Down at the bottom ...

This one's almost done now !! One more hour and it's good to go !! Been at it on this one , today , for 4 hours but we weren't quite sure about the last colours to use for some of the last stuff ! So ... Next time !! That white liner I've been using to bring out contrast at the end of every piece is insane !!!! I love it !!! It feels like I'm cheating !! And every time one of my customers drops by the shop to show it off it just looks like it was done yesterday !!! Beautiful !

Nice weekend to all yall !

It's not you ... It's me ...

Today I broke up with my gallery !

Differences in a new more commercial direction of the gallery and a discussion about the fact that my stuff was fitting less and less with the new said direction of the gallery pinched my ego ( my ego which has been saving my face and my ass for 10 years now ) and prompted a complete brake up ! No hard feelings but I don't like to work with people who don't support common ideas and at the very least appreciate what I can do , regardless of the category ! It's hard when you don't fit anywhere in the galleries !! I don't consider my stuff high end art it's illustration , or imagine that it's psychologically ground breaking , it's comic book art ! But I love what I do and it is good stuff in it's category , whatever you call it ! I don't believe or take seriously hobby art however more it sales for so ... Enough ranting !!! But no more of my new stuff will be found at Doodletown and I'll be holding my ground !

Don't really have time to check out other galleries around other cities and will not be trying to squeeze my darlings between fashion magazine photo collage pieces in other more commercial galleries around town either ! So ... The colourful walls of the Conspiracy inc. will do until I get the drive to look for some more walls !

Rant rant rant ! Tomorrow ... I don't remember !! Something to do with pictures of girls I think !


Too much vinyl !

Today's happenings ...

Here's a sweet little sailor girl ... Just chilling !! An other storyless pin-up !! That's two in the same year !! I guess that's what the original pin-up is ... Just a chick ! No story ... Just a pretty girl chilling out !! Unfortunately , we had to stop early , for my customer had a nasty sunburn and well ... It just doesn't go in all that good on burnt skin ( now does it !!)... Now , I kinda feel dumb for not noticing before we started ... But for my defense , sunburns are pretty rare up here in Scandinavia !!!! They only happen for about a month every year and you just forget that they exist the rest of the year !! So ... Now that I got reminded of the existence of sunburns ... Don't show up with one for your tattoo appointment !!!!!!!!!!!!

Tomorrow ... Some of that super drawing and painting action !
Now ... Some of that Guinness action !!


ROBOTO the great !

Today's doings !!

Today , Roboto got the rest of his back , a backpack and a city to escape from ! My customer of the day even managed to grab the so sought after title of Trooper !! That's right !! 5 hours and 40 minutes ...... All spent on the shoulder ! At least 4 of them , colouring with my beloved liner that crazy city !!! I kind of go crazy sometimes with the details !!! But this time I over did myself !!!! Am so happy about the way that background turned out !!! Here it is again ... !

More Roboto in June !

Now ... A much needed pint awaits me at the pub ! Later !

Boys will be boys !

Commando school !

Being a super spy , an undercover man of mystery trusted with top secret missions across the world at a moments notice for the safeguard of our world ... This kind of training is necessary once in a while ! You know ... To dust off and freshen up on your deadly deadliness skills of super deadly stuff !! I can't reveal much more ... And have had to hide my identity ... I hope you understand but all this stuff is kind of secret !

No kidding !! That was yesterday ... Today I can't walk , have a hole in my head and a knee that won't stop bleeding ! It's hard being a secret agent in good shape !!!


Chicken liver tartare !

4 hours and a half's worth later ...
We had previously done all the lines ( 9 hrs worth ) and all the blue grey and had stopped working on this one to finish other projects !! Today , however , we decided to give it a good session's worth !!

Needless to say , me and my liner had an awesome time on Mr. Emil's kneecap with the ship wreck and harbour water details and stuff ( yes ! Those are fish ) !! Had never tried doing something like that before and am really happy about the way it turned out !!!! A bit more colour here and there and all the background got finished !!!! Next time ... The robo-pirates get a fix of colour !!

That's right !! Robo-pirates have docked in town and are stealing all the girls !! That's what robo-pirates do after all !!!

Tonight ............ Indiana Jones ! Hah !!!!!! Waited 10 years for this !!!

And tomorrow .... Commando school !!

Later !

Escape from touch-ups !

Here's one that I had finished in Gbg on my last trip up there ! Always nice to see sweet pieces come back and healed perfectly !! So no touch-ups on this one !! Good job Emil !!


