From Vesterbro with fog !

Here's the last film I shot before I left for Hong Kong , right after christmas !! Was really excited to see how this one would come out !!! Was a very foggy night and had a 400 B&W film to spare !! All these shots are over 4 seconds exposure and with the fog was expecting some crazy results ! It so happens that this film turned out not so crazy after all , however , still a few sweet shots !! You tell me !

CANON EOS + Neopan (400) + VESTERBRO (that's my hood)

Next photo-thon from the magical super land of Hong Kong !!! Hang on to your pants cuz there are some truly awesome shots in that pile !!!

Rock !


nic said...

Very moody and mysterious... these shots. Kinda reminds me of some of the scenes from Wong Kar-Wai's Happy Together!

punk in writing said...

Like the fog - and your blog. :)