Santa Fe

Today's doings ... aka On the way out of San Diego ... Part two !

SD > LA via AMTRAK !

More tomorrow !

Yeti strikes back !!

On the way out of San Diego ... Part one !

Yesterday was a full day at the shop indeed ! First in line >>>> A few minutes of touch-ups on the zombie mermaid from last year !! Check it out ! After a bit of extra blending here and there , we got it all wrapped up and good to go !! Next in line >>>> The piece of the day !! A vengeful Yeti striking back at some evil commie zombies , you say ? Why yes ! That's exactly what I did !!! Here's how it went for 4 and a half hours !! K K Ka-ching ! Love love love this crazy piece ! Was a hard long day but that picture at the end made it all worth it >>>

Gold I tell ya !!! Kablam - Bye bye mister head ! You didn't need that anyways , zombie fiend !!!! Yeti's on top of this situation !!

... True story !!

After a long day at the office ... Last night of hang out time with the homies and home-ettes was in order !! Guinness , Thai food , Guinness and then a bunch of pints of Guinness ! Good stuff !!! Always a good time in SD !!!

Part two of episode "On the way out of San Diego" in a flash !!


Late night at the shop ...

More south west NAmerican coast tat-action madness !!

Here's the tat-post you were waiting for !! Two last days worth of shop action ...

First of all ... Yesterday's work ! Let's just say it didn't go as planned ! Buddy had a hard time on his neck and well ... Kinda sucks he didn't make it but I know it's not the best spot to get anything done !!! Here's how far we got ! 2 hours worth ! Mat's gonna have to wait now ... Unless a trip to Denmark is all he ever wished for and finishing his neck , the best excuse to go and finally see the little mermaid !!

And then , and then ... Today ... Chille-dog came back down to get the other side of his lower arm done !! We had done an interstellar squadron leader in action , last year ... Check it out !! This year we did some more space rad mega action !!! Monkey pilot captain here got shot down and is having a rough day at enemy zapping work !! Let's just say , he's seen better days than this one ! For your viewing plog-o-matic pleasure !! Behold , another super one-shot >>>>>

You're starting to know the drill ... Red/Black

And the finale ... 5 hours worth !

Kablammo !

More tat-a-matic San Diego magic tomorrow !! Until then , have a gay old time , wherever you are !


Blamo !

Here's another one !

This one for Craig's sketchbook !

Bobby buttons and the San Diego mermaids

More Guinness , more tacos !! ... And lots of dirty doodles too !

As I was once called "The Pussy Drawer" And like all other good self respecting "Pussy Drawers" should , lately , I've been busy drawing pussy ! Don't ask me why ... These are things that , from time to time , just happen in one sexploitation doodler's sketchbook !! Here's a few of the last days hanging out time doodles !

Some non-photographed sketches in other homies sketchbooks were pretty rad too !!

It has been good times indeed , down here , as always !!! Lots of chilling and doodling !!! Here's a few web available new and old SD hang out friends for ya to check out !!The Craig-meister , The rockin' Konger , Little miss Cristina , The Kevin aka Kevin , The Silk screening rabbits , Mister Greger and some other dudes I can't seem to find on the net !!!

Rockin' stuff !

More in the days to come !!!! Hey , maybe even later tonight !!!


Gang related !!

Been busy ...

Here's a quick doodle of one of the last super rad hang out sessions !! Lots of that has been happening lately !! Beers and friends on a driveway or at a show !! Getting to see some friends , old and new and just being able to shoot the shit and talk art geek crap !! Good times !! Have been drawing a lot for the last few days !! Lots in everybody's sketchbooks but also in mine !! Will be posting some tomorrow with the ta ta tattoo action of the day too ... Cuz tomorrow's back at the office time ! 3 days of pain inflicting and that'll be it for San Diego , this year !!!

It is truly always amazing to come down and hang out and get inspired down here !!!

Also in the news >>>>> A gazillion e-mails have been received for the next session bookings (September/October) !! It'll just most probably take me a few more days to sort it all out , find a second somewhere where there is internet and answer you all !! However , I can tell you this ... September is already overbooked so it's all October from now !!

Plog ya tomorrow with more unbelievable adventures of Me in NAmerica !!!



