An image is worth how many words ?

Hey !

Wassup !?

Truly sorry about this non-visual-plogging thing that's been going on lately ! Well ... It's not really that I have nothing to Plog about but more like nothing to show !! All the tattooing I've been doing lately , even though pretty sweet , has been impossible to take pictures of and I haven't had much time to draw or paint either lately with this book thing !! So yeah ! I could write about how time and time again , liberal economy has proven us , it just does not work and never so flagrantly then in the last few days ! When the big bubbas of Wall street who fiercely lobby and advocate against any form of government regulation and/or involvement in their market are now desperately begging for it's help !! How , in it's irresponsibility , the heads of our "free market" driven society have taken our little world hostage and are pulling it down with them !! Or also how China , the country where nothing really works , has just managed a perfect space odyssey like even the Nasa can't afford to anymore with no technical problem whatsoever ! A proverbial feng shui finger to all that still believe it to be the technically challenged land of low quality and little technological knowledge ! Or how , even though very interested in the outcome of the next American presidential race , I have to repress my mental gag reflex every time I hear about it being so sick of it never ending and the everlasting coverage about it's never ending !! How the elections , last month in Pakistan , were so much more important for the entire world than any American election has been for the last 60 years and took a very reasonable 3 weeks to assemble and complete ! But how interesting is all this without any pictures !? you know !? So I'll just stop babbling and promise some pictures very soon ( probably tomorrow ) !!

In not so related news , However , I would like to add ... "In the valley of elah" and "Before the devil knows you're dead" are two , even though quite grim , very very good movies !! Two thumbs up from the Electric Plog !!

Later , image munchers !


On and off !

Spontaneous day off !!

Didn't think I was gonna get another one of those in a while ... But my dude never showed up today so ... After the mandatory hour and a half of waiting , I ran back home for some more book layout work ! So ... It's all good for me , however , a bit irritating when it's so hard for me to find time for everyone's tattoo time , month after month !

So ... Once again , not much new crap to post !! Found this one in a pile of sketches today and thought it would look good here !! So there you have it , a blast from the past , a sketch of an evil alien doom machine !!!

Book news >>>>> Slow but starting to look like something !!

Tomorrow ... Commando school !



That's it - November's packed !

I still have a few spots but am waiting for a few replies to bounce back !! So if I e-mailed you back with more questions you should get a spot if you write back soon !

If , however , you haven't had time to write yet or got a "sorry I'm all booked up" mail , then sorry , I'm all booked up !

A few deals were made with people who have been trying for the last few months to get a spot but for all the others who want to get a bigger piece ( more than a one-shot ) ... Next time to book will be in March 2009 ! ( will be opening that month , as usual , on the 25th of January ! )

And for all my regulars , am sorry that October and November were so hard to get a time in !!! Now that I stopped taking new bigger pieces till March , it'll be back to normal ( not so impossible to get a spot to continue your pieces ) for December !!

Later !


Novemberings !!

Hey ! Wassup !?

Sorry for the lack of posts lately but been real busy with this book thing !! Is moving slowly but surely !! However , hasn't given me much time to do much else !!

However more , it's the 25th again , That time of the month and if any of you are interested in getting a date in November ... Now's the time ! My inbox has been full of requests from new submissions and regulars since the wee hours of the day but will only start answering everyone tomorrow ! ( just don't have time tonight !! ) So if you wanted a spot in November ... Write me quick !!

Will post tomorrow as soon as the booking is complete !!

Later !!


Manly pink !

Today's happenings and such ...

Even though he's dead ( more precisely a zombie , on this sleeve ) doesn't mean Elvis can't have his ride , polished and ready to roll !! Here it is !! The Elvis pink mobile ...

Tomorrow ... I will disappear for a full day !! Nowhere to be found !! Only to reappear on Wednesday and have a book making marathon till Saturday ! So if you wanted to drop by the shop ( with some coffee ) ... You'll have to wait till I'm back behind my desk on Saturday !!

Later !



Sriple Taturdays !!

Some of the last few doings >>>>>>

First ... This homie from Gbg came down to get some new stuff today ! A cupid-like chick with a slingshot , he says !!! Cool ! Here ya go bro ! Throw in a few grenades and some fancy panties and you got yourself a sweet new piece !! The pictures turned out perfect for a fresh one-shot ! I also took the opportunity to finally take some final shots of his lower arm too !! Been trying to take pictures of that piece for ever now !! Finally managed ! So here it is ... The chess/death piece all healed up and looking good !!

