Not gone yet!

Worry not!! I have not been kidnapped or abducted by beings from beyond with mental capabilities far superior to ours! Nope! Not yet at least!

Just overwhelmed by work, that's all!

Lots is going on down here, a lot of top secret shit that I can't really talk about! I hope you understand! Some of these mysterious doings should start starting to get done soon and I promise, I will share every very exciting detail with you all as soon as I can!

Until then... I'm afraid you'll have to deal with doodles and weird Photoshop doings as the one above!

Oh!!! How exciting!!!!!!

P.s. If you're in HK for the weekend go checkout the ARTHK! Ran through it all day yesterday and was happily surprised! I'm sorry to say for the hundreds of other artists exhibiting out there but... James Jean totally stole the show!! Yep!


Stuff & Stuff

Quick one to let you know that the EPTB is back up!!
Many projects are still in production so you'll have to wait a bit more to see everything I've been planning for you guys in the last few months. But I did just finish putting up the new inventory of original work available and gave the whole Box a Re-dux!

Check it out!

Also in the news of the day however in the realm of the absolutely way more awesome!!!!



End of the world anyone??

Euhm ... I don't know how to ask this but ... Are we the last ones alive or are there any of you still out there?? If you can get this message and have miraculously survived this last apocalypse, try to make your way to Hong Kong! We seem to have been relatively untouched by this end of the world! Amazing right!!!

Our bunker at the shop is full of food and water and we can take a few more people! We're just mostly bored right now having locked ourselves in the shop expecting the inevitable doom! So if you can make it to Hong Kong, in Causeway Bay, come on up and join our surviving party!! Mostly Xboxing !!!!

More news later!
Stay safe out there!



ZAP McQueenie in action!

Just a quick something to look at while I keep running around with way too much to do!! The few following things would be correct to presume however...

-The Electric Pick Ture Box is due to open before the end of the month!!! Hurra!

-I just got the very last of my 86 rolls of film developed from my last African adventures so expect about a dozen new "HoD" posts to pop up in the weeks to come on the ANCOM!!

-If you're in Ireland right now, say hi to Liz for me!

More Zap-action doodles soon!


And in the end there will be nothing left.

The "higher moral standards" of the West can easily be confused with the enemy's "careless need for destruction". It all depends at which end of the dropping bomb you're standing...

Too much careless killing these days in the news! Just got saturated in the last few days! Too many bombs, missiles and rounds fired, all for the supposed "good cause" and all for nothing achieved! I wonder what the people who actually make bombs, missiles and bullets think and feel when they watch the news!!

Ok ok ... Sorry about the bummer post! Just one of those days where I should have played Robots at the arcade all day instead of reading about the world! Just for one day!

However, I did read something that made me happy lately! You might have heard but the head honcho of the IMF, the square boss of the squares, the "M-A-N" indeed, Mr.D.S.K. had a hard time keeping his dick in his pants 2 days ago! Now I have no idea what can go through someone's head to decide to try something like that but he did! Then he ran away! Then the poor maid called the Five-O! And this is the part I like, the part I was truly impressed about but in these cases there must be a long line of calls to make for the inspectors concerned. I mean the dirty old man in this case is the head of the IMF and has most obviously enough red tape around him and diplomatic immunity to make even Obama shy! So the calls must have been made all the way up the food chain of people to call when you need to know what you can do against someone like this! And all the way up the calls went until someone... All the way a the top of this ordered ladder of telephone calling food chain said "Bust that motherfucker!" And that makes me happy! I have no idea what kind of person Mr. Strauss-Khan truly is, but no one should be able to run away from the responsibility of such serious deeds! We all know how "important people" get away with a lot of shit too often, how diplomatic immunity can help you get away with murder, how being a government official means the rules you impose on others don't necessarily apply to you! Well in this case they did! I like that!

There's no official way to ever find out who exactly was at the top of that decision making tower on that night but if I ever find out, I'd like to offer that person a free Tat! That's right! ...

In other news... Good night awesome Plog followers!!!! More visuals tomorrow!!


Wall Street ethics


Been busy! As usual... Lots is happening these days and it's getting pretty intense too but I managed to find a few seconds to post this for you!!

I'd just like to let you know however that you have just barely escaped an endless politico-rant post of mine! I was gonna rant and rant away about what's going on in Europe recently but ... Now I'm tired and I guess it'll just have to wait! So lucky you! No rants for you today! Just last week's week's doings for your visual pleasures! Rest assured however, the rantings are a coming!!

Previous doings, here we go! How about a "market" metaphor this time? You bet!! This sweet little miss is ridding the bull indeed! Ahhh the good times! Rest assured however this is a two piece set and the bear is coming! Part two in a few weeks ... Until then, enjoy this new favourite of mine!! Forgot about the free-hand marker sketchings but I'm sure most of you can figure it out by now! Here's what this sweet "one-shot" looked like at the end of the day >>>

Part 2 (the bear) next inline!!


Hong Kong style... This is how we do it over here!!
Time is money!

Stay awesome!
More tomorrow!!!


Get up get up !!

Doodle doodle doodle and then some! It's great if ya ask me! Been in Uber production mode lately and it just feels great but it also is part of something a little more productive then just me doodling doodles for the hell of it... Yep! I plan to reopen the EPTB very soon actually and with loads of new stuff!! Got some super secret merch plans you will be loving I'm quite sure of it!! So keep an eye open on that part of the doubleyoo doubleyoo doubleyoo in the weeks to come!! If you like awesome stuff, that is!!

Few more nautical shots from the "Heart of Darkness" operation on the ANCOM! Check them out...

More tomorrow!! Yeah yeah I'm trying here!! Glad you noticed! One post a day is hard work though!


I am the crusader.

Day's doodle!

More Astronauts... More Birds... More red backgrounds...
My head might be trying to tell me something. What could it be?


The price to pay...

Some previous doings ...

More to come, until then have a peek at Allen's finally finished space surfer! Not so awesome pictures once again but then again... It's very hard to get one year old lines and fresh colour to look good on a shot! So stay tuned for a more definitive picture of this astro-glider all healed in about a month!

More exciting news, adventures and workings to come sooner than later!

Stay happy!


Out in the open

Just posted a bit more Heart of Darknessness on the ANALOG COMMANDO >>>>


And everything slows down...

Lots and lots of doodling action lately! However, nothing much to show yet! Nothing's really finished, you see! Well... that top one's just a tease... So you have something to look at cuz it's been like forever since I last Plogged!

Just a chick ... A local MK chick ... Who happens to be wearing shiny pants ... Which funny enough is one of my favourite things! But that's it ... Nothing to write home about! I wonder if she's thinking of calling someone or thinking of getting a new phone ... Or maybe someone just texted her and it's buzzing in her shiny pants... ? She looks happy so I guess that's the important part! Ok ... Yeah ... Can you guess I don't really have much to write about today? Well yeah! So ... If you don't mind I'm gonna go and pass out now!!! Long busy days down here!!!

Keep an eye on the ANCOM soon ... Mucho Heart of Darkness shots coming asap!!!!!

Stay fresh and I'll post ya some more tomorrow!!!