You hold the Guinness , I'll hold the tacos !!

The San Diego Comicon is the biggest awesomest show on earth !! If you happen to be an art geek like me and Jesse , that is ! If you find yourself remotely interested in anything cool at all , going to this show quickly becomes very overwhelming ! Just too much awesome rad awesomeness for one mind to grasp !!!!!! Those shots are pretty much all I had time to get of the whole show !!! I was busy ...

Let's just say this ... Making my way through the 200 000 people , in the last two days , I have seen a lot of crazy awesome new and old stuff !! Adding new prints , originals and super rad crazy art and comic books to my collection !! I managed to find Scot Eder (My awesome art pusher) the first day !!! He relieved me of 2Grand , however , made me the Happiest Electric Pick out there !! Thanks to him I scored an original oil from Master Ashley Wood who I got to meet and chat for a minute with !! And 2 original illustrations from Master Dave Cooper's new book !!!! Also managed to hook up with Master James Jean who left an awesome doodle in my sketchbook , making that page one of my new most prized possessions !! Add a few crazy books and awesome hang out time with artists I admire and that's the sum of this year's Comicon !!!!

I recommend it to all of ya out there !!!! It is absolutely the most rad show on earth !!

Here's what I managed to reap this year !!!

More awesome stories very soon , as tonight is the start of some hard core hang out time with the San Diego Artists crew , old and new homies to chill with !!

Most probably some doodles very soon too !!!!



Damn it's hot down here !!

Lots of doodles were done yesterday ! Here's one of them !!
Was nice to spend the whole day just chilling around and sketching with my buddy Jesse ! This one doodle however , is a bit over rendered but ... I guess it's ok once in a while , to over render !! I like it lots !! And nope , I'm still not over that weird mouth phase !! More doodles in the day's to come !! In the mean time , however , if you don't mind ... Me and Jesse is off to the ...

Pictures later !!!
Have a mad awesome day out there !!!


No-bo-dy knows ....

Yesterday's NAmerican doings , today !!

Yesterday was a long day at the office , let me tell ya !! Not used to days like that !! It's a hard life for those who , like me , strife to stay lazy !!! A daily struggle , that's for sure !!

Well ... After the weekly hundreds of requests I've been getting asking me "Nick !! Nick !! What would death in a jazz bar look like ???" I can finally end your sleepless nights and give you that answer !!! You asked ... You shall receive !! Here's how it went >>>>>>>>

For 7 and a half hours worth , not only did the elite of the elite find a new comrade to share the ever so wonderful title of "Trooper" but also only a half hour short from the almost untouchable title of "SUPER TROOPER" (a very small crew , worry not) !! This also happens to be , most probably the biggest "one-shot" I've ever done (I think) !! A one sit half sleeve !!! So ... Many firsts and an absolute wonderful piece !!! Was pretty happy about it wen I first got the mail asking me if I wanted to do a piece like that , a few months ago ! But it came out way more mad awesome !!!! True storry !!!! With no further delay ......... Behold , Death in a jazz bar !!

You know the drill ... Red for me , Black for him !

The completely finished product , 7 and half hours later !!

No-bo-dy knows the trouble I've seen ... No-bo-dy knows ... The sorroooooooowwwww ...

Today's a day off so you won't catch me anywhere near a tattoo shop !! However , lots of time to doo doo doodle !!!

Plog ya tomorrow with more incredible uncensured mad awesome NAmerican adventures !!!


Dirty purples !

FiveTwo times Two !

Right back at work yesterday !! Behind my FiveTwo desk , this time !!! It had been a while since I worked at Craig's (5 years to be exact) and I'm glad to see it's still kept the same little tattoo magic as last time , back in the day , back up in Ottawa !
First in line was the Medusa piece I had started last year ! We had done all the lines and black last time I was down here and now some colour was needed !! A year , Nate thought , was long enough without any colour ! So that's just what he got !!! Here's how it went ... Now remember , even though all the lines and black healed perfectly fine , the colour is new so it all looks half fresh , half healed !! You know the drill !! However , Nate promised me a picture in about a month and that one should look much better !! With the black back out again and the colour all settled ! Forgive the glares too ....