Also in the tattoo Plogging news ! Here's a piece I did a few weeks ago that got lost in the computer change/mayhem I had going on !! Just found it again !! Here ya go Marco !! You'd been waiting for this one , mate !!!! We had almost managed to finish it but it looks like some more will be needed !!! Next time I'm in Rotterdam , it'll be done , fo sho !!

That's about it for my tattoo Saturday ! ... Oh and I got rid of 4 shirts today !! So drop by soon if ya wanted one !!

Tomorrow ?? .... Breakfast !!! Haven't had time for one of them in about a week !!

Later , T-shirt munchers !


However more still !


If you live in the greater Copenhagen metropolitan area and/or were planning a visit to the Conspiracy to get some work done or just to drop by with some coffee ( double espresso / black for me thanks ) ! And also wanted to buy one of the two last "Show your colours" T-shirts that are only available at the Electric Pupermarket and were bummed out to find out that they were only available at the Electric Pupermarket !!!!! You might be pleased to know that I have managed to bring 10 of each back to the shop ! That's all I've been able to bring back so let me know if you want me to keep you one !! The hard work of ordering it on the e-shop + none the less , the shipping , can now be spared for you lucky few !!!

P.s. This might not happen again since , I've just found out , the shirts are doing good !!

P.p.s. Thank you , to all of you who have indulged in e-ordering the shirts up to now !!!! I see it as a nice big tap on the back and all the money made from the shirts , you should know , even though is not going to help save the baby seals in Canada , never the less , goes to make more new cool super shirts ! Some dirty ones too !

You rock !

Mission accomplished !

My main homie , Choker Stefan , showing his true feelings about his Plog addiction in one of these totally genuine and authentic moments !!

And here it is ... The final piece of work !! Could have spent a few hours more with some additional details and touch-ups on this one but then again ... These pieces are never finished ... And I had a flight to catch pretty much as soon as I put my brush down !! But also like it very much just the way it is ... So here it is ... The new addition to the Ålborg Choker skate shop !! Quite happy about the end result !!

Hope ya Plog readers like it too !! It seems to be a yearly tradition , this flying to Ålborg to paint a wall of the shop , so ... More next year I guess !! Spotted just the perfect wall for a dirty one next time !! Until then ... Here's last year's piece !!

Thanks again for having me over and for all the Thai food , homie Stefan and thanks to the whole Choker army too !!! Enjoy the new colours !

My work here is done ...... Ciao !

Pink town folk ...

Mission 2 report >>>>>>

Well ... The wall I was supposed to paint at the Choker shop became not so much a wall !! Here are the first few shots , step by step , for your viewing pleasure !! ( now please take notice that this piece is not finished yet !!! And that a lot of it might look a bit sloppy to the untrained eye or over-renderer !!! But once I finish some touch-ups tomorrow and add the super lines to it , it will become something totally different ( and nice )) ! That said .... Here are the first few steps !

Painting white some black wood is long and it never takes just 2 or 3 layers ( even with the best primer !!)
And here's the first little mess ! Ahhhh .... My beloved blue-grey !!

Some lines and a bit of shading ...

A rough first shot of colours ...

A bit cleaner ...

And a bit more ! That's it for today !! Tomorrow , some last clean-ups and some all magical power lining !!

Should look damn good when it's all lined up and ready to go !!! Let's see how it turns out tomorrow !!

Later skaters >>>>>>>> Over !

Show my colours !

Mission 1 report >>>>>>The colour factory !

Today's doings include ..... A magical visit to the T-shirt gurus ! That's right ! The doors of their temple were wide open for me and the high priests of the order of silkscreening explained to me most of their silkscreening special super secret tricks and colour separation ultra confidential techniques ( well ... Most of them , at least , for they wouldn't be that secret if they just went ahead and told anybody , now would they !! ) Anyways ... Here's some super secret snap shots I managed to steal from this temple of colours !!!

That's right ... This last one is the god machine !! 12 screens !! For when nothing's too good for ya !

My colours !!!! ( one of the 7 films )

And then ... Looking at all this stuff in awe ... I , unintentionally , wandered away and ended up at the complete back of the workshop !! Looking at stuff and stuff ... Trying to find my way out of this city of t-shirt boxes ... I found this !!!!!!!! Don't know if I should do something about that !