Nick green !

Here's the day's monkey !! New colours for the Captain !!

We had fun for another 4 hours on this one and I invented a new colour !! That's right !!! A new one that didn't exist or at least I didn't know it did !! I call it Nick green ( since I invented it or at least like to believe so ) ! It's kind of a turquoise / grey ish green shade ... It looks awesome I tell ya !! Just tried to stay away from the usual olive dirty green or the ever so awesome blue grey I'm in love with !! And came up with this !!! Makes me think of old comic book shades of green and also the way everything in the same layer of the background is the same colour !! Love that effect ! So yeah .... One more shot in June and this one's good to go !!!

Also ... Today we got a new couch at the shop !! It's pretty rad ! Swing by to check out our new fancy piece of furniture if you're in the hood !! It's worth it !

Later !

Because you deserve it !

Not much was accomplished today but I managed to take a few minutes to scan properly and put back together last week's piece for your better viewing pleasure !

Tomorrow ... Space Captain Simian Smith is back for more colour !!


Just a chick !

So anyways the guy says , he says ... I wanna get a pin-up ! ... So I says ... Sure thing buddy ! What kinda pin-up d'ya want !? A space cadet battling fleets of invading hostile aliens ?? A damsel in distress , escaping the hordes of monkey men controlled by the evil doctor shwartz of terror island ??? Or maybe just a darling racing her mechanical spider , hopping from skyscraper to skyscraper to beat her arch nemesis at the big race ??? Or ... ( the list goes on ... ) But then my customer says , he says ... Nop ! Just a chick ! So I says ... Can she be doing anything at all or at the very least holding something ??? And then he says ... Just wanna get a chick ... Doing nothing , just .... A chick ! So I says ... Well ok then !

True story !

I like telling stories with my pieces !! But I guess once in a while ... You don't always have to !

From atop !

Don't know what these two darlings are up to tonight but it looks like they're going out ! Or maybe just home ? Don't ask me what they're sitting on either !! I don't have a clue ... However I know they're roommates ... And that they share everything !! True story ! But I'll stop there before I reveal to many details of they're private life !!

Just finished this one a minute ago ! It's 1 am and that's pretty good ! I started working on this one and another one pretty late and had promised myself I wouldn't go home till one of them was done ! So there you go ! Pretty happy for a day's work ! It , as usual , will take me a while to get used to this one and to know if I really like it or not but ... Right now I do !

Pretty happy to be back in production land !!

Good night !

Bird's eye view ...

Here's what I done did Saturday ! Been busy for the last few days and couldn't find time to post it before today !! But here ya go ! I like this one ! Should be a sweet piece once it's all done and good to go !

Anybody have any idea what colour the bird should be ??? Let me know !!

Later !


The night out ...

Been wasting days off to "nothing-doing" too much lately !!! Perfectly good days off that could be used to work and produce !! But enough ranting ... I'm off to work now cuz I just finished working !!!

This is what Phil got for his birthday yesterday night !! Nice one !!!



Got an other shot a this awesome sleeve today !! The music city is booming ! 2 more shots and it's done !!

Tomorrow ? Two days of painting and drawing !! The gallery isn't gonna fill its self !!

Niarghh !!

The evil pirates strike again !

This young princess landed herself at the wrong end of the plank ! Will she make it ?? ... I doubt it !

Just started this one yesterday and will be continuing some time in July !! Love the composition !! More better pictures next session !!

Later !



Also !!!!!

The Blog addiction has , only a few days ago , claimed a new victim !! For all those interested in the daily doings , the random happenings or just in need of even more updates than his web-site can offer !!! Check out my main man , my partner in crime ... My coconspirator , the Uncle man's own unrestricted , uncensured blog action !!!

Don't be impressed by the rocks that he got ... He's still ... He's still Allan from the blog !

Clean Wookiee !

Skanky nurse of the day ! Been waiting a while to work on this one ! But finally ... We got around to it today ! A few more shots and this masterpiece of a sleeve will be done !! Which is a good thing cuz I haven't finished anything in a long time !! And yes ! Robot labs get the hottest nurses ! It's just not fair !

Tomorrow ... Two more days of tatzzzzzzapping !

Skeletor meets Dio !

Yesterday's late night doings !!

Finally !! Stephan is ready for the June 3rd Dio show !! Good for ya buddy ! But we still don't know !!!!! .... Evil ... Or divine ?


The messenger .

