Aha !!

Finally got around to get my 35 mm rolls from Hong Kong developed !!!! And I am once again overwhelmed by the awesomeness of film vs digital !!!! Out of 7 rolls of 36 shots , I would say , honestly , that at least 2 thirds are awesome and half are super awesome shots ! Mostly buildings and shanty sites , weird structures and disproportionate manufactured landscapes ... That's what I love to shoot I guess ... Every time I get some developed ... That's mostly what I end up with ! Here's a quick selection ... Enjoy if it's your kind of stuff !! More to come ... On the site and in some books too . You're most probably gonna see a whole lot of these in my future layouts and stuff !! I love em !!!!!!

Also ... Just got news from my Buddy Mr.Lawless ( real name ) and a very big project is starting to unfold ... After years of talking ... Some action is being planed !! Stay tuned for this collaboration !!!! Will post more as soon as I have something to show !!

Laterz !!


Ya I know...

Here's a sketch I did while in SKorea a few months ago ... This guy actually exists ! But it has absolutely nothing to do with today's post ! Just wanted to post a sketch !

Today's post is about how my web-store with Choker.dk is almost complete !! It won't actually be ready for the 1st of March deadline but pretty damn close to it !! A few days later , close !! This will be a nice new venue for some of my new stuff , printed on shirts and boards and whatever else I can get my hands on !! Can't wait to show ya what I have ready for it !!! Until then .... More work awaits !

Laterz !


Crazy !

Here's a shot of last Monday's session on Tony Vegas's sleeve !! Almost finished ... About one shot left !! We did some bling bling and some nifty cards for a few hours .... Lots of fun ! And yes ! For you people out there not familiar with Danish currency ... These are pretty much what 500 dkk bills look like !
Today however , I decided to spend all day on an evil space robot smashing crazy space ape half sleeve ! Awesome ! No pictures yet though ... Also realized that I opened April for bookings yesterday and that there are only two spots left ! I can remember at least 20 people asking me about them last week before I opened for booking !!! So .... Let me know before it's too late !

Laterz !


Choker deck !

Hah ! Also just finished the Choker board ! ( I think ) .... Might play a bit more with it ... But the odds are it'll look something close to this !! Haven't done a board in a long time ! Got some good ideas for some of my own boards from making this one ... One with a grim reaper and a devil girl or something !! Could be cool . Oh well ... Keep an eye on the Electric Pupermarket for some sweet stuff soon and if you think you might like some EP-Decks hanging in your living room ... Let me know !

... Laterz !

Done !

Finally just finished the last update on my site !! Don't expect an other one before a few months ! Let me know what you think about the new stuff !

Laterz !


A siren for a sailor !

Today's pin-up ! This guy docked his icebreaker in GBG took a 4 hour train ride down to Copenhagen and got 4 hours done on the sweet little masterpiece of a mermaid on his arm ! I love one shots !!!!


The day's hottie

Today's session ... One of my favourite sleeves at the time !! A sweet one ... Should be done in 3 sessions and will look damn good on my site next to the 4 other sleeves I'm almost done with ! Hah ! Started a bunch of new ones too since I've been back from Hong Kong ! Lots of robots !!

Back to work !! That Choker board is almost done !!


Bling bling ...

T'is what I've been working on today ... Not much so far but thanks to other patches and the magic of Photoshop ... A sweet board will come out of this ! Hah ... I remember when I used to do local gig posters before Photoshop and scanners where an option !! Cut and paste with box-cutters and masking tape ! This should turn out better !

Back to work !


Destructo ...

... The musical !!
Finally had a , long awaited , super day of sketching and doodling yesterday ! This one's one of the pieces I came up with ! I'm going to start refusing more and more illustration gigs for the rest of the year ... Just can't get them all done and stay healthy ! I don't know why I say yes to everything ... But I do ... Did ! So ... More of my stuff to be expected !

The update on the site is missing only a few things so ... Even though it's not officially done yet ... You should still go and check it out cuz since the last few weeks , I've been adding loads !! Tattoos , Illustrations , Comics .... So check it out !

