one !!!! Been finishing so many pieces lately !

Also ... Sorry about yesterday's outburst of hate !!! As much as I can usually always enjoy a spontaneous day off ... Now is probably the worst time to not show up and not tell me !!!!!!!!!! So if you got a date with me in the next few weeks and are planning to not show up , let me know 2 days before if you like the idea of a possibility of one day being able to show up again !!

Stay street !!



NO SHOW ???!!! REALLY???!!!

I couldn't imagine a worst time !!!


Grey town !

Winter time in Copenhagen town explains perfectly well why the Vikings did everything they could to find new places to live !! 3 hours of grey rainy "daylight" , a day for 2 weeks straight now ... Is getting to me !! Don't get me wrong !! I'm totally cool with the grey cloudy skies !! It's the 11 to 3 daylight thing which is starting to piss me off !! No worries ... I shouldn't complain , I've got one month left to deal with !!

Back at the office tomorrow for another 4 days of extreme tatttttt-Zappings ! Until then ... I've changed some stuff around on the shop !! Have a look and let me know if you have any questions at all !!!

P.s. Doodled a bit today !! Will try to find time this week to scan and post some dirty dra-wer-rings for ya !!!

Plog ya later !


The Hangout !

Behold ... Fateful Plog-followers >>>> Yesterday's day's doings galore ...

A new name rises to the top !! A new name to remember !! A new name to insult all of us who actually feel pain !! A new SUPER TROOPER to be counted among the few !! That's right ! This homie smiled in the face of terror for 9 hours yesterday !! Damn him !! Left the shop at 2:30 ! I would have quit way before that in normal times but moving soon and being able to finish this one + the fact that this homie doesn't appear to feel pain just made me go go go till it was all done !! So it's official ... It's done ! Touched up and all ! The sad thing is I probably won't be able to get a good shot of this till Summer but hey , at least it's done ! Done ... And even if it might be hard to see on these bloody , shiny shots , very sweet indeed !! Have a look !! First the Hangout , inside , what we started the day with ...

You know the drill >>>>> Red for me/Black for Mr.Super Trooper >>> + final !

And here's the day's worth !!

Rock !! Congrats buddy !

Now ... If you don't mind ... No tattoo talk until I start another week at the office on Thursday !

P.s. The last post (yes , I got a lot of questions about it) was about the current score of the struggle for half of America to get some kind of public healthcare (the foundation of any modern civilized state in my personal opinion) against the will of the other half who are obviously too wealthy to care about the less fortunate and would rather not have to pay for it !!

You can think what you want about it , really !! Any exchange of opinion and difference in view is very healthy for any modern civilized democracy ! But showing up for debates about healthcare across the country's city halls with automatic rifles is retarded !!!!

Stay civilized !!


Congrats !

Round 2 :

It's about time: 2 - 0 :Over my dead body

Keep it up !


ACAB ...

the day's doings !!

4 hours of colour and almost done !! Next month for a final round and this one will be good to go !! We managed a lot today ! I first thought we could finish it up but , it's hard to quote time on pieces like these ! No worries ... We'll manage to finish this one too before I'm outta here !! So keep an eye out for this half sleeve all done in a bit less than a month !!

Been tattooing way too much lately ! Like way way too much !! But I'm still good to go and that's a good thing cuz I got me a month left like this of crazy tattoo action before I'm outta here !! The ends keep me going !! But I must warn you , dearest Plog followers of the interwebs , if them tattoos is what you like to see here ... Feast your eyes while you still can cuz as soon as I'm outta here , the plan is to do as little tattooing as humanly possible for a nice few months break !!! There will be more pictures ... More much more doodles ... Much much more book making but definitely less tattooing !!! Man needs a break ! So enjoy this month , tattoo lovers ... !

Stay real !!


On the road to fame !!

Front row !!

This today's session's doings !! This rock star (+ groupie chick) on their way to certain fame got all polished up and done done !! I did go a bit crazy with some details but then again ... Anything less would simply be uncivilized !! More on the top half of this sweet sleeve in July !! Until then ... More tattoo action tomorrow !!

Stay cool !!



