Clash of the titans !

Kablamo !!

Well ... Not much happened today ! I guess that's ok ! I can tell ya one thing though ... Went to drop off my hundreds of films of masterpiece photography to my developing wizard and just from looking at the canisters for a few minutes , we both agreed they were gonna be magical pictures !! 2 films from Paris , 2 from Copenhagen and about a hundred from my last Hong Kong/Melbourne trip !! Wednesday's the day I go and get them ... Might have to borough a car to bring them home ! Anyways ... Stay tuned for lots of Analogue-magic in the day's to come !! Here's a doodle from today ... Just played a bit with it with some Psd action and thought I'd post it tonight !

The cloud rider !! Kinda messed up the pixelling but ... Too lazy to go back and do it again ... It's just a doodle !

Tomorrow ? ... Some colours on a half sleeve !!

Plog ya later , good night and in the mean time ... Remember to not drink and drive !! Specially if your ride home is a nuclear submarine !! You might hit another , drunk driving nuclear submarine !!


nic said...

analogue magic... now THAT's what i'm talking about. can't wait to see them, especially the ones of HK!

Unknown said...

Looking forward to that magic, can´t wait........

igl said...

nuclear submarine at my homeride, ... tztz,... i suppose, you´ll need a dokta, ... hmmmmm !