Also just received a fresh copy of "SkinDeep" (English tattoo-zine) and got a chance to check out my new piece in there !! Awesome ! One of my favourite ones yet !! I got a 6 or 8 page interview in there and it looks good !!! Hurra !


roboto .2

This awesome spontaneous giant robot sleeve is going to turn out as a masterpiece I tell ya !! Here's a shot , 4 hours into the lines ! Now I got a board to start for Choker skate-shops and try to get this damn web-site update finished ! Also just got news this morning that the Electric Pupermarket is almost ready !! How exciting !


Roboto ...

Am working on a spontaneous giant robot sleeve , as we speak !! You can't wait to see this one , I tell ya !! Might have a few pictures later if he lasts long enough !!

But if you're ever in the Vesterbro part of town in the next few days ... Go check out this event ! I have that giant piece I just finished , on the wall , in the Doodletown section of the building !! Let me know what you think about it if you get to see it !! I think it looks damn good ! ( for a 8 hour piece that is ) ...

Alright ... The robot dude finished eating ... Now back to work !


Done ... !

Finally ! A hard one ... Not so much for the size ( 50 by 70 cm ) or the theme but just the deadline !!! So here it is ! 8 hrs work ...

Now off to bed !


Going, going ...

... Not gone just yet !

Put 4 hours on this one yesterday and got about an other 4 hours left !! I think , apart from walls , that this one is going to be one of my biggest one's ! You get used to always work on a certain size range ... This is good for me ! However the lack of time and stressful deadline is not good for me !!! A bit sick of running all the time and having to hurry everything ! A bit of a healthier schedule is needed soon !!!!

Now back to work !

And go check this new show out !!!!! Another very good one at my gallery !!


Back on top again !

Finished this little darling yesterday ... Should get printed in the next issue of NTM ! It feels good to finally get something finished on paper !

And now ... I have one day ( 6 hrs ) to start and finish my 50 by 70 cm piece for the Doodletown show ... Wish me luck !


The unmarked (yet) grave !

... Today's 3 hour session's shot ! A sweet one , if I may say so !! Been getting quicker lately ! Still tattooing , tattooing and then tattooing some more ... Saturday I'll get a few hours of painting which I will probably use for the new Choker boards and my 50cm by 70cm piece for a show with the Doodletown gallery ... And a pin-up for NTM zine too ... ( all of which is due for next week ) ... Doubt that's all gonna happen but , for some reason , I like setting impossible production standards for myself !

Tomorrow ... Me and my buddy Jesse are doing a collaboration piece on the TV kid !!! Should be a sweet one !

Holla !


For all my homies in the east ... A very happy new year to all of ya !!! Have a super time and the very best wishes for this new year of the rat !! Have a good one and if you drink too much , remember to ...


Some stuff getting done ...

Finally got some stuff started and some other stuff almost finished in the last few days !! Here's one of 7 roughs for some new Choker decks ... Should be out pretty soon , given the stressful deadline and dramatic call for help they sent me ! Keep an eye out for this sweet board in the very near future !

The new merch web-site is going really well and looks like it might actually be ready for the March 1st deadline !

Am starting a sleeve today ... Maybe I have some pictures of it to post later ... Now off to work !


Stockholm stole my darling ...

... But just for a week !
Here's a sneak peek at today's not yet finished punk rock'n darling !

Still working on that web update ... Between all the other gigs ... I should get this damn update online some time in the next few days !!

Now back to work !


Doooom ...

Here's today's half piece ... Did 3 and a half hours on it and one more session should get it done ! Kind of a second take on that death with hourglass painting I did for a zine !

Been crazy busy with tones of projects lately !!! Doing everything at once and not being able to draw for me is getting stressful but I should manage ! Deadlines are slowly getting done !! So in a few days I should have some new stuff to post here !

Still working on that web update too !! Not much time for it but soon !!

Stay tuned ...