Home Sweet Home Sweet Home...

A Complete circle

Forgive me for the unnecessary suspense but I've had to do with very little online time since I got back!!

But yeah...

I got back! Completing a full circle and therefore securing an A+ for operation Road Runner!! I'll skip the part where a giant immigration officer mascot helped me vote for my favourite immigration officer at the airport (true story) and the part where a real life storm trooper sold me a plane ticket (also true story) and go right to the part where I almost cried a bit when I finally made it back to my beloved home (very true)!! Boy I love my HQ and I guess I'm still far from being done with this part of the world!! Walking back in the hood, getting my coffee from Rosie and Lumpy's, running into doctor Buddy Wang, grabbing a duck blood soup with Jimmy Wong Way, getting one of my favourite Tuna buns from Johnny Good Cakes and just getting to hang with the crew!! I'm getting old I think... I'm loving this whole sedentary thing more and more! 33 after all...

But yeah! Back home till I leave again at the end of the month for the Yoo Ess of the Ay!

In other news...

I believe it's that time of year again... The time of year when the chocolate and sweets making industry lobby groups have a giant hard-on... Yep... That's the word I'm going for this year! And if you be one of those who like to ride that (yes... Ride that chocolate and sweets making industry lobby groups' hard-on)... Well I hope you're all having a good one!!! Regardless of this capitalist mastermind holiday masterpiece, candy rocks! And the day when North American kids (and other kids from cultures in need of more holidays) get full bags of it for free just for dressing up is pretty cool! Eventually you get to that age where Halloween night is all about hanging out with the slutty version of your childhood idols but I'll leave that for another more illustrated post! Am I forgetting anything... ? Oh yeah... All that grim and sombre death and doom darkness stuff!!

Queenie Von Bloodthirsty!

Have an awesome Halloween to all of you out there and try not to get diabetes!!

More Ploggables in the days to come!!! Hurra!



The clock is ticking... It's T-1!

Operation Road Runner's success is still to be determined! For you see, this oh so mysterious operation didn't necessarily have to happen in Australia but rather more importantly out of Hong Kong and it's entire success depends on a full loop, a safe return!! I will be more than happy to explain all of these operational operations and all of the last year's worth of secretive secrets as soon as I can but until I can... It'll be evasive and vague rhetoric from me, I'm afraid! Hang on and bear with me just a bit longer while I glide my way back through the dark and silent South China sea skies tonight! 10 Hours = 5 movies... I hope they have a new selection since my ride into Australia!!

Even though the entire trip was pretty much all last minute arrangements and day to day runnings, I couldn't be happier to have decided to come down to Australia for this last month and have already promised all around a sure and prompt return in the very near future!! So for all of you down under who would have loved more tattooing, more visiting, more Guinness time... Keep your eyes open for me soon soon again, cuz if you see someone who looks like me in the streets of Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane in the months to come... It's probably me!!

Take care out there and wish me luck for this midnight run!

Updates as soon as I'm back home!



The Melbourne Clock Bird

Laying them out... One by one!

Melbourne's been good to me! Melbourne's always been good to me! Unfortunately, time has not been on my side during this whole trip and I've had to cancel too many things and run from one place to the next too often! It does seem however, like I will be back down on this part of the southern hemisphere more often now!! Yep! But until I make it back... Here's some of the last sweet doings I could have been caught doing during the last few days!!

The Melbourne Clock Bird with sad but not tragically sad, young lady! I also call it my "PECKEL" piece! Here's what yesterday's Voodoo doings looked like!!

Red & Black...

5 hours later...

Finally a real "one shot"!!

On the road out back home tomorrow night but I will find time to post again before I fly fly fly away!!!

Got to run already but stay safe out there!!!


The Transit Hand

Busy busy...

Here's a quick shot of the day's doings!! The city that screams just got a hand... A hand with a train in it!! Yep!
Got to run already but will be back asap with more wonderful Ploggable news in the days to come!!

Also: For those concerned...

I can be found hurting the locals for the next few days in the wonderful company of the Voodoo crew!!

27 Carlisle strret

Stay awesome!!


Behind the wall... Deep in the drain!

Dictators tend to forget that no despot can stand and defy the force of the oppressed mass. No matter the time they manage to stay on top, no matter the means they use to repress, at the end of the day, the man on top is just that. Another man. As fragile as any other.

Congratulations to the people of the new re-liberated Libya, who against all odds grabbed their own fate by the horns and took back their lives after 42 years of oppression. A wonderful example and life lesson for all of us around the world who are too afraid of looking directly into the MAN's eyes!

All my hopes and wishes now go to a successful and peaceful transition, a new Libya that will be better than the old where less blood will need to be spilt.