Day's doodles !! Got a few things done today ... But not enough !! Whenever I paint or draw ... I always have a doodle like this on the side that I randomly work on when the other piece I'm working on are drying or I'm just stuck on some colour or something ! I never really think about what they're gonna look like or anything ... Pure spontaneous ! Being more concentrated on the main pieces ... But they always turn out great at the end !! They're usually the pieces I put on my sketchbook section that aren't really sketches ! Kind of like over rendered scribbles you do when you talk on the phone !!

Tomorrow, "Choker" Stephan gets his Dio piece finished !!!!


Honourable Mention !

Up to no good !! That's what these guys (down in the alley) are up to !! I've been trying to figure out what they could possibly be smuggling and all I can think of is ... Ripped copies of the next Batman movie !! But they're about to get busted !!

Would you steal a purse ? Would you steal a car ?? Would you steal from Batman ???

Awesome piece !!!! Had 4 hours of absolute fun on it and although my customer was reaching for the Trooper title and sadly came short ... I , after much thought and consulting Allan's opinion , agreed to officially give him Honourable Mentions !! True story !

It's always hard to figure out a way to make a piece from a subject that already exists and is known by all and make it your own !! Specially something like Batman which has been done over and over by so many awesome artists and then reproduced over and over by so many (not always) awesome tattooers !! It's a challenge to try to make a piece like this personal ! Been drawing and sketching a bit this morning to find out what my Batman would look like and came up with some twisted cool stuff ! But yeah ... This piece has to be my best example to date of cult culture classic appropriation !! Love it !!! One more shot of colours in about a month and it's done !!

Posted the sketch just cuz I really like them when they're a mess ... Later !


IC 51 ...

Here's a tram !

This one is from the Inter City 51 route ! With extra luggage space ... Sketched this one while last in Gbg a month or so ago ! Really don't know what it is about trams but I seem to be fascinated by them ! Maybe it's because we don't have any in Kbh ? Maybe it's cuz I secretly always wanted to drive one ... Who knows !

But in other news !! I have just found a way to make my previously absolutely perfect and ultimately awesome (truly heavenly) spaghetti sauce ......... Better ! True story ! I don't know how exactly this was possible (making a perfect sauce better) but I did it !! I found 2 new secret ingredients (which I will never reveal and take with me to my grave) and added them to a dose of about 1.3 to 1.7 percent for each and have created the ultimate supreme power of all sauces ! The behemoth of sauces !! The one sauce to rule them all !!!! I believe my sauce is also known in more primitive cultures as ... "god" !! No kidding !! Now , if you don't mind , I have to finish it all before the forces in charge of preserving the universe find out about my new forbidden secret and destroy me (and the sauce) to preserve the ultimate balance !

No really !

I should post recipes and pictures some time !


Bottom city ...

I know ! I know ... It's been a while ! Am so damn overworked with these damn T-shirts !! But they are a coming !! However ... Here's what I did today !!

Had some fun on shaky legs for 6 and a half hours today and after finishing the lines we almost finished the background on the lower part of the arm ! I gave him a super city like I haven't in a very very long time !!! I just went crazy for about 3 hours with a 9 liner on the city part ! Poor guy !

Later !


TV kid !

The day's doings !

Am always having a good time on this one !! Finally managed to get some half decent shots of it today !

Now off to my little factory ... Where 80 drunk people are celebrating my roommate's 30th ! No sleeping for me tonight !



First of May !

Used to mean something ... But all the kids that made a big deal about it , 40 years ago , now all work in banks or in offices , in a cubicle , with titles like senior branch project manager or vice director of IT resource accounting ! They all loaded their credit cards , got a car for their 10 minute ride to work and opted for a private health insurance while clinging on to the public one (where available)! And are all most likely , to busy being much more interested in tax breaks and the price of gas at the pump to have anything else to think about today !

... So the first of May is now a cultural thing ! An other paid day off (where available) ... Which is fine really ! I just wish people would stop saying how important it is ! Cuz it's not anymore !

However !! I , on the other hand , have fought the man (represented here by the organized crime cartel which is the Danish post office) personally in the last few days ... Sadly have lost the battle !! (The war , on the other hand , has only just begun !) So I was forced to pay the ransom demanded to retrieve my mail !

Here's the good news (no more ranting) ... Here's what was in one of the packs ! My buddy Jesse (who was just over in February working with us for a few weeks) sent us this masterpiece for the shop wall of fame ( which is becoming quite a gallery by it's self ) ! One of his best ones by far , if you ask me !!!

Tomorrow ? ........ T-shirts !!