Today was zombie mermaid day !!

4 hours of colour done ... 2 left !!! Check this evil siren all finished up in just about a month !!

More tat-crunching tomorrow !!

Stay fresh !!!!


Wall of ...

... Me !

Drop by the Gallery when you get a second , in the next few weeks !! I got me a whole wall of originals to peek at !! ... If you happen to be in the hood with nothing better to do , that is !!

Plog ya later ... Am still not done running for the day !!

Tats tomorrow ... Wonder what it is I'm working on !! Let's find out tomorrow ! Laterz !


Sunday at the office !

Yesterday's doings !!

The toy customizer got finished !!! Well ... A few touch-ups in a month but the surface got filled !! Toy creations from beyond and intricate customized contraptions is her business ... And I'm guessing business is good !! We did the toys and the little things here and there !! Not the best shots quite yet of this sweet half sleeve but hey , you get the idea !! Here it is >>>>

Good shots in a month !!

+++ Now if you excuse me ... I got to do my drummer push-ups !! Cuz tonight is band practice night at the pub !! That's right !! Black Sabbath , Pentagram and Iron Maiden couldn't make it tonight , but they all had sex and are proud to announce the birth of their four-headed love child ......... Us !!!!!!!


Flying Jacob !

Is what this is ...

Just a slice of life ... An extra post in my healthy foods collection !!

Ok ... Tats in a sec ...


Guns and horses !

Tattoo time !!

Here's the last two day's doings ... For your viewing pleasures !!

This week was Scots week and from the land of kilted men and deep fried everything , my customers of the day came down and suffered under my evil needle device of pain for some sweet sweet colour action !!! First the statue in the park needed some brightness and some ... Pink of course !! Have a look at Thursday's work ! An almost finished piece by the end of the day >>>>>>

Rock !! One last shot in a few months and this piece is done !! Will it be in Hong Kong , in Copenhagen this Summer or maybe even up in the Highlands ??

Friday was "Evacuated Paris day" !! Colours more colours !!! Not as good shots of this piece and a bit bloody too , but who was I to say anything about him drinking the night before ... Being the one who served him the beers !! So ... You get the idea ! One last shot for this one too !! A bit more colours here and there , a sky and a bit of extra contrast too !!! Have a look >>>>>>

Double wammo !!

More tat-a-action reaction tomorrow !! The toy making girl in the red room gets done !!! How exciting !

Stay fresh out there and if you're ever up in Scotland ... Apparently they'd deep fry anything you bring them up there so ... Try something fun ... Like a kitten or something !!! Send me a picture of the done deed and I'll send ya some free prints !!!! For realz !



November 11th ...


The day to remember the 37,466,904 casualties of the great war , and of all the other casualties of every other war since then !

Less serious and more mindless doodles in the days to come ... I promise !


20 years ago , tonight ...

... Europe was reunited !

After months of mass pressure from all over the Eastern block , from Warsaw to Budapest and Prague , the Soviet union inevitably collapsed and it's greatest symbol crashed with it on the night of the 9th till the 10th of November 1989 ! The 28 year long reign of division through Germany was over and the people of Berlin , Germany , Europe reunited ! It's not all good and magical and many lessons have not been learned by the winning side ! Many questions are still being asked today about how the adaptation and how the entire process up to this day has actually benefitted the country , the continent ! Of course , anyone can argue that individuals basic freedoms have no price but what about the social cost ! Is capitalism really the best opposite ? In the light of recent economical events , has it all served us much much better ? Are all aspects of Socialism so very evil ? I guess , like with all other relationships , time will make us accept our past and let us forgive and forget enough to be able to one day build our future and be able to pick and choose what's good and what's bad regardless of where the idea originally came from ! But whatever your opinion , I like to think that anyone can be happy about one less wall in this world !

Here are a few references , for your history refreshing session of the day ...

1962 view from the west/The beginning years ...

1989 the fall/Recap !

Today ... Walk through Anthony Suau's pictures of the day !!

Here's an awesome series of before after shots from the good people at the NYT !

And here's another good series of shots , also from the NYT's special !

Here's the wiki version of it all and here's the where and how !

