Here's my Calendar… With all my future planed moving arounds and availabilities, updated as quickly as I find out myself and full of factual facts! So if you want to stay in the know… Here's the page to check once in a while…

Book makin' (this is actually a stupid label, I make books every day)

Hong Kong.

4 spots available

Hong Kong.

Bunch of spots available

(Berlin 2 to 3 weeks + few days in Rotterdam)

Not Booking yet

Hong Kong.

Not Booking yet

Hong Kong.

Not Booking yet

Hong Kong/Europe 
(Maybe a week worth of tattooing in Europe at the end of June and probably all in Berlin)

Not Booking yet

Hong Kong.

Not Booking yet


As usual, let me know if you have any questions about anything: pick@electricpick.com


South South East by East South East...

So here is session 2 on mister Easy's inner arm... A compass... And a map... I guess he gets lost a lot!! 

So here's a question... Since a compass is magnetized and points to the closest pole... Than a compass from the Northern hemisphere can not be used in the Southern hemisphere and vice versa?? Just a question... Was thinking about that while I was doing this and mister Easy couldn't answer this question... Anyways... More Plogables soon!!

Oh and don't miss this Week's Red Box session on Wednesday!!! The unbelievable end to chapter 6!!!!!

Ok got to run!!!

Extra news:

-I should be able to post that damn calendar tomorrow!!
-I'm closing the EPTB till I get back home at the end of August!!
-I'm off to Copenhagentown in Denmarkia in a few days for about 20 days... Just so you know!

And yeah!

Stay real!


Clam chowder

Hey there!! How are ya!?

So yeah... Been busy but managed to find a few seconds to post this last week's day's doings for ya! This is from mister Easy's from Melbourne's arm! We had done the other side last October when I was in exile down there on the "other" side (The Melbourne Clock Bird) and well... I guess he liked it! Flew over to HK and got this sweet mermaid pirate hottie to fill up the lower arm!

Here's the day's worth... All done and looking mighty good if I may say so myself... I just did! 

Sweet Azzzz bro! Mister Easy came back for more the very next day (maximizing his visit over)! So check back here tomorrow for the second round on what I think will eventually become a full sleeve!

I got to run again... Yeah yeah... I'm sick of it too! Realized last night that I might be overdoing it lately... I mean it's been a year now and I'm not 20 anymore... I need a bit of a break!!!!! I guess I'll have 15 hours in a plane in a few days but the idea of a few days completely off sounds really good right now...

Ok enough ranting... Back to my self made over stressful schedule of madness!!

Take care out there and take it easy!!!


A baby mammoth 116-119

Hell ya!!!

Today is Red Box day and nothing can stop it!!! I just had one of those insane crazy busy days... Again... And got a few more of these to go before I leave town in about a week! But yeah... I managed some how to stop time itself for just a few minutes... Just enough time to post these new pages!!

So here it is... This week's Red Box session... I managed 4 pages for you this week... I know I know I kinda maybe-promised another epic 7 pages last week but considering the schedule I'm keeping these days... This is pretty rad!

So enjoy these awesome new pages full of mysteries and such and such... Oh and a new "real life" character...  (well not actually new cuz we've seen him before ( Pages 25 through 28)) 


PAGE 116

PAGE 117

PAGE 118

PAGE 119

WOOOaaaaaah! What the hell is going on in that "forbidden room" !?!? Weird shit!!! Find out next week!! Yep you bet!!! Next week is also the end of this here chapter 6!!!


As usual go back in time and check this whole epic adventure from the start HERE!!

Also go there (HERE) to brows through the very same pages to find which one of these would fit nicely as a fancy framed print above your fireplace!!

Ok ... got to run!!!

Stay safe!!