Keeping with the program , the Electric Pupermarket will open tomorrow !! Time ? ... As soon as I can figure out how to fix the latest complications !! Let's say ... Tomorrow evening ! Here's a sneak at the two first shirts , for sale , on the new shop ( 100 of each ) !! Let me know what you think !! About the shirts but also about how the shop works and if it makes sense and what not !!! Would love to hear from all yall about it ... It's new and all but am aiming to make it perfect !!

Now ... Off to Holland !

Laters !


Also in the news !!!

The all inspiring , awe inflicting , only so slightly late Electric Pupermarket will officially open for real ( true story ) with no further delays on Tuesday the first of July at 12:00 ( noon CET ) !!!!! No kidding !!!! A first batch ( 2 different ones ) of limited shirts will be available !!! More shirts ( always different ) will be following shortly after !! Can't wait !!

Just had to say it !!! Will post it all over again on Monday !


Mecha crunch'n !

Captain Simian Smith's last stand !!

The 4 final hours of this sweet piece were done today ! It's nice to finish a piece once in a while but sad sometimes !! This blue space ape will be back in August for some touch-ups ( even though it doesn't seem to have needed them up to now ) and most importantly ... Some good pictures !! For the web-site and the folio !!!!! I'll be missing this one !!

Also in the news ... Just a few spots left for August !!!!!!!

Sleeve tricked !

5 hours and a half on this young lady today !! We lined all day and I think that a few times , she must have thought ... What did I get into !! But made it only 30 minutes short of the so coveted title of Trooper !! Good job missy ! This one's gonna be a sweet one when the colour hits !! Got a few ideas up my sleeve for this new sleeve !! That's right ... I thought this was gonna be a one shot this morning ! But when I got to the shop it had become a 3/4 sleeve ! I got sleeve tricked !! I remember , back in the day , when I , use to sleeve trick people !! When a girl would come in for a flower on her foot "not too big" and would leave the shop with a sleeve and half back of robots fighting skanky space cadets !! Oh ! Never mind ... That was yesterday !!

Keep an eye on this beautiful piece to be ... More of it after christmas !

Tomorrow ... Captain Simian Smith is back for a final round !!



In deed ,'tis his day ... Hurra !

2000 leagues further ...

This , the piece of the day !!!

Don't ask !! Once again my disturbed mind takes over and comes up with this !! I like this one ... Don't know what she's up too but it must be important !!

Tomorrow is a special day ... Not special like the special olympics ... Just like ... Well maybe , actually !

Skanky town !

Keeping it real No.2 !

Still working on my "drawing stuff as it is" not "as I see it" , project and got to keep working on it , I think !! I like what I've been coming up with up to now but it's just not quite there yet !! Done a few cool sketches of "real" stuff lately and it's hard to finish them on the spot since I'm not supposed to work on them later ... But this one was too good to let go ! This specimen was just strolling down the hood at the shop and as soon as I spotted her I just ran for my sketchbook and came up with this ... Funny !!

More keeping it real soon !


Funny book !

Just dug this sketchbook out of my pile of other sketchbooks ( true story !! I do have a few sketchbooks and they do form a big pile at the end of my H.Q. desk ) ... Had , not quite forgotten about it but just not continued it in a while !! It was supposed to be a book with only the stupid , the unprepared ... Spontaneous and dumb stuff I would randomly think of in black and white only , book ! Started it last year while in Holland last ! And while flipping through it ... Realized that there was a lot of great stuff in that book !! So ... Since there was no way I could get a good shot of what I tattooed all day today ( Which happens to be a piece that is awesome , by the way !!! ) here's a page from this weird sketchbook project ... More to come !

For those of you who like this tattooing thing I do ... Am going to Rotterdam next week for one of my tattoo marathons ... 6 new pieces in 5 days !! Stay tuned !!


As time passes ...

Last one of the week ! Came down from GBG for a touch-up session !

We had started this doom piece in KBH a few months ago and coloured it when I was last up in GBG !! Please excuse the weird look on these shots but half of it is healed and the other half freshly touched-up ... More bester pictures when it's all healed up !!

Got to remember that I have a few cool illustrations to scan !!

Later skaters !!



That's right !! Today's her day !

Double trouble

Today's doings ...

Pretty much the closest think to a reproduction , I've done in the last 9 years !! Left one on a foot and right one on the inside of a wrist ! Both of which , took me under two hours to get done ! Apart from reminding me of the older street shop days ... It's kind of nice to start and finish two pieces in the same day !!

Also in the news ... The two new shirts for the Pupermarket are almost ready to take out of the oven ! Allan and Malle are finally back from the far west and last but not least ... Due to further mail related events I have decided to present a petition to get the Danish postal service recognized by the UN as a Terrorist organizations/International organized crime cartel !!!! Wish me luck !

Later !

In the news !

Just got news that my piece for the DrawingBlood art show next month , made it to the front page ! The gallery sent some magazines some shots of the work to be shown at the show , for promotion , and this cool local art zine picked mine for their cover !! Pretty happy about that ! Like a nice pat on the back !

Go check them out !! They have a cool zine going and you can get a glimpse of a bunch of pieces that'll be at the show !

Been drawing all day , today ... But to tired to scan !!! Soon !

Tomorrow ... Allan is back !


I know I know ...

... It's been a while !! Sorry ... But I've been pretty busy for the last few days !! No really , like crazy busy !! + All the tattoo pictures I've been taking after the last few sessions kind of all turned out like crap ... So ... Won't happen again ... I swear !! ( actually it most probably will ) But here's what happened today :

Roboto came back for almost 6 hrs today and we did a bunch of stuff on it !!! This one's becoming more and more of a masterpiece , Every time we work on it , I tell ya !! We finished the city he was escaping from ... His left arm ... A few gauges , here and there ... And last but not least ... We gave him a mission , a purpose !! Here it is again !! ( Yes ! That's my tattoo version of Hall ( 9000 )) !