A very happy 20th anniversary of no wall day to all my German friends out there !!


Everybody should have been an astronaut !!

... Word !

And finally ... Here's the final part of this breathtaking saga !! Aka Part three - Aka , today's doings !!

A new addition to my ever so wonderful collection of "One shots" ! Straight down from the Swedish Capital , Mr.Saku came down for a forearm piece ... His kids in space !! Why not , right ! Here's how it all happened at the shop today !

You know the drill >>> Red for me ... B B Black for Mr.Saku !

and 4 and a half hours later ... The finished produce of a hard day's work !! Congrats !!

So pretty colours !!

Hope you enjoyed this tattoo triple trip through time and space itself !! Now if you don't mind ... My bed is screaming my name and who am I to refuse its attention !!

More tattoo madness tomorrow !! Checka checka check it out tomorrow yo !! Until then ... Good night to all !

ZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzz z z z z z

Thunder island !

Part two >>>> Aka , Yesterday at the office !!

Done and done !! Of course ... These aren't the best shots of this piece and you might have to wait about 6 months to get to see how good it really looks !! But hey , here's a quick look ... Just so you can get an idea !

Jungle madness !!!

Stay tuned for ... Part three in just a sec >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> !!

Space skanking !

Well hello again , you guys !!

I promise I won't rant about how busy I've been lately !! Promise !! However , I will say this >>>> Run under a door frame or a sturdy table and stay away from windows cuz .... Here's a triple trouble tattoo avalanche of tattooness !!! True that !

Part one >>>> Aka , last Thursday at the office !!

This here space skank came back for some super colour !! And 4 and a half hours of just that , is what it got ! Now now ... This is also a cover up , you should know !! Pretty happy about how that turned out too ! Check this out if ya wanna get a before look at this space adventure !! And remember ... I got tricked into this cover up so ... Don't try to trick me again out there , just won't work !! I don't do cover ups anymore !!!! And like the great man once said - "Trick me once , shame on you ! Trick me twice ... You can't trick me twice !!"

Awesome colour !!! And yes ! This evil robot commanding hottie is obviously from outta town ... I mean , she's green !!!!

Stay tuned for part 2 in just a sec >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> !


Ok Ok Ok ...

Been busy !! I know I know ... You might be getting used to hearing it !!

But I got two sweet sweet pieces to Plog , from the last 2 days at the office and well ... No time to Plog 'em !! So ... You'll have to be a bit more patient !! Tonight , perhaps , or maybe tomorrow !! Until then ... Here's a sneak preview !!

Is it a bird ? Is it a plane ?

Rock !!

Also >>>> Here's the question of the day !!

Martin from St Louis ,MO Wrote:

Dear EP.
What , if any , is your favourite dancing style?

Well , Martin ! Thank you for your very good question !
I have to say that as much as I will always love a good foxtrot , I actually , personally prefer more often , a good night of flamenco !!

If you have any questions of your own you'd like to ask me , please send them to pick@electricpick.com and I'll be happy to answer them !!

Later skaters !


Space wisdom ...

Busy busy busy !! As usual !

In the last few days ... Much doodling has been started , yet none really finished yet !

So I guess you'll just have to wait a bit longer to see some of that doodle action !! The next few days are "working at the office" days , so keep an eye out for some tattoo action to come !! And who knows ... Might even find time to finish some illustration too !! Got a new deadline for the gallery !! I'm getting a wall to myself on the 16th this month so I better get crackin' and make sure I gots what it takes to fill it up right !

Also in the news >>>>> As soon as I can find a second this week , I'll write down and explain the new rules for the tattoo requests !! Essentially the same ... But a bit different !

Until I find time to produce some more bloggable material ... Stay fresh , keep your fancy striped socks that say stuff like "pow" on and hang on to something heavy cuz ... Winter is officially here and my weather machine is def. not in order to fix any of that until I get it all repaired which might take at least until Spring !


Lovely !

Happy Novembers everyone !!

Just a quick post with some of my Sunday doodles ... Actually started a few days back ... And finished doodling on them a few minutes ago ...

Copenhagen therapy !

More stuffs later !