So ... Now I have a much better idea how to send a proper file to them and also that most of my friends who do silkscreening would give an arm to have a workshop/temple like this !! Also ... A challenge was made with the priests !! That's right , a challenge !!! More about this very soon !!!

Enjoy your colours >>>>>> Over !


F'ck'n Jylland man !

For some strange , inexplicable reason , I now find myself in Ålborg !!

And will be here for the next few days , at least till Friday night !! I'm on a special mission you see ... Mission code named : ********* ! This mission consists of 3 primary objectives ! First : Will be redecorating the infamous Choker skate shop with my dirty doodles !! Second : Will be visiting the Danish T-shirt making mecca !! Not so much to spy on their revolutionary new techniques but just to consolidate a working partnership ! ( they're the ones behind the impossible printing of the last batch of "Show your colours" T-shirts , for the Pupermarket , that just turned out awesome !! ) and finally : Get my mind of the fact that the German Rhine valley has stollen my darling for a week still !

Will be Plogging with regular updates of my above mission hopefully on a regular basis !!

Wish me luck ! >>>>>>>>>>> Over !


No background !

... What's up with that !! ... Right ?

Well ... For his excuse , it was better not to have one , I agree ! But only because of the rest of the sleeve's general composition !! So here ya go ... It had been a while since I posted one of these tattoos I do !! This sweet little mermaid's knocking on that skull to see if anybody's home !! Did this super piece in about 4 hours ( tattoo time ) and had loads of fun on it !! These flippers rock !!!! And once again ... Going crazy with the colours , always makes a piece better ... When I mean crazy , I do mean bright but not primary-colour bright !! Quite the opposite ! It's important to respect the tonal value and over all contrast , of course , but just going all out with dirty colours that you don't even have names for is awesome !! So yeah ... Enough mumbling ... Here's the day's hottie !!

I should publish an other technical post soon ! About colours and stuff !! I've had a bit of a demand for it !! Not that what I do is what others should do but it's always nice to see how other people work !

Anywho ... Rock on and post ya later !!


Doodle madness !!

That's right ! Apart from a few other related things ... I was able to finish this one today !! I was checking out some old pictures ( for the book I'm laying out nowadays ) and found some old ones from the Rotterdam harbour refineries ! so ... Yeah ... I guess that's what I think is going on in there !! Oil is squeezed out of these poor suckers !! It doesn't come from the ground at all !!! They had us fooled all along !!!

" You gotta tell 'em Jack ! You gotta tell 'em , oil is made from people !!!! "

Bubble head !

What's up with the bubble heads ?

... More of the day's doodles !

No idea , really ! It just came out that way today ! Think it's from one of those two robot tattoos I last did in Richmond last month ! The one with the robot saving the damsel in distress ! I had quickly sketched on the head before I tattooed it with just a circle and instead of coming back and tattooing all the details in the face , I just kept it minimal . Thought it came out so much better for that piece !! So ... I guess today was some left overs from that !

This first one ... Well ... She likes her radio , I guess ! Don't really know what the story's all about but ... Wherever she's off too , she's enjoying the ride ! And this one right under ... Well she just won the race that's what she just did !!! It was a close one though , but she never doubted she'd get the big fancy trophy !! Good job Number 3 !!

Nice to be drawing again !!

Double rock !

Alpine-mecha-doom !!

That's right !! That's what the good people of the Evian tattoo convention are gonna be stuck with to promote their show next year !! Quite like it ! A super job for a day's worth !! Actually had it sketched and roughly lined last night and finished it all today ! Hope they like it cuz I do !! A nice ( yellow with a bit of red or green ... No no , with a bit of red ) fancy old righting on the top as a header ! Maybe some kind of framing too ! Hum .... You tell me what an alpine mega-destructo-robo needs !

For a second when I was sketching it , last night ... I thought of fitting the robot with a pair of Lederhosen !! Would have been awesome , however ... A tad bit to "germanic" not very french and a tad more "Sponge Bob" then I wanted it to look ! But I'm keeping the idea for an other piece cuz ... A robot in Lederhosen sounds good to me !

Rock !


Scratch and sniff ...

Some more random sketchings !!

Here are a few random doodles of the last few days ! Been busy tattooing all week but all my pictures didn't turn out that great !! So this is the perfect opportunity to close that tattoo/illustration post gap ! I've also officially managed to start the Evian convention poster gig ( for the 09 show ) and should have it done in the next few days ! It'll be an instant classic !

