United States of NAmerica


If you be one of them people currently residing (legally or not) in the US and also happen to be down with my tattooing struggle, you might be interested in the following statement! >>>>

It's that time again... It's been a while that's for sure but there's just so many places I need to go all the time!! Anyways, enough excuses... I've officially started planning for my next NAmerica trip and Yes, there will be tattooing involved!! I even got dates and all!!!

San Diego: November 21st till December 2nd /6 spots/ At a super covert fancy shmancy private location!! (how exciting)
New York: -Yet to be determined-
New Haven: December 9th till December 16th /4 spots/ At the Hope Gallery.
Philadelphia: -Yet to be determined-

If you happen to be interested in any of these spots contact me when ya get a chance! Booking starts now and it's first come first served! I've had a lot of people asking when i'd come over for the last two years so unless they're all really broke or decided they hated tattoos by now, I'm guessing these dates are gonna go quickly!!

In your mail please include: What (ish) you're looking to get, Where (ish) you're looking to get it and the city and day that tickles your fancy the most!

Direct wireless-mega-comunicatron-address: pick@electricpick.com

I will post again as soon as I have more news about wether I'll be working or not and where and when for NY and Philly! And also when all the dates get booked up!

Thanks you Rock!!!


The 3 lonely sisters and how they paid rent

New shit on the ELECTRIC PICK TURE BOX!! A few new "sketches" and then some!! Go check it out if you like cool new shit!!

I'm kinda stuck between two currents here! I'd say I have about half the EPTB's mailbox filled with E-mails about how some cheaper stuff would be much appreciated and the other half with mails asking me when the BIG stuff is coming!! So yeah! I decided to start with a few "sketches" (however much not that "sketch-like") and would like to reassure the other crowd that some really intense "bigger" stuff is being worked on everyday!!!

So ... Much new original work to expect soon!!!

For now... 3 Lonely sisters!!

Big awesome news tomorrow!! For those of you who're still into that tattoo thing that is!

Shots in the Jungle

I've waited too long for this but as you might have guessed, my excuse consists mostly of being extremely busy with so many other things since I've landed back here in Hong Kong this last April! I however just found myself with a few free hours this "morning" and remembered... I have only posted 2 of the 5 posts I had planned about my last African adventures in the Tanzanian bush! So make it to the ANCOM for a fresh new set of shots from operation Heart of Darkness! I was saving this one specific post for last in the series but since it's been so long since the other ones... I just went ahead with it... My favourite one... The Ngorongoro crater!!! Check it out!

Also in the news... None of my super secret doings are yet ready to be explained and things on the Plog aren't just yet ready to get back to normal either but things have calmed down enough on the covert front for one or two of these posts some of you might have been missing a lot! Stay tuned in the days to come for some of that good old zzzzzapping you've missed out on!!


Stay independent
Stay focused


The power of Hate .02

Dispatch from the foreign office…

Forgive me but I have no choice! This whole story has been boiling up in my head since I first read about it, yesterday morning! Trying to explain it has brought me to this only conclusion…

I sincerely hope that the extremity of the tragedy of yesterday's horror, if anything, manages to, at the very least calm the growing popularity for xenophobia and racism in the tolerant-troubled part of the world which is the Scandinavia of today and teaches a lesson to all the European politicians on all levels of the right side of the spectrum who promote these ideas of intolerance and hate for their own political benefit! I can't help but to personally see a very very direct link between this massacre and the growing social political anti-tolerance climate it happened in! Racist, nationalistic populist rhetoric is a dirty box of parasites indeed, once opened it is very hard to contain! All who dare promote these ideas, however subtly or bluntly, are responsible for what happened yesterday! It's easy to point and say "this was the work of a lone crazy" but look closer at the social climate promoted around you! His actions are in no way to be forgiven or even relativized but the one's of the society around him aren't either!

I can't help to notice that more than half of the interviews from reactions are of people who are shocked that this could have been done by "one of their own"! Why is his nationality, once again so important?

Why would a bank robber's race be so importantly specified on a paper's front page? Is the problem of his situation caused by his bank robbing or his origins? Can a local not rob a bank? Does it make it better when it's a local who robs a bank? Does it make it better when a local kills a hundred innocent people for his political beliefs?

Europe is steadily falling in a dark place… Again! Northern Europe at it's helm! As with all economically unhealthy times, people's ideas slowly regress to a more medieval mind set, returning to religion for answers and blaming anyone from outside their borders for all their troubles! You can bet there will always be a lot of attention seeking politicians and headline desperate tabloids out there who will be ready to take advantage of that mental complacency and let the masses hear what they want to hear and therefore very directly promote these ideas! The atrocities of yesterday where done by an extremist who was unable to stay civilized and not contain these radical ideas promoted everywhere around him! The contemporary Scandinavian political and idealogical environment, to different levels but evenly distributed throughout, from Denmark to Finland through Sweden and Norway is dangerously leaning more and more extremely to the right to such an extent that it has become acceptable to publicly be racist in everyday society, one that inevitably not so subtly promotes these ideas and actions of intolerance! Where there is obviously a definite physical difference between telling someone to go back to where they come from at a corner shop because they're not quick enough with the local language and actually killing scores of immigrant sympathizers, not so much mentally and socially!