In other news....

Thanks so much to all of you for some awesome birthday wishes e-mails and comments!!! You guys all pretty much Rock!!

More updates of "Road Runner" in the next few days and even some more of that tattoo thing I sometimes do!! Take it light and stay street!!


!! 33 !!



= 33 !

::: EDIT :::

For all of you out there who are looking for something to bribe me with for a tat-session or just looking to secure my friendship by material means ... Getting me one of the below items from the below wish list will definitely get you a few bonus points!!

Birthday gift wish list:

1) A small flat with a view in Makoko, lagos!

2) An M4, zombie repellent carbine from Zero!

3) An Oreo cheesecake making machine!

4) A private submarine!!

5) a Guinness night out with the Obamas!

Thanks you guys rock!


Riding the wave

Operation "Road Runner" update >>>>>

After a few days of staring at the waves crash on these pristine white sandy beaches in this very pretty yet pretty remote part of the world (yes remote!! There are more people living in my building back home in Hong Kong than in this whole town), I'm back on the road again! Direction, the South! Time has, once again, not been my best of friends and has passed me by a bit too quickly making me rush back down to Melbourne and sadly, once again, go right through Sydney without being able to stop! I won't give up though! I will one fine day get to go and see this town but sadly not this year!

This time I'm hopping a few trains all the way back down to the southern coast! 22 hours all together if all the trains are on time! It's a bit of a long trip but the best way to see the countryside short of just walking down!

I'm out tonight at the crack of dusk and will report back here as soon as I make it to Melbourne sometime between Wednesday night and Thursday morning!

Stay street!


It don't gitmo better than this!!

Wow! So much always happens when you're on the road! It's like your life magically doubles in doings and happenings in the same amount of time! Crazy shit!! So I'll help ya catch up here…

First of all: The House of Jedi!

After an awesome week of chilling, drinking, chilling and locals hurting and chilling in Brisbane town at my buddy Mix Master Luke's aka the one Jedi Luke aka the main organizer of the "Mad Kants Midnight Tattoo Club" aka the driver with nerves of steel, I'm out again! Brisbane is a cool spot on the map and I highly recommend you drop by if you ever find yourself in that general neck of the woods!! Avoid going out on Monday nights and you'l be good!

And here's what kind of doings last happened at the House of Jedi (where Jedis hang, talk shit, have BBQs and get taddooed) before I had to skip and get back on the road last night! Now this is actually beyond awesome… Sit down, relax and soak this in slowly! I must add that this kind of stuff is the kind of tattooing that is making me hang on to tattooing a bit longer and wait a bit more before I quit! Yep! It's that awesome! That whole crew of Brisbanites are getting some of the best pieces out there… Ok! You ready?? Here I go… I give you, the one the only the famous Abu Ghrabbit detention facility! Yep! A full sleeve of 3D Abu Ghrabbit-ness! Complete with dirty skank guards, Die-cut isolation cells and an in process 3D rabbit water boarding session! What more could you ask for?? Seriously!!! Have a look for your selves!!

Red & Black (8pm)

All lined up (6 am)

So much for "one-shots" number 2! More better shots and some serious colour action on this new sleeve in November!! Keep an eye out for this one!!

As for operation Road Runner part 3… Here's the road accomplished last night driving trough a Typhoon that could only be described as The Rapture (Yep… Picture 4 gweilos in a smart car driving through the Rapture! Lucky we had a Jedi at the wheel!) and a 4 hour night bus ride through the bush >>>>>

Will be here in Coffs Harbour for a day or two before I skip town again for some more south bound trippings through the great Australian outdoors!

Take care out there and stay tuned for more Road Running adventures!!


At the House of Jedi yesterday...

Quick update from the front!!

Here's what happened at the House of Jedi, yesterday!! Archie's leg is growing... So much for "One-shots" but rest assured this piece, just like every other piece I've made in the last 13 years, is NOT black & grey! Colour will be coming soon enough!! Here's what it looked like when we was done at around 3:30 am last night >>>>>

More of these Aussie doings, about the next steps of operation Road Runner and about the ever so famous House of Jedi in the days to come!!

Got to run...


Road Runnings and other such doings

Still alive and well down here!!

Visiting the country sites and taking loads (heaps) of awesome pictures out here in Brisbane and the surrounding Queensland "bush" area! Lots of great shots I can't wait to get developed as soon as I get back to the HQ! My first time up here you see... So I might have gone a little camera crazy! But apart from cars in trees and kangaroo boxing matches, the situation on the ground is getting busier and busier too!! So stay tuned for more exciting adventures such as -The "Mad Kants Private Midnight Taddoo Klub", the "100 first Guinness Pints Queensland International Competition" and "Operation Road Runner part 3", of this amazing other side of the world, Road Running mission!!