Don't look into her eyes !!!!!!

More tat-action tonight !!!! And then some chill-out time tomorrow !!!

ROCK !!!


University Ave. !

Still alive !! All is good down here on the south west coast !! No Mexican zombie sightings yet but fear not , faithful Ploggers , I am staying alert !!

Here's one of yesterday's doodles ! Doodled at the FIVETWO drawing table !! Nice to see the recipe stays the same !! Put a few good artist friends at a FIVETWO drawing table after hours and you have a great drawing party !!!! Just like in them olden days !

Nice to get so inspired again !!!

More stuff tonight !! Tat's too !!


United States of SAN DIEGO !

Made it through , just fine ! For some reason I had a lot more extra weird paperwork to fill in than I usually do but I made it through none the less with no special searches that leave you psychologically scarred for years to come ! And now as a sharp contrast ... Here I am in the land where everybody's nice to you !! I don't know if it's a general American thing or more of a West coast thing but it's pretty weird for someone who's been living in Scandinavia for a few years now ! Don't get me wrong , I love it !! I just never really seem to get used to it !! Keep it up !!

AAAAWEsome !!

For those concerned >>>>>

449 University Ave.

Right back at work ! Tomorrow's a tat-a-matic-action day !! Let's see what happens then !!!


On my way out again !

Here's a quick last shot before I hit the road again tomorrow morning ! I gots to go through the US line tomorrow , so wish me luck !!

Plog ya from the NAmerican south west coast as soon as I get there !




Back to civilization !

Montreal's a great place ! Def. one of NAmerica's jewels ! I partly grew up here for a few years and have a lot of good stories about it ! I just happen to have a personal grudge with this town which tried to put me to the streets (and almost succeeded) 3 times in a row ! I always seemed to get stuck here , every time I came back , and it was so incredibly hard to get the hell out again ! Let's just say it's far from being as easy as Copenhagen living ! ... I eventually gave up on the whole town but it's def. always nice to drop by and a good spot to hang for a few days !!! Enough with the personal slice of life !!! Here's an exact reproduction of what I look like and how I just got here ! >>>> For your viewing pleasure !!!


The other , other side of the world !

Landed just about in one piece ! After a not so bad flight over the pond with an unexpected good friend sitting next to me for the ride and a few bottles of courtesy wine ... Here's where I ended up and will be hanging out for the next few days !!

Weird to see so many trees all together in the same place !

To all my fellow compatriots , on this special day ... Une tres bonne fête Nationale !!


On the road again ...

It has been a while ... Good to get moving again !

See ya on the other side !!


Packing time ...

Last day at the office , this Summer !

Last dude of the week came down from Norway for a 6 hour one shot !!! Yes yes !!! A new trooper for the list !!! So ... Trooper dude got a one shot !! Oh how I love love one shots !!!! We had to hurry at the end (due to his travel arrangements) and didn't actually finish it all (missing the heads of the office dudes) ! But pretty much almost all done ! This piece will be back next year and then , we'll make this piece a sleeve ! So ... Might make more sense with the rest of the sleeve done !! But here's the one shot of the day ... For your viewing pleasure >>>>>

Break time !

You'll have to excuse me but I forgot , completely forgot , to take a picture of the marker doodle sketch before we started so ... No red and black today !!

In other news ... I'll be packing for the next two days and will do my best to Plog ! Sure I'll find a second for ya !!



Bacon cake !!

Today's tattoo ... Today !!

The music lab came back for some sweet colour making action , today and that's exactly what happened !! We went at it for just over 6 and a half hours and .... Wooooo !! Wait a minute , Nick !!!! Did you just say more than 6 hours !?!? That means ... That means that ... Absolutely !!! A new name just made it up top the list ! A new trooper is born and grabbed the ever so desired by many , reached by few title of "Trooper" !! Good job , mate !!! So here's what today's trooper session looked like ... In pretty purples and lightning yellows !!

Music making is hard work , let me tell ya !!! More (and most probably the last session) in October !!! Is gonna look good on the web-site when it's all done !!

More tomorrow !! Until then ... Remember to add some bacon when you bake a cake !! It's just not the same without it !!