All these argument of mine are simply proven by the fact that everybody in Europe knows very well that the situation and thoughts in everyone's mind would have been very different indeed if the assassin had been foreign, had not been white or even worst, had been muslim!

Europeans have to stop thinking they're better than everyone else because they are white!

For a people that is so proud of it's history, we seem to mindlessly forget about it's more important lessons quite easily!

It's always tragically sad however, that for mankind to learn any lesson, many innocent people must always die!

Please don't hesitate to leave a comment if you have anything to add, which ever way you lean with this situation and towards my opinion of the said situation! I believe it is very important for any intelligent dialog to happen and proper understanding of any situation that all opinions must be expressed! We all see things differently and that's a good thing and understanding other peoples opinions is what helps us understand any situation better! I'm afraid, witnessing current political events of the last few years in Europe is making me more and more of an anti anti-tolerance extremist myself!


The power of Hate

I have many things to say about this, many things indeed but not today! Today just this!

More Ploggings tomorrow!


Is that a Tomahawk in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

The day's doodle… My latest "indian" chick of this ever growing collection of mine!! Looks like there might be more of these to come… I guess that's good news if you're one of these people who like my "indian" chicks, right?

This one's even wearing Yellow Pants!! It wasn't actually planned, just happened but I will indeed dedicate this one to the one and only, official Yellow Pants whom I know to dig my "indian" chicks!!!

In other more abstract news…

Some not so awesome things have happened lately that might actually bring on a new situation which might be very awesome and the beginning of something very very awesome indeed!! I know I know… This all makes no sense right now but I must absolutely remain super top secretive about all this shadowy business so… No explanations just yet! I'm sorry I've had to be so uninformative and loose with my facts since the last few months! I'll explain everything in good time, rest assured! And yes, this top secret covert business is all very directly related to the severe lack of Tattooing on this here fine Plog and other related anti explanatory news and stuff!

Bear with me here… For a while longer!

More asap!
Stay happy out there!


Official bidness

Just a bit of an official EP-web e-break till I figure out a new look for the new site!! But worry not... No breaks planned for the Electric Plog!!!

So much is happening these days... I take things one by one but looking at the whole picture is pretty crazy!! So much stuff to take care of!! Makes it hard to stop and think of nothing to doodle or start any of the many projects I have in mind!! This abstract Plogging might last a bit longer though but I promise to update with as much stuff as I can and as regularly as I can until everything calms down a bit!

You guys rock!
Stay sharp!


Another road to there

Back on Earth!

Mundo news to come! Until then... Here are a few factual facts of the day for you!

1: Americans and Europeans apparently have 8 times more chances of getting killed by a cop than by a terrorist attack!

2: Mr. R.Murdoch aka second most horrible human still alive right under Dick Cheney is getting a taste of his own medicine and that's just great! Follow his very public mediatic water-boarding everyday on any news outlet even his own!

3: Farewell Atlantis!




This month's issue of the Monthly Radisher promises greatness and nothing but! Mr. Projectorman is a devoted adept... As you can see!

Forgive me for I have been away from the World Wide Webs for a few days now!! I will answer all my piled up e-mails tonight, I promise!! Been hella-busy doodling a lot lately and have a bunch of big pieces on the way!! I think you might like them too!

Got a lot to share but got to run already... I Uber promise a new post in the next days and not weeks!!! Promise promise!!

Stay fashionably late!


Boob Scotch

Ok like... Here's the deal!! I've been asked yesterday to pick my top five bestest robots of all time! Now I don't know if you guys understand how hard that has been! I think it's outright one of the hardest things I've had to come with since... Since waking up this morning! However, please keep in mind that getting out of bed, for me, is the equivalent of an epic battle... Every morning indeed! The odds are gravely stacked against me and for hours of epic combat an army of about a hundred of me takes on thousands of walking charging mattresses! It can last for hours and it is very bloody indeed! When I do make it (I usually most times manage) I've only made it by the skin of my teeth, every morning, every time, an epic battle indeed! So yeah... It's been hard making this list! I did manage a list but I must absolutely say that it took me more than a day of constantly thinking about this, making list after list, compiling information on hundreds of robots and going deep deep into the secret parts of my brain that I rarely go too (memory)! Also, you should keep in mind that I didn't want to reuse any previously used robots! Unless I absolutely had to (I.e The Iron Giant)...

Here is my top 5 bestest robots ever list:

10: Maria from "Metropolis"
9: Robot in "Le Roi et L'oiseau"
8: Vincent from "Black hole"
7: Roby the robot from "The Forbidden Planet"
6: Necron 99 from "Wizards"
5: Gigantor aka Tetsujin 28-go from "Gigantor aka Tetsujin 28-go"
4: Girl bombs from "Dr.Goldfoot and the Girl Bombs"
3: The Iron Giant from "The Iron Giant"
2: Marvin from "The Hitchhiker's guide to the Galaxy"
1: Pris from "Blade Runner"

In other news...

Check out the ELECTRIC PICK TURE BOX for a bit of an original's inventory update!

More doodles of sneakers and/or radishes and/or anything else really, tomorrow!


The great outdoors

I guess doodle season is back for a while!! A new "indian" chick and this time finally a bit bigger too (A3)!

Hope you like this new day's doodle!

Later skaters!