Until then and as previously promised... Here's one of these "old" "new" taddoo catching up posts!!!

This one you might remember from last year! The famous "The Time Piece" from GUUUAAAAM !! Well... Since then we finished it! Here's what it looked like when we was done >>>>>

Until the next post... Stay street!


! ! ! 1 0 0 0 ! ! !

Yep!! Ladies and gentlemen this post is indeed the 1000th post, the big one G post of the Electric Plog!! Congrats to graffiti with punctuation and 4 and a half years' worth of my life's doings laid bare on these fine World Wide Web pages! I didn't think it would actually take this long to get 1000 posts! Anyways... Here are the news of the day:

Operation "Road Runner" part 2 starts tomorrow! Keep an eye out here once in a while for updates and most probably more of these "tattoo catch-up" posts too in the days to come!

Here's the plan:



My city screams...

More? Sure... Got plenty!!

Here's one of my new favourite in progress projects! Started a while back and I would say about half done! Buddy Dave came all the way from Australia... The land of... Koalas and passing trains (sorry I don't even care if no one thinks it's funny anymore, I just can't stop it) and also where I'm at now a days! Buddy came to me for the ultimate city! We had a good talk and he decided to trust me and let me push this further and I gave him... The city of all cities! The city that keeps on growing! The city with a soul! The city with a spirit!

Here's session 1:
Red & Black-


Session 2 with some awesome colour:

Session 3, more colour on the bottom:

A few more sessions to go on this sweet sleeve and most probably very soon too since I happen to be in town! Much cheaper without a return 10 hour flight and a hotel to book for a few days if ya ask me!

I'll post the next session as soon as it's done! Until then... Expect more of these "tattoo catch-up" posts, maybe before, for sure right after, part 2 of operation Road Runner!!

Stay colourful!


The Bottle Shop Dance


Yeah... I'm pretty much still a gigantic stress ball of stressness down here! poor Australia, it has absolutely nothing to do with her! Being back down here is actually pretty damn awesome!! But all these HK workings that followed me in the plane back down here are really starting to take their toll on my health!! I'll be just fine just need to keep at it and try to make this doom deadline!!! I promise you all that I will write a book about all this when I'm done!! 6 months of hard work... Let's hope really really hard not all in vain!!

Enough about my ramblings!! I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to start posting some of these "new" "old" pieces you guys never got to see! I've never found the time to post these sessions and well... For those who like to stay in the loop... My latest stuff is pretty damn cool if I may say so myself! Yup!

First of the day:
Mr. Carlos who came all the way from Spain, the land of Paella and nation wide automatic legalization of all illegal immigrants to get this long leg of his filled with awesome city mayhem crazy colours and stuff! Have a look at what sessions one and two looked like! One last session for the finish most probably in January back in Europe at the wonderful Conspiracy inc. a pretty damn awesome shop like there are very very few of and that you sure think more than a hundred times before leaving!! Woo where did that come from?? I miss those guys!!! Ok ok enough emo!! Here's Carlos' wonder leg >>>>

Second of the day:
Mr. Hermod from the northern lands of Norway, proud birthplace of Nobel prizes and endless Fiords, came for a riot of his own! Here's session one and two and same as Carlos... One last round to go very soon! Have a look at what's been happening in Europe everywhere outside of Norway lately in vibrant reds >>>>

Right! Hope this satisfies your tattoo viewing desires for now!
More in the coming days!!

Until then I'll be busy smoking 3 packs a day, writing e-mails frenetically and organizing the next steps of operation Road Runner!!! Might find some time to throw Koalas too!

So much fun!

Later skaters!


In one piece

Yep! Made it in one piece indeed!!

So I just landed down here (Melbourne, Oz) and it's not +40 million degrees celsius and that's just awesome!!! Long sleeves weather is my favourite weather!!

Apart from that, I'm sorry to say that a huge load of work from Hong Kong has followed me here with an incredibly stressful deadline so it will be absolutely impossible for me to answer any e-mails, whatsoever for the next week or so! I'll try to find some time to post up here on a regular basis (got lots of tattoo action you guys haven't seen yet to post) but I just can't answer any mails unless directly related to this Hong Kong work or future Australian doings!

I will be back behind the e-mail answering desk in about a week or so, until then I apologize but there's just not enough room in my head to take care of everything right now!

You can however bet your porcelain frog collection that I'll be showing off some "old" "new" sweet tats in the days to come!!

Stay awesome!! Until then, if you excuse me, I have some Koalas to throw at passing trains!! So much fun!