O.P.+ E.T. 30-32

RED BOX day!!!!

Here are the first pages of chapter 3!! Hope you like them… They were kinda done at the last minute but I love what I managed for this week's session! And oh so so mysterious… I won't spoil it for ya… Have a look for yourselves!




Oh em gee !!!!! Is this the future??? Is this the past??? What is going on here?? Who is this "Emma"???I can't bear the intrigue!!! Some answers, I maybe promise, for your next week's weekly Red Boxing!!

So yeah!! Finally a chick in this comic!! And 32 pages already too! I won't give you any hints or spoilers but I promise nothing short of awesome for March!!! Absolutely!! You'll be hooked I tell ya!!!

Thanks again for all the awesome comments and e-mails I get about this comic!!!! It really makes it the best project to work on and makes me work harder on it!!!! You guys rock!

Expect some pretty cool Red Box related news in the weeks to come too!!!

Ok ok got to run… Take care out there and I promise to post again asap!!!


Check the RED BOX out from the start!!


5 Days...

Has it been that long already?

Sorry! A lot of cool shit is happening in Hong Kong and I'm a part of it!! So much stuff to do everyday... I'll try to update you about all this stuff in the days to come... Until then, here's a correspondent, out to get the day's scoop!!

Stay posted for news soon!!!

Take it light out there!


The Darkness 27-29

Red Box day!!!




Ooooooooo... How intriguing!!!!!

Check out the Red Box tab at the top for the complete story!


Wendy Pawnee and the sheriff

Catch her if you can, mister law man!!

That's right... Another one!

More tomorrow!!
-Hell ya... Tomorrow's RB day!!!!!


Run Right Back...

Hey wut-up!? Thought I'd quit already??? Not yet... Not yet!

Here are some "back in Hong Kong day's doings" for your viewing pleasures....

Buddy was back for more colour after a 5 week wait!! This time on the Alien Shiny space suit wearing space skank! Here's what 2 hours made her look like! Forgive the glare!!!

One last session for the cheerleader on the other side and we is done on this epic leg of awesome yellow backgroundness!!!

Also in the news of the day... I finally had a few minutes to fix up that RED BOX "from scratch" tab!!! Check it out (up left... On the top)! You can now go back and start from Page 1 and not have to bother finding all the posts!!

More news soon! Some of it... Terribly exciting I'm afraid! Yep!
Ok got to go...


Mini earthquakes and Shiny Fridays!


So much is happening since I got back home!! Which inevitably gives me very little time to talk about it here!! But soon!! I promise a major update of all my latest adventures as soon as I can!! Some doodles would be nice too!!

Until then... Friday night shiny pants and snack noodle shot, graciously donated to my ever growing shiny and chicken flavoured Ploggable collection, this time straight from Londontown... Just for you!!!


Just like sardines 23-26

Wednesday is obviously your weekly RED BOX dose day and this wednesday is no different...

Now I know I said I'd make a big update this week... And I almost did... I mean I got 10 pages done this week! But then it pretty much took me all week (most of them are over rendered too) and well, I'm gonna have a lot of stuff to take care of next week so... I'm terribly sorry but I've wisely decided to cut the load in two and sacrifice quantity for constants! Hope you understand!!

This story is getting more and more mysterious and oh so intense too... Ok ok... Check it out for yourselves... Your weekly RED BOX session awaits you >>>>





On the edge of my seat, let me tell ya!!! Next Wednesday might bring us closer to maybe understanding what the hell is going on here... Or maybe not just yet! Who knows...

Also in RED BOX news... Keep an eye out for that tab on the top left... (yes the one adequately labeled "RED BOX")! It will be a standalone post with the whole comic posted from the start so you don't have to find every post one by one!! Smart right!?

And thank you all for all the awesome comments about the said RED BOX!!!! Hugely appreciated!!!! I've been getting about one a day and it just really makes me want to do more!! You rock!