Also in the news >>>> My good buddy Jesse Smith is officially on his way to the good side of the pond again ( last week of October / first week of November ) and to make sure you get your spot with him at the Conspiracy in Copenhagen while he's visiting ... You should e-hook up with him at kaoticenzymes@gmail.com !!!!

Make sure you do ... He's a busy little guy !

More doodles tomorrow !! Until then ... Don't let the bed bugs bite ya !


An other trumpet !

Hey I think I have a new thing for trumpets !! They've been creeping up in some compositions lately and now this !! Just googled one to see what they actually look like and I must say , I'm pretty impressed !! An interesting piece of work !! Anyways ... It had been a while since I drew at all ... A few weeks and well , that's a few weeks to many ! So I decided , today , to finally start on this poster gig I've been dragging for weeks ! Got all my stuff ready , my brushes out and Kablamo !! This came out ! It's too bad cuz it has absolutely nothing to do with the poster I was supposed to do ! But am pretty happy to have broken this 3 week drawing spell !

Here she is ! On her way to the concert !

Maybe to the yazz club instead ! Who knows !?

Later !


Back from computerlessness !

Finally !!
Had a few little technical problems to take care of with the new mac ! All is resolved ... Well almost ! Enough for me to start posting again !!! And just for the record : Me and my mac 1 / Adobe 0 !!! That's right !

Here's what happened today !! Miss Hanna H ( that's right the famous photographer ( the one in my blog links right here on the right )) Came over and got tattoo baptized with flying colours !! Good job missy !

2 hours worth and a smile !

In other news ... Did some touch-ups on the infamous Batman piece this morning , however once again , the pictures are impossible to take of that piece !! I'll have to wait till it's completely healed for a good shot at it ! However , here's a quick , bloody , full of glare , "just for the Plog" shot !

Am now glad to be back on the regular posting schedule !!! Plogging rocks !

Later , Plog readers !


Busy + Mac problems = Poohp !

In deed !!!

Please forgive the postlessness of the last few days but hopefully some Plogging will be possible soon !!


A classic ...

Once in a while ... A classic comes along and it's nice because I rarely do them ! So here's what I finished an hour ago ! Took me one hour !!! Ya I know ! Like ... Right !! The lines where already done from a previous session ! But still ... One hour of colour later ! It's so hard to give time quotes sometimes ! You never really know ! You can have a good idea but then days like today come along and you just whip out 2 and a half hours of work in one !! Oh well ... Good for him , right ! Got to come back with my magic colour liner in about a month and it's a wrap !

I had something else to post about .... But I forgot about it !! So ... Yeah !

Later !


Three strikes , you're out !

So yeah ! As promised ... For all those interested ... A technical rant !!

Noticed about a month ago that my white had turned brown on a customer !! Not brown brown but brownish ... Anywho ! Not knowing if it was her skin or the sun or what else it could've been , I thought nothing of it and booked her in for touch-ups ! Then a week ago ... A second one ! All the white that was hit by the sun !! I know it somehow has to do with the sun since only the half exposed to the sun , on his sleeve , was affected ! And finally ... My customer for today !! So ... Found out today that it's fairly easy to touch-up !! Am going to look at it heal under a spyglass but it should be fine !! However !!!!! STARBRIGHT 2 + SUN = POOHP !!! Let it be known !! Had run out a while ago and Allan was nice enough to help me out and let me tryout his white ( ETERNAL INK ) and it is very comparable to Starbright's to work with !! So ... After this misadventure ... I've adopted the ETERNAL WHITE and finally dropped the STARBRIGHT !! I use to love the Bright white ... But since version 2 came out ... It's been a bit different ! And now this !! So ... Beware , out there !!!

Thankfully this kind of stuff doesn't happen often !!! Specially with the white !! I use about 3 to 4 Oz of white a month !!

Another advantage of illustration over tattooing !

Rant >>>> Over !

The future is now !

Here's what my buddy Niels got himself into last Friday !! It's the future ! Cathodic screens are back but they don't need power !!! Something to look forward too for all you TV lovers !! More more and more of this to come !! The future ( consumer sleeve ) grows every month !!!

True story !

Tonight ... Ink bashing and some tried tested and true technicals of pigment Vs the sun !