Now ... Two days to paint and fill the illustration/tattoo gap on this Blog !!


Originals for sale ...

Changing galleries ... In the mean time , if ya see something you like ...

Enquire directly at: pick@electricpick.com

Pupermarket ad ...

Been farting around with this tonight !! Forgot my deadline was ... Now ! And ran back home to do it ! Now ... What this ad is saying is true , however ... Not just yet ! Should be perfectly planed and timed for when , the Zine it's going to be printed in , gets sent out !! so ... Under 2 weeks now !

True story !!

Can't wait to show these shirts off !!!


Undercurrent ...

Working on this add project ... And well ... This came out of it and it has absolutely nothing to do with the job I'm working on !! So ... Yeah !

Enjoying this slight rework with Psd. more and more !! Trying not to do to much of it ... But just fooling around with the computer on an illustration is often a lot of fun and I usually come up with some really interesting stuff !! I think if the computer part of the illustration is very subtle then it usually looks good ! I tend to dislike work that was over rendered with Psd. or when all the cheesy effects where over used !

More of this to come !!

Real !

Started this yesterday ! A new project !! It goes like this ... See ... I always draw stuff from my head and as much as it comes from everything I see that inspires me ( Anything really ) it always comes out on the other side after being processed through my disturbed mind ! And I love that and always enjoy twisting stuff around and ... Well ... It just comes naturally ! So the other day I decided to try to draw what I see and not distort it just draw what I see as it is ... So this is the first one ! Done it yesterday morning while waiting for breakfast !! As you can see ... There's either some pretty strange looking people in my hood or I truly have to work on this !!!!

More to come !!

I think , as an illustrator artist whatever you call it , that it's important to always try to test yourself in uncomfortable terrain ! So I kind of like this new project ... A good challenge !! Let's see what comes out of it !!


Atomic-o redux !

Just playing around with Atomic-o and came up with this !! I like the two layer flash behind him !!! Oh well ... We'll see which the zine likes best ... The original or the Psd. one !!

Printed out two new shots to paint on a minute ago !! Can't wait to see what I come up with !! Painting on pictures is like a break from the rest and the results are never awesome but always super interesting !! Should do some more "window" pieces too !!




The one and only !!

Been working on this one and a bunch of others today !! This one's for the NTM zine and I think they're gonna like it !! Still need to give it a background and was thinking all day of a cool way to do it with Photoshop only ! We'll just have to see how it turns out tomorrow !!

Tomorrow ? ... Commando school 2.0 ! Wish me luck !



That's right ! Just finished the painful task of uploading and updating the web-site !! Go check it out if you don't have anything better to do !!!

Oh !!! And my calendar works now !! Mhm ... That's right !!! Nothing's too good for me !!!


BBQ time !

Inviting beach party !!

So yeah ! This , what happened today ! Some colour in the front girl and a big bubba of a flower ! Nice to see this super piece again !!! It had been a while since the last session !!!! More of this one in August !!

So yeah !! To much tattoos on this Plog !! I'm cutting you off the tattoos for a bit !! I don't like it when there are much more Tattoo posts than Illustration ones on this blog !!! It means I'm not drawing enough !!! So ... No more tattoos till I catch up !!!! ( a few days ) ... That's it ... You're cut off !!!

Laterz !

Drawing blood !

Will have a damn sweet piece at this show in July ! Go check it out , live at the Ghostprint Gallery in Richmond VA , if you're in the hood !! Should be a super show !!!!



That's right !!

Been waiting for these T-shirt test prints to come in for a while and it seemed like it took for ever !!! But I got them this morning and they look nothing short of fantastic !!!! We start the real print runs this week on Friday I think ! Two weeks later the shop officially opens !!!! Can't wait to showoff what these 2 shirts look like !!!

The Electric Pupermarket will be directly accessible through the Merch. section of my web-site !

Lines lines lines ...

Well ... Let me tell ya ! The four seasons is a great pretext for some pretty darlings !!

5 and a half hours of line on this new sleeve and we got pretty much all the lower half lined up !!! Actually started with two liners today ! I do that about twice a year ! Usually only line with a kinda tight 9 liner ... Yep ... That's pretty much all I use ! But once or twice a year , for no apparent reason , I'll do some of the fine lining with a tight 7 ! So yeah ! Looks damn good this one !!!!

( From left to right .... The little one in the back is the indian Summer ( we needed a 5th girl ) / Spring in the middle and Summer on the right ( with a bird on it's head )) Wait till you see what I have up my sleeve for the colours !!!

Later !

( Yes ! The kanji was there before !! )


KBH Komikon !

Me and my buddy Niels had a nice day out at the Copenhagen Comicon today ! Wasn't expecting much but it actually turned out to be alright ! Also , to my great surprise , happened to spot Alessandro Barbucci and Barbara Canepa ( Skydoll ) at a booth signing and sketching all over their comics !! Nice surprise !

So yeah ! We hung around for a bit , Niels hooked up with an old friend ! And all 3 of us went back to town and had a few pints wile talking about our adventures and the good old days ! Until Niels's old friend got hammered and trashed the place and we had to run from the cops !! We kinda lost him in an alley somewhere around Nyhavn ... Hope he's alright !!

Anyways ... Think they have one of these Komikons every two years !! Check it out , next time !! Good fun !