More Ploggings asap!!
Stay fresh!


The red of the streets

Quick little update...

Just re opened the EPTB!! Same old stuff (minus a few things sold on the road) but re opened none the less! Might be able to have some new stuff in there by the end of the month!

Also... I've been saying this for a while but this time it's true! Not my fault they is just slow out there... My issue of Tattoo-Burst (the Japanese one) is finally out, this time for real! Check it out yo! Have no idea what they're saying about me... Hope it's not too bad!!

Oh and here's my zine from that last night... Will definitely be doing more of these!!!!

More awesome news and stuff and stuff in the days to come!!!

P.s. Oh how exciting the next installment of the RED BOX will be...



Hey what-up!!??

Slowly getting back in the beat after a few days of staring at my ceiling and killing one bottle of Ricard after the other!!! Ahhhhh.... I'm back!! Words fail me... So damn happy to be back home... In my wonderful beloved HK!!!!! Ok ok... I could write about just that for pages and pages but I'll just skip that for now and show ya a pretty picture instead...

Here's the next Brussels Convention poster I just finished working on a few days ago... Just before I left Copenhagen town! It's a bit of recycling since all the time I could put on it was 20 minutes here and there between tattoo breaks! Sadly my Copenhagen tattoo schedule did not permit me even just an hour at the time on it! But finally I managed and I quite like what I came up with!!!! Have a look!!!

Can't get enough of this hand writing!!!! I wouldn't print entire books like that but a poster or a zine... Absolutely loving it!!

Also sadly... As much as I was seriously tempted... I just won't be able to attend this convention!! Just did the poster for it, not going! Putting it out there cuz I know I'll get e-mails about it! Also if you're waiting to see me at any convention... Don't! I just don't do them anymore, since 2007 to be precise!

Just come to Hong Kong!

Ok ... Got to go... Just found out last night that there's a zine exchange tonight and I actually managed to put a few pages together for it! Got to print it now! I'll post about it asap!

Ok Ciao!



Behold... The RED BOX!!

It's true it's true... The RED BOX is real!!

Here are some stats and all you need to know to make your christmas perfect this year... Yeah not like last year!!

RB-1 [RED BOX season 1] First Edition

Hard cover
240 pages with 2 gatefolds
21 x 21 cm (that's like 8" something by 8" something, for you people)
Full colour

That's 205 ish pages of RED BOX + an extra 35 ish pages of extra awesomeness
including awesome epic extra pages from none other than:

Jesse Smith
Ben Newman
Davee Blows
Tom Haubrick
Uncle Allan
Honkey Kong

ISBN: 978-988-16928-1-8

465 HKD and that is:  60 US / 47 EU / 38 UK

Available starting from Monday the 19th of November (Monday coming up).

Anywhere... We ship to the world!!

Between 10 to 15 US to most of the civilized world!

Free shipping to anywhere in Hong Kong!

Clandestine Republic also offers a free "Customs Deceiving" service for those of you who live in countries serviced by organized criminal post offices (i.e. North Korea, Zimbabwe, Denmark...)


You can order this epic saga through:


Get this epic brick of ultimate awesomeness... It'll change your life! No really!!

Don't hesitate to ask me about this or anything else: pick@electricpick.com

You ROCK!!!

The Tin can 21-22

Aha! You thought I might have forgotten??

Well it was hard to find the time to make new pages from scratch since I just landed back home yesterday but I managed!! I managed 2 pages for your Weekly RED BOX session too!! Expect more next week… Since I'm on vacation now that I'm back home, I'll have a lot more time to work on other stuff!!



Where is this going? Who are these people?? Can you really hide a submarine in a rice paddy??? So many questions… Perhaps some answers next week?

Take it easy out there and I'll Plog ya back asap!

P.s. Tell your home you love it if you haven't done it in a while! I'm sure it'll appreciate it!


Day 36 of 35 days of nights!

That's it that's all I is outta here!

On my way back to my beloved and dearly missed wonderful home as we speak! However, I really have to say once more that this whole trip was much easier than I had anticipated! All the work was awesome and all my Danish and European customers were absolutely fantastic!! The level of dedication you guys show is truly humbling and I try to return the favour as best I can with my doodle ninja skills!!! Every piece would definitely be a sure portfolio piece if I had such a device and the whole 5 weeks went by actually pretty painlessly for me!!!

Thank you all so much!!!!

Copenhagen and I have had our ups and downs but this town, when it comes to tattooing, has always been good to me! I will, once again, most definitely be back!!!

To all my Dansk homies I leave again! Thanks for understanding my crazy schedule and making time to come out and hang when my schedule allowed it! You're all the number one reason I keep coming back, it's true! I miss ya already!!! Allan the Dark tattoo ninja, Yellow Pants the dream catcher, Jorgy the Eckel, Lucifer supreme ruler of the underworlds, Commando Thomas the Zombie ready, Commando Mich the Asian Sensation, Phil the Power, Michelle who's not in Oregon anymore, Ailish from the greenest land...

... If you find yourselves missing me at anytime... Just park your polar bear war sled on the highest hill of this never ending ice desert, blow in your battle horn and look at the moon! I will be there... Looking back!

Ok ciao!
Catch ya later, here or there, as long as you're all happy!



3 Posca's and a golden lady for my homie!

Valhalla no doubt for you my Viking friend!


Et Voila !

Done and done I tell ya!

Just finished my last hour of my last day's workings for this whole operation and I'm glad to report that, to my surprise, I have actually survived this mega 5 weeks of tattoo madness!!

And I must absolutely add, that without the obvious exception, it went pretty damn well! Lots of people came from far away, lots of awesome ideas were submitted, everybody lasted amazingly, all the "one-shots" got finished and a few older classics got finished finished too!!! It was a pretty damn good tattoo trip!! Thanks to everyone who booked and came from around the corner or the other side of Europe!! You all rock and I hope you're all happy with your sweet new tats... I know I am!!

Here's your round-up, catch-up, your final tat-a-matic mega post for operation 35 days of nights !!! The last few days worth >>>


Awesome "one-shot" almost not finished but then we actually made it!!!


Oh that turquoise...


The final piece of the trip... Finished a few hours ago...

I hope you've all enjoyed the show for the last 5 weeks! Sadly (for you) starting from right now, there might not be another tattoo orgy like this one for a long time! I'll always post my tattoo work, as I come up with it... I'll just tattoo work a lot less!

More updates and news tomorrow!
Now if you'll excuse me... I have to get drunk tonight!



Nervous Nellie in the room

Some people should definitely never get tattooed!

Some 18 year olds are ready to get tattooed, some 40 year olds are to young to get tattooed! Some people are good to go whenever, some people need to go home and think about it a bit more and some people need to never enter a tattoo shop!!

I'll spare you the rant of the day and just show you what Nervous Nellie got >>>>

A sweet piece indeed!

Those who read this blog regularly know that I have in the last 5 years only complained about such things twice! It does take a lot!! Back up tomorrow with more sweet tats!!

Stay calm... Take it easy out there!!


Jesper got a Rib bird

I think the title is pretty self explanatory...

Sorry for the brief post but I gotta run.... Here's your day's doings of the day >>>>

Stay safe!!!


Deep under /20


Made it! But only barely just made it as you can notice by the fact that this week... You're only getting one page, I'm afraid! But what a mysterious page!!

I'm just seriously out of time like wooooo!!! It's ok... Only a few days left of this mad madness of insane schedule action but bear with me here as I should be able to have much more time to myself by next week and be able to put a few more pages up at a time again!! I'm thinking you guys are gonna like where this is going and be completely hooked by the next few weeks!!! True story! Ok ok... Here's your Wednesday RED BOX page >>>


Back with the sweet